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Egyptian President Invites President Isaias Afwerki to Cairo for Talks

President Isaias Afwerki arriving in Cairo to attend the swearing-in ceremony of President Sisi

By MoI,

President Isaias Afwerki today left for Egypt on a working visit at the invitation of President Abdulfatah Al-Sisi.

On arrival at Cairo International Airport, he was welcomed by the Egyptian Prime Minister, Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab.

In the course of the visit, the President would hold talks with the Egyptian leader and other officials of the country focusing on developing bilateral ties and partnership in the economic domain.

Foreign Minister Osman Saleh and Mr. Yemane Gebreab, Head of Political Affairs at the PFDJ, are accompanying the President in the visit.

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Egyptian President Invites President Isaias Afwerki to Cairo for Talks Reviewed by Admin on 12:08 PM Rating: 5


  1. Great news return safe MR PIA

  2. TPLF will have a sleepless night to day.

  3. God Speed our beloved President.
    Weyane is going to pee in its pants.

  4. Thank you Egypt for inviting DIA, it is good to let him stay away from the cold even for two days. DIA has two friends in the entire world, Sudan and Egypt.
    By the way does DIA look out of shape? just wondering!

  5. Oh ya, Today woyane might have a sleepless night
    when they know the old camel is out in egypt
    It is not going to be the usual work visit

    As he used to do it in the distant remote past.
    This time around the camel is on a mission
    To take new orders, a package of special commission (assignment)
    In a bid to sabotage against a mighty nation
    A state called ethiopia, a country of a great population
    I wish somebody told him, he is lacking imagination
    For it could cost his power, his entire domination.
    He is just a president of a small village called Eritrya
    Which is absolutely nothing when compared to Ethiopya
    But if he decides to interfere this time around
    He will become history, permanently for Good !!

  6. I wonder why the false world called Eritrea as an isolated nation, when we see at a week basis our High officials around the world..what a hypocrisy.

  7. cane silly! Make some sense, will ya?

  8. As if Egypt would like any ties with Eritrea.

  9. Because of the attention between Egypt and Ethiopia, the Egypians are using DIA like a prositute. DIA is so isolated and lonely he will go to anyone who invites.

    Since he can't defeat Weyane on his own he is hoping others like Egypt will do it for him.

  10. We have good relations with Egypt so why would The President not visit a country in our region that invites him. Agames are mad & affraid when he travels to Egypt because they are cowards. Ethiopia has always depended on help from superpowers for its survival but gets scared of Egyptian-Eritrean relations. During Eritrean liberation struggle Ethiopia was supported by USA & then Soviet Union. Now the USA is the lifeline of Agames. Agames begged for sanctions to have an advantage over Eritrea. Just like in the past, Eritrea will overcome any sinister plots by Ethiopia & crush them. It is time to unplug the Agames off of life support & let them die in their dreams & let the the stakeholders of Ethiopia decide their own fate.

  11. buwahahahaaaaa u kill me Ugum waHid. Do you sleep over here?? Arat iske qeribulu but u need to pay the price though. buwahahaaaaaa

  12. PIA is I N V I T E D ! capito ? LOL

  13. Well at least he knows and understands which button to press and when...unlike your leaders ( weyane),

  14. They're already dead man!!! Only the burial process is awaiting for them and that will be done by the gallant ethiopian opposition forces....most of the job is being done, of course by Eritreans....

  15. Wedi afom is willing and begging to use him as a condom for any one to give him a money. But the Egyptian know that, if they try to work with the dieing regime of Eritrea and try to harm Ethiopia it is a disastrous for them. so nothing he can get from Egypt.

  16. Oh Ya! I guess we've heard on several occasions that Eritrea will be crushed, Shaebia will be defeated...come on guys, change attitude, learn to live in peace....all these wars and deaths didn't teach you anything?

  17. Tesekifka dika? Entay hemak temene? just a visti, see before you guess, ayhayeshen?

  18. On July 25, 2014 the Eritrean forces had arrested the Djiboutian soldier who was accompanying Qatari officers who are part of the force monitoring the demilitarized zone.

    Neither Sudan nor Qatar, the only two countries in the region that has favorable relations with the Eritrean president abstained or voted against the Arab League condemnation which was adopted by consensus.

    Gedab News learned that Djibouti has prepared a draft resolution to end the Qatari mediation and escalate its issue with Eritrea to the UN; the draft will be submitted to the upcoming Arab League summit for adoption.

    The condemnation of the Arab League whose headquarters is in Egypt is significance because its issuing coincided with the arrival of Isaias Afwerki in Cairo for a two day visit.

    The visit to Egypt comes at the request of the Eritrean president; it is his second visit to Cairo since June 2014 when he attended the inauguration of General alSisi’s as the new president of Egypt.

  19. Suleiman, Madote's housefly, read wediBarentu above, he briefed the whole story/facts for your awakening.
    The gallant PIA does not get orders from foreigners, the only order he receives in a form of duty and allegiance is from his likewise gallant, patriotic and hardworking PEOPLE.

