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The UN’s Double Standards Against Eritrea

Eritreans demonstrating against the unjust, unfair, and illegal UN sanctions

The UN’s Double Standards Against Eritrea

By Bereket Kidane,

International politics at the United Nations is a dirty rotten game played by the big powers that has been blatantly discriminatory to Eritrea over the last 65 years. These annual fabricated and bogus accusations against Eritrea at the kangaroo court known as the United Nations are meant to deny the right of Eritrea to exist as a sovereign state.

These oft-repeated myths and fabrications of Weyane and its sponsors have become an annual ritual at the United Nations. If it is July, then it must be time to accuse Eritrea of something. Anything! Even if it has nothing to do with reality. Just pass some kind of resolution that pleases Ethiopia and punishes Eritrea.

The level of ignorance and double standard at the United Nations  when it comes to Eritrea is sickening.  Try telling them that Ethiopia is occupying sovereign Eritrean territory illegally in defiance of international law and refusing to allow demarcation as per the International Court of Justice’s decisions and instructions.  It will fall on deaf ears. How’s that for justice? These big powers at the UN can see no right on the side of Eritrea and no wrong on the side of Weyane. Eritrea throughout its history has been subject to a unique double standard of judgment and criticisms for its actions in defending its very existence. If Eritrea were judged by the same standard as every other African country, it would be at or near the top of the list in every test of human rights, morality and justice.  But this double standard applied to Eritrea continues at the UN.

The United Nations for instance has never condemned Ethiopia for its continued illegal occupation of sovereign Eritrean territory.  If the United Nations were not a kangaroo court and Eritrea was allowed due process in defending itself, these accusations would be thrown out for lacking merit.  If the United Nations is truly interested in human rights on the African continent, a good place to start is with the investigation of the Ethiopian Army’s genocidal actions in Ogaden.

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  1. The more the UN picks on Eritrea and its government, the more the Eritrean people circle the wagons and jump to the defense of their government.
    The UN is making a mockery of human rights.

  2. The 1998 Eritrean-Ethiopian was purposely torched by the con artist Isaias Afewerqi in collaboration with Meles; equally so is the sanction, the engineer is the same, the con artist Isaias Afewerqi. He engineered all these subterfuges to kill two birds with one stone: to viciously and systematically annihilate our people and country, and on the other hand, led his victims blame others for his crimes. Indeed, son of Libi Tigrai Twi Twai.
    Genuine Eritreans,
    We must finish him now!!!!!!!!

  3. I think you are the one who is the joke. The regiem in Eritrea deserves sanction and its leaders must and will be brough to the courts of law for the crime they have commited in the last two decades or so.

  4. The regime in Eritrea sanction is not enough.

    As soon as possibly the international society must do something

    before the people are destroyed and the country is dispersed.

    This PFDJian regime in Eritrea,

    1.They killed many Eritrean intellectual.
    2.They refuse to ratify Eritrean constitution
    3.They killed veteran Eritreans.
    4.War mongered with Yemen,Sudan,Ethiopia, Djibouti.
    5.15 PM imprisoned and incommunicado more than 12 years
    6. Around 10 private journalists incommunicado more than 12 years
    7.In the name of national service national slavery about 20 years.
    8.Persecuation and incommunicado different religious groups.
    9.Rape of young Eritrean women at Sawa military training center by officers.
    10.Kidnaping of many Eritreans no one knows where they are.
    11.About 10,000 Eritreans living in underground prisons.
    12.Shoot to kill at the boarder with Sudan and Ethiopia.
    13.Inforcing to pay 50,000/fifty thousand/ Nfa from Family of defectors.
    14.One man Regime and poor deplomacy with international socitey.
    All These things are bad and Eritrea is going from bad to worest
    If Isias departs soon the Problem of Eritrea will be solved soon.
    If Isias stays as Long as he stays at power the Problem will be the worest.

  5. Thanks but no thanks for the corocodile tears...forces are working day and night to undermine Eritrea and her existance as a nation..the sad thing is some corners of Eritrean diaspora clap and sing to justify the sanction which creats a burdon on Eritrean people.

