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Eritreans in Canada who whine over 2% tax: renounce your citizenship

Saturday May 24, 2014 - The Eritrean Community of Toronto held a flag raising ceremony to celebrate Eritrean Independence Day. The flag raising was followed by guyla music to which hundreds of participants danced and sang along.  (Credit: Samuel Igbu)

A Canadian citizen, who is fed up with the few politically motivated Eritreans who have been making the 2% development and recovery tax a key issue in Canada, reminded them that each time they complain about this issue, they are lying about their asylum claims, and exposes their hypocrisy in wanting to receive free services from the same government they claimed was abusing them.

Eritreans in Canada who whine over 2% tax: renounce your citizenship

By Ben,

Renounce your Eritrean Citizenship, forget Eritrea, you have chosen to no longer be an Eritrean. It is simple. except you want something from Eritrea, ie a College transcript, a marriage license, property transfer, and when you are told to pay for this service since you chose to seek asylum, it means you do have to pay.

Think logically, you just said the Government of Eritrea is abusing me and I want to seek asylum, then by all reason, why would you seek anything from the Government of Eritrea?

  1. You are lying about your asylum.
  2. You are lying about your asylum and thought you could get something for free from the government you accused of abusing you.

Life is not fair, and if you think you can get a free pass after throwing your former government under the bus for the sake of being a dishwasher or a cab driver in Canada, think again!

By seeking asylum, in all essence, you have committed treason, whether you think so or not, you betrayed the country you came from. So don't cry foul when you are expected to pay for your betrayal of Eritrea. Any country in the world does this.

Edward Snowden sought asylum in Russia because he disagreed and feared for his life from the US Government. Has Edward asked for his college transcripts or anything else from the US government? No he hasn't! He has released his ties to the US.

So if you are truly an asylum seeker from Eritrea, then let go of your ties.

In addition, why would someone put their wife, parents, children in harms way over a 2% income tax when it's such a low amount of their income? The US has income taxes in the 25% to 35% range..while you are crying about 2% that you only have to pay if you want something from Eritrea. In the US, you have to pay regardless.

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Eritreans in Canada who whine over 2% tax: renounce your citizenship Reviewed by Admin on 3:43 AM Rating: 5


  1. Fact check 101:

    1- Any country requires tax money to function and provide service , although many do not practice the taxation of citizens outside the original country , its not that uncommon. Especially a small, new, still developing nation like Eritrea, any income is and must be utilized.

    2-Why is the Federal Gov using unproved and discredited UN report about Eritrean involvement in anything? I implore anyone interested to actually follow the slow dismantlement of the UN" Sanction "

    3- What is the difference between Eritrea Taxing its citizens who by the way approached the Embassy requesting a service and the USA implementing and enforcing tax regulations and mandatory payment on its Citizens world wide, without their permission or them requiring any service, especially in Canada?

    4- Unless to score a somehow imagined victory over closing of the embassy if it ever happens ? You think those people who are complaining are still going to get their needs met ? No country can impose and change anthers rules just because a couple of people cried over it . Eritrea will continue its practice NO MATTER WHAT get it.

    All in Brothers and sisters , I ask of you to go look at the Comments made by real Canadians on both CBC and National Post and you will see the outrage by true Canadians. Even still all of my Canadian I know personally are shocked by both the allegations and the gov response.

  2. It is not about 2% (which is a fraction of someone's paycheck ) people are complaining about, it is about accountability, it is about justice, it is about constitution, it is about democracy. I pay 2% regardless my opinion about the government, but there are many who say it is morally unacceptable to pay 2% to the government who use it to kill us. I don't blame them.

  3. You are right on. I see frustration among the regime and it's supporters my man. Free Eritrea for all of us is around the corner.
    What you have stated is what the regime and followers continue to fail to see. Heck as an Eritrea, if i am paying 2% shouldn't I have the right to hold to whom I am paying the 2% to accountable? The country is lead by a cult with no accountability. Anyone know Eritrea budget?