    P.S. PIA is not isolated, he is just seen as a unique precious gem/jewel, so valuable that very few dare to approach.
    The other important fact is that, it's better to be alone than to be amid the filthiest and the most wicked creatures acting as leaders.

  20. When Egypt's president ask to visit Ethiopia, Eritrea president went to Egypt it is very funny.
    Eritrea's friend country are Qatar, Iran, Egypt, Sudan and Saudi Arabia all are Arabs and support terrorists in other country.
    Actually Eritreans ask to be Arab but ..........

  21. Proud:
    You all over the place brother. If Weyane was defeated why are they still occupying our land? Do you think Issias is giving time for peaceful solution to the issue?

    "We are where we need to be at this moment" There is no way you can be an Eritrean. Our land is under the occupations of the agames. Our youth is feeling in numbers to the agames. The economy is beyond distress. We have single airline that barely functions.....we have no friends...we have no universities....We have no institution.

    Dud do you have family members in Eritrea? Talk to them they will ell you the day to day life out there.

  22. DIA visit.....

    In a press release issued on Sept. 7, 2014, the League of Arab States
    meeting, held at the level of Arab foreign ministers condemned Eritrea
    for “the kidnapping of a Djiboutian soldier from the demilitarized zone”
    on the border between Eritrea and Djibouti.

    The Arab League “demanded the State of Eritrea to release [the
    soldier] immediately and hand him over to the State of Qatar since it is
    the mediator in the dispute between the two countries.”

    On July 25, 2014 the Eritrean forces had arrested the Djiboutian
    soldier who was accompanying Qatari officers who are part of the force
    monitoring the demilitarized zone.

    Neither Sudan nor Qatar, the only two countries in the region that
    has favorable relations with the Eritrean president abstained or voted
    against the Arab League condemnation which was adopted by consensus.

    Gedab News learned that Djibouti has prepared a draft resolution to
    end the Qatari mediation and escalate its issue with Eritrea to the UN;
    the draft will be submitted to the upcoming Arab League summit for

    The condemnation of the Arab League whose headquarters is in Egypt is
    significance because its issuing coincided with the arrival of Isaias
    Afwerki in Cairo for a two day visit.

    The visit to Egypt comes at the request of the Eritrean president; it
    is his second visit to Cairo since June 2014 when he attended the
    inauguration of General alSisi’s as the new president of Egypt.

    Isaias Afwerki had established relations with the Mursi who stayed in
    power for thirteen months before he was deposed by the military in July
    2013. Several visits by Eritrean officials were made at the height of
    the diplomatic squabble between Ethiopia and Egypt over the “Great
    Ethiopian Renaissance Dam [GERD]”.

    The diplomatic wrangling didn’t hamper the construction of GERD and
    the differences between Ethiopia and Egypt seems to have subsided as the
    two countries seem to have ironed out major differences and are
    continually discussing minor details.

    On September 4, 2014, Egypt’s Foreign Minister, Sameh Shukri, visited
    Addis Ababa and held talks with his Ethiopian counterpart Dr. Tedros

    The two ministers agreed to form “a join Ministerial Commission to
    nurture historic ties and launch continued growth of bilateral
    cooperation in selected areas of common interest.”

  23. Haaaa
    The blind followers have been bashing the west. Now they will go unglued at the Arabs.

    I thought Issias said there was no border issues with Djibouti? How come Issias hasn't told the Eritrea people about the peace keepers at the borders?

  24. Shut the FUCK up agame Allen

  25. Man the FUCK up bitch woyane

  26. You can't handle the truth puppy?
    What you see is the press release from the Arab League.

  27. ኣይተ ኢሳያስ ተምብየናይ
    ተግባርካ ክፉእ ሩጉም ግናይ
    ግደፍንዶ ኤርትራ ማሓራ
    ነፃ ክትከውን ከምሃገራ
    ህዝባ ሒዝካዮ ዓፊንካ
    ኣይዛረብ ኣይሓስብ ጌርካ
    ብመቍህ ሰንሰለት ኣሲርካ
    ተሰራጥዮም ከምድላይካ
    ፈሪሖም ክነብሩ ንዓኻ
    መን ከምወዲ ኣፎም ክብሉኻ
    ኣሉላ እኳ ህያዋይ ዮ ኔሩ
    ኣይገዝኦምን ከማኻ ጌሩ
    ህዝቢ ይነብር ነይሩ ተኸቢሩ
    ምስ ኣሕዋቱ ብሓደ ሓቢሩ
    ሎሚ ግና ኩሉ ተቀይሩ
    ህዝቢ ይነብር ኣሎ ኣማሪሩ
    ናብራ ከፊእዎ ኣንፀርፂሩ

    ናብስደት ክኸይድ ብእግሩ

  28. An awesome poem.
    Assias needs to leave our country. He is fucking agame and everything he is doing is to benefit agames.