  6. They have really cheapened the issue human rights. People know this has nothing to do with human rights. There is no human rights violations in Eritrea. This is about challenging Eritrea's right to exist. This is about undermining Eritrea's right to determine its own nation building efforts and its right to self defense.

  7. Bereket:
    What about the injustice done to our people by the regime and it 'a cult leader?

    The UN sanction doesn't go far enough. The dictator must face for the crime he had done the last 40 years.

  8. Have nothing to add. You stated it very well. How can someone be just towards you when you are not just towards your brothers?
    A Regime that doesn't have a tiny compassion to wards women such as Aster Sherifo, Aster Petros S. A regime that doesn't have any compassion against Eritrean Heros such as Sherifo, Haile, Pertros, Bitweded, Uqbe..... A regime that doesn't have any compassion against elderly people.

  9. Gomida ugum,

    As far as the silly so-called OPPOSITION lick your ass, Yes YOU WOYANES have the possibility to laugh until your lungs ache....You are on safe side thanks to FOOLISH who serve you and play with their martyrs blood.

  10. Solomon/Z.Cruise you are one and same. Play it childish.

  11. they sanctioned Eritrea because of the delegates visit Crimia. Uganada and Sudan are also sanctioned not because of Human Rights abuse but because they cooperate with Eritrea instead of Ethiopia (it is ETHIOPIA - WOYANE making and NOT THE UN !!!

    Iti aziyu zeHzn gn bsenki zdeleyuwo zgodelom akalat, hzbom bTmyet kgiref ms woyane koynom zdakhru bhamat iyu.

  12. You forget to mention solutions, you're just accusign, do you have any idea how to lead a country? so that we can know if yours is better. From my point of view very different from yours, Isayas is the best leader i know in Africa and beyond
    1) he is not corrupted
    2) he don't have ambitions what probably You have about the "west"
    3) a man of principle.

  13. Ygmodka you haven't got a clue what is going on this crazy world of UN. You are brain washed.

  14. You want to be treated fairly, first release the prisoners, implement constitution, let the people move freely......., then the world would treat you differently. Don't forget you are a frog not an elephant.

  15. They sanction the government and its dirty activity. The standard of living of the people is the same with no change before and after the sanction. They were hungry before and they are hungry now.

  16. Do you have anything to say about the people that are languishing prison? Do you have anything to say about the constitution? Do you have any thing to say about the corrupt millitary officers who are in organ business, do you have anything to say about the exodus of our people due to the limitless national service, do you have anything to say where the gold and other minings revenue is going? Do you have anything to say about accountbility?

  17. When will they investigate the racial extermination that took place by tigray's army in Ogaden??????
    That was GENOCIDE!

  18. We need to ignore this UN resolutions and other old tricks. History is repeating by itself, It is definitely sure that they don't want us to exist in the continent.
    Weather they like or not, Eritrea and People will live for ever. No one will stop us to do what ever we want to do. The
    A People Of Can Do!

  19. Thats how you think when it comes to Eritrea frog v elephant which explains, this cpeaely explain your position. Eritrea is far from perfect but we are in the right path, and if Eritreans inherently had this type of mentality we would have been played like a rat captured by a full belly cat who would just use you as his toy. All we said was leave us alone we will be fine! you want a piece of one of the most strategic spots n the world it is ok as long as it benefit us not only you! Hence all the hoopla. you keep on crying about prisoners freedom of speech democracy bla bla bla you will loose Eritrea if you don't wake up today and defend it. we will come to those things you cry foul about all in good times.

  20. Ata agame, abey imo feliTkayo. nsikha kid galib mstom azeztikha. Qedem sle Hzbi ayteQaleskan Hjiwn sle Hzbi tqaleselu aykhlwn iyu.
    Iti Jigna, iti sle Hzbi zHali, iti miinti Hzbi hiwetun gizeUn zebakhn, ab HAGERU ab ERITREA ab mengo HZBU koynu tselaiE ykalakhel alo.
    Nay gdam AKHLABAT ms goytotkum woyane intenebaHkum intay afrekhum ? 40 Amet ktbl mHaferka, nay Hangol sinkilna aleka mesleni imber ab gdam konka zeEwekhalen Ametat ikha tseb-tsibka. Senef !
    Eritrawyan Qedem bibiretu, lomi bHasotu ntselaiE ms kedemtu knsiErom ina !