    Where I live I pay tax (property) for my house. Every year they send me how my property tax is spent:
    School... XYZ
    Trash pickup... XYZ

    It has no benefit to the Eritrean people. In fact it works just the opposite. Close it down Canada.

  4. By the way what is wrong with driving a cab or washing dishes?
    It's a career for some people and i sure don't see anything wrong with that.

  5. Apple to Apple....

    If you believe in the leadership and the direction of the country, Eritrea, simply MOVE back to Eritrea.

  6. If you believe whatever the Government does is worthless, avoid claiming for services to be rendered on a silver platter. As simple as that ! Inka zeyfeliT haba men meharo ? yblu lebamat :)

  7. Nice try Ugum, No pay No service ! But you cannot force others who willfully pay from doing so, because you oppose the Govt, it doesn't mean everyone has to follow your footsteps. Where is "DEMOCRACY" you guys use to preach though? Why do you care if I pay my whole years income to the Gov't of Eritrea I believe is doing good job? Any problem? You sound just like all enemies so You better forget Eritrea like your Mama's breast milk :)

  8. Sure, ashinkuay do genzeb, demn rhatsn kefilom iyom arekibomuna. Nab drugn mesten shigaran genzebom kefsisu zeyshegerom, betesebom krediU, nzekhtamat kHigizu zKHebdom buzuHat iyom, aytHazelom.

  9. Haben:
    You start with you name calling, don't bother me a bit. It started from the top and tricked down to you and alike.

    Thanks to Madote, you and I are exercising our freedom of speech. We are expressing our opinions and agreeing to disagree.

    All we ask and wish is the same thing in Eritrea for our people. All the 2% is for continues oppressing of our people.

    be on the side of the people Haben. Don't just clap, challenge the government to do better.

  10. KirKir:

    I am with you for those who are building houses and want benefit from the government should pay tax. My point is how is our government spending the money? When the 2% first started we all jumped in and paid happily.

    For the sake of God, asking the government to have a budget and have accountability,,,is that a crime?

  11. Why should you care if you pay NADA. It's for me to ask clarification or not. Why would I care if you spend your money on drogs, alcohol or own a property in Canada.

  12. You quack like a duck across the border, zeyHaqi

  13. Haben Hager
    What does paying tax means?? Ask that question to a Norwigian, Danish, Swedesh ,German ...individuals. They would give you a correct answer for that. If you ave obligation to pay something, you also have a right to receive something in return. As Eritreans tax payers, we are asking a good governance, an accountable government, proper legal system, freedom of movement, time limited national service...... These are what we are asking.
    These is what we have been receiving
    Limitless national service aka slavary
    Prison without trial
    Restriction of travel and movement
    Restriction of doing business
    Abuse by millitary officers

  14. Selalia
    When my fathers and brothers were paying their blood, they did that to see A bright full Eritrea where everyone be treated with dignity and respect. If they had a magic ball to see the Eritrea that we have today, they wouldn't sacrifice their life. Why don't you call to your family and ask them how life is (if you have families in Eritrea).

  15. Inks zeyfelit haba men almedo applies to HIGDEF
    They only know to take someone's money and someone's life

  16. Well I pay 2% and I want to know exactly where the money is spent.

  17. Well, the ignorance of HIGDEF dogs is limitless. Nay men dea kiwesdu delika? I seen in one of Issayas's interview he was bashing to Eritreans - wetsai kedkum biyati kithasbu.... And next day he begs 2% from dish washers.
    He forgot mothers in Italy financed the struggle by spending their life washing dishes. I was so sad when I saw, on EriTv, one old woman who spent her whole life washing dishes and all her income was going to EPLF. The woman didn't have time to build a family and she has no kids. These are the people who the government is abusing today.

