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President Isaias Afwerki Attends el-Sisi's Presidential inauguration [VIDEO]

President Isaias Afwerki and his delegation arriving in Cairo on board Eritrean Airlines

President Isaias Afwerki Attends el-Sisi's Presidential inauguration 

President Isaias Afwerki traveled to Cairo today to attend the inauguration ceremony of Egypt's newly sworn-in President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi.

During their meeting, PIA congratulated el-Sisi and the Egyptian people, and expressed confidence Egypt will regain its vital regional role.

The visit symbolizes warm bilateral ties between Eritrea and Egypt.

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  1. Where Is Z CruiseJune 9, 2014 at 5:38 AM

    When are we going to attend to Eritrean presidential inauguration ?

  2. "If the dam is Ethiopia's right for development, the Nile is our right to live." - President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi

  3. Where Is Z CruiseJune 9, 2014 at 5:54 AM

    It has been predicted long time ago water war will happen in East Africa. The question is "when".

  4. You like it or not WE ARE HAPPY WITH THAT WE HAVE woyane !

  5. Where Is Z Cruise,
    How much are the woyanes paying you for one night? Do you sleep with only one woyane in one night or you get to sleep with more of them? Do they know you are a guy? Please tell me how everything happens. I couldn't wait!!!

  6. it can not happen soon because
    Sudan is support the dam
    Ethiopia have strong millinery
    Egypt have not air craft can reach to the dam

  7. Look at the paint. Doesn't this airplane looks like Boeing 757 from United Airways?

  8. Is that all you can?? Bro, my level is high and I don't want to step down to your level SORRY

  9. Can you tell me when was the last time the "Egyptian army" won a war? Historians say that there is no war in history won by the "Egyptian army". Of course they have modern weapons donated to them for free by the Americans. But, do they really know how to use them? I doubt. Do they have men with balls to kick any battle off? I doubt. For that matter, not just the "Egyptians" but also the rest of Arabs have never won any war ever.
    One thing more: Do not underestimate the Ethiopian army. It is one of the most battle hardened and most effective armies in the world, not just in Africa. As you know, they marched right to Mogadisho in just a week and dismantled the then ICU which was by far more formidable and well armed army than the Alshebabs. Even now, it is after Ethiopian army joined the AMISOM that the Alshababs have lost most of their bases just in weeks again. Even the americans were not able to show this much success in their 13 years of war with the TALIBANS. The fact that the Americans were not able to totally dismantle the TALIBANS does not mean that the American army is ineffective. The same thing applies to the Ethiopian army.

  10. Poor HGDEF supporters are clapping and celebrating because their cult leader got invited to an elected president's inauguration. How about asking for the same rights for your own people? The right to choose your own president...

  11. President Isaias returns home after taking part in swearing ceremony of new Egyptian leader

    Asmara, 09 June 2014 – President Isaias Afwerki returned home today after taking part in the swearing ceremony of Mr. Abdulfatah El-Sisi, new President of Egypt.

    The President participated in the ceremony conducted yesterday in Cairo’s Palace witnessing the participation of various leaders on official invitation of the Government of Egypt.

    In the course of the ceremony, President Isaias congratulated President Abdulfatah El-Sisi and the people of Egypt. He further expressed conviction that Egypt would again hold its prior position as well as role and thereby play its due role in the region, Africa as a whole and the Middle East.

    Moreover, President Isaias met and conducted discussion with a number of leaders of African and Arab countries.

    It is to be recalled that the President left for Egypt yesterday.

  12. How can you compare Ethiopia with Egypt?
    No one will benefit from war women and other innocent people will be the victim of war.
    Where is Mengestu Hailemariam after Ethiopia army was defeated in Eritrea? But what has happened to the innocent Ethiopian people after him?
    Some one who doesn't know the out come of war may predict for war, because he doesn't know what war is.

  13. What about the six days war with Israel who won the war?

  14. look who's talking ...lloool.... Agamos is back!!! so did you find a doctor with all that 'E...Emergency' to cure your lies?

