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Eritrea Reduced Maternal Death by Over 75 Percent since 1990: WHO

Eritean mother

Eritrea Reduced Maternal Death by Over 75 Percent since 1990: WHO

By MoI,

Commendable healthcare service continued to be delivered in Eritrea. A network of medical service infrastructure also continues to be put in place everywhere in the country. What has been achieved in Eritrea is not yet realized in different African and Asian countries despite they were independent nations almost five decades ahead. This makes Eritrea an exemplary country which a number of countries should take a lesson from. What Eritrea envisages for is not yet achieved. But, if it continues the way it starts, it would surpass not only the sub-Saharan Africa but also a number of wealthy nations in different continents.  Eritrea has been tackling any issue that could negatively affect child and maternal health. Prenatal and postnatal medical checkups have been among the major contributors to the decline of maternal death.

Early marriage and being pregnant at late age have also been among the factors which have been contributing to maternal death at global level; most occurrences are in Africa and Asia though. This was also cited as a major setback in WHO’s report.  It is to be noted that Eritrea has been fighting against maternal and child death through different mechanisms and thus early marriage is legally prohibited in the country. So, early marriage which is by far greater risk of complications is not a major case in Eritrea. So, there hardly exist any fistula records in recent years.

Proper care has also been delivered to mothers who give childbirth at old ages. Eritrea’s Ministry of Health has been working to eliminate any sort of complication that could arise due to old age childbirth through careful follow ups that have been done through prenatal and postnatal care. Severe bleeding, mainly during and after childbirth which are described as causes to an increase in maternity death in MOH’s report have been therefore prevented through integrated medical services anywhere in the country.

Healthcare specialist assisted childbirth has by far secured sustainability of child and maternal lives. A number of nurses and midwives have been trained in different medical schools of the country. The most notable healthcare schools are in Asmara, Mendefera, and Barentu though.

Through reduction in maternal death, Eritrea has already become among the countries who achieved WHO’s Millennium Development goals a head of the set deadline.

According to WHO’s report several African nations have increased the success figure through reducing their maternal mortality rates and most significantly in the past 23 years.

Thus, Eritrea has in its 23 years of independence become part of the global achievement registered in the decline of maternal death in the past 23 years.

WHO’s report further highlighted that Rwanda, Equatorial Guinea and Eritrea are among the countries that have reduced maternal deaths by over 75 percent since 1990, thus reaching the Millennium Development Goal target ahead of the 2015 deadline.

Most countries however are unlikely to meet that target by next year. Thus, WHO’s report shows that African countries share a 60% of the overall maternal death globally and also cited countries like Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia and Kenya to be among the African countries that are lagging behind.

What is really surprising in the report is that, a number of wealthy countries have seen an increase in maternal mortality rates, with the rate in the United States for instance jumping 136 percent to 28 deaths for 100,000 live births last year, while in Canada, the number of deaths also shot up 81 percent to 11 deaths for 100,000 live births in 2013.

It is in such global picture where wealthy nations have seen an increase in their material death rate at that Eritrea continues to register commendable achievement in healthcare service in general and in the reduction of maternal and child death in particular.

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Eritrea Reduced Maternal Death by Over 75 Percent since 1990: WHO Reviewed by Admin on 12:22 AM Rating: 5



  2. Where Is Z CruiseJune 3, 2014 at 5:43 AM

    Listen to Dejens (MIG 29 pilot) part 7 interview and you will open your skull.
    Dejen nail it down perfectly so PFDJ trolls could wake up from coma and see what is really going on in Eritrea. Issayas is taking the country to hell and we are almost there.
    Injustice for one is injustice for all. Lets stand up and say enough is enough.

  3. Eritrea is on the moveJune 3, 2014 at 6:27 AM

    What a beautiful baby. Look at those eyes! Kinda looks like me when I was a kid. Eritrea is truly on the move!