  29. Good luck, return safely Mr president. Nothing personal just business Agametat, what do u think its going to happen? u are the one calling for war... what do u expect hugs and its like wen u wer Cohooting with the western to destroy our *BELOVED ERITREA* and here u are talking this and that. give it a rest u call for war so war is ur going to get. we Eritreans we are defending our country. And you Agametat u are trying to invade us, if u can. Anyway, so who is *righteous* here?. the funny thing about woy'ane (Agame) is they don't care about their dead soldiers b/c most of the soldiers wer the Oromo, ogaden, amhara and so on. but this time it will never happen b/c they are sick and tired of woy'ane and this time they will destroy woy'ane from every corner. War makes thieves like woy'ane and peace will hangs u all Woyanetat. b/c woy'ane u can't live without war.

  30. Mr. Suleiman, not bad, a housefly poet is a rarity, it's a pity that you are engaged to lure some deranged folks and deadly inclined to demonize and demoralize the invincible people. (In vain )
    You belong to your past fake glory without perceiving that you are presently living in a mortgaged half sold country.

    We understand you, it is hard to swallow or accept the fact that Eritrea is gone beyond your reach, but the sooner you begin to live accepting the sour reality the better for you in order to endure the pain and agony of your misery.

  31. Zoba_debub Liberation MovementSeptember 9, 2014 at 10:02 AM

    You must be fool.
    Now Ethiopia will bomb us and the wukarya of nacfa will run like gadaffi. Intay ika zeykewn tizareb zeleka ata fesfas? We dont war with weyane ok? they are our friends and many eritreans are originally from tigray.,

  32. hahahahahahahahahaahahahaha.............

  33. Aren't u Agametat supported by USA & tiny israel, in the war 98 to 2000 and lost horribly.hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

  34. .....
    We understand your Mr. Sulaiman, it's hard to swallow or to accept the fact that Eritrea (the real bright star of East African) has gone forward beyond your reach.

  35. prositute "ha" aren't u Agame bowing to the west for food and economic aid. without them u are gone. so who is the prositute here?. all ur soldiers dying for American interest. its a shame really. very sad.

  36. You an idiot man. How do you define winning?
    1. Badime is still occupied by the agames. Didn't DIA tell us he will not pull our troops even if the sun does not rise? I am dialing Alec...Hello...Our land is still occupied. That is not winning.

    Didn't you just see the Arabs are about to put him on time. See their press release.

    Long live Eritrea
    Long live wedi Ali
    Long live wedi Tukabo
    Long like Pilot Dejen
    Long live Korchach

  37. Asmara, 09 September 2014 – President Isaias Afwerki and President Abdel-fattah Al-Sisi of Egypt today held talks focusing on fostering bilateral relations.

    The talks were conducted at Al Etihadia Presidential Palace in Cairo, during which the two leaders conducted in-depth discussion on ways and means of reinforcing to the highest level the existing Eritrean-Egyptian ties in the economic, social, political and diplomatic domains.

    Moreover, the two leaders agreed on exchange of trade and investment between both countries, in addition to exchanging views as regards the contribution of Eritrea and Egypt in regional and international forums.

    Present in the meeting on the Eritrean side were Foreign Minister Osman Saleh and Mr. Yemane Gebreab, Head of Political Affairs at the PFDJ, as well as Mr. Amin Hassan from the Office of the President, and on the Egyptian side the Prime Minister, Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab, the Foreign Minister, Mr. Samih Shukri, and the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Khalid Abdel-Aziz.

    It is to be recalled that President Isaias yesterday left for Cairo on working visit at the official invitation of President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi of Egypt.

  38. God bless. We are cousins. W e do not have to kill each other.

  39. እናንተ ሽንታሞች፣የጥላቻና የዘረኝነት፣የምላስ ሰዎች ስለሆናችሁ ለናንተ ድክመት ሌሎችን ተጠያቂ ስታደርጉ ሳይ ምን ያህል ሴታሴቶችና የሞችሁ ቅዘናሞች እንደሆናችሁ ሌላ ማረጋገጫ ነው:: ደሞ TPDM ትላላችሁንዴ? ምንም እንኳን ከነሱ ፖለቲካ ጋር ባልስማማም እነሱ ግን ጀግኖች ከጀግና ህዝብ የወጡ እንደሆኑ ኣልረሳም እናንተ ጠባቦች፣ሆዳም ግማታም ሽንታሞች:: OUSTTTTTTTTTT!!!

  40. BETHLEHEM DAWIT ISAAKSeptember 9, 2014 at 11:22 AM

    All u so-called Eritreans hailing DIA as if he were a God,
    DIA sabotages every single step real Eritreans take towards progress.