  15. Get this agamino. Com aka out of here.

  16. I am proud of you PIA the East African Hero leader. I hope other African leaders will follow your footsteps to end up the unipolar power of USA, Zionists and other tyrants.
    Long live to PIA!

  17. I argee with you Berhane, he is the correspondent of agamions website.

  18. How many times did the Ethiopian Army been hunted in Somalia and now South Sudan are looking for Ethiopian Army ass? Needless to mention the big lesson they learned in Eritrea though LOL

  19. You are just stupid.....don't you wedi 40.
    You don't have any clue about History.

  20. Where Is Z CruiseJune 9, 2014 at 3:44 PM

    Our of all Arabs, Egypt is the only country that could threaten Israel's existence. Let me give you a small fact about Egypt's army.
    Egypt's army has combined (Navy, Air force, air defense and ground force) has 800,000 reserve and 500,000 active. As in Eritrea, millitary service is compulsory in Egypt between age 18 - 30. The length of the service is between 1 year to 3 years in armed force.
    The most scary part
    - Egypt got 220 F16 ( 4th largest F16 operator in the world)
    - 1100 combat aircrafts
    - 245 army helicopter in which 35 of it Apache's
    - Mig 21, F 7, C-130 Hercules
    Egypt also have one of the largest Naval force in Middle East.

    One more thing - Egypt also feed its soldiers :)

  21. where you get Egypt is 100 times stronger than Ethiopia?
    I think you are not any knowledge about hydro dam how can it crack by TNT easily lets alone by TNT you can not crack by missile, if it finished only you can destroy by nuclear bomb.
    first if Egypt going to stop the dam not by destroy the dam but by halting not to built it. so if they want to halt not to built the dam what they can do is
    1 they should invaded the area by ground force this difficult for them because
    a. since Sudan support the dam they can not get a land nearest EGRD
    b. As history told as no body is successful to invaded Ethiopian land so, there is no reason to happen now.
    2 if they want to attact by air craft like you mention F16, since the distance from Egypt to Ethiopia to to far they can not reach Ethiopia, second Ethiopia have US 27 air craft similar capacity with F16 you can check from google.

  22. You did not answer my question though. You are counting on armaments like a lazy dictator( e.g.: Saddam). Armament is just one factor in a war and not the sole detrimental. If you want to talk about armaments, substantiated rumors say that Ethiopia is the only African nation that owns aircrafts capable of air-to-air refueling. It owns also the continents most sophisticated radar system. It is also believed that it owns long range missiles( up to 5,000 kms) purchased from N.Korea( with a secret blessing from the USA of course). Basically, no one knows fully what the Ethiopian army really owns but it is believed that it is armed to the nose with the latest technologies. Had it not be so, the Egyptians would have already invaded Ethiopia. I think they know what is really on the ground.
    About the feeding: " Take care of the logs in your eyes before you bother about the speck on someone's eyes." Do you know in what physical condition your " warsays" are? They are like walking skeletons.

  23. We not clapping for Agamino. That is the difference between you and us. We are not the dogs. We are the Camel. Shabia yesterday today and tomorrow. The same colour. Eritrawi colour

  24. No its from north korea, remember?

  25. ihi adey Rora? why you so uppset when zeragi humilate agaminos? any Boroblem ???? Are you afraid that your pocket money quit? LOL

  26. Poor Eri.
    21st century world is talking and utilizing SUV's, Hummer and you talking about camels. Dud wake up it's 21st century. We are getting left behind by the world and by our neighbors. Aka shabia akayidana akayida Gobi'ye... Indeed slow akayida Gobi'ye

