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U.S. is behind the UN Human Rights Council Resolution Against Eritrea

Yemane GebreMeskel, Director, Office of the President (R)

U.S. is behind the UN Human Rights Council Resolution Against Eritrea

By Yemane GebreMeskel,

The UN Human Rights Council in Geneva adopted yesterday another unwarranted resolution against Eritrea.

Washington was the prime architect of the resolution though Somalia was handpicked to act as original sponsor to give it an "African flavour"

Somalia does not have diplomatic ties or presence of any kind in Eritrea. Its sponsorship only accentuates the absurdity of the exercise.

Russia, China, Pakistan and Venezuela opposed the "ineffective and country specific resolution passed without consent of the country concerned".

All the four countries expressed opposition to "external mandate of inquiry"  and "duplicity of procedures to supplant the UPR procedure".

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U.S. is behind the UN Human Rights Council Resolution Against Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 3:39 AM Rating: 5


  1. Here we go again desperate call from a man which have blood in his hands, you guys are naked infront of eritrean people and the world.
    "Izi kekelilu iyu gena kali alo bidihrit".

  2. As long as I live, I will oppose what is unjust and will be the philosophy of my life.

  3. And if I were in the GoE's position, I wouldn't allow this slave shila ketaruth to come in Our Land, as well as her evil masters

  4. If you oppose what is unjust and if it is your philosophy why don't you oppose Dejen Andes detention for 15 years with out trial?

  5. Every country has right to protect national security. We will arrest whom is a threat not give away the secrets why. All the countries has the right to do that whether you like it and i can give you examples of the United States doing that.

  6. Are you kidding us, if they come to Eritrea they will definitely go to the" concentration camps of Eritrea" like Mai Srwa, Aderset, Dahlak, 6y brgaid Sawa, Adi abeto, Gelalo........etc.
    Do you have any idea how many people are perishing in those unhumane prisons?
    "Gena gena irkanu kiwexie iyu".

  7. Roar:
    Viva brother....good question. Get ready they going to call you names instead of answering your question .
    Long live USA and it 's values.

    Long live Eritrea.
    Long live wedi Ali
    Long live pilot Dejen
    Long live wedi Tukabo

  8. *We will arrest whom is a threat and not giving away the reasons because that would mean revealing classified information.

    *All the countries has the right to do that whether you like it or not.

    * I support the new constitutions if we have a serious national security policies certain things in the 1997 constitutions are naive and used by our enemies e.g 18 Months National Service constrain is a real burden on Eritrea's National Security because a peace time army wouldn't survive a full scale invasion from Woyane.

    * Detention without trial isnt alien to USA, Israel, China, UK during war in norther Ireland and the British used 5 "Stress Positions" against IRA suspects and you had interment in Northern Ireland.

  9. *Wedi Ali committed suicide he was also criminal and a traitor he is no gone.

    *Pilot Dejen is a criminal because he escaped jail therefore he should executed perhaps his family should held accountable.

    *Wedi Tekabo is now living in the USA. He is proven himself to be a person who is not a principled person. Once you set a course doing something and your not prepared to sail course it shows he lack's conviction and will shirk his responsibility and join traitors who are themselves cowards and unwilling to fight and die for the Eritrean National Security and prestige whilst talking about "democracy" and "Human Rights" what a joke but Eritrean are used betrayals and yet still they achieved their independence.

  10. MERHABA NOT your tradition stupied that's areb word

  11. Corrections.

    *Wedi Ali committed suicide he was also criminal and a traitor he is no more may he die a thousands deaths every day. I hope he rots in hell.

  12. The question is not for you, it is for cane libero?
    By the way your answer is non sense?
    " zibila hizka mixaa".

  13. Obviously you have an agenda to keep on carry on as you do often, which is apart from the people of Eritrea, let me ask you this what makes you think the GOE is a stand alone entity? according to you and your elks the "dictator" is working to undermine Eritrea and it is people, however by definition dictators love their people and everything they do is out of love, therefore justifying their action which include indulging millions of dollar worth of life style, you can also associate this vague definition with psychopath, but the thing is PIA and the circle are not known to indulge or even trying to justify anything they do, they just do it. which is the only problem from my perspective, modern way of governance, transparency, democracy and freedom of speech come after a substantial economic progress, once we achieve the above average middle class then all the the things you cry foul about will come naturally. Until then, anyone who stands in the way of Eritrea standing strong is an enemy of Eritrea.