  4. It's really surprising to see Eritrea making it and improving the social medical care..Bon courage Eritrea..Ajoki go ahead with health, edu, food security, agroindustry ect..your future is bright..

  5. Where is Z Cruise:

    You reaching out to people who don't event want understand the brutality of the regime. Pilot Dejen story is a story of many Eritreans and its' heart breaking. We all know the momentum has tilted in the side of fetewuti fitihi.

    They dare not contradict pilot Dejen story because they know it's the truth but they have decided to look the other way.

    Long live Eritrea
    Long live Eritrean people
    Long live Wedi Ali
    long live pilot Deje

  6. where is the agame
    reducing maternal death by 75% is going to hell ? if your answer is yes I'm ready to go to hell. you kedemti need to wake up from coma and see what really is ERITREA achieving......

  7. Where is Z Hasus
    When you see or hear any good news about Eritrea you tried to divert the attention of madote's participants to join you to talk about a bull talks to people in Gabir DerAnto. These days you switch your tune from constitution to nonsense Dejen's interview with the sellout Amanuel Meles(from Hassina).
    I listened Dejen's interview, however it doesn't hold a truth. Dejenen sounds delusion. He doesn't have the character of Red Flower. To my dismay, he said that he has never seen a prisoner to languish in jail without court due process during the Ethiopian colonization. I could guide him to the un marked graves where many innocents Eritreans executed and buried without court due process all over Eritrea. Let me give you some remarks from my medical background about the relationship between competency and credibility- the terms are confused by gossipmonger like you but the distinction should be preserved for an understanding of the problems here to be considered. The term competency refers to qualification as witness or in Dejen's case as interviewee. At a common law the mentally deranged and defective like Dejen is incompetent, thoroughly disqualified as witness or interviewee and excluded from testify about his 15 years imprisonment.

  8. It is all smokescreen, one among the infinite evasive tactics the con artist Isaias Afewerqi orders his stooges to put out to hide his heinous crimes he is committing on our people and country.
    However, since he always talks in irony, the opposite of the evil he is intending to do , which his baboon stooges never able to decipher, and given the mass exodus of escape of the young Eritreans from their country, the alleged reduction of Maternal and Infant Mortality may actually be true, a cruel manifestation of our fast dwindling population.
    As he did not disclose to the Eritrean people the fact that The Eritrean -Ethiopian Claim Commission found him the aggressor in the 1998 war, this con artist won't tell you but the UN will certainly reject his false biostatistics report as invalid for insufficient data.
    Nonetheless, he may also cook the data to appear adequate but the experts in the UN cannot be deceived because they are well aware of the fact that the young Eritreans who are in the Child Bearing Age are either killed, imprisoned, quarantined in futile Slave Labor Camps, fleeing the country in droves etc.
    Therefore, even if the data is made to appear statistically significant, because it does not square with the facts on the ground, the UN experts won't accept as genuine. Remember, their colleague at Human Right Council ,whom the con artist Isaias Afewerqi denied to grant her visa to enter Eritrea to investigate human right abuses.
    Take Pilot Dejen Ande, who has recently liberated himself from Isaias Afewerqi's under ground dungeons after fifteen years in solitary imprisonment, uncharged and without conviction, as the embodiment of what is transpiring in our country . He was imprisoned at age 23, prime time to marry and have children, and now, he is 38, a middle aged man, without a wife, children and a country, reduced to nothing.
    On the contrary, take the con artist's children: his oldest son, Abraham , a nominal Air Force Officer, trained in China; younger than Dejen but married with children, living like a prince. His daughter, works at the EriTv studio etc.
    Are you, stooges, wondering why none of the con artist's children are at the Slave Labor Camp, in prison, did not flee the country etc.?
    What would you, stooges, say or do if the con artist announces crowning his son as his successor? I bet you would, without an iota of shame and disgrace, cheer him and sprinkle him with popcorns? Yes, you would, you baboons.