  27. I have no appetite to go to a debate with someone who believes that Eritreans defeated the Dergue. Eritreans could not defeat and never defeated the Dergue. Ethiopians themselves defeated the Dergue. What were the SHABIAS doing at the mountains of SAHAL when WEYANE had freed Tigray in 1989? What was the SHABIAS doing at the mountains of SAHAL when weyane had freed WOLLO, GONDAR, SHEWA, WELLEGA, GOJJAM, AFAR, in 1989/90? What were the SHABIAS doing at the mountains of SAHAL when in the early 1991s WEYANE was just at the outskirts of ADDIS? The SHABIAS started leaving their bases at the mountains of SAHAL only after the WEYANES stopped the supply the Dergue used to send to its military in Eritrea. The Dergues in Eritrea was isolated because of the fact that the WEYANES had already approached the Dergues nerve centre in ADDIS. It is the WEYANES that killed the Dergue in a time span of 16 years something that you could not do in 30 years. WEYANE freed the entire vast nation of ETHIOPIA in 16 years while SHABIA were not even able to put feet outside of SAHAL for 30 years.

    One more thing: This is what happens when two former WEYANE/SHABIA combatants/commanders meet. Listen how the weyane man puts the confused shabia hallucinator in his place: stop talking behind the computer. SHABIA was desperate that it even had started negotiating with the Dergues for some form of power sharing. All this was done without the knowledge of the WEYANES. SHABIA knew what the reaction of the weyanes would be had weyane known that shabia is negotiating.

  28. oookkk... Agamos just want to conform something: in the Agamos i bet pigs could fly! right? .... just wondering though, so "WEYANE had freed Tigray in 1989...freed WOLLO, GONDAR, SHEWA, WELLEGA, GOJJAM, AFAR-( really?), in 1989/90, you do know that that pretty much the whole Ethiopea and yet they still waited for Eritreans to come and liberated the capital city???--- ahhh OK... and even though all that, the Dergue waited until the Eritrean liberated their land for their leaders to run? .... i want to know as even though you are incompetent lier, you do understand that you are also saying how the Dergue had no respect, no fear of the WEYANE that eventhough they had pretty much the whole country unders their control, the Dergue was still in power and unders countrol until the lands masters, the Eritreans come down to kick them out.... do you really have that low of an opinion of your self? you seem to really hate your self and your people as much as we despise you? a lier is a lier, my forefather forgive you some many times, no more should we fall your your tricks & lies, you repugnant creatures... Agamos time for another big bang?..E.....Emergency ....E... Emergency

  29. This is recent history, mr. defae arebia and already u guys are trying a lame attempt at history revisionism. U guys are ungrateful, backstabbing, snake- shiteheads.

  30. First listen to the youtube audio in my previous comment to learn the reality about EPLF/TPLF. I know that you thugs are good at lying and misleading people sitting behind computers. When you come face to face with weyanes, you sweat in gallons and start salivating. Listen to the two guys above first and then you will know what I am talking about. The reality is that if weyane had not marched towards the nerve center, ADDIS ABABA, shabia was thinking of abandoning the struggle. Thanks to weyane, you got your independence.

  31. Poor you, you are still living in the past, when the con artist Isaias Afewerqi had systematically and effectively concealed his true identity and agenda by, on the other hand, falsely professing claiming ultra Eritrean Nationalist, and on the other, mercilessly cutting down those whom he thought had the mental capacity and the requisite gut to expose his shrouds.

    However, as our good old adage say, Betri Haqi Tqetin Ember Aytsbern, loosely translated in English.....The Yardstick of Truth May Become Slender but Never Breaks.......Lo and Behold! His chickens have come to his home to roost. Yes at last, the criminal usurper is completely naked for all to see. Please, read excerpt from Andebrhan Weldgiogis' book...

  32. Please find the above stated excerpt at

  33. I am proud of you PIA the East African Hero leader. I hope other African leaders will follow your footsteps to end up the unipolar power of USA, Zionists and other tyrants.
    Long live to PIA!

  34. You don't know me who am I! weather I am poor or rich.
    I am proud of you PIA the East African Hero leader. I hope other African leaders will follow your footsteps to end up the unipolar power of USA, Zionists and other tyrants.
    Long live to PIA!