    Private Sector? GONE no thanks to DIA.
    Human RIGHTS? None thanks to DIA.
    Teghadalit and 1st woman member of z Eritrean Parliament Aster Fessahatsion DEAD thanks to DIA.
    DAWIT ISAAK imprisoned for 14 years now.
    Aster Yohannes imprisoned since God knows when.
    Iranian nuclear waste dumped somewhere in Danakil thanks to DIA.
    Civil Freedoms NONE thanks to DIA.
    CENSORSHIP, THEFT of Eritrea's profit AND resources, prostitution,
    abuse of women's rights, DEMHIT, domestic violence, exile, refugees and asylum
    seekers, military power, regression and war all thes and more are what
    our Tigrayan tyrant and DESPOT from Tembien stands for.

  41. WTF...Aren't you Agame the one banging the drums of war?.. and here u trying to look like a saint. Lbi tgray t'wiwai, cousins...hahahahahahahahaha........

  42. Really Agame...hahahahahahaahahaha.....

  43. If there is mutual respect, there will never be war. There will only be peaceful coexistence, mutual prosperity, bright future, mutual cooperation e.t.c. I know that Eritreans are my closest cousins and that is why I never ever say a bad word about them. I might go into grudge with some idiots like you though. lol

  44. This short poem is to your honour "meriet"!!

    ሰላም መሬት ወዲ ሓጎስ ክሻ
    ዘርሞ ዘርሞ ኣይለባም ኣይዓሻ
    እናራኣኻያ ኤርትራ ጠፊሻ
    ህዝባ ተዋሪዱ ብሓፈሻ
    ንስኻ ግን ዘይግድሰካ
    ክትዛረብ ክንዲ "ኢሱ" ኮይንካ
    ኣብ ኢንተርነት ኣብ መርበብ ወጺእካ
    ሃለው ክትብል ፍፁም ከይሓፈርካ!
    ይርዳኣኒ ዩ ከምዝኾነ ኣያኻ
    ዓርኪ ሓጎስ መሓዛ ነቦኻ
    ኣይትኽእልን ክትሪኢ ስቅ ኢልካ
    ብኢድ ኢሱ በሊዕካ ሰቲኻ!
    ማኣስ ሓድሽ ኮይኑ ምጥባቅ ንምልኪ
    ኣፍንጫ እንትህረም ዓይኒ ዩ ዝበኪ
    ኣይገርመናንዩ ናትካዊን ጨብራሕራሕ
    ናበይ ከይተምልጥ ጽባሕ ድሕሪ ጽባሕ

  45. Alec you : ab macdonald tehabika aytwerze, If war comes, you will be the first to hide under your bed, hadami wahid. Weyane are anabs. They chased us iin 2000. where were you then? Ab zeytfelto aytzareb. we dont need war and isayas needs to go.

  46. Ayeeee Askari ,they always kissing nasty arab azz, eirtrea became the whore of east africa..kkkk shame and the funny thing is the diaspora who running in four diraction and they hate usa but they Wannna come kkk bitch ass people ..if u hate usa why do u come ?? Maferia people ..go back to ur sing-a-poor??ayeee poor Askari ..always talking shit and get ready to see ur Askari azz will be deport from EU to ur poor dirty land !!dirt slave ..TPLF for life!!!

  47. Cousins we ain't related you idiot your Ethiopian were Eritrean Ethiopian have 7 hearts so that means we can't trust you your people and you are double crosser

  48. you didn't answer my question Agame. Aren't you Agame the one banging the drums of war? well, Aren't u?

  49. they aways talk halewlow and yet they are the one that calling for war.

  50. Al-Sisi stresses Egypt’s responsibilities to Africa

    By: TNN September 9, 2014

    President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi stressed the importance of Egypt’s affiliation to the African continent, referring to his eagerness in mentioning it during his inaugural speech.

    Upon receiving the Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki on Tuesday, Al-Sisi expressed Egypt’s keenness for cooperation with all African nations for the development of the continent.

    Al-Sisi highlighted Egypt’s role in the ongoing development of Africa, which was crowned by the establishment of the Egyptian-African Partnership Agency for Development in July 2013.

    For his part, the Eritrean president praised the 30 June revolution of last year, considering it a turning point in Egyptian history that has placed the country on the path of once again being a regional and international pioneer

  51. Agazen,
    How much are the woyanes paying you for one night? Do you sleep
    with only one woyane in one night or you get to sleep with more of them? Do they know you are a guy? Please tell me how everything happens. I couldn't wait!!!

  52. what is the big deal, just a visit by a head of state to another head of state who have a large number of area of common interest from sea, fish, regional borders statuses, regional political movements, religious extremist, security at different levels......why does it have to be about war? why this desire for war? ...Ethiopians i know elections are coming up but please do not try to create a ground for war, for if there is a real war it will be so different from previouse wars

  53. How do you define winning? u say? well, when ur enemy lost over 120,000 soldiers, when the land your fighting for awarded to you and when ur enemies hundred million dollars new military equipment turned in to ashes. that is how i define winning. and Agame, The Eritrean government made a mistake when the UN asked Eritrea to back from the demilitarized buffer zone,and Eritrea did for the sake of peace but it was a trick created by the west (ur masters) coated as UN to hold Eritrea hostage and u seem to think Eritrea is totally out of badme well nope its just a 25-kilometre demilitarized buffer zone. so i know that am talking to Agame here so. Don't get your hopes up, b/c now u are the one banging the drums of war. so now we're not just gonna kick u out from the demilitarized buffer zone also from office.
    Long live *EDF* (Eritrean Defence Forces). Wars come and go, but Eritrean soldiers stay eternal.!!! Awet N'hafash!!