  21. @madote,

    everytime we read and hear something about the sanction / UN resolution toward eritrea. can you write or inform you audience about this specific sanction.

    I mean, I would like to know more about the sanction- for example....

    1) Who is affect on this sanction? Is it the the whole country or only certain persons/areas? and which person or areas are that?

    2) Did the sanction have an negative effect on the eritrean economy?

    3) What are the effects of this sanction on the domestic policies of eritrea?

    thanks for answering

  22. what joke

    tsegem yelen

    ጸገም የለን
    ደቂ ኤረይ ደቂ ሳዋ ኣይድቅሱን ኢዮም ጸገም የለን

  23. Kid LoQmats !
    Kabakha nlaEli iti mengisti nlEli 50 Amet zserHalu nsikha ab gdam konka ketestemhro aytfetn. May HaQinka terifka ikha.
    Danga woyane aminka ksab gororokha zneQits intetezarebka usurat ketetrirelom imber keteftiHom ayriAnakan.

  24. Ab zey menTebitkn ayteEtiwa idkn...Qedem zfeshele mknyat woyane iyu Solomon. Usurat nAna yQerbuna, abta zfetwuwa hagerom ynebru alewu ZEYKEMAKHUM bekheyti.

  25. Agame Lemani. Yerdaeka! Stay out of Eritrean politics or you will be sent back to your old profession: begging!
    Go away now! We don't have spare change for you today.

  26. UN = Unfair, Unjust, Unacceptable organisation. Woyane use their weakness to play them all.
    The suffering of people in Ogaden has always been there same as the Iraqis/Syrians/Palestinians/Nigerians/Darfur/Somalis/SSudan is self-made UN problems allover. They gain on world disorder when selling their weapons and assign their personal on refugee camps same as woyane every night new refugee camp pop-up across the country. Only in Tgray they have 5 new camps imagine why? still woyane is planning to invest on more camps at the kenyan border when ordered by the USA.

  27. What is the sum of 0 and 0 Mr. Ane nHagerey??
    The sum of 0 and 0 = Eritrean Government

    Btw, I am heading to Eritrea for 4 days, next month and I will come with a detailed information.

  28. Defend against what?? The first enemy I see against Eritrea is the government of Eritrea.

  29. Ethiopia bznab ktdimses iya

  30. You must be an ELF stooge that is still bitter you couldn't take the reins of power from the EPLF. You people are so predictable and sad. The Eritrean people have moved on from such divisive politics. As for sanctions, who do you think ultimately suffers? It's never really the people that experience the brunt of it. Too bad our useless opposition doesn't realize that.

  31. People keep claiming a shoot to kill policy is in place but have yet to produce evidence to substantiate this claim. I mean if the UN figures are to be believed and 2-4K flee monthly, why haven't we heard of even one death? Either EDF are bad shots or its not happening. I'll go with the latter option.

  32. Yeah I know you are woyane on flesh and ready to revenge on Eritrea because Eritrea stand with the poor and oppressed people of Ethiopia. Eritrean stand is never different than before. Eritrea was the one who stood beside woyane to break the slavery chains of tgray people, who been forced to survive on daily portion during derg regime. Eritrea fought derg off Ethiopia side by side woyane and now Eritrea advocate for the poor and deprived Ethiopians, because Eritrea is the country that have suffered and know more than anyone else.
    YES Eritrea will always stand side by side poor people of Ethiopia and against the totalitarian savage tgray regime.
    The world see the lights and Woyanes are soon exposed to the bone of all ugly deeds.
    Victory to the Mass !!!
    Eternal Glory to our martyrs !!!

  33. keybetsaHka tekholef !

  34. check your dictionary or wikipedia

  35. I where Is Z CrusieJune 29, 2014 at 10:29 AM

    Why are you dodging my questions Mr Eritrean? What about the Eritreans who are dying in the prisons of HGDEF without trial ?? Have you ever thought about them? Have you ever thought about their families? Have you ever prayed for them? Have you ever defend them or asked for fair trail?