  14. Do you know these languages have the same Semitic origin KING? not to mention the fluid nature of language ..e.g. .Latin and its influence on most European languages, Geeze which is the origin of tigrignia and amharic.

  15. Rora Aregit ShiTaraJune 28, 2014 at 7:21 AM

    You pie on your pants when you hear anything positive about Eritrea KEDAMIT. You will soon witness all the enemies kneel down and beg Eritrea for mercy.

  16. Arab or not. Mind your business woyane

  17. What about if they go to the Guantanamo prison?

  18. Rora Aregit ShiTaraJune 28, 2014 at 7:26 AM

    You smell woyane woyane malelit graduate

    A liar and terrorists who attack Eritrea Embassy in UK: You will be arrested if you put your foot on Eritrea.

  20. External enemies strengthen #Eritrea's unity and commitment - #NGOs involvement give it an additional extra boost @Ternifa tweeter.

  21. Who ells, Yes, the BIG Satan USA is behind every thing evil design against Eritrea. when it came to the Somali "Government" whom few years back was hunted down by USA/Weyane and chased out of Somalia, the only country who gave them a refugee shelter was Eritrea. No surprise here, Eritrea has been bitten its hand reputedly by the very people it helped to achieve their goal and to assume power. the prime example of these are Weyane, Rwanda(Paul Kagme) South Sudan and many others. the Eritrean people is more stronger when ever face more unjust and conspiracy from the so called super power. so nothing is new for the Eritrean people these kind of conspiracy.

  22. stupied ???? Buuuwahaahahahahahahaha

    adigratised engliz :)

  23. I strongly believe the latest UN proposal, if applied in its entirely, is one of the best precedents to happen to the people and state of Eritrea from the International organization. Since long ago, the state of Eritrea and its people have been hanged in a thin thread, dangling dangerous. The heartless, diabolical tyrant in power has hijacked everything the people of Eritrea aspired for including their goal to be free, all the shared goals they paid in blood and treasure to quench his ravenous ego. The number of Eritreans, thanks to HGDF and the maniac tyrant at the top, forced to leave Eritrea is humongous higher than the Dergi, or Haileselassie eras.
    As the state of Eritrea and the people are considered like the private property and the subjects of the narcissist tyrant, no one with dissenting voice has been spared from the wrath of the cruel despot.
    As Eritrean national, I consider the new UN approach as the best thing that has ever happened to the nation and the people next to its independence.
    I ask all Eritreans to rejoice it.

  24. HGDEF and it's supporters are going in circle like a dog infected with a diseases. Blaming everyone but themselves.

    When dergu was on his last 11th hour he behaved just like what HGDEF is behaving now. It seems like the end is around the corner.

    If you want justice from the world, practice justice yourself HGDEF.

    HGDEF Adina Gidef

  25. Is that governing 101? In order for a country to prosper who said it had to start with ecomony this ecomony that?

    Even taking your argument, for the last 23yrs, what type of growth has Eritrea had? The government doesn 't give you budget or growth.

    Your most productive citizens are in slavery camp or have fleded the country.

    Open your eyes and mine brother .

  26. God bless you....well said

    I smell free Eritrea around the corner.

  27. you are expert at exaggerating. you should get a job at CNN

  28. Roughly translated " first comes democracy and strong institutions, then economic development those who say it's economic development comes first are just buying time for their own agenda and not for the people's interest" Isaias Afewerki 1990 Sagim magazine.
    You see zombies you are just contradicting with your own master.

  29. Talk on the point, HaLaw.

  30. Zergi "atababiya zibedelo" to whom are referring as Eritrean Embassy, to those lame 2% collecting machines. I will call them Casino's. Lol.

  31. You don't have a gut to pay 2%. The 2% is paid by the Eritreans who know exactly, what they are doing to their country Eritrea and people.

  32. I am talking clearly to the point. Ajaw!

  33. I think you are living in Mars, either you are a pathological lair.
    Where on earth exist democracy? Have you seen it?
    Which institution are you talking about? What type of economic development is going on in Eritrea? How do you buy time? Why are you mentioning one person day and night ? Do you have personal hatred with him?

  34. Who the heck made you the judge?
    Pilot Dejen a criminal? What are his crimes?

  35. I am happy that you vent your anger and frustration here but have mercy the keyboard and I am sure Your head must be back to front girl, talk is cheap!!!

  36. Dude! that's what your master said, in Massawa in 1990.
    You don't understand anything, do you?

  37. Hahaha! I will take that as a joke. You are hilarious!
    You see i am wilad Denden, Rora Mensa and Rora Baqla. I have seen worst and i don't get frustrated easily.

  38. Hager for your info Eritrea is a free country never mind the date and years, all you need is to free your mind!!

  39. Is this in retaliation for visiting Cremia.....recently by Eritrean delegation ?,Conspiracy or Diplomacy take your pick.

  40. Another funny episod of USA enlisting Somalia with a government that controlls only the building it resides to deo the dirty work for USA; for a thoought it might be updated but i feel it is beffiting to the current lame situation of USA admin....

    Maxwell's Elementary Grammar, 1904,

    "Oho!" said the pot to the kettle;
    "You are dirty and ugly and black!
    Sure no one would think you were metal,
    Except when you're given a crack."

    "Not so! not so!" kettle said to the pot;
    "'Tis your own dirty image you see;
    For I am so clean – without blemish or blot –
    That your blackness is mirrored in me."

  41. Rora, mushmush, why don't you just get the hell out of this web and join your likes (Agamino asmarino).

  42. I can tell you live on benefits. You wouldn't contribute any thing to eritrea any way. I can see you love cheremrem. Any one can tell you sold your pussy in Mekele on the way to west

  43. I am conducting research on Eritrean Economic Development Issues.
    Is there any of you can help me to fine the white paper on economic policy of Eritrea. From where can I get it? Where is it? Isn't it good to publicize it like other countries. Good for the Eritrean peodple (for grassroots participation in the developmental state building with awareness) .Please help and let me know the source.

  44. I am conducting a research on Eritrean Development Issues. Can you help me to find the official white paper on Eritrean Economic Policy and Strategy issued by the Government? How can I get it? Is it secret? Isn't it better to publicize this kind of important document for the citizens like in all other nations (developed and emerging nations around the globe)? Eritrean people should know about the WHYs, HOWs of developmental state building process in their own country. Please help. Let me know the source.

  45. @ Rora or NgerGna,you are not Eritrean so go beg as your country Ethiopia .2% is a self reliance.Yes We pay benevolent (willingly)

  46. Thats what Eritrea is working for anti LoQmats!
    Eritrea (Isayas Afeworki) is building Eritrea from the base upto the top slowly and surely. Democracy start at the bottom with the very poor part of the society and not the opposite (as you dream about democracy to Degiyat, Degezmati of Hailesellasie, Dergi soldiers militia sirnai or woyane slaves) NO NO A Big No! Most of those who paid their life for Eritrea are the poor and unalphabetic farmers. And Eritrea is helping people from the lowest upward. No better democracy EVER !
    Go Wedi Afom GO !
    nKHid Tray!

  47. Kezab! Rora MensaE are anabis zeykemakhi, ask Tsgereda the Transport Minister unlike you she go with her head straight upward and working for betterment of the country together with her people. She is just one of the gallant as an exaple The ugly part of your comment is you make fun of the best tribe in Eritrea Rora MensaE. GesreT !

  48. Very well done brother !
    expose Woyane bitches who are spend their entire life to disintegrate Eritreans and working so hard from inside Mekele and the world to try their best blakmailing Eritrea. We have THE PROMISE OF OUR MARTYRS to organise ourselves and fight them back !!!
    My FREE Rora MensaE is the result of my three brothers martyrdom and I do not give it away EASILY !!!!
    GO Eritreans GO ! from inside and outside lets pump our muscles and fight back the UGLY CREATURES ACROSS THE BORDER AND THEIR SERVANTS !!!!

  49. IGNORANTE Z-CRUIZEJune 28, 2014 at 10:14 PM

    nice try woyane (zey-senay).

    What you need to do is GO and serve your country in person if you really are Eritrean.

    We know you woyanes are good on copying Eritrean creativity or use it to your own agenda to destruct our projects. I never seen WEAK and UGLY like our enemies!