  9. In the last 23 years, a series GOE's commitments and initiatives has pledged to reduce maternal mortality. Today, Eritrea have made progress in reducing maternal death by 75%. Viva Eri Viva GOE.

  10. Where Z...,
    ጸማም ሃደ ደርፉ፥
    Why you always try to inject your hate monger on every topic that's discussed here? No one could take you serious as you always focused on one person. Can't you say anything about this article whether positive or negative. Please focus on the topic...diverging technique you're using has not been working for others. What makes you think will work for you?

  11. no country for young menJune 3, 2014 at 10:45 AM

    Dejen's interview is only for Eritreans,hegdefawian they can not handle the truth.psychopaths and cowards always like to avoid reality because they leave in the imaginary Eritrea doesn't exist.

  12. Woyane have INcreased Maternal, Paternal and HIV death by over 97% since just 2005.

  13. Why don't you stick to your agaminos website?
    You are the arch enemy of the Eritrean people and in particular of women. The article is telling the truth about the reduction of maternal mortality in Eritrea. However, you are supporting the traitors and defectors like you. Why don't you hide yourself? I know you very well you are a defector and engaging in dirty jobs against Eritrea and people. That is why you are always opposing to the development going on in Eritrea and people.
    Brainwashed gangster sleep in your ghettoes gambling and hiding yourself there shame of you.
    You are educated more than your intelligence.

  14. What is the purpose of posting a thrush comment in Eritrean website a thrush comment simple waste your time that is already wasted.

  15. Are you coward and psychopaths? Thanks for telling me that .

  16. Go to hell?
    Eritrea reduced maternal mortality by 75% since 1990.

  17. AwetNehafsh PIA the best long live PIA

  18. "Among its findings, the report shows that 11 countries that had high levels of maternal mortality in 1990 have reached the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) target of a 75 per cent reduction. These include Bhutan, Cambodia, Cabo Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Maldives, Nepal, Romania, Rwanda, and Timor-Leste."

    THE SOURCE OF the above quotation is UN but you don't like then you can deny if you Eritrean or an honest human being you should only be happy


  19. Read the thruth from UN

  20. No offense but who cares about Dejen. He earned his freedom but let's not kid ourselves in thinking he will contribute to any substantial change in Eritrea. He'll be another welfare collecting Eritrean in Europe who spends his time talking politics in his local coffee shops or online like you.

  21. An Eritrean who cannot bear to stand good news about his fellow citizens, how is that possible? Only when you have sold your soul to those who have made it their goal to destroy your country and subjugate you for ever or when you are a Weyane, yourself!

    So what does the UN say about Eritrea's achievement in regards to the MDG's? I challenge you to show your evidence here. Also, show your evidence that the data has been "cooked" as you claim. Explain to us what is "statistically significant" in your data, if you have one and explain what means by "statistically significant". Other wise, SHUT UP!

    The one who is not without a shame is you and the likes of you. It is not enough for you to insult every Eritrean's intelligence posting exaggerations, half truths and lies but you even insult those who do not buy your alternatives for our country (which is to submit to the Weyane after we destroy ourselves). Of course, you do not hope that you may convince anyone, so you insult your readers and lie to them.

    If valuing our country's sovereignty for which the precious blood of its children has been paid makes us stooges, baboons or what ever insults you may want to throw at us, I for one will acknowledge your praise but understand it as if you are saying the opposite of what you have said.

    Finally, I would like to point out to you that all you have told us is how desperate the Weyane and those who call themselves the opposition are. You all feel you have no future unless Eritrea is destroyed! All just because you hate a single individual--PIA.

  22. Oh, it looks like you have found one person whom you would like to be a talking point on pro-Eritrea sites. Who cares about Dejen? Did he tell you why he was in prison? Did he tell you everything?

    Most of you who call yourselves the 'opposition' are known to have personal grudges and never tell the crimes you committed. Most of you even think betraying your country, giving out its secrets, siding with the enemy, embezzling is patriotism.

    By the way insulting others is not reaching out. It simply shows that you do not believe you can convince the reader. It also shows that you do not understand the concept of democracy (I can bet that you have cried "democracy! democracy!" on many occasions) for it is within our right and obligation to defend our country even if you do not agree with us!

  23. Where Is Z CruiseJune 3, 2014 at 4:26 PM

    And he is guiding you to the grave where many innocent Eritreans killed not by Mengistu but by ISSAYS with out court due process all over Eritrea. atleast Derg was foreigner. Just wait few more years, the alcoholic moron leader will take our country to hell. It will be to late to cry then. Learn from Somalia.

  24. Where Is Z CruiseJune 3, 2014 at 4:31 PM

    Atta Rissi HamHam, did they tell him why he was in prison??? Did they Bitweded why he is in Prison? Bitweded knew in the early 90s Issayas was a traitor.
    Have fun with people like Manjus who are selling our brothers kidney.

  25. Where Is Z CruiseJune 3, 2014 at 4:34 PM

    Yakob Cali aka Kelbi nay Issayas
    If you honestly believe this is fiction, please go smash your balls with hammer then simply blow your brains out with a lead hammer. Either way kill yourself for you are far too stupid to continue wasting oxygen others with more intelligence (like Dejen) could use.

  26. Where Is Z CruiseJune 3, 2014 at 4:39 PM

    And exodus of Eritreans has increased by 300%

  27. Where Is Z cruiseJune 3, 2014 at 4:42 PM

    Only a pig like you would say "who cares". I care, many like me cares! Only Robots, Zombies and pigs like you do not care about other human being.

  28. Where Is Z CruiseJune 3, 2014 at 4:49 PM

    Do you have an evidence that he is traitor?
    Do you have an evidence that he is defector?

    We Eritreans have evidence Issayas is a traitor. He is the one who gave order to our troops to abandon Asseb.
    He is the one who trashed the constitution.
    He is the one who spit on your face but you are licking it like Cinema Imperos ice cream.
    He is peeing on your face and you are drinking it like draft.

  29. You prove me right again! Thank you!

    I told you what is deep in your heart--you have no hope of getting anyone on your side, so you throw insults at them--childish ones, I might add!

    The rest of what you have written is as usual--as directed by the Weyane. By the way mentioning some Eritrean nick names does not make you Eritrean.

    I will ignore you next time.

  30. Where Is Z CruiseJune 3, 2014 at 5:56 PM

    Cinema impero = bar impero's gelato

  31. Where Is Z CruiseJune 3, 2014 at 5:59 PM

    Are you talking about your your slave master Issayas technique? When is is asked about constitution he answers - the agriculture in Gash Barka.
    When he got asked about human right he replies - ab Bisho zero werki bla bla bla

  32. Where Is Z CruiseJune 3, 2014 at 6:06 PM

    Ignoring me?? kkkk. aygermenin iu! b'abiu You have ignored the innocent Eritreans who are suffering in Issayas prison for the past 15 years.

  33. i was not able to read beyond: " The Eritrean -Ethiopian Claim Commission found him the aggressor in the 1998 war" could you explain how could Eritrea was "aggressor" if the land belong to Eritrea? i do not understand how one could be an aggressor within his own home! i don't understand how your logic works if you are an Eritrean, if the land belong to Eritrea, Eritrea could never be accessed of been an aggressor, rather its the Rats (agames) who started the whole thing!