  54. Hidri Agame, see why you never progress with your head and heart filled with that much evil

  55. No matter how much they paid if the ultimate goal was to get our defense force out of badime in which they did, then they accomplished their goal. We fought and loss the war that is the end of it man. Don't try to re-write history and start another war.

    We couldn't get Badime by force but by the rule of law we did. Now Weyane is not getting out of badime, what the heck do you think we are going to do beside stand on a side line and ask the international community to tell Weyane to get out.

    By the way...Tsemam hade derfu kemizibilu'wo abotatina. you keep on naming everyone that has a different opinion than yours "agame". I truly believe you are a true tigraway and by pretending to be an Eritrean you are fulfilling you ego.

  56. Don't try to re-write history and start another war u say, u see this is why i have hard time figuring it out ur Identity people. that is why i call Agame. Eritrea is not the one on the media telling the world that am going to start another war. don't try to twist it. they call for war do u think Eritrea loves war Eritrea did everything to go by peace and Eritrea accepted the rule of low woy'ane (Agame) didn't. they waited and waited for Eritrea to start a war so they can point finger at us. but now they think Eritrea is weak so they want to destroy us. y'germ. And me Agame ur fanny. hahahaha

  57. With all Love from EthiopiaSeptember 9, 2014 at 4:00 PM

  58. Tigrayans are most annoying people. They are constantly hanging around Eritrean website. Ugh! They don't get it. Go away! We don't want you Agames.

  59. Every body knows him very well, he is number one trouble maker of the region and addicted to do every possible way to derail our development by supporting all the terrorist groups from every directions and we know that his visitation twice to Egypt is one of his agenda to be a messenger boy of Egypt if possible but it will remain his wishes as usual because Ethiopia and Egypt are about to solve their problems in civilized way by talking to each others for mutual entrust of their two brotherly and sisterly peoples that benefit both Countries.

  60. Shake shake every piece of your body never helped Ethiopia to shake off begarism and dependance for decades NEVER ! LOL

  61. We have had cheap sold landsmen before too. To name some milishiya sirnay, comandis, isepa, wedo geba....etc. how proud are they of their old memories, I mean if they still alive.
    The worst of all is today's woyane bootlickers, who lost self-respect and voluntarily enslave the killers of our martyrs!
    The legacy they leave behind them to their children and grand children is scum, neglection and isolation.

  62. Thanks for the poem.
    I'm happy that you're able to use a mediocre tigrinya, for sure you grew up in Asmara Idaga Aarbi district and attended in Agazian middle school (Idaga Hamus) yet no gratitude..typical attitude of deki mai telamit.

    You don't have the capacity to humiliate me by arranging two idiotic rhyming words, I have to confess, I'm a diehard Shaebian son of the glorious Eritrean struggle, Eritrea is not only my country but also my religion and PIA IS NOT ONLY MY PRESIDENT BUT ALSO MY ARCHANGEL, CLOSE TO ST. MICHEAL, the Satan's trampler.

    Viva PIA, the terror of Weyane and conqueror of all the wicked!!

    kikd aabedbed bel.

  63. ዋጣ ዕስቦ ኣቶ Suleman ቦጅቧጅ!

    "ኣሉላ እኳ ሕያዋይ ዮ ኔሩ" ዲኻ ኢልካ ዝነበርካ፧ _ _ _

    "ስሱዕ ክበልዕ ይሕነቕ፣ ሓሳዊ ክዛረብ ይስርነቕ!" ኰይኑ ደኣ እንደ´ሞ ዓጀውጀውካ። ኣየ "ኣዝመርቲ" ወያነ ወጃል።

    እቶም ጠበብተ- ቅያኔ "ሓምሳ ´ኻኻ` "ብዝብልዎ ርምታ "ሩሩታ" ግጥመ - ተልመዴንካ፣ ዝኸኣልካዮ እናመሰልካ ንግይቶታትካን ነብስኻን ብምትዕሽሻው፣ ፍርንጭት ሰብ ኣይተሕብጥ።

    ምስ ለኣኽትኻ፣ ገጽኩም ትርሓቅ ድኣ!

