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Eritrean president in Sudan for talks on bilateral relations

                                                        President Isaias Afwerki

Eritrean president in Sudