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Leaked Ethiopian Memo Snarks on UNSC Members’ Positions on Eritrea Sanctions

A leaked memo from Ethiopia’s foreign ministry, as obtained by this reporter, provides a run-down on UN Security Council members’ positions on Eritrea sanctions, including dissing some members as not making any “meaningful contribution,” while warning that anotother, Chile, cares about international law too much. The memo contrasts Susan Rice and new successor as US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, and urges Ethiopian diplomats to “facilitate the resolution of the misunderstanding the [Sanctions] Group has with Kenya and Somalia.” 
Ethiopian Minister of Foreign Affairs Berhane Bebrekiristos (r)

Leaked Ethiopian Memo Snarks on UNSC Members’ Positions on Eritrea Sanctions

By Matthew Russell Lee,

UNITED NATIONS, June 27 — The buzz from the Horn of Africa is an Ethiopian Minister of Foreign affairs memo about Eritrea, sanctions and the UN Security Council. As obtained by this reporter, the memo by Ethiopian Minister Berhane Gebrekiristos brags that “the P3 countries have been supportive of sanctions against Eritrea… The former US Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Susan Rice, was instrumental in adopting the sanctions. The current US Permanent Representative, Ambassador Samantha Power, may not be as strong on Eritrea. But since Ambassador Susan Rice is serving as the National Security Adviser of President Obama, she will ensure the continuation of the US’s policy of sanctions Eritrea.”

The memo goes on, “France has supported the imposition of sanctions against Eritrea, primarily due to the conflict with Djibouti.” It says “meetings with the UK Permanent Representatives have confirmed that the UK will not change its position.”

Non-permanent members are also reviewed: “the Eritrean president has participated in the independence day of Chad in 2011 but we don’t believe Chad will be supportive of Eritrea’s efforts to lift the sanctions.”

Then, “Lithuania has a good relationship with the US and as a member of the EU it tends to implement the common position of the Union… While Argentina and Luxembourg have no meaningful participation or contribution in the UNSC” — ouch! — “Australia and South Korea tend to take positions similar to that of the US. Jordan has assigned non-resident Ambassador to Eritrea… During its previous membership of the UNSC, Chile had expressed that in accordance to international law Eritrea has a better legal case.”

One problem, the memo says, is the last report of the Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group: “Italy, Norway, Kenya and Somalia who were mentioned in the report also criticized the Group. The Group’s reports exposed the rampant corruption in the Somali Government.”

As this reporter first uploaded to this site, Somalia asked that the chair of the SEMG be fired; Kenya declared one of the Group’s members persona non-grata.

So, the Ethiopian memo counsels, Ethiopian diplomats should “facilitate the resolution of the misunderstanding the group has with Kenya and Somalia.” Good luck.

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  1. I don´t know whether to laugh, cry or yawn.

  2. Let them do what ever but the people of Eritrea will be united more than ever no matter what they are cooking against Eritrana. The blood of our martyrs is more meaningful more thicker and the most powerful thing to have to continue as one people one heart one flag and one country.

  3. kendkimom kemzkona aytarateren keddemtin ne la aktomen..(master & slave)

  4. Well said brother!
    We are Eritrean People Who Refused to Kneel Down! We Will Follow the Footsteps of Our Martyred.
    Eritrea and People Will Live Peacefully, Prosperously in Harmony Forever.
    My Country Eritrea Is Not For Sale!

  5. You better keep waiting for the outcome, soon is the bad guys exposed to their naked bones. Eritrea is safe of all old tricks.
    Time for Eritrea to shine !

  6. We need to remember that the Derg regime fought up to the end (1991)while the war was won in 1998 in Afabet (Nadow Ezi).
    The dead Woyane puppet will do everything until they are buried.
    Shame on them to underestimate the Eritrean people. The Eritrean People Struggle Basically Started, because of our Human rights was violated by The UN Systems for Independence in 1950.
    We have experience of 64 years of repression and oppression by UN system backed up by USA: It is just a fresh memory to the Eritrean people, our blood is not dry, we can not forget what has happen to us.
    We are busy in building our nation, we don't have time to run after puppets and sellouts.
    Hands Off From Eritrea and People. Enough is Enough.

  7. No surprise here, Weyane is known for its lie, conspiracy, and back stepping. Weyane is digging a hole that will be its burial place. I have no debut the Weyane will follow soon the footstep of its predecessors Haile Selassie, and Derge fait while trying to extinguish the Eritrean People.

  8. The criminal Comunity have been trying for some 50 years to oppress the people of Eritrea. What did we achieve during this period? Our beautiful independent Eritrea. So the more evil they try, the Better Eritreans achieve. The more they complain on the 2% contribution, we double our contribution. Brothers and Sister, have faith on the very people (Eritreans and their Leaders) that have shown the fighting spirit to all Africans and the world. Ask the Ethiopians, the USA , the Soviets, the Israelis, the Cubans, the East Germans, ...

    Long Live Eritrea and PFDJ

  9. Who asked to buy Eritrea. They must be crazy rich, to buy some thing pretending and trying to be a country ha ha ha. Zeragie ma Bitsch, tezerarigukie alo...kem nay Ayay :)

  10. I am 100% sure you have no marteyr in your family. Because you do not know how it feels!

  11. A good try Agame jealous! hasdat
    You have nothing to compare your country with my country Eritrea. The whole world is staring eyes to Eritrea why?

  12. A failed try! Go to hell with your comment, and don't need to joke with our martyred. Hands off from Eritrean website!qondaf woyane!