  64. agazi the boys.
    That is your mentality. You want to be a boss but you are in trouble
    Asker- who is askari; The regards from Ethiopia were the first askaris for Italians. The Adwa, the Ari grate and all the tegray regions around Eritrea were the source of Askari for nItaly. In the war of 1945 more Taurus died in the war. Askaris are Myles Zenawi, site Abreha, ably Tsehay families and their regions. Italians use them for askaris ibecause too many of them were coming to Eritrea for jobs, Italians would deport them baqck to Tigray. It was a big problem for the Italian administration.
    We asA NATION, AS country oppose USA bad policies, as iNDIVIDUALS WE GO WHERE EVER IS OUR CHOICE. No one can stop us.
    wHY DO YOU GO THERE/? IS IT YOUR UNCLES HOME? WHY eTHIOPIANS ALL GO TO USA. ?That is the question you have to answered. So stop your blah bla. Ethiopians they say we are not colonized, and love to use Italian NAMES, FOR their café', for their street and market names. Mankato, Piaza, Alberto, you say. Churchill godena9 Your uncles name ) is it. LOL. Make me laugh. America is not yours. It belongs to every one.
    Why we oppose the American policy , because we are smart, truthful, genuine thinkers, we care for humanity and the right of every one to live in peace. So we have right to oppose, hegemony, wars and dominance. Unlike the Ethiopians from Menelik top Myles who love to beg, who love to be servants and serve foreign interests. They work for American money.
    We oppose American Foreign policy because we are smart and do it as millions of Real white and black Americans oppose their government policy in the world. Because America is the most cruel and war mongering country. Millions of millions of people have perished because of American wars in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Middle East, Africa and all over Asia.Why dose America open wars in Korea and Japan, for the last 100 years, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, All over Africa, Latin America. As a result millions of millions of p[eople have been killed, their wealth their property destroyed and poverty is what they have left. Because Eritrean government is clever, focused and visionary it is leading the world by its stand and principles. The same as So many scholars, professors, democrats, churches oppose American war all over the world. Ethiopians do not oppose, war, or destruction because that is what they see for themselves. That is why you are killing the Promos, the Ogadens, the anuak, The benshangul, The amharas systematically destroying their lives, so that woyane to have more power by terrorizing the people of Ethiopia.. You love American wars and you were servants in Korea, in Somalia, in many other places, like south Sudan now. Stop talking you better study who you are?

  65. Hemel why do you depend on some few who are trying to make few dollars in the west. Wed Ali is gone. Wed tikabo cannot even help himself. His song is useless, probably he need to work in American factory for *$9.00 per hour. And then 50 hours per day = 450 dollars per week $1800 dollars a month. Less tax = 1400 dollar a month= 750 go for is room rent, 650 left 200 for gaze, 200 for food, 100 clothes , shoes and some tea or coffee. 150 to send for his mum. What is he nothing. No one buys his muzik. It is not also as good as attractive as he was in Eritrea. So what is left of him. Why you depend on him. You love losers. Korchach is crying, nothing good comes out of him. He is crying crying. So what do you get of him. Why do you not send them some money from your savings to help them buy a car so that they can work as delivery drivers. Korchach tribal kebdi alba he is used to luxury life in Eritrea. It is hard for him to work in a factory.
    Pilot is a game- and looser

  66. Wendi a game you are I heard mother tucker. A mother tucker is someone who does bad things to his mother despite her hard work top raise him. Wed atom liberated Tigray, gave you freedom from Menegsetu, Haileselassie who were butchering your grand parents. Amhara hated the tigray and were butchering you. That is why you started the woyanany tigray uprising. But nyou were crushed by Haileselassie army. And again you started womanly 2nd,. You were crushed by Serge in Hawzien, in Adwa, in Tembien, in Shire enda Selassie. ShaEbia under the leadership of wedi atom came to your rescue. We drove out the Derg Army we chased them up top Nekemte, Illibabur, Wollod, Yonder, Gojam, Shea . The only place shaebia did not fight Serge in Ethiopia was only probably Ogden. Eritrean Shaebia was in Asosoa, . We liberated you and now you forgot about it and can call wedi atom in this way is equal you are a mother facuker. You can face your mum. You do not have any moral. No value. No respect at least be thank flu to what Eritrea and wedi afrom did for you . think twice, read your history books . . Agames do not understand
    If you hate us we hate you, but we never did anything to Ethiopians that make you to hate us. Simply you are not grateful. So it is not good for you.

