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Turkish Airlines to begin 3 weekly flights to Asmara in August

Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800

Turkish Airlines to begin 3 weekly flights to Asmara in August 

Turkish Airlines has moved its original date to start flights to Asmara from May 29 to August 19.

According to Airlinerroute, the airliner will begin 3 weekly Istanbul – Taif – Asmara flights, on board a Boeing 737-800.

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Turkish Airlines to begin 3 weekly flights to Asmara in August Reviewed by Admin on 9:18 AM Rating: 5


  1. Oh guys, I thought you had told us few months before that it would start this month. Now, you are telling us that it will start flying on August again and you are doing this by siting an unreliable news on an unknown website? I think this is fake. If it was not, the Turkish airlines would announce it officially. What is your goal?

  2. Nope. The May 29 date was said by a government official. This new date is coming from the airliner itself. Dates changing are common in any industry. Have a nice day.

  3. I agree with abel its better to wait till the airlines announce itself, the news being going on the last two years and its becoming very silly! !

  4. The PFDJ gangs never stick to what they say or promise. Their nick name is "Hiz Gidif"

  5. There are a few people who contacted Turkish airlines and they informed me them that flights will start on August 19. So the information is coming from them. Previously, the other and only date provided was May 29, which a government spokesman had said.

    The airliner changed its date from May 29 to August 19. Informing people of this new date is not silly at all. It's information that needs to be passed on. Dates change for a number of reasons, it happens.

  6. Ah. I see. So an airliner changing its date from May 29 to August 19 is a government issue? Grow up.

  7. How can any sane individual trust any Eritrean government official now?

    Perfect timing for Turkey Airlines after the busy tourist season is ending??

    This will be a colossal failure to Turkey Airlines following in the footsteps of Eritrean Airlines.

    At this point I will hope they have something set up for May 2015.

  8. They probably got lobbied by Weyane Tigray and the sanctions committee to delay their start date. But it looks like it is happening anyway. August is fine! As long as they end up providing good service. And they should! Turkish Airlines was voted the best European airline, ahead of Lufthansa, for three years in a row.

    Eat your heart out Weyane Tigray!

    Agames will never succeed in bringing Eritrea down!

  9. I am with Madote in that what Madote is doing is passing on pertinent "News", which is their job. But, it really is frustrating this projects or in this case, services, that either never happen or disappear as soon as they started.
    In my humble opinion, while the airline business is a tough business to be in, at this time, Eritrean Airlines should limit its services to no more than two or three international destination, probably to Cairo, Jeddah and Dubai. This way, all passengers from Europe, America, Australia and the Middle East could take any other airlines of their choice to these destinations, and Eritrean would simply fly them to and from Asmara. That would be a win-win situation….

  10. Lalmba, Eritrean Airlines has already started flights from Jeddah and Dubai in order to provide Eritreans with more options to connect their flights from.

  11. Agame is not begging for any airline to get a service. Instead they are hard work to own the best airline in Africa. did you see the difference?

  12. These motherfvckers used to consist almost the majority of the employees at the EAL until 1998. And the craziest thing is that these haters were blocking Tigraians from being appointed at the EAL out of jealousy. Now, they do not even have a single plane to fly. Gizie Degu.

  13. God put a curse on our border and called it Tigray.

    Go away Agame Lemani! Yerdae'ka!

  14. Poor hater. Stinky immigrant. Agame kicks your stinky ass. Hadami jajawi.

  15. If it is something very common for such a date to change and it is not a government issue like you are saying.

    Than could we say it is incompetence of the governement (official) to make such a firm statement about it?

  16. One way or the other, Eritreans will find a way home to celebrate Eritrea's birthday.

  17. Lol your Ethiopia is the number 1 country to ask for money each time for USA & other countries it's like prostitute but you guys can't use your prostituted money for good & spend it on whatever your agames want keep sucking USA or whatever other countries you guys like and say we got space ships to

  18. I could see the big grin on Egypt Airlines face now that they know there is less competition for passengers travelling to Eritrea during the summer season. I give up time to bring Ethiopian Airlines what do you think guys?