  35. Lol, you are ignorant and terrorists you can do more than that! you are the one who attacked UK Eritrea Ambassador.
    If you know why don't you answer my question?
    Go hell with your rubbish comment. You are used to be a terrorists against Eritrea and people. qondaf woyane! How much money does hassona website pays you? You are an agent of the traitors and defectors be loyal to them.

  36. Catholic Bishops criticizing living standard in Eritrea…

    Mengistu Hilemariam his last days faced huge religious leaders and community members who openly criticized him for his we are observing that DIA is facing the same challenges.

    His days are numbered!

    Long live Eritrea
    Long live wedi Ali
    Long live Pilot Dejen

  37. Is this a free discussion forum for the betterment of our future or else a battle field? Everybody knows what happened and is recorded. It is no use to talk such trash back and forth. Let us big think!

  38. Where did you got your 21st century doctrine. Dud, we don't need big mouse, philosophers, we have seen a lot in 21st century. Where your 21st century masters brain wash ppl like you in the name of exact what you mention, destroying countries, weakening, dividing people, endless devastation. If people like you would have responsiblity in Eritrea. We wouldn't servivea single day. Mesihaki sherafat mikona nerna. Just like South Sudan in 21st century. Idmen tiinan ni Shabia

  39. Dear Saba, i'm advising to All Our Eritrean bro & sis not to answer if the input of a troll or puppet is so low, rather ignore is better, then they will fly from here..this is a sacred place for a good will people

  40. You are right I cannot tell whether you are materially poor or not and it is my sincere wish that you are rich and well to do but the fact that you are intellectually poor is obvious, your dependent personality is a manifest.
    Let me tell you the con artist Isaias Afewerqi, through his devious mind, had stolen the hearts and minds of Eritreans but not anymore. You can very well see the bottom pit has fallen into in terms of respect in the eyes of Eritreans as embodied by the scathing views a group of Catholic priests residing in Eritreans have officially expressed on him.
    The exit of the Hero Dejen Ande from Isaias Afewerqi's dungeon after 15 years in solitary isolation is also another manifestation that neither the public nor the Eritrean Defense Forces are with him any longer. Remember, if it were not for the tacit cooperation of both public and Military, Dejen could have been easily caught.
    Some Eritreans unwittingly likened Isaias Afewerqi's tyranny to that of Mao of China, who also had decimated tens of millions of Chinese for irrational reasons. They take their inference from pure appearance devoid of substance.
    Mao was a genuine Chinese, unlike Isaias Afewerqi, who is, from his both parents, tigrawai and the mother of his children is also tigrawaiti. Do not buy the fabricated lie his mother was from Seraye.
    Mao treated his children the way he treated any Chinese. In fact his son died fighting in North Korea. Whereas, Isaias is raising his kids like princes and princesses. His oldest son, a nominal Air Force Officer, married about fiver years ago. None of them conscripted; none of them escaped Eritrea. They are living comfortably with their parents in their comfortable homes.
    Whereas Mao tyranny was the end, that of Isaias Afewerqi is a means to a sinister end, complete annihilation of our country and people.
    Thanks God, the elusive and evasive Isaias Afewerqi is finally and concretely exposed.

  41. Yes, I believe EPLF defeated the Dergue. Shaebia was destroying Wuqaw Ez, Mentir Ez and Nadew ez in Sahil. The 2nd revolutionary army with all its mechanized brigades attempted 8 invasions to capture Naqfa but to no avail. Shaebia from 1977-1989 wasn't picking beles in Naqfa. Shaebia was destroying Ethiopia's EZs. Shaebia participated in the battle of Shire EndaSelasei, Bahrdar, Welega and all the way to Addis Abeba and put Weyane in power in Ethiopia beyond her expectation. The weyane is feeling of not being competent in any given activity like Shaebia; It is Weyane feeling of inadequacy arising from the overcompensation of Shaebia's achievements/goals over her own. This uncured inferiority complex lead weyane to bite the hands that feed her.. By the way, how many Dergue EZ were in Tigray.