  18. oh ! You ask much for the dirty 2% lol
    How many from the opposition do their obligation to ask such huge services while opposing everything ERITREAN? Why care of the system anyway? You guys count the faults and refuse to admit the good cause that the people/Govt work tirelessly day and night. You namecall and belittle every efforts JUST like the enemy, you do not serve the country, so who gave you the right to even speak for me ERITREAN? I never asked you to represent me, I never depend on those who complain day and night without any contribution. I never see any opposition who work for development fullheartedly. I never seen any opposition to oppose the killers of my brother and sisters. I never seen so-called opposition who make a better contribution to our people from neither inside nor outside the country except divide the people into pieces by region and religion. I do not even see them help any youngster who left whatever they have behind them and came barefeet crossing the seas and shores.
    You and me see it differently but I believe on those who spend their entire life serving the people and the country. Many of them are still giving their life, while serving. What they do is called DEDICATION. I know you will tell me the opposite, because you are against anything good happening to Eritrea and you are dying to exaggerate the worst part for your personal agenda. No thanks because I smell your fake care from afar, buddy.

  19. Your father did his share, he would be ashamed to hear you complain having your lazy ass arround the corner and still keep crying from your comfort.

  20. You will be judged for your deeds and not your dirty cheap contribution.

  21. I want the barbaric tyrant AKA Wedi Medhin Berad or Wedi 40 to share Mussuloni's face. I want to see him hanged upside down

  22. Keep dreaming from your comfort, but we all die someday not because you wished him ugly death but when the time is over. I am sure all who wish ugly to others, it hits back to them like bomerang like that of Melese, Legesse, Abebe :)

  23. Instead of name calling why don't you answer the questions that the justice seekers are asking?
    I am not going even to my list of questions, just answer one....What is the budget of the country?

    I don't know if you know but as a citizen of one nation you do have the right to asking where your tax money is going.

    Oh yea by the way in case you ask, YES i am a concern Eritrean citizen. NO I am not agame.

  24. Yes I do believe in Eritrea under PFDJ!
    Yes I live outside Eritrea.
    No I Did Not Run-Away from Eritrea Under PFDJ!!
    Yes I visit Eritrea as much as I can afford the time.
    Yes I Plan To move to Eritrea in the near future, however,
    ... not to open business and make money,
    ... not to serve PFDJ,
    ... Only to help my young Eritrean sisters and brothers,
    .... that is, to provide my smallest contribution possible.
    If you own business in the west (or ask someone who owns), then you would know what the legal requirements are to opening and renewing business licenses. If you have city/state/federal outstanding balance even a speeding ticket, then you have no Luck to owning a business, unless it is a Street Pharmacy. If you love PFDJ and like the way the country is heading, 2% is the minimum; however, If you think the 2% is going to help the Organization (PFDJ) that you hate, FINE! Don't contribute the 2%, but don't expect any form of city/country service for free. Your people and country will miss you a lot. In any case, you still have the right to visit your country of origin.

  25. Where. is Z CruiseJune 24, 2014 at 1:30 PM

    I am not opposition member so I can answer you oh the behalf of the opposition, but I am opponent of the unjust that is going on in Eritrea. I am not to cheer or celebrate for the government build 1km road or one clinic with no doctors. Even if the government build schools, hospitals , roads... It is its job and there is nothing to cheer.
    Eritrea is a country with no enough electricity, running water, the slowest Internet connection, the worst human abuse. People don't even get enough bread. It was better during Derg. This is not only my word but most people in Eritrea. Loudly people in Asmara would tell you, Dergi,s b Kebele ikwa Bani yhbeka. What do we have??? Don't come here with the Fictitious Eri Tv propaganda. Today we are the most contributer of refuges in the world.
    haki Merar iya, ghin Whata

  26. People complain when they see unjust. I know you complain when your welfare check do not come on time. I know you complain when the child support from you ex man don't arrive on time. So I have a right to complain when my people don't get their right to live freely.

  27. Are you talking about the leaders of the country??

  28. Hmmmm you admire the legal requirement of the west but you oppose constitution and democracy. Lets talk the truth - you live in the west because you enjoy the freedom of working, the freedom of no one telling you to do anything that you don't like, the freedom of raising your kids without fear the government snatch them out their home.......
    You are a hypocrite and selfish individual! That is all I can say.