  67. ዘይሓፍር ሃመማ....አቶ ሱለማን....
    አይ ለባም አይ ዓሻ ዶ ኢልካኒ
    አይፋል፣ ብድምዱሙ 'ገልጣም' እንተ ትብል ማሓሸኒ
    እወ ገልጣም፣ ምበልኩኻ ተገቲረ
    ከም አመለይ፣ ንመዓር ጸላኢ ዝቕይር አብ ዕረ
    ክብረተይ ሐልየ፣ ጮማ እንዳመተይ ገዲፈ ዝድረር በርበረ

    አይምዕደካን'የ አመልካ ስለ ዝፈልጥ
    ካብ መልሓስ ደቒ ማይ ጠላሚት የለን ዘምልጥ
    ብክሕደትን፣ ሐሶትን ካብ እምኒ ቖርበት ዝቀልጥ
    ብጀካ ምልማን፣ ተመስገን ዘይፈልጥ
    ብቐላጽም ጎይቶቱ ዝፍክር ከም ናቱ
    ኤረ እንተሰምዕ፣ አብ ገደል ዘጸድፍ፣ ዝአቱ

  68. The woyanes never said it is Ethiopian. The Woyanes cannot say oepnely Bad me is njot Eritrean, because it is determined in the court of law. In the justice office. That is done. Nothing changes. Woyanes cannot deny it. What they are saying is lets make some sort of talk so that we give bad me but you give us something. They occupying it yes. Because it is shame for them to leave. They want to defend and pretend they are strong. They are pretending. They occupy it so that to gain some sort of excuse to tell the Ethiopians. Remember woyane gave to Sudan the land Equal the size of Belgium. Thins was a dispute for many years. But when the time comes they gave that land to Sudan even when they were they did not go to war with Sudan this time around. They secretly ceded the land to Sudan. Bademe is coming that way. So Eritrea knows there is no point to be focused to woyane tactics. Woyane or other government will leave the land . There is no law that will support woyane to own Bad me. shaebia knows about it well. Of course it was better if they leaqve as soon as possible,. So Mr Camel do not worry Bad me is Eritrean now for the future and it was Eritrean. So Bad me is there in Eritrea and it will be Eritrean by law or by natural power. If you do not have sleeps , it is a waste of time. Why do you not talk about your tigray problem. tigray want to keep the bad me environs because you do not have enough land. That is what read the other day. Tigrayans do not have land and they cannot do farming. Well Eritrea is Eritrean . sooner or later woyane will leave by themselves.without war, without force. Woyanes will be one day under two concrete walls and they come to Eritrea to ask to be rescued. Things will change and you will see. So now better send money to your beggar mother in Tigray or the streets sof Addis Ababa. By the way did you see what the Ethiopians live look like in Addis Ababa. Eating from rubbish, eating on the streets, a million beggar in Addis Ababa. Mostly qoray and disabled and children. Better think about sols;ving that problem You dream for war. War is not good. Ethiopians dies in wars in the last 100 years. In Somalia, Eritrea and now inside against each other., Ian,t that enough for your Mr Agamino.. If Hemel is an Eritrean , that is message is for you because you are one of the bad wishers

  69. Egypt Attempting To Use Eritrea Against Ethiopia
    September 10, 2014

  70. Meriet: if deqi may telamit refers to all tigrayans by origin, what are you going to do with the eritreans who are originally from tiigray ? By the way, one can never be an eritrean ( highlander) without being a tigrayan. Kab tigray zeywled seb, can never be an eritrean.

  71. Foolish!
    It is not a question of genealogy but a question of behavior and attitude.

    As everywhere in the world, people are intermixed and Eritreans cannot be an exception.

  72. እንታይ ክብረት ኣለካ ካብቀደምካ ሕሱር
    ፈታዊ ደልሃመት ደማሒ እተፍቅር
    ኣምሎኾየ ክትብል ቁሩብ ዘይትሓፍር
    ነቲ ዕሉል ሽፍታ መንሽሮ ናይ ሃገር
    ትማ ሊ ትማሊ
    ከምዘይተባሃለ ሰራሒ ተኣምር
    ብውሕሉል ክእለቱ ኣምሊስዋ ሃገር
    ሎሚ ግን ጠፊሹ ክንሱ ዲክታቶር
    ፍልልይ ናይ ሓሳብ ዘይክእል ክፃወር
    እንታይ ከተፍቅረሉ ነዚ ድኣ ወደይ
    ስርሑ ኩሉ ኩፉእ፣ተንኮለኛ ግናይ
    ክኣልም ዝሓድር ዓለባ ናይ እከይ
    ህዝቢ ፎእ ኢልዎ ኣየምልኾን ዕደይ!

    ንህዝቢ ዝፈርድ ክነብር ኣምሪሩ
    መንእሰይ ብሓይሊ ዓመታት ዓስኪሩ
    ጀጋኑ ኤረትራ ብሞቁሕ ኣሲሩ
    ስንኩላት ዝጭፍልቅ ብታንክታት ጌሩ
    ነዚ ድኣወደይ መንዩ ዘፍቅሮ
    ሃገር ጎዲእዋ ኮይንዋ መንሽሮ
    እንትርፎ ንስኻን ከማኻን ዕታሮ (few in number)
    ህዝቢ ፈንፊንዎ እንታይ ኢኻ ትገብሮ?