  42. i agree with you 'cane libero' but i still want to know this house nigger Where Is Z Cruise.... please Madote, just his I.P address

  43. don't know what youtube you talking about, see just like a true snake you have a fork tongue, twisted hearted --- comment with accountable account!! ---- anyhow so Agamos well known for being a twisted hearted, born liars, forked tongued propagandist - over a well document world historical event even by extended number of outsiders. i'm might be punished for the sins of my fathers but i could not commit the same sin!!! like your fathers before you, your are a forked tongued, twisted hearted repugnant creature. Erdaka back to your Agamos

  44. የኢትዮጵያ ኣብዮታዊ ሠራዊት ኣደረጃጀት በ1981 ዓ.ም.

    1. ኣንደኛ ኣብዮታዊ ሠራዊት

    ሀ. ኣዛዡ: ሜ/ጀነራል ደምሴ ቡልቶ
    ለ. የዕዝ ቀጣናው: ምሥራቅ ኢትዮጵያ
    ሐ. የሰው ኃይል: 30,498
    መ. የዕዝ ጠገግ: ሁለት ኮሮች(602ኛ እና 608ኛ ኮሮች በሥራቸው 3 እግረኛ ክፍለ ጦሮችና ሜካናይዝድ ክፍለጦር)

    2. ሁለተኛ ኣብዮታዊ ሠራዊት

    ሀ .ኣዛዡ: ሜ/ጀነራል ረጋሳ ጅማ
    ለ. የዕዝ ቀጣናው: ኤርትራ ራስ ገዝ
    ሐ. የሰው ኃይል: 105500
    መ የዕዝ ጠገግ: ሦስት ኮሮች(606 607 608 ኮሮች በሥራቸው 10 ክፍለጦሮች 4 ሜካናይዝድ ክፍለጦሮች 1 ታንክ ብርጌድ 1 ሚሊሻ ብርጌድ

    3. ሦስተኛ ኣብዮታዊ ሠራዊት

    ሀ. ኣዛዡ: ሜ/ጀነራል ሙላቱ ነጋሽ
    ለ. የዕዝ ቀጣናው: ትግራይ
    ሐ. የሰው ኃይል: 124,240
    መ. የዕዝ ጠገግ ሁለት ኮሮች(603ኛ እና 604ኛ ኮሮች በሥራቸው 8 ክፍለ ጦሮች 3 ሜካናይዝድ ክፍለጦሮች 1 ታንክ ብርጌድ 1 ልዩ ዕዝ)

    4. ኣራተኛው ኣብዮታዊ ሠራዊት

    ሀ. ኣዛዡ: ሜ/ጀነራል ጌታቸው ሺበሺ
    ለ. የዕዝ ቀጣናው: ምዕራብና መሐል ኢትዮጵያ
    ሐ. የሰው ኃይል: 21,000
    መ. የዕዝ ጠገግ: ሁለት ኮሮች (611ኛ 612ኛ እና 614ኛ ኮሮች)

    ምንጭ: "ነበር" ቁጥር ሁለት መፅሓፍ በዘነበ ዘለቀ
    NOTE: This is for early 1981 Ethiopian Calendar i.e: 1989.
    It is know that during that time, TPLF had freed almost the whole Tigray except for some areas south of Mekelle. For this reason knowing that it losing the Tigray province, the Dergue had dispatched much of its military from Eritrea down to Tigray.
    Mr. Zenebe Zeleke is a former higher official of the Dergue and was arrested by the current government for many years for his misdeeds and now he is a free man living in Addis.

  45. u have nothing level don't speak about ground back OK

  46. ''ብዝተገብረሉ ዕድመ መሰረት'' ሃመማ ካብ ማዓስ'ዩ ብዕድመ ዝጽዋዕ::


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