  36. @Madote, @Eri

    I dit it.

    But I want to know it from @Madote, because they and other forum likes Raimoq or Tesfanews write all time about the sanction and they give their readers the feeling, that the situation in Eritrea have to do with this sanction- let exclude the topic Badme here. Or that the destiny of Eritrea depence on this sanctions- again, let exclude Badme.

    But the fact is, this sanction has nothing to do with the mess in Eritrea. And this sanction are not responsible for the domestic policies of the government. This sanction have no effect on the population.

    This sanction apply only on arms (embargo) and some officials of the government and military- like travel ban or the frozing of assets (like bank account abroad). In general you can say, this sanctions are personalized.

    Since I and many others, like 99% of the citizens, are not high ranking member of the government or the military, we can say.....SO WHAT.......this sanctions have no effect on the daily life of family or friends in Eritrea. But the action of the government and its stupidity to provide its citizen with basics....THAT DOES

    So my questions, what have the sanctions to do with the domestic policy of the government?

    Let exclude topics like no media or no democracy. What about the thousands of refugees- have you no heart for your brothers and sisters, who become victims of the god damit arabs.

    What about the prisoners (with no trial), what about perspective for the youth?

    Afewerki can rule til he die, but he has to do something and not to blame others for his own action and its consequence. He and his goverment are responsible for all of this, and not the sanctions or the occupied Badme.

    Are the sanction responsible, not to publish a state budget......hmmm

  37. As to when get woyane concerned about Eritreans wellbeing ?

  38. anyone against HIGDEF is woyane for you. You might be more closer to woyane than I am. I am proud Eritrean able to distinguish between right and wrong.

  39. The answer is easy,NEVER KNEEL DOWN,in the brain of slave masters and beggars is the hatred fixed on, and they are led by their evil nature that they became wild, and ferocious,since it is not compatible to the system of their slave master mentallity, a slave master and beggar by nature are going try fighting,if it is even thousands of years lasting, but fortunately,the thruth prevails against worthless evil. Despite everything, we still have a very fundamental question, a question
    that we have repeatedly raised in vain as a ppl. justice loving world community and must therefore repeat it again here,(UN justice)why is woy-ane the real perpetrators of crimes against humanity and genocide on its „own“ ppl.+occuping an Eri. Terittory is proudly sponsored by „“? It is a joke,here is a world blind and slave to these evil system.

    NEVER KNEEL DOWN,deqi Eri!!

  40. You are a defector, sellout and traitor with zero sum. Have you filled the form of regretting? As you are blackmailing Eritrea and people, moving home will not be safe for you.

  41. How do you differ from them? Where you in the same net?

  42. Go to hell with your comment! You don't know about Eritrea and its people.
    Where were you when UN system annexed Eritrea with Ethiopia in 1950, denying Eritrean people for Independence? This is the beginning of violation of our human rights.
    Where were the UN system and you when hundreds thousands of innocent Eritrean people were killed, burned and massacred by both by super powers and the criminal Ethiopians regime?
    Why was Ethiopia not condemned by the UN system for occupying Eritrea land illegally? This is another violation of our human rights. The list is endless.......
    The unfair and unjust sanction imposed is not towards the Eritrea GOE, it is directly imposed to silence the Eritrean people. Don't for get that some investors draw their investment from Eritrea because of the warning given by our enemies like you woyane and USA. Economic sanction!
    It is our right to buy weapons and defend our country from enemies and terrorists. As all countries have right to defend. Denying us not to do that is violating our human rights. The list is endless.....
    Eritrea and people have been victimized by the UN System backed up by USA; UK; France for more than 64 years, denying our right to live in peace. We are peace demanding people.
    Long Live Eritrea and People
    Never Knell Down!

  43. I am not moving, just visiting my family ;)

  44. so what do you benefit??

  45. To fight against which country?? Ethiopia have done what they suppose to do- Isolate Eritrea. One of the reasons Eritrea is isolated is the blunder of HGDEF in diplomatic relations and domestic affairs. If we had a leadership with proper head, it should limit national service, give access to Eritrean investors to invest in their country, lift the restriction of movement by issuing passports to people who wants to travel, attract foreign investors that could create jobs, implement constitution.... This is the most simplest thing the government should have done, but the government likes to shoot at its foot and here we are crying UN, WOYANE, CIA, BUSH, CLINTON, OBAMA ayayayayaya

  46. We get rid of you and your types

  47. Please to who may concern .
    Do not call them OPPOSITION, which are not an Opposition .They are Enemy of Eritreans .They ware with DERG (Ethiopian Regime,Killing ,reaping ,setting fire in houses ,eating Canada's wheat. Before Eritrean independent ware this way and now after Eritrean free the same never change .

  48. Wizee, ehy dont you say we can do it on our own, rather than others will do it for us.Michaella wrong sounds like you, trying to re-enforce a master-slave mentality and impose it as a free will of the Eritrean people choice and aspirations. This is where we EPLF and the rest differ. What they cant achieve with western propoganda, they are trying hard witg thr fake UN and its hypocracy; sanction no sanction the will of the people will not be hijacked to serve the greedy blood suckers and racist minorities of the world: its a black and white world and get with it wether you are ethiopian or not does not mattee.
    "Skinny dark skinned Afar boys could have served coca cola to white tourists like me on the the beaches of the Red Sea." Michaella Wrong; if the peoples government was to
    do that you and I would not talk about it. Bring something new and intrigue us brethner do tell us 'even though it was a rape she enjoyed it cause i swear she had orgasim' wendmu an Ethiopian soldgier.

  49. Truth well said thank you ,you are Right but Please do not call them Opposition .They ware and are enemy of Eritreans.Do not give them the honer of Opposition.Opposition means a party not getting together with the weyanne (Ethiopia regime to destroy Eritrea or helping to be sanction .

  50. It is not because of Eritrea did or didn't .it is because 65 years agoe why Eritreans sanctioned ?Read the history .History repeating it self my friend .

  51. Guys, according to your comments you are confessing that weyane are very strong to influence the UN, CIA, EU, IGAD, AU and Eritrean opposition and to make them work for their own agenda.

  52. Now we know you are agamino you should hangout @ agamino webs.

  53. Dumb ass are you Eritrean

  54. @zeragi,@Denden

    ohhhh please.....dont cry like a little child....

    ....we all know exactly how unfair the UN and the other superpowers was in recent years to Eritrea- but dont take this to justify the mess in Eritrea.

    About what are you talking, there is no Economic Sanction. How I wrote before, the sanction apply only for arms (embargo). And yes....assets of some members of the government and of the military are frozen....THERE IS NO ECONOMIC
    SANCTION....DONT LIE.....THERE IS NO ECONOMC SANCTION WHAT EFFECT THE PEOPLE OR THE ECONOMY OF ERITREA…. For the government, everything is a lie, a conspiracy…..this government lost everything, no credibility…just a laughing stock….

    I know people like you take always history and others for their own misery or the situation in Eritrea, but guess what…..presence is now, and future will come and everybody will remember on guys like you from the diaspora and their betray
    on people and country.

    In your opinion, everybody (UN, US, EU, CIA, People from Mars etc.) is against Eritrea, but if we take you conspiracy theory- why the court decide to give Badme to Eritrea? Fact is, short time after independent, Afewerki and its government had all the sympathy and support. I m sure, if the government would act a little bit smarter with an strategic approach, there will be no sanction and an occupied Badme….But they failed in each regard and it is their fault

    And in regard of the sanctions: Many Eritreans are against it.....and even more demonstrate against this sanction.....BUT NOW.....even this people are FED UP......because they have no more trust in this government- because of
    its stupidity

    Did the US/UN or other Superpowers forbid Eritrea to develop an sustainable Economy...

    DID they say, don’t publish a state budget….

    Did they say, put all who speaks against the government in prison....

    Did they say, make life for the youth miserable without force them out of the country....

    Did they say to ERI TV: deny that the death in front of Lampedusa are young Eritrean,
    although the whole world knew from which country this guy’s where coming.....

    By the way, don’t come with this phrase: Eritrea never kneel down…..GUESS WHAT, Eritrea is
    already on its knees


  55. Is that you argument.....ha ha ha

  56. Denden:
    DIA has been in power for over 40yrs. That is what I am referring to. I am Eritrean and I support our Independance. Having said that I don't need your or any other Eritrean approval for my Eritreaness.

    Because people like me oppose the way the country is governed, why does is make us less Eritrean?

    I have a question for you? Accidents and death happens in the game of life. If PIA was to die today, who would lead the country tomorrow?

    I ask that question because as a citizen of Eritrea I honesty don 't know the answer?

  57. You truly are single handling the regime supports. You know why? Because you have truth on your side. They dare not answer your questions, they go straight to name calling.

  58. TSo true then, true now and I hope not true tomorrow, going forward we want to work with whoever is interested as well as whoever we find who respect our interest even a one time enemy, it is all bout interest and the game of who stands to gain, which lead many nations in the world African nations in aprticular to be subservient and the so called iterest to them is the leftovers. No! ni madaina tiquades, nikedem inte elina tirah ember, mentilka kitwesdos sik eyniblin ena, deky ere haye!

  59. these are your opinions and Eritrea is not in here knees as you put it, this is your wish. But it is desturbing to think and Eritrean would feeel and think that way...opposing is on thing and wishing and hoping for Eritrea to kneel down is another.

  60. Yes, that is true Abraham. Check woyane's leaked documents to learn. Or simply read Where is z cruise and Rora's comments. Do you need better confession from all enemies?

  61. To answer your question, YES it does!
    Otherwise the sanction wouldn't be necessary at all. To make the government weaker means to make the people and the sovereign nation weaker too because the government of Eritrea is part of the people. Let me ask you a question would you take away the rescue rape away when all your children (both who are able to sweam and those who can't sweam sweam together? Do you help those who cant by taking away the rescue rape?

  62. To answer your question, YES it does!
    Otherwise the sanction wouldn't be necessary at all. To make the government weaker means to make the people and the sovereign nation weaker too because the government of Eritrea is part of the people. Let me ask you a question would you take away the rescue rape away when all your children (both who are able to sweam and those who can't sweam sweam together? Do you help those who cant by taking away the rescue rape?

    U smell Rora (gual tgray) btw

  63. Making unproven allegations of human rights violations is the main tactic of USA and its cronies in the campaign of subversion and interference that after GOE successful self-reliance project. America aggression run from sanction, isolation and invasion. The people of Eritrea are the victims of colonialism (terrorism) - Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Haileselasei and Dergue for more than 300years is an out rage. To add insult to injury by labeling the GOE sponsor of terrorism and human right violator because of political consideration is just cruel. All these futile attempt by USA are to isolate Eritrea economically in an effort to undermine the GOE and deprive it of resources. However, sanction has failed in its mission in many countries includ Eritrea.

  64. Agame = Lemani! These people are nothing but a curse to Eritrea.

  65. Atta dirbay, the shoot to kill policy was ordered by general Fillipos. I am not here to lie to you and will say they kill my cousins or my brother, but there is enough evidence that they have shot and killed many people. One of them is the actor (forgot his name) who used to play as Ethiopian millitary officer in many Eritrean films. He also was working for ERITV Amharic program. He was shot to death when he was fleeing to the neighbor country.

  66. Deneen headless, Just I said "what do you benefit" makes me Agame or Ethiopan??? You know the problem with you is ? You don't know your enemy. Are you fighting against Ethiopian government or Ethiopian people??
    If you wish the whole Ethiopian people death, then you are not human being. Ethiopians, Sudanis, Djibouti, are our neigbors and they will remain neighbors.

  67. Selalia, Issayas could make many countries stand by his side if he respected his people (human right) and rule the nation under constitution. How can some one respect you when you abuse and beat you wife and kids? No judge would show any sympathy towards you if you are wife and kids abuser. So my friend, no one will side with Issayas unless he come to his senses and turn his direction 180 degree.

  68. Simple question that you dare not to answer
    Why is Petros Solomon in prison?
    Why is Mahmud Sherifo in prison?
    Why is Estifanos Sium in prison?
    Why is Aster (ex wife to Sherifo) in prison
    Why is Aster Solmon in prison?
    Why is Uqbe Abreha in prison
    Why is Bitweded in prison?
    Why was Dejen The ex Mig 29 pilot in prison?

