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New Orleans 23rd Eritrean Independence Day Celebration report

Eritrean Independence Day Celebrations in New Orleans, Louisiana 

New Orleans and its Environs Official Eritrean 23rd Independence Day Celebration report

By Eritrean Community in New Orleans,

New Orleans, May 24th 2014 – Eritrean Community in New Orleans and its environs celebrated Eritrean 23rd Independence Day in patriotic zeal with high moral grounds with this year’s theme in mind “We Toil Today for a Bright Tomorrow! ንርህው ጽባሕ፡ ሎሚ ንስራሕ!”

The Event officially began commemorating our fallen heroes and heroines and Eritrean National Anthem.

Chairman of the PFDJ Mr. Taddesse Mehari congratulated the Eritrean people on the 23rd anniversary, also thanked all those who worked hard to make this year independence celebration in New Orleans and its environs colorful and well organized events. He also relayed a message from Eritrean Embassy in Washington DC.

Later a speech by President Isaias Afewerki was delivered to the audience via video clip. Hundreds of citizens and friends of Eritrea participated in the Independence Day celebrations organized in a colorful manner.

What made the 23rd Independence celebration unique and specials that organized performances featuring cultural show by Eritrean Children and youth were presented. During the celebration, food and drinks were served. Music was played by a DJ. At midnight a cake donated for the occasion was cut by Eritrean mother.

The Independence celebration concluded with patriotic zeal, with high moral boost, with willingness to work harder and with commitment to live up the to the community and nation’s expectations.

Happy 23rd Independence Day!
We Toil Today For a Bright Tomorrow!!
ንርህው ጽባሕ፡ ሎሚ ንስራሕ!
Eternal Glory to our martyrs!
Victory to the masses!

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  1. Independent from what? We went from brutal external megzati to worst brutal internal megzati. Dancing in New Orleans while many of your fellow Eritreans are languishing in prison without due process is selfish to say the least.

  2. I didn't know there is an agame called Tomas.

  3. His real name is Tsadkan (baElom ztsedku) lol

  4. @Tomas the guys below who commented on your post are nothing but morons whom their head stinks like a fish. Their defense mechanism is just to attack you personally and deviating from the real conversation. that's what the PIA and his entire group also used. No worries :)


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