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Eritreans In the United States commemorated Martyrs Day

Eritreans in Seattle holding a candlelight vigil in honor of fallen heroes 

Seattle Remembers its Fallen Heroes and Heroines with National Pride!

Hundreds of members of the Eritrean Community of the Seattle Metro area gathered today, Friday, June 20th, at the Seattle Mahberekom to pay homage and express deep respect in memory of the men and women who got martyred in the long Eritrean war for independence and while defending its national sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity.

The nationals, who had filled the main hall of Mahberekom to over capacity, had contemplated and weighed in what the death of the thousands of Eritrean Martyrs meant to each and every one of them. Speakers after speakers expressed the heart felt honor they felt by what the selfless Eritrean martyrs did for Eritrea and Eritreans; and the undeniable proud legacy they left behind. They expressed their deep gratitude to the young men and women, who left everything worldly behind and faced pain and suffering, death and limb
dismemberment so that we, the living Eritreans, could be free! To that end, the participants rejuvenated their love and dedication for their fallen heroes/heroines and pledged to do whatever they could to support the family members our Martyrs left behind.

As has been the tradition now, the Eritrean youth of Greater Seattle took the lead in setting and leading the
successful program.

Berhane Alazar for ENHOC Seattle, Friday, June 20th, 2014

Eritreans in New Orleans and its environs commemorated Martyrs Day

Eritreans gathered to honor Martyrs Day on Friday June 20th at New Orleans City Park. The program began with a moment of silence in memory of all those who sacrificed their lives for Eritrea’s liberty and sovereignty. The program included singing, poetry reading and speeches.

Various national songs and songs from the liberation struggle era alongside poems which demonstrated the transfer of our values as a heritage to the new generation raised the emotion of participants.

During the ceremony program, Dr. Sebahtu read an essay titled “ Sene 20, ትርጉም 20 ሰነ” which described the precious gift our martyr’s imparted to all Eritreans.

The several activities of the event in general made Martyrs Day an even more memorable day.

The day’s activities ended with the singing of the Eritrean National Anthem.

Eternal Glory to our martyrs!
Victory to the masses!

Eritreans In New Orleans commemorating Martyrs day

Eritreans in Washington, D.C. and its environs commemorated Martyrs Day

                                              Photos of Martyrs Day in Washington, D.C.

