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Ethiopian Athlete Flees to South Africa

An Ethiopian athlete absconded during the just ended Gaborone 2014 Africa Youth Games (AYG) and is believed to have fled to South Africa.

Ethiopian athlete Flees to South Africa

Ethiopian Athlete Flees to South Africa

By Lekopanye Mookets,

The chairperson of the AYG, Regina Sikalesele-Vaka confirmed the incident of the missing athlete. Vaka said the athlete initially absconded on May 27 with one of his mates but they were caught at the border gate as they attempted to cross into South Africa. She told The Monitor that they were handed back to the their team officials who confiscated their passports.

However, the athlete fled again on May 29 and this time his attempt was successful. Vaka said there have been reports that the athlete was seen in Johannesburg.

However, she said there is not much that BAYGOC can do about it. She added that this is a matter beyond their control. She said it is a matter that can only be handled by the Ethiopian Embassy. Vaka said if it was not because of the tight security, many athletes from different countries could have fled to neighbouring South Africa.  She said athletes could have utilised Botswana’s close proximity to South Africa to flee to that country.

This is not the first time that Ethiopian athletes absconded when they were visiting Botswana on sport functions.  A few years ago, two players from the Ethiopian national football team, also absconded after they played against Botswana.   The two players were later caught by the Botswana authorities as they were trying to cross into South Africa.  The footballers were later deported to their country.

Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (Operatations), Mathews Letsholo who was responsible for coordinating security at the games,  confirmed the case of the Ethiopian athlete who absconded.  However,  he did not elaborate on the matter.  Meanwhile, Letsholo said the games were crime free because of the tight security waged by local security organs.   Police and other security agents  were visible at all the venues that hosted the games.   Even the University of Botswana (UB) where the athletes village was located, was under tight security surveillance.

Letsholo, who was the chairman of the BAYGOC security sub committee, said there were no incidents of crimes during the games.  He said they made sure that the visiting athletes were well protected.

The police chief said there were only isolated minor incidents where somebody would forget something and only to find it was not there when coming back.  But he said there was no incident where any of the visitors was mugged or robbed.  “In terms of security measures, the games went successfully as we expected.  In terms of security we didn’t encounter any difficulties.  There were only minor incidents like missing cellphones,” he said.

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  1. I found this part interesting:

    "This is not the first time that Ethiopian athletes absconded when they were visiting Botswana on sport functions. A few years ago, two players from the Ethiopian national football team, also absconded after they played against Botswana. The two players were later caught by the Botswana authorities as they were trying to cross into South Africa. The footballers were later deported to their country."

    It seems when Ethiopian athletes try to defect, they are arrested and sent back to Ethiopia by force. When Eritrean athletes do the same thing, they are giving a fast track ticket to the West, which encourages more of them to do so.

    The double standards that Eritrea is facing unbelievable.

  2. I fully agree note on the double standard. Those Eritrean football players who made to Europe recently are victims of human trafficking.

    My suspicion it may actually be a result of commissioned campaign. For the Eritreans players. They are always Eritreans and good luck to them.

  3. I advice madote to present the epic story of Dejen. As Eritreans are following the story, presenting it so that to allow people to comment on it gives an opportunity to Madote to come to the center before it is too late(:>

  4. Where Is Z CruiseJune 3, 2014 at 6:58 PM

    Eritrea MIG 29 Pilot escaped from Shadshay Medeber Auschwitz concentration camp.

  5. WZC little agame.
    When a puppet barks make a lot of noise. Keep it up ! LOL

  6. It is all fake Assena made story. I know Dejen in person at Bet tmhrti sewra, the guy doesnt sound like that "doll character" at Assena. We heared Iyasu cry his crocodile tears for our youth in Sinai playing fake tape as if he was caring about them. Not new. Have Assena done anything that help our youth in Israel, No, nada NILL! Eritrean is much more smart than that dirty play of Assena.I do not buy it..

  7. A good agame is a dead agame.

  8. Thanks to the double standard of the leaders of the great nation ( USA)..Eritreans who defect/run away from their country, will be given immediate first class services...we're leaving in a corrupt justice, no fairness..specially when it comes to Eritrea and eritreans...let\s stick together and N'Mektom kem'kedemna..

  9. This happened rare , but all peoples knows about Eritrean people 5% of t
    population are asylum seekers around the world but most of countries
    are not voluntary to accept this people ,Eritrean identity is shame at
    this time , U have to thanked Ethiopia not one of these countries.