  34. The reduction of maternal mortality is the outcome of self-reliance
    The weyane's boot lickers vowed to leave no stone unturned to demonize Eritrea and its leadership. After demonized the GOE for the last 23 years, the weyane's boot lickers have a big problem that they are falling flat. The boot licker opposed to Eritrea referendum, fought alongside Weyane during the regime change invasion and now opposing the constitution. In response to the sellouts, the majority Eritreans stepped up actions in solidarity with Eritrea and its leadership all over Eritrea and in diaspora, collectives were create to oppose the efforts of Weyane's boot lickers to distort the image of Eritrea and its leadership. The sellouts or self baptized oops groups continue to attempt to stir up conflict between regions and religions, but these attempts continue to fail. The GOE has made excellent on its promise no to allow the hard-gained independence to be destroyed by any warmongers. Eritrea survival is made possible by its self-reliance which motivates and mobilizes all sectors of its people in education,health and agriculture. Eritrea is a living rebuke not only to beggar countries like Ethiopia but also to the masters of hegemony who drawn the erroneous conclusion from event elsewhere that self-reliance is impossible dreams and that dog-eat-dog capitalism will be with us forever. Eritrea's self-reliance program is under attack from day one by masters of hegemony, however Eritrea is scoring huge progress in different sectors in agriculture, education and health. GOE self-reliance mantra is not only an example and inspiration to the people of Eritrea but also to the whole continent of Africa. Under GOE self-reliance Eritrea eradicated polio, reduced malaria relate diseases and death, reduce child and maternal mortality among the leading ones in the world. The camel is marching and Chuwawas are barking.

  35. Eritrea is free. Anyone has own choice brother. But do not come and accuse the government for your bad choice when you face difficulties on the way. Move to tgray as if we care.

  36. Agame, hit your head over a hard wall.

  37. Agame, you have no a say about Eritrea nomore. Just keep lead your miserable life inside your cave. Chat day in and day out and meditate your aggression.

  38. you do not know whom to feed back, agame killer is right. Read before you reply.

  39. You lost it long ago, brother.
    Insulting every progress Eritrea makes shows us that you are anti-development HASAD woyane slave.. We know you all who cry for Eritrea to end-up as failed state is your daily prayers, but our people and government are working for survival and Gods help for better future too unlike your ugly dream. Keep burning from inside and help Dejen to help himself and forget the country who left behind called Eritrea.

  40. Where Is Z CrusieJune 4, 2014 at 5:46 AM

    Please do us a favore, move back to Eritrea. I know you wouldnt dare.

  41. Where Is Z CruiseJune 4, 2014 at 5:51 AM

    What are you talking about??? Eritrea is a failed state. It has been a failed state since the day the ignorant leader Issayas trashed the constitution.

  42. Sorry, for the mistake made, and thanks for your feedback.

  43. How a trashed person insults 5 million Eritrean people? It is not a surprised qondaf woyane to say Eritrea is a failed state, because your country Ethiopia is already a failed state and never for ever will be a country.
    Eritrea and people will live forever in harmony!

  44. I didn't know you are a licker and a spoiled guy, go and kiss your ass and lick their boots! Qondaf woyane

  45. Why dont you quate Dejen and tell us where he nailed it? I think you want more "hit" to the trash site hassena. He tought he was the best of the best and wanted to be let loose; war is an art and the masters of the art grounded him for childish tantrums. Ask hum his faith and he will tell you Hzbawi Gnbar; 15 years now we are looking at drones, for him though, i wish him he finds a job in some sort of flying gig. I hate to see him become a taxi driver.

  46. .

    "..........i don't understand how your logic works if you are an Eritrean, if the land belong to Eritrea........
    Isaias Afewerqi did not think the way you do ,and that is why he accepted the finding and verdict of the Claim Commission and to pay $ 1000,000.00.

  47. You are partnering with arch enemies of Eritrea to lure the innocent young men and women to flee country.

  48. If I'm doing something right I'll be attacked by you and your lackeys. It doesn't bother me. I'll take it as a badge of honor.