  50. Hager (Tgray Adey) LOL

  51. ataAbabiya zbedelo ....typical agame words LOL

  52. copy and paste amharic to make it sound their own BUWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Shit !

  53. You are talking about a single person's case, (though i don't know him and his history, if was right or wrong he been in jail), what we are talking here is about general mentality prone to subjugate entire people, injustices committed to All Eritrean people for over half a century.
    But answer me please if you condemn this U.S's rotten system that is behind every situation in Eritrea

  54. Reading some comments down here on you, if they're true then is really sad even I'm here writing you, considering you as CIVIL..

  55. You are a very funny screemer , try to be a commedian rather than a morron commentator;
    For what ever reasons you seem to be jumping up and down like a monkey seing a banana, like wise the slightest slunder agaist Eritrea you are happy but let me tell you, you can jump as much as you like, this latest cheap USA shot is like any other ploys, it is going to the drain!! Don't expect Shilea and co to roam in Eritrea!!!!!

  56. Cane! I am no fun of US, Russia, Lybia, Cuba, Weyane and PFDJ. They all worked and conspired against my people yesterday and today.

  57. Eritrea, Eritrea your people are practically doing
    nothing while you are in the process of self-destruction.

    Eritrea Eritrea holding people relentlessly singing utopian songs while in a quagmire

    Eritrea Eritrea do you want to survive as a country and state, you have a homework to do

    Eritrea Eritrea the homework is to destroy the malignant cancer [Issaias and his speaking tools (puppets)] As soon as possible before it is too late.

    Eritrea, Eritrea it is time for your children to think and think and should come back to reality from
    the quagmire of utopian myth

    Eritrea Eritrea as a sign of optimism and hope, you have also dedicated children who are working hard to pull you out of the quagmire you are in by the vindictive gangsters and their ignorant and clueless supporters.

    Eritrea Eritrea why why why all these happened?

    Let, the oppressed people of Eritrean answer this fundamental issue before it is too late

  58. Woyane never been concerned about Eritrea before, why now?

  59. You say you are no fan of those that you listed above; we assume meaning the school of thought. Can you please enlighten us what your views on matters that relate to the needs and aspirations of human beings in general and the Eritrean human in particular? What do you propose as far as eradicating poverty, empowering the youth and strenghtening higher level of consciousness as well as equitable justice and safeguarding the nations territorial integrity, but above all the citizens dignity and duties in matters that relate to that end.
    You come as a person who has been wrong or feels as has been, and this may be a legitimate grievance but can you address you case related with evidence? You seem to want a fundamental change and that means a collusion in all aspect of not only the leadership but the very Eritrean identity. You may be aware that the PFDJ is a continuation EPLF and at its core is a people by the people cracy; and its fundamental core- value is founded on self-reliance. JFK is remembered amongs many things for his infamous " ask not what your country will do for you, but what you can do for your country." On your preemtive you have discredited great peoples of the nations you mentioned above, but a re-evaluation might redirect you in the path of justice, truth, honesty and integrity. As poor and new nation, Eritrea blessed with selfless leadership is working tirelessly despite the many hurdles thrown at her path to prosperity and civic society.
    The alternative to this is indeed would be worst than the dark days of slavery; as in this age and time the lack of physical strenght is no comparison to the surrender to phychological tyranny.
    Honest question put forth by me in the believe of the benefit of the doubt. Therefore,i await your equally honest reply. Thank you.

  60. Do we have a new Minister of transtport?

  61. what do you mean, what is shawit? did not get you, sorry

  62. So it is not a matter of guilty or not it is very ended between who have who? Ironic

  63. you people who thinks you are eritrean because you support HGDEF and who are against them are not eritrians and known as traitors. Hahaha WTF? You people where is you mind? Is the people who are against Obama are not Americans they are known as alqiada Lool.
    A Government is not a Country, The people are. Get this facts. And for situations in Eritrea it is all fact that every Eritrean knows what is hapenning. If you were in Eritrea and now you live somewhere else why? Ohh you want a better education, job..etc. It is amazing how what people do to deny the facts. We eritreans meant to gather together and solve the main problem that is causing eritreans to flee ans d chose to die than get back there. I am not gonna talk about this you all know. Simply what I will say is be real..


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