  10. If you knew him you wouldn't said what you are saying.
    Don't say what you will regret in the future.

  11. "Fithi likie kem fenji iya ni regatsia tetifie".
    Dejen Ande Hishel

  12. @Eritrean if you really now him in person pls come up with
    Your story and with your name ! Don't talk behind the curtain and make your self ready for answers with your real name not a nick name ?????

  13. @HAYAT1
    Madote has to wait for a green light from the Bosses to write about Dejen !!!!!

  14. Where Is Z CruiseJune 4, 2014 at 5:43 AM

    That is why you making a lot of noice lol

  15. qondaf woyane!
    Go and stick to your agaminos website. You are already exposed in regard to your identity, a lair pretending to be Eritrean.

  16. No room for you in Eritrea for ever. You are against Eritrea and people who attacked the Eritrean embassy in UK. Well known qondaf woyanes terrorist with your friend Where is Z Cruise.
    Go and leak the boots of your masters! qondafat woyane
    Eritrea and people will live for ever!
    Eritrea belongs to Eritreans!

  17. Well said Zeragi those subhuman underachiever weyane always pray on us to be under level wither

  18. May I remind you that your people are abondoning their Ethiopianess and call themselves PROUD ERITREAN for the treatment they gain in EU , USA, Middle East ??????But sooner than later the ugly secret will be exposed and you will have to prepare more gojos for the returnees like that of KSA

  19. You are shameless puppet who lick the leftover garbage stories of your woyane maters. Go and kiss their behind, no Eritrean is for your jokes, sorry.

  20. the discussion is all about that Ethio athlete running to South Africa, so I do not understand as to why RoRa and ZCruise hallucinate nonesence out of control? I believe these "Two in One" personality is none but woyane on flesh or a paid undercover lost soul.

  21. Qondaf woyal Esub kebdu!!

  22. Rora,
    Yesterday you were shouting Forto now Forto is gone with the wind now you mouthing Dejen and whart next, just move the goal post.
    Viva Hgdef

  23. Xemam hade derfu wedi

  24. Hay agamino,
    rest ethnic groups are abandoning
    The weyane government and disease infected ethiopia , enjoy your ethiopia while it lasts . Finally
    They will all come for your heads.

  25. Where Is Z CruiseJune 4, 2014 at 3:50 PM

    "we're leaving in a corrupt justice, no fairness"
    So you are telling me justice and fairness exist in Eritrea?? Instead you babbling about west east, why don't you ask what the real cause of this mass migration of Eritreans from their country.
    OMG! ri'sikum Kemmey diu ziserh?

  26. Where Is Z CruiseJune 4, 2014 at 3:54 PM

    golden nation - Niska' Agame ilkani, Agame aykewnin iye. I know why you are so frustrated. The hero Pilot Dejen exposed the dirty scumbag Regime.

  27. Where Is Z CruiseJune 4, 2014 at 3:57 PM

    Slave, it is not me but the scumbag leader who is pushing you under level. Try to swim up so you would breath in air.

  28. To all good samaritan Eritreans
    Where is Z Hasus is infected with rabbis. He is Weyane's clone. His only mission in Madote is to divert us from the main topic. This sellout doesn't like to see any bad news about weyane.

  29. I can detect your stinky agame accent from your writing. Real ethiopians are flooding out of the country,50 more died in the shores of Yemen. Enjoy ethiopia for now.

  30. Why should I care about Ethiopia or Woyanes business when my country is doing far more worse than Ethiopia?? Only people like you try to divert the situation in Eritrea by raising Ethiopians issues.

  31. Where Is Z CruiseJune 5, 2014 at 5:40 AM

    Is it necessary to discuss which Ethiopian athlete did what? Why do you concern about the Ethiopian athlete?? Why don’t you discuss about the innocent human beings that are incarcerated by HIGDEF in HIGDEF́s Concentration camps?? Why don’t you discuss about our brothers and sisters that are enslaved by the regime??

  32. Where Is Z Cruise,
    How much are the woyanes paying you for one night? Do you sleep with only one woyane in one night or you get to sleep with more of them? Do they know you are a guy? Please tell me how everything happens. I couldn't wait!!!

  33. It is no double standard bro, it is because Ethiopia is safe for its citizens whereas eritrea is becoming an earthly hell where hundreds of thousands of its citizens are fleeing the country in every corner, even to ethiopia. Can you imagine hundred thousand eritrean refugees settling in Ethiopia??


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