  49. The main source of our problem is the woyane within who are, like termites, undermining our Sovereignty, our noble culture and magnanimous people but you should never think the woyane within are not clandestinely working with the woyane without.
    I wish you read the interview the midget and puny Meles gave to Paul Henze in 1990. You can see clearly the plot the woyane within and without were undertaking, of which the 1998 war was the result.
    You see the woyane-without border instigation could have been easily nipped in bud through available International Laws. It did not happen because it did not meet the perpetrators' plot, that was to undermine Eritrea systematically as a means to their desired goal, its final decimation.
    ex-President Carter had advised woyane-without to put Port of Assab as a negotiating chip in the process of recognizing Eritrean Independence. It did not happen. There was a reason for that. Both woyanes ( woyane within and woyane without) were weak at the time. And if it had happened, the Mighty EPLFs could have obliterated them both in a split of a second. Thus, it was the necessity that forced them to postpone their gratification.
    The dots between Paul Henze's interest with woyane and ex-president Carter's interest in Ethiopia owning Port of Assab can be linked. Paul Henze was Carter's National Security Advisor. Only the damn fool Eritrean can think that Paul Henze did not come to Addis Abeba to implement Carter's heart felt desire for Ethiopia's owning Port Of Assab and that the border instigation was not carried out with the implicit understanding of the woyane's within.
    The Mighty EPLFs' successful methodology of conducting war had been a joint leadership of all the concerned military leaders but the 1998 was deviant. This deviation from the normal is absolutely crucial clue for us to understand the deep cause of the war.
    First and foremost, the war was unnecessary and illegal. As a UN member, Eritrea could peacefully avail itself of the UNSC intervention.
    Secondly, torching the illegal and unnecessary war, the so called president single handedly assumed complete leadership of the war and we know the devastating consequence on our armed forces; woyane army were able to enter deep into Eritrea and attacked our Gash Front from behind and not only that, the so called president, had ordered our forces to withdraw from Assab front but luckily , the army rejected his order and save our beloved port of Assab.
    Genuine Eritreans,
    The cure of our country, Unity, is within our reach; we must achieve it with courage and understanding. The woyane within and without must not deceive us by empty words and false promises, their destructive deeds are written everywhere for all us to see.
    The heart wrenching saga of hero Pilot Dejen Ande affirms what I have been saying all along, that the woyane-within, no less than the Ethiopian colonialism, are our eternal enemies.

  50. The woyane within are decimating our country and its people and your doing their bidding, wake up from your slumber.

  51. i think you seem to ignore the international law and the rules governing after war- peace, as well as the international position Eritrea is due to your prejudice against the leadership. furthermore, you are forgetting even if we do not like to accept the fact that we lost the last round (agames and their masters greatest move) for this fact we are coming from a weaker position, as we lost land (even though we won the war in over all military) its for this reason we have to pay compensation, but obviously to save face, they use their ministry of propaganda to blind people like you.

  52. So, you are going to avoid talking about the improvement in mother and child health? It is clear that you are not going substantiate your claim.

    We know about our country from inception to the present in every detail. There is no need to waste our time by telling this entirely made-up story. A name built up and earned through sacrifices witnessed by many cannot be destroyed.

  53. you're a agame Dog, just reread your replay

  54. You are right you badly need help, i suggest get of the khat for a start and start tasting the humberger you shove down your throat then and only then will you realise what you been missing, do not covet others wife is what the good book tells us,,,,it seems sense of complete abandonment has left you feeling alone in this cruel world. Sorry buddy you have reached the point of no return, only a high priest is your last resort.RIP suwa fart is propabably is what you wanted to say.

  55. Where Is Z Cruise,
    How much are the woyanes paying you for one night? Do you sleep with only one woyane in one night or you get to sleep with more of them? Do they know you are a guy? Please tell me how everything happens. I couldn't wait!!!

  56. Where Is Z Cruise,
    How much are the woyanes paying you for one night? Do you sleep with only one woyane in one night or you get to sleep with more of them? Do they know you are a guy? Please tell me how everything happens. I couldn't wait!!!

  57. We did not kill your Meles Chenawi, I do not understand why all this aggression?


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