  73. እሂ መምህረይ፣ መምህር ጸርፊ
    ዘረባዅም ኣዝዩ ኣሰካፊ
    ኩነታትኩም ኩሉ ተኣፋፊ
    ማሓሸኩም ከምጨበትኩም ዕርፊ (ሓረስታይ ከምኮንኩም ምሓሸ)
    ኣይብለኩምን የጽድፍኩም ናብ ፀድፊ
    ሰብ ሓላፊ፣ ስም እዩ ተራፊ
    እንታይ ተረኽበ ክንድዚ ዘሕርቅ
    ዘበለኩም 'ኪዱ ገጽኩም ትርሓቅ'
    ፀላዒዅም፣ ኣባይኩም ይሰርነቅ
    ከክንዳዂም ኣነ ሞይተ ሳሓቅ
    ቦጅቧጅ ኢልኩምኒ ዘይኣመለይ
    ኣንታ ኣነስ ዘይረኽቦ ዘይብለይ
    እንካብ ትህቡኒ ዘይስመይ ዘይናተይ
    ዘይዎረስክዎ እንካብ ወለደይ
    ቀሰይ ኢልኩም ምኽሪ ዘይትህቡኒ
    ንሓዋሩ ምህሮ ክኾነኒ!

    ጠበብቲ ዝብልዎ ሓምሳ ”ኻኻ”
    ናይተልመዲን እዩ ግጥምኻ
    ኢልኩምኒ ደስ ኢሉኒ ኣሰይ
    ኣይክሕዶንየ ተልመዲን ምዃነይ
    እንካብ ዝጅምር ገና ክልተ ወርሐይ
    ዝምህረኒ መምህር እኳ ዘይብለይ
    ኣነስ ንኢደያ ነዛ ነብሰይ
    ጠቢብ ቅኔ መታ ን ክትኮነለይ
    በሉ መምህረይ
    ክትበልዑ ኣይትታሓነቁ
    ክትዛረቡዊን ኣይትሰርነቁ
    ሕማቅ ኣይርከብኩም ኣብ መንገዲ
    ሽሻይኩም ይበርክት ኣብ ዓውዲ
    ለባም እየ ኣይኮንኩን ከማዅም
    እንተዘይኮንኩ ብፍልጠት ክንዳዅም

  74. wedi barentu. shut up. Never mind about weyanes, we are saying that we dindt elect mr. isayas. He is ruling our country without any mandate and sooner or later he will be forced to leave. Weyanes have nothing to do with that. We just want democracy ata dunzuz.

  75. Oh Dear, oh Dear! Somebody is calling somebody else "Foolish" here!. How ironic is it when the pot calling the kettle black?

  76. Zoba_debub
    wediBarentu shut up? ==> U scared me, LOL
    Never mind about woyane? ==> Anta Agame!
    You are going to force Isaias out? .... LOL
    You got a BIG mouth!
    We just want democracy ata dunzuz?
    ==> Open your BIG mouth, I will give you a DEMO that will keep you silent! ... LOL
    You should rename your pen name to zoba_dedeb!

  77. I thing you are brain wash by false propaganda of shabiya, If Shabiya a a capacity to help Weyanie to get power in Ethiopia why now can not lead the 5m Eritrean?

  78. Meriet, please ! telami seb imber telami hizbi yelon. dont be facist

  79. Wedi saHl, wedi barka wedi Anseba, wedi naQfa aysmaEka, nefaT ! LOL

  80. (ብቐዳማይ ኣካል "ኣነ" )->->-> ዘይኣመለ፣ ዘይብለይ፣ ዘይናተይ፣ ወለደይ፣ ኣሰይ፣ ምዃነይ፣ ወርሐይ፣ ዘይብለይ፣ ነብሰይ፣ ክትኮነለይ፣
    ...ዘይትህቡ፣ ክኾነኒ!

    (ብኻልኣይ ኣካል ኣኽብሮታዊ "ንስኹም" )->->->መሪቐኩ፣ ስድራዅም፣ ገዛዅም፣ ኣባይኩ(ኹ?)ም፣ ክፋእዅ(ኹ&#10004)ም፣ ከማዅ(ኹ&#10004)ም፣ ክንዳኹም!! ንኢደኩም፣ ብፍልጠትኹም፣ ሰይመኩም፣ ፈሪሔልኩም ወዘተ.

    ዝዓይነቶም "(ኝ)(ኚ) ኒንይ" ብላዊ ኣግጣማት!

    ከም ኣጣለ በጋይት ክሕልዉ ዝውዕሉ ዘይጐበዙ ጓሶት፣ "እንካ ኣዝግነኒ!" እና ተበሃሃሉ ንመሕለፊ ግዜ ዝታረኹሉ ብዝመስል ርምታ፣......... መወዳእታ ኣልቦ ዝምንውሑ "ግጥሚ" ክትድርድር ከም ዝከኣል ዘይግንዘብ ጸሓፍት ፤ ዕሱባት ሓማይንነቶም ምድረ- ጀጋኑ ንምዝላፍ ጥራሕ ዘይዀነስ፣ ብ"ድርሰተ" - ዋጣ ምውርዛዮም ኣገሪምና ደኣ!


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