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Hail to YPFDJ!

10th annual North America YPFDJ and PFDJ II conference in Washington, D.C.

Hail to YPFDJ!

By Bereket Kidane,

Among the Eritrean diaspora, as during the years of the armed struggle for independence, youth groups have always been an organized phenomena.  Eritrean youth groups in the diaspora have in the past made an outsize contribution to the armed struggle for independence that greatly exceeded their numbers. Today, the youth group that is proudly carrying that mantle is YPFDJ.

Today, YPFDJ’s influence among the Eritrean youth is paramount in its importance when it comes to community organization, education, political awareness, activism and Eritrean consciousness. YPFDJ provides an opportunity for Eritrean youth to put their feelings of patriotism and support for the Eritrean State into action by forming connections with other young Eritreans around the world whose ideals and love of Eritrea match or compliment their own.

The establishment of a sovereign Eritrean State marked the fulfillment of many of the goals yesterday’s Eritrean youth fought for. Today, the inheritors of the promise, realize that they have a different task in defending the hard won sovereignty of the Eritrean State against determined enemies. They have stepped up to the plate by organizing, directing and leading strong Eritrean communities in the diaspora that leap to the defense of the Eritrean State whenever it is threatened from any direction. A Wikileaks cable once aptly described Eritrean youth in the diaspora as “Very Protective” of the Eritrean State.

The symbol of the Eritrean State is the camel for obvious reasons.  The camel has played an outsize role as the “ship of the desert” during the armed struggle for Eritrea’s independence.  It symbolizes patience and fortitude as it travels long distances in the dry hot desert before it reaches its destination. Though calm and patient, a camel can destroy you with its hooves and sharp teeth when provoked. (You can ask Weyane about that).

I have often thought YPFDJ too needs a symbol. What would be a fitting  symbol or mascot for this proud and loyal youth group that is strong, shows unconditional love and is fiercely patriotic and protective?

Hail to YPFDJ, for you are the inheritors of the promise!

We salute you!

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Hail to YPFDJ! Reviewed by Admin on 12:40 PM Rating: 5


  1. Awet N Hafash!

  2. And here we have yet another classic example of those strange Eri parents who lead their children into z Lion of Nakfa's mouth... :-
    "Issu! Issu! O Captain my Tegarr Captain. Take MY child to sawa and LET your endless but noble dark cause CONFUSE HIM/her ETERNALLY. Pls?"


    Me: "Keep these scary MFs away from my children!"

  3. Agame Lemani. Yerdaeka!

  4. I agree totally dear Bereket, I had experience to have talked and interviewed to some of them in Bologna from different part of the world, i being shocked to know first their love for Eritrea, their high education, as a result everything comes easily, organization, dedication, share, dynamism, respect ect..
    Zekureh hezbi..thanks god, i'm Eritrean and be part of Them.

  5. dear CL - they make me proud too. amazing young men and women.

  6. Oweee! Mes-u ke-a "LIONESS"! Terekhibulae kolo... hmph!

    Semi-ikhen do deQi hedertenna? Kirkirkirrr nebelo nezi baAl maH-tsen ambessitu!'

    Like all other African and Eritrean mothers my maternal concern is for all children and if u think that Z corrupt patriarch DIA knows what he's doing, think about the rape and drunkard behaviour which the women of Eritrea have to put up with daily while this no-good Ugum goes about his territorial business as usual!



    I call for the members of NUEW to confer on the continous rape of our women, our land, resources and economic rights as Eritrean women. I call on NUEW members to confer on the need for unity, compassion and empathy between the different political groups as well as z women of Eritrea. I call on NUEW members to confer regarding the necessity of taking this matter into our own hands by demanding that z outlaw and despot DIA step down. I call on NUEW members to confer regarding the importance of upholding the democratic principles that so many have died for. For it is democracy AND ONLY DEMOCRACY which honours and insures our rights as Eritrean women.

    Since Queen Saba let herself be seduced by that womanizer Solomon, East African women have bn oppressed by patriarchy. The time for change has come.




    Let a ten-thousand revolutionary petunias bloom for my Eritrean sisters, mothers and daughters!

  7. Deki essyas AGAME bezihom eyom eba!...sawa yekedu

  8. Shooo Agames, no need to holler & grief here, go to ur websites make these noises!

  9. hamasien organ donor. im sure ur among those beduin raped faggots who sell their organs for free. like it or not agama will forever be ur nightmare, u will keep barking ur master's name 'agama' 'agama'. TPLF for life...

  10. agama is will forver be your nightmare.komali hamasien..

  11. YPFDJ IS Anew Generation ASMERA BLACK MAERKET and MOST of thoes criminals HGDEF old Generation asmera black market you nowat imeen

  12. ayou talks to isaias Afwerki or wat

  13. You cheated the entire generations of eritrea , how dare ur again to do with those lovely youngsters !!!!!!!!!!!!bustards enda shabia blood suckers...


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