  29. That is all you can?? Lol

  30. While the regime in Asmara is all talk Ethiopia is is doing the talking via progress. Look at Ethiopia...Zey'keni ayiweled

  31. from where i sit, the talking seem to be coming from someone with inferiority complex, so much so that they come to those who they look up to tell tails. i feel pity you, grow some balls boy!

  32. Relax man, you seems to be confused. The mothers in Italy helped the EPLF because they want a country, culture, language of their ancestral land and one day can hold an Eritrean passport and say proudly I am Eritrean citizen.
    By the way I am an Eritrean Engeenee in France grown up in Dubai with refugee parents who were hafash wudubat (like the mothers in Italy) and send me to french high school. I volontarily go to Eritrea in 2012 and make one year service and I have seen all corners of Eritrea and I am proud to see the achievements Eritrea has made in health, education, infrastructure and reduction of poverty and that's more than the pseudo democracy in the west, it's not for you. It's for them. I agree with Isaias's Biati Khatsbu, even it's worst than that, there is no washing dishes job those days. they are living in red cross shelter and food donations. Their life is destroyed by those who promised them, if they go out from Eritrea illegally, they would be welcomed by the west

  33. I am surprised you don't know the tricks of the CIA and its proxy the woyane to extract Eritrea's youth and destroy them, now you see they are in camps, detention centers, in the Sahara. Imagine those youth spends more than 10 000$ to be smuggled, a money a young man can construct a small scale Industry. now they are gypsies every where.
    The cruize HGDEF is the product of EPLF and they are doing their best for the people of Eritrea. I never saw unhappy people in Eritrea and democracy is the least of their demands.
    As to 2%, no body comes to your home and ask you to pay.
    You are hypocrcy at it's best. Don't pay and go to hell, you have no lessons to give about accountability or democracy to the government of Eritrea. Just disappear and don't come as Eritrean to this forum.
    We the majority have trust in our government.

  34. If Ethiopia goes forward or backward it is not my business. I let Ethiopians worry or cheer about it. But if you trying to make Ethiopia look good (which is not) here, then you are opening the door to reply you in Accordance. First of all you have to know what progress is. Opening strip club, guy bar or allowing young teen agers to protestitute in the street is not progress. Ethiopians are not better off than Eritreans. Lack of Electricity, lack of clean water, lack of doctors, lack of education... Is worse than Eritrea. Atleast we can come up with excuse saying we don't get aid or we don't have Abay river. What is your excuse???

  35. How long are you blaming CIA, WoYane or some other countries for your failure ?? Dekimna iko !!
    Bet it CIA or jiniifrit, they use your weakness. What is the difference between a good band a bad boxer? A good boxer knows his opponents weakness and strength. So my friend, CIA, Woyane or any other you are mentioning are using our weakness to destroy our strength.
    Woyane and CIA opened the camps in shimelba and other places because they see the youth of Eritrea are desperate to leave the country. What are they desperate? They are desperate because the limitless national service, they want to make a living, they want to start family, they want to help their families, they want to get higher education help their families, they want to get higher education....
    I have many friends in Eriytrea who are very talented, smart and hungry for success. But they are living in dead end life without perusing their dreams. I have asked to some of my friends is they are going to settle down and get married... You know what they relied me? " what are we going to feed the wife or the kid". They have been in the service some of them from 1st round and some from 2nd round. Since you are hypocrite who lives in a land of freedom and your kids are growing in a land of freedom, you will not have any sad feeling to the people of Eritrea. Ask people in the service how much they get pocket money! Would you work for that in the land you are living??

  36. Why one year service?? Why don't you join the people in the service and live and work with them permanently??? I bet you don't want to give up the French wine.

  37. Benista,
    You asked, "...why would someone put their wife, parents, children in harms way over a 2% income tax when it's such a low amount of their income?"

    The flip sude question would be, why would the government put their wife, parents, children in harms way over a 2% income tax when it's such a low amount of their income?
    I hope you provide answer.