    What do you call this if not human right abuse?
    Last question - which planet do you live at????

  69. They will not dare to answer your questions. What they will do is insulting you and calling you agame Woyane..... This is the main problem with these people. You are Eritrean until you start to question the authority, if you start to question then you are agame. The imposed sanction toward Eritrea is just a symbolic that doesn't affect the mass. Sanction is not the main problem to us, it is just the bad administration that is bringing us down to our knees.

  70. don't get your question

  71. As usual you dodged the main issues and jumped to something that is not related to what I have said.
    Let me make it very simple
    1. Do you support someone to be in the service without his or her will for 10 years. (Have many friends from 1st and 2nd round there without their will )
    2. Do you support a nation without constitution?
    3. Do you support a government that jails its people without trail?
    4. Do you support a government that shoots to kill any one who try to flee the nation?
    5. Do you support a government that doesn't have a budget?

    Those are enough for now, I don't want you to sweat.

  72. What do we expect from UN and it's allies nothing new and never it will happen from US foreign Policy point of view .For nearly 7 decades Eritrea is a victim ,scape goat due to the Geo political interest of Super Powers especially the Human right campaigner US. The US. strategy once for all is to put under pressure , claiming Eritrea it can't rely on it's economy if it is possible join with Ethiopia ...... .control and dominate the Red sea ,join with the Persian Gulf and fifth fleet domination and monopoly.....quite clear.....So this issue is within the context of their Global strategy .As far as Ethiopian previous or current regimes they dig every single stone in accusation ,and sell lies against Eritrea to full fill the dreams of their masters in return to receive billions of donations from the so called UN organizations .So the latest encirclement is due put under pressure the nation and the people of Eritrea.
    Awet N'Hafasc
    Zelalemawi Zikri N'Sematatna

  73. Is it UN,Weyane or US that is sending 4000 young,old Eritreans to where ever out side eritrea in a day.Think twice.It is the human right issue in ur country that is making all this.Who is feeding more than 300000 Eritrean refuges throughout the world.It is UN.That is why Eritrea's issue is UN issue.

  74. You couldn't even answer my question. You are a dog and the dictator has a leash on you.
    I beat you are one of those agame who has not place in FREE Eritrea.

  75. I thought you know the answer because I believe you are one of the best political analyst in contemporary Eritrea.LOL

  76. well said Alex. This Robots couldn't even answer simple question. They need to be reprogrammed by their master in-order to answer your question.

  77. you see you dont dare to answer the questions even behind computer. This shows how much you fear your BOSS. lol

  78. Most of you are not able, to discus a topic factual. I think you all suffer from arab illness- which fault is it: JEWS, AMERICA bla bla bla....

    Eritrea would not in this situation, if we had an smart and diplomatic president with an strategic approach. I mean PIA just doing, what a crazy dictator is "normally" doing- but you, sitting ABROAD and spend your time to defend PIA and his government. Your are not authentic and just a bunch of liar. If you really want to be credible just go back to Eritrea and send you kids to Sawa. LIVE AMONG THEM, WITH ALL THE BLESSINGS....but I am sure you never will do that, because to live abroad is much better for you, and your kids....

    Why you dont answer the questions from @Where is Z Cruise or my

    1) What have the domestic policy to do with the sanction?

    2) Why are the prisons full of people with out trial?

    3) Why we all live abroad and not there? Why are you still in Europe/America?

    4) Why we dont publish a state budget?

    5) Where is all the money going? What happens with the dividend from the Bisha Mina?

    6) When will Water/Electricity coming?

  79. @Where Is Z Cruise, I m sorry my friend, but in this regard, I think you are wrong -:)

    In my opinion, they dont fear PIA or his government because 1) all of them (me too) live abroad, 2) of the anonymity of the internet.

    I think, there are just to pride/vanity (whatever) to call what is going wrong, because this means, to accept that they was always wrong. To criticize PIA and his government, means to criticize itself. They can not live with critism.

    Its a typical eritrean illness. Have you ever met, a habesha/eritrean, specialy from older generation saying: You know what "Where Is Z Cruise", I was wrong, I m sorry- lets tackle the real problems.