  13. It is all distractions and diversion, the work of the con artist, Isaias Afewerqi, an attempt to stay more time to finish off Eritrea and Eritreans. No. No. That is pure hallucination, product of his anguished mind. He is corned, and all of his subterfuges uncovered for the world to see. The UN Inquiry Commission will soon shock the world by officiating its grisly discovery of mass human remains in multitudes of graves Isaias Afewerqi and his cronies have been dutifully perpetrating for many many years.
    Genuine Eritreans,
    As we end for good the malicious and murderous usurper, Isaias Afewerqi, we must never lose sight of the other face of Isaias Afewerqi, woyane. As I have said many times before, they are one, just two face of the same coin. We must not be bamboozled by their con artistries, their purported enmity and their foxy love for Eritrea and Eritreans . Always remember the ancient counsel of our ancestors, that Libi Tigrai is always treacherous, meaning, Twi Twai.

  14. Go to hell we di za sidetegna eritra, lemano eritrea. alem mulue ashegirkum ze lekum eskatkum ehum. you are very wel come to take the body of you sister still it is laid down in Badme. Hademti

  15. You said, the UN Inquiry Commission will soon shock the world by officiating its grisly mass grave. WOW! you are totally hallucinating. You remind me when President George W. Bush marketed the war in Iraq as necessary to protect USA from Saddam Hussein's WMD.

  16. Thanks God that you said one thing be watchful of's good that just now you realized what Woyanes are...but you've to learn a lot on our president dear still didn't get're still infected by the lies of the Woyanes and their puppets....

  17. Any body who blieves by the UNjust ORG song of Human right must be fool.

  18. Look at the pic....
    Hailemariam say..." tell me what's next ? Im afraid all tricks get exposed"
    Berhane G. say... " dont remind me. I get wet and shivering" LOL

  19. When will these Ethiopians learn that a strong and prosperous Eritrea is in fact in their advantage? Unstable Eritrea will always drag Ethiopia into instability. They should not forget there is a strong Ethiopian opposition army in Eritrea that can cause them problems. A strong and prosperous Ethiopia is also in Eritrea’s advantage. The difference is of course Eritrea realises that fact but the Ethiopians don’t. But if they don’t want to live in peace with Eritrea, they should just leave Eritrea alone and stop making it their business proxy serving their masters in the attempted destruction of a small nation when the only crime it committed is its unwavering stance to be independent politically and economically.
    How is Eritrea a threat to Ethiopia if the unjust sanctions were to be lifted? The Ethiopian administration needs to get this – Eritreans have no desire to indulge in any future wars. Eritreans know its destructive nature better than anyone having lived it through no will of theirs. Of course the policy of weakening Eritrea is not because Eritrea poses a military threat to Ethiopia or anyone else. They know Eritrea or any country for that matter is only a threat to itself when subjected to harsh sanctions. But such policies help achieve their inhumane geopolitical interests.
    The P3 of the UNSC have no interest in lifting the sanctions as it serves their perverted geopolitical interests, what is surprising to the untrained eye is the attitudes of the non-permanent members who usually side with either the USA (e.g. African countries) or the EU (e.g. Lithuania in this case etc…). Of course to a non-pedestrian, the automatic support to the stance taken by either the EU or USA is not surprising. This is the result of US hegemony or the EU expansion. This of course is happening while the third world countries (the Africans, Arabs etc…) are actively encouraged/forced/made to disintegrate (e.g. Syria, Iraq etc…).
    African countries and others who are sponsoring the USA sanctions against Eritrea and others should be careful, because what goes round will come back round to bite them once these useful idiots serve beyond their sell-by-date and new geopolitics dawns. It has been demonstrated throughout history that the USA has no permanent friends, but permanent interests. Look at what is happening in Syria and Iraq for example – the same group of fighters who are involved in the destruction of Syria are called “Free Syria Army” when they operate within Syrian boarders. These are also supported by the USA, France and UK in an attempt to destroy a secular government of Bashar Al Assad in Syria. When the same groups cross to Iraq and fight the Iraqi government which happens to be a USA ally, the name given to the same armed group changes to Islamic Terrorists or Jihadists. Isn’t this a bold demonstration of interests superseding any friendships? Let’s break this down – USA gives the “Free Syria” fighters stinger missiles to be used against the Syrian army’s MIG29s and Mi35 helicopters, but once in Iraq the same missiles will be used by the now called “Islamic Terrorists” to down American supported Iraqi army’s F14’s and Apache attack helicopters . How the Americans rationalize this contradiction is incredible, but when one views it through interest tinted glasses, it all makes sense.
    So what should Eritrea do in the face of these geopolitical hostilities? Externally, Nothing. Eritrea cannot beat these superpowers. What is required is building a strong and prosperous nation in the face of all these. Yes it’s very difficult when every progress is hampered. But there is no other way. Economic power & strong political organisation is what will make the bigger powers realign their interests. Look at how China turned its fortunes though economic power and how the UK government is now openly prostituting itself to get some much needed Chinese investment?

  20. Lemani woyane! I am in my website, you are here begging us to paste your nonsense comment. Sell it somewhere else, if you can get a bit of bread to feed your hungry stomach. A jealous woyane can do nothing more than that. hasadat!

  21. Zera zghi, go ask Mengistu if we are pretending. Go ask Meles in hell why his dream of abi tigray is dead like him. Ethiopian people are a joke, don't want to live in reality.

  22. When you open your mouse i can see how your mind is empty, though i am not able to see your kulalit, have you been to sina, i see some parts of your internal bodies is missing that could be the reason you are confused, you do know how we are hate you,how you are cheap, people like you do not have respect on themselves would not expect to respect others that is why you have a knowledge of hate and insult, nothing more,nothing Les, you are done no more glory, it has been done when you stop eating mama Ethiopia food.


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