  38. Where is Z Cruise i usually follow up your comments and i admire your detail analysis weather i agree or not.However, sometimes i found your statements to be irrational and are lacking fare judgment.We all know onto why and how we all got to the current situation.It's been said over and over Democracy is a process. it's is not an item that can be imported from those country you mentioned(German,Swedish,Denmark etc..) so please be more realistic and stay relevant to the issue.The topic was 2% so weather you like the government or not this is a national matter. What if the government changed by any chance do we have to campaign about it again.

  39. Compatriot @Where Is Z Cruise (i.e. if ur Eritrean).
    I will try to respond to your comment, sentence by sentence, just to avoid misunderstanding
    Please read my earlier response again:
    * I did not discuss legal requirement of the west:- admiring it or not.
    * I am talking the truth (no reason not to). Since you do not know why I live in the west, there is no need for you to speculate on the reasons.
    I might sometimes be hypocrite and selfish, although I always try to be better human being. I think at times and to a degree, we all are selfish and hypocrite.
    In any case, I would like to focus on todays topic, the 2% that is required by PFDJ. Again, I stand by my earlier answer. I am happy to pay more than 2% even though there are some policies of PFDJ that I do not agree with. Remember that, it is your duty to pay taxes to the where ever country you are citizen of, even part of that money might end up funding organization that you don't wish to contribute. Worse, it might even be spent on Zionist state.

  40. That's the protistition of democracy. You lie to achieve something. I know you don't pay a single penny. If you paid you would known where every single penny is spent. You should be proud of the Eritrean achievement agaist all odds. In every sectors. I payv2%, support martyrs family, do some constructive work. Just to thanks those sacrificed for us. I never complain like you big mouse. Simply, Eritrea don't need ciber heroes like you. Keep being smart on line. But you know your self that you are greedy, selfish, savage.......but most of all dependant on western flashy democracy, marerilism and so on. Would never help a country to achieve its goals. We have seen in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt. .......

  41. We are HGDEF dogs. HGDEF liberated Eritrea, Is still working for better future.. Who's dog are you. The hyenas don't need you. You stink

  42. As I mentioned in my first comment, I am not against 2% which is a fraction of many people's paycheck. I am against why people who pay 2% stay idle for not demanding accountability. If it is our obligation to pay, it also is our right to know how the money is spent. Many of us go to church or mosque and many of us pay or contribute to the church/mosque. If the church you go and contribute money in to is not renovated, is not in tact, it losses its followers, have no proper service... Don't you want to know where your contribution is spent??
    You see my friend, in one place I was living people accused the leaders of the "inda Mariam" church for money embezzlement. You know why they accused them? Because they didn't see any progress in th church.

  43. Hash you don't even know where 2% Tax should be addressed to.

  44. You belong nowhere Z-Crook !
    You are a crybaby who expect everything be served in a silver platter.

  45. Cry me river because you love Eritrea/Eritreans from deepest of your lazy/lousy/know-it-all self-proclaimed filosophy :)

  46. Those who think Dergue regime better than GOE, how absurd. They might be from Mars.You cannot compare any current regimes in this planet with Dergue. Dergue committed the most heinous crimes against the people of Eritrea. There was a curfew from 6pm-6AM. Our young girls raped in Kebelei, innocent Eritreans massacred inside churches and mosques. Many villages and towns burned down. Those who missed Dergue are spies, murderers, rapist and secret religious groups under the disguise of Pent Costal. Shame on those dead soul who pray to have the same life that they had under the Dergue regime.

  47. Try not paying your taxes in the country you are living in expecting an explanation and you will see what you will get. If you live in the US, you will be criminally charged for tax evasion, pay penalties and interest on your unpaid tax and your name will be tarnished for a long, long time. Try looking for a job with such a record! There is no citizen who does not know that!

    You have revealed so much about yourself everyday, here. You are so short sited that you think that all the matter you are complaining about exists in a vacuum. You cannot see that the country you admire Ethiopia, and its masters are the ones who are to blame for all the ills you are crying about. Where do you think money comes from? It doesn't grow on trees, you know (the equivalent is printing). You cannot have the luxury of criticizing about things that are lacking after having cheered when sanctions were imposed. Then you claim you care for the people of Eritrea. Look around you and find out who is messing up the world causing millions of deaths, sufferings and misery and then claiming they are not responsible.