    God Bless You

  80. Ariel, agree.
    God Bless you too

  81. abey eka tekmet bejaka? deki sawa tebl deki zeyblka teref

  82. Alex, you know the answer as well as I do. It is not about one man, it is about a country, our enemies are hall bent to divide us but we sworn by the blood of our brothers to defend it. Knowing what is happening to your country if you want to stand with the enemies suit your self. Libi yihabka blood is thicker than water.

  83. Go to hell, you are just one twisted individual. Either you have no family members in eritrea or you just one of the sellouts who care less about your family and people. Eritrea have seen your likes come and go, your likes are not new to us.

  84. Do you have a job or you get paid to do this? You must be one of those people who is sponsered by malelit to oppose every comment posted in this web.

  85. Ane nHagerey,

    Tiawet!! Nay behaki nayjeganu zereba tezaribka. Ezom hasusatn usubatn abti shenkoleln koyqin enda aetewu neti seb kabbahlun awedadika zerebun yezenbluwo alewu. Kedemsi nkemziom ziamesele sebar xahlu zkhewn zereba fulut u neru. N adun wegenun ahlifu zhbn ztelmn ab zkhone miadi zete nay abeyti adi ayhiwsuwon yom nerom. Lomi mo tetehabieka mxhaf koynu elfi sheyann xahxahn af awxiu yishkt alo.

  86. Is that right? Any evidence to substantiate those claims? It's one thing to claim it, another to prove it. Can it stand up in a court of law? If not, stop wasting our times with such frivilous BS.

  87. well said truth...these so called opposition guys know very well that the sanctions will hit hard the civilian but they don't care...the only thing they care about is sanction against EPLF/SHABIA has to be implemented..

  88. Alex, do you still believe that the GOE has not set a plan on this?

  89. Mr. Solomon worest ( worst)...i think it would be better if you depart immediately to hell and leave this eritrean issue to eritreans...ya agame whaid!

  90. Truth, the funniest thing these accusations are coming from Somalia....very funny...this a country which is considered as a falide state and yet they can accuse Eritrea and the GOE on HUMAN RIGHTS? What a funny world...what a funny United Nations?

  91. Deki sawa ewe. United and enjoy eritrean ism in the heart of sawa, where sawa is the mother of heroism, harmony and love.

  92. Gomida you dream is none sense. But for the a games none sense is their mark.

  93. A games dream is not achieve able. The a games and ther kuru rat were against eritrea before elf pelf, pfdj existed. So they have some sort of debases that is not cure able but changes metamorphism every time. You are not only the enemy of eritrea but the chronic enemy if the people. We will not see you change ever to favor eritrean people,s well being but use every opportunity to whine. A games and their links like u

  94. The double standards Eritrea faces is unbelievable. We will rally by our flag and country. These fake and politically motivated resolutions aren't going to stop us from developing our country.

  95. Alex
    Because you dream to see eritrea damaged, destroyed, people suffer because of your support for sanctions, regime change. Have you not learned from Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan. You support sanction, that day you are the enemy of the people and you own a diminished respect from the people. If you are on the people,s side, of course you can demand change with out the people being ,in danger, in a smooth way, in a peaceful way, so that nothing is interrupted in the process of our outcry development work. This slow but dynamics that fa our smooth transition. Ethiopian a games want it to be the wrong way where they would like to see uproot, destruction, disintegration, fragmentation suffering of our people to achieve their dream the non existent country like Somalia. Which route do you choose?

  96. Where is the cruise.
    Nice bondage with Alex. Now perfect proof Alex is agame like where is the cruise. Where is the cruise, I saw you openly talking declaring yourself as agame ethiopian. So good friendship with Alex. Birds of the same feather flock together.

    Look Alex who is your supporter, the games? My god AYBELNANNDO ! aybelnandoye. (2), (3) !!!!!!!!

  97. @John, you are the personification of double standards

    What has the Sanction to do with the development of Eritrea?

    Tell me some impacts of sanction/resolution on the development of Eritreas economy....

    About what are you talking

  98. go on UN,you did good but late.WE need more until the DIA out.


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