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  1. ብደም ዝመሓልኩ

    ብዓይኒ ሕልና ዝሓለፍካዮ ዘኪረ

    ለበዋኻ ሰሚዐ ሕድርኻ ኣኽቢረ፡

    ሓጋዚ ዘይብልካ እንኮ ጽንዓት

    ንዓለም ዘርኣኻ ሕሉፍ ትብዓት፡

    ምረት ዝመረጽካ ዓስቡ ራህዋ

    ሞባእ ተኸፊልካ ሃገር ክትሕልዋ፡

    ምንባር ዝመነንካ ንሞት ህርፋን

    ምእንቲ ህዝብኻ ሓመድ ምድፋን፡

    በጃ ዝሓለፍካ ንስለ ናጽነት

    ህይወት ዝወፈኻ ዝመረጽካ መስዋእትነት፡

    ሃየ. . . . ቅሰን ኣብ ቦታ ዘልኣለም

    ስክፍታ ኣይተሕድር ሕድርኻ ከይጠልም፡

    ናትካ ሽግ ጨቢጠ ኣትሪረ

    ውሽጥኻ ክትግብር ኣርማኻ ዓቲረ፡

    ደምካ ዘፍሰስካሉ ሓርነት ክዕቅብ

    መትከልካ መትከለይ ኣሰርካ ከርክብ፡

    ዝወረድካዮ ቁልቁል ተነቚተ ወሪደ

    ዝናርካ ዓጢቐ ኣብ ዶብ ዓሪደ፡

    ዝሓኾርካዮ እምባ እድይብ

    ብረት ዓትዒተ እተባተብ፡

    ዝመረሽካዮ ጎላጒል ከይደዮ

    ነጠብጣብ ረሃጽካ ጨቅዩ ርእየዮ፡

    ዘጽለልካሉ ቖጥቋጥ ኣዕሪፈሉ

    ንወራር ኣፍሺለ ቀሲነሉ፡

    ኣብ ዝሰተኻሉ ሩባ ጽምኣተይ ኣርውየ

    ብወሓዚ ደመይ ወሰነይ ፈልየ፡

    ዝተበገስካላ ኩርባ ውዒለላ

    ኣባይ ክጸርግ ተሸባሺበላ፡

    ዝሃጀምካዮ ድፋዕ ሰጊረዮ

    ንጸላኢ ኣጽኒተ ቀቢረዮ፡

    ብናህሪ ዝላ ዝሰበርካዮ ካናለ

    ዓወት ተጓናጺፈ ባንዴራ ተኺለ፡

    ግንባር ተሃሪምካ ዝወደቕካላ

    ገረብ ሕድሪ ተኺለ ኣጠጢዐላ፡

    መቓብርካ በጺሐ ከሕድስ ዝኽሪ

    ቃልካ ኣድህየዮ መቓልሕ ሕድሪ፡

    ንጣር ደምካ ብሕልና ኣብ ነብሰይ ነጢቡ

    ረዚን ምሕጽንታ ምስ መንፈሰይ ተዛሪቡ፡

    ሓሲበ ኣስተንቲነ ቅያኻ ዘኪረ

    ኩለንትናኻ ኣብ ልበይ ስለዝሓደረ፡

    ኣስቆርቊረ ማዕበል ከብደይ ተገላቢጡ

    ንብዓት ስዒሩኒ ብኽያት ግን ተዋሒጡ፡

    መጻኢ ራኢኻ ኣብ ኣእምሮይ ተሰቑሩ

    ዘረከብካኒ ሓላፍነት ከቢድ’ዩ ጾሩ፡

    ድሕሬኻ ኣሚንካ ተላቢኻ ዋርሳ

    እምነት ኣምቢርካለይ ከይጠሓስ ክብራ፡

    መብጽዓ ይዅነኒ ሰሲዐ ከይጠልም

    ሃሪፈ ኮኾብ ሰማይ ክሰርቕ ከይሓልም፡

    ቅሰን ቅሰነለይ ባዕለይ ኣለኹ

    ሕድርኻ ከተግብር ብደም ዝመሓልኩ።


    ኣቡ ዓምራ ዘኣስመራ

    ክ/ሰ 28

  2. Eternaly memory to our Martyrs

  3. I come to Eritrean web site once in a while. The whole year the only thing you talk about is martyr day and festivals. Is that all you are good at? Celebrating and dancing ?
    This is just an observation .
    Now please take turn to insult me . Oh yea i forgot. That's another thing you are good at. :-)

  4. Who designated June 20 to be Martyrs Day and to be commemorated with Candle Light?......... The usurper Isaias Afewerqi, isn't it?
    Lets now review his past and present history to figure out if his action was intended for deception or genuine...............
    It is incontrovertible fact that he has hijacked the legacy of our Martyrs, Democratic Eritrea where its people live in unity freedom, peace, harmony, happiness etc., and undertaken a program of cleansing Eritrea of itself people , of which, among many others, the mass flight of its youngsters from their country, the tens of thousands of its people languishing in ever mushrooming prisons of metal containers etc. are the embodiment.
    Of course, Isaias Afewerqi is an immaculate con artist; for any heinous crime he intends to commit, he builds an elaborate evasive edifices to keep his crimes in the dark. He calls the illegal and unnecessary 1998 Eritrean- Ethiopian war, self defense against woyane invasion. Even after he admitted to the Eritrean Ethiopian Claim Commission that he was the Aggressor, he still tells the Eritrean people that it was in self-defense.
    He says that Eritrea should not be challenged by any of the neighboring countries. Yes, to the naïve Eritrean, this sounds patriotic. But during his alleged war of in- self- defense against woyane, not only did he ordered Eritrean Defense forces to withdraw from Asseb Front but also allowed woyane forces to penetrate deep into Eritrea and to attack our Gash-Barka Armed Forces from behind.
    If there were indeed woyane invasion, why didn't Isaias Afewerqi inform the UNSC before he launched his alleged counter offensive in accordance with the International Law? The reason can only be because the war was long conspired between him and Meles.
    The two woyane military offensives were crushed by the Sawa Lions, and yet, seemingly paradoxical, just before the Third Woyane Military Offensive began, Isaias Afewerqi, under the slogan of Miraculous Victory, alienated and replaced the successful Military Generals and put himself as the sole military conductor of the war. This was the time when he ordered EDF to withdraw from Asseb Front and woyane forces penetrated deep into Eritrea and attacked our Defense Forces from behind and when EDFs, for the first time ,suffered setback. Would any genuine Eritrean,, under this revealing set of circumstances, fail to see the treacherous hands of Isaias Afewerqi ? Absolutely not.
    But how did the con artist Isaias Afewerqi kept his betrayal in the dark? Of course, by accusing the senior military officers of the very crime he perpetrated and thereof, keeping them in prison in incommunicado.
    Genuine Eritreans,
    It is obvious from the above facts that the predator Isaias Afewerqi did not initiate Martyrs Day Commemoration with any good heart but with evil one, to continue his relentless pogrom in our slumber.


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