    Have you heard that the countries you had in mind when you talked about accountability, . . . have cooperated in spying on everyone who has a phone around the world outside what their law prescribes? They site national security as the compelling reason. If their national security concerns of rich, powerful well established countries who have many powerful allies compels them to do so, what does a young, small country with almost 1000 kms of border to share with an enemy that is 20 times larger, occupies its territories, continuously tries to subjugate it and steal some more territory should do? You do not have a satisfactory answer for that!

    You have shown readers that you are shallow, immature, lair, and you just revealed you are sexist and very rude. Why did you assume the writer, "Sara"lives on welfare or is a recipient of child support? You need to examine yourself so deeply, mister!

  48. a citizen who pays tax, is an honest citizen. A citizen who don't pay tax is an evader, and who evade didn't deserve to be called a citizenship is not something that you get for nothing..

  49. Great simply..shared

  50. first time you spoke the truth

  51. Dergue committed the most heinous crimes against the people of Eritrea.
    well lets write side by side Dergs Crime and HGDEF́s crime, the we will know who is Evander Holyfield and Who is Mike tyson of crime.

  52. You forget there were many Eritreans who actually were enriched during the Derg era. Once the EPLF arrived, those privileges were taken away.

  53. Building shiny buildings in the capital is not progress. Travel to any nation in the global South and you'll see the same approach being followed. What ultimately happens is people from the countryside flock to the capital and overwhelm the cities resources, services, etc. What ensues is a city of a few "haves" and a majority of "have-nots".

  54. Given we've never heard stories of persecution of family members your question is mute and devoid of any factual understanding of how the taxation scheme works. Ultimately what people need to understand is that if you don't pay your taxes, your property, businesses will be confiscated or services withheld as seen in most nations on Earth.

  55. It's spent on subsidized education, healthcare, infrastructure, food security programs, etc. Any other questions can be directed to the Ministry of Finance.

  56. Dear cane libero
    I always read your comments ...
    ... always fantastic.
    Keep-up commenting fairly.

  57. The Truth Will Set You FreeJune 25, 2014 at 12:27 PM

    Recent Interview:

    4,000 Eritreans Leaving Eritrea is not bad. It could help raise our per capita income. Eritreans are being attracted and lured by a better life in Europe and America, but they are not leaving because of oppression in the country.

    The President said:

    "If their excuse is really oppression in Eritrea, why don't they stop and live in Sudan, Ethiopia or Kenya? But they continue their journey to Israel or Europe and America." The president said most Eritrean refugees are economic migrants, not victims of oppression or human rights abuse.

    Or by the way, I was one of those migrants. I live in Italy awaiting my documents. Thnx to journey. God bless.

  58. 4,000 Eritreans Leaving Eritrea is not bad. It could help raise our
    per capita income. Eritreans are being attracted and lured by a better
    life in Europe and America, but they are not leaving because of
    oppression in the country.

    The President said:

    "If their excuse is really oppression in Eritrea, why don't they stop and live in Sudan, Ethiopia or Kenya? But they continue their journey to Israel or
    Europe and America." The president said most Eritrean refugees are
    economic migrants, not victims of oppression or human rights abuse.

    by the way, I was one of those economic migrant. I live in Italy awaiting my documents. I'm considering grad school. I will be paying my 2% for the Eritrean service. Thnx to journey. The truth.

  59. Would you be willing to replace those in trenches for ONLY one year ? If you really think of the great picture, if you really care for Eritrea, if you really mean whatever you say from the bottom of your heart, YES we need those on trenches take some rest too. As you seem to care a lot for our selfless youth and gallant fighters who keep the State of Eritrea floating and stand tall and proud, WE NEED YOU AT HOME TODAY! Be man enough, show me that you are ready to make a better change IN PERSON because you seem to know better and can deliver a lot voluntarily, will you?