  19. Where Is Z CruiseMay 8, 2014 at 6:59 PM

    From US/EU to ISTANBUL, from Istanbul to Taif, Saudi Arabia, and From Taif to Asmara. to many layovers. We still dont know the lay-over in an airport of Istanbul and Taif.
    Too much hustle to visit Eritrea.

  20. As far as we know, there is no Woyane "Agame" or Tigraway airlines sofar:)

  21. Beggarism is in your blood for generations, deep down in your DNA :)
    Ethiopia (tgray) = AID (worldwide famous song we are the children)

  22. Great news for E r i t r e a n s , welcome Turkish wish also a fair ticket cost..

  23. Here we go again, we have been told the same story for the last two years, without providing a single link to official statment by Turkish airlines. Even the hardcore HGDEF supporters must be bored by now. How on earth an airline keep silence from announcing their plan when is 3 monthes left to the first flight?. It wouldn't suprise me when we approach augest the propoganda will shift to Qatar airline, as it has been the case before.

  24. To be honest with you having Ethiopian air would have a direct benefit to the Eritrean people.

    Great idea...For one Ethio airline is

    1. It's of the best in Africa
    2. The airline has over 65 airlines
    3. Direct from Dc to addis. 45 minute from addis to Asmara... you can beat that.....
    4. Ethio airline is independent and profitable last year revenue 36billion
    5. In order for all the above to occur the two elephants "government" need to make peace so the people of both countries can benefit.

    Here is my solution.
    1. Ethio get out of Badime....the ruling is final.
    2. Eritrea...needs to implement the constitution and the rule of law must exist. Accountability must exist. Does anyone know who our vice president is? Does anyone know what Eritreas annual budget is?

  25. Tigraway
    Are you comparing 6m new nation with 90 m people with 3000 thousand (fake ) history by now you should be manufacturing your own plaines.Instead bragging borrowing and begging from other manufacturing countries with brain that functions.

  26. Where Is Z CruiseMay 9, 2014 at 8:55 AM

    Bravo Awet, that is the best solution to all the misery we have today

  27. አዋይ ሓሶት ኣታ አንታይ ገርናካ ዳ በረራ ኣስማራ ዱባይ፣ ኣስማራ ጀዳ፡ ኣስማራ ካይሮ ጀሚራ ትብል ኣብኡ ዘይኮናን ቀኒና ሰንበት ኪትጅምር`ያ ነሓንሳብ ከኣ ሰሉስ ዶ ትብሉ መሊስና አንታየዩ አቲ ጽገም ኢልና ምስ ሓተትና ዋጋ ኣይተረጋገጸን ዝብል መልሲ ዝሃቡና መንገዲ ኣየር ኤርትራ አስካ ትሕሱ ግን ደሓን ኣምላኽ ባዕሉ ጸገም ኤሪትራውያን ርእዩ ፍታሕ ይገብረልና ይከውን አምበር ካብ መንግስትናስ ሲ ሓንቲ ነገር ኣይረኸብናን ሬሳና ሕራይ ኢሉ ሃገሩ እንተ የእትይዎ ብታዕሚ ዕድለኛታት ኢና ብዝተረፈ ንኣምላኽ ኣርህወልና ኢልና ንለምኖ

  28. @firatsunel: FINALLY! TURKISH AIRLINES STARTS ISTANBUL-ASMARA FLIGHTS ON 19 AUGUST 2014.THE FLIGHTS WILL BE VIA TAIF & 3 TIMES A WEEK FOR THE BEGINNING. This a tweeter from Turkish ambassador in Eritrea, if you idiots thinks this isn't reliable go kill yourself, Madote is doing an amazing job. Keep it up

  29. Awet, we Eritreans know what is our priority, its our people who live in the country who need...
    1, free eduction
    1, food security
    2, free health care
    3, security
    4, FDI
    5, communication and trasport and so on

    So, this flight issue comes at last, Thanks

  30. It is offical now---
    Asmara: City Guide – Flight Ticket – Online Reservation | THY – Turkish Airlines
    Istanbul- Taif (TIF)-Asmara (ASM) flights are planned as 3 flights per week and will be launched as of August 19, 2014.


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