  60. Im with you. I myself left my people behind me and felt guilty. When I left together with my friends laughing and having good time filled with lots of hope to touch the sky, we did not know what was waiting for us outside the borders. But unfortunately my suposed to be fortune trip ended up on nightmare before its started. I saw my seven friends disappear one by one, drop of hunger, imprisoned, executed, burned and drauned on that ugly merciless ocean leaving me all behind them for suffering. I still remember their faces, their laughter, the jokes, I remeber the smell of eachothers sweat, I remember them all on my dreams. They come closer to me with friendly approach, jokes but they faint off. They come back crying and ask me why I was that desparate to leave them all behind me. They ask me if I am happy with my life, but I tell them NO I still prefer I would have stayed at home. I tell them I would prefer my mothers little bread and my younger brothers dirty shirt to borrow. I never knew that democracy is such a painful experience. Noone to be blamed for my action. My guilt is unbearable. I am not better than all those who give whatever they have to build the country. I am not that remarkable person comparing with all those who voluntarily give whatever they have for the poor. I put my head down and cry.
    Ashamed of my myself, ashamed of me,

  61. If you have evidence the guy you mentioned killed thousands of Eritreans why don't you make him arrested. If you are a man enough you would do more than make him arrested. From your comment I understand you are not man enough and you are fanatic against some religion.

  62. In the country I am living I know my obligation and I know my rights too. The authority that takes my tax knows its obligation and its limitation. All you are babbling is about Eritreans obligations but you never mentioned our rights.

  63. If you two want to go back I will buy you a ticket. No one is forcing you to be in the west. The reason you left your country is to live in a free world. I know that and you know that. Don't come here and lie to us!

  64. How stupid all pfdj / hgdf supporters

  65. Helping a dictator who is destroying Eritrea & Eritrean blood

  66. I withheld his name for the sake of his family. Just to give you a clue, during Dergue regime there were three Eritreans who had top position: 1.Isaac Tsegay 2. Afewerqi 3. The one I withheld his name. If you get time check the old Dimtsi Hafash archive and listen to the murderer"s life story. This murder had full authority to refuse to sign the death penalty of many innocent Eritreans.You said make him arrested. WOW! The united states is a safe haven for many murderers. See for example, when an Ethiopian lady saw a Red Terror member his name Gabisa in Washington DC she screamed out of terror and the police arrested him. Later the police released him for not having enough evidence. I don't have any hate or grudge against any religion. I know these self baptized christian wannabe preach hate against Eritrea and its leadership. Sorry, if you are one of them.

  67. How do you know their reasons? Please don't assume or generalize about others simply because they don't push your political agenda. It seems with the opposition it's either you're with us or against us. And you wonder why you're the minority. You're worse than PFDJ will ever be and the sad fact is you don't even know it.

  68. No just your mother.

  69. Nice pic of wedi afom! Good luck on your status.

  70. Wehatyo tebelkwas...... Why you withholding his name if you are 100% sure he is a criminal?? It seems you are protecting this guy!!! Or is your accusation is out of thin air!! A man who killed thousands of Eritreans living Amon Eritreans and people like you know him, and you don't disclose his name to protect him or his family wowww

  71. How do you know I belong to opposition?? Please don't assume or generalize about people that oppose the regime belongs to opposition organization.
    I am a one mans army!

  72. Ohh sorry my mother is pure Eritrean unlike some people who are stealing our natural resource.

  73. What is the budget of Eritrea Mr finance minister??

  74. I know who you are Criminal Smuggler!

  75. Most of them who are against the 2% volunteer tax are Ethiopians, not Eritreans. So they cant renounce a citizenship they never had.

  76. Yes you are right. He is not only a Criminal Smuggler, he is a defector and sellout too, working to fill his pocket. Selfish woyane!

  77. Truth, he is not an opposition. He is not Eritrean. He is agame and Meles Chenawi is his boss.

  78. WhereIs Z Cruise,

    How much are the woyanes paying you for one night? Do you sleep with only one woyane
    in one night or you get to sleep with more of them? Do they know you are a guy?
    Please tell me how everything happens. I couldn't wait!!!

  79. Not worries bro. i'm first Eritrean, then seek in life time, justice, equilibrium, fairness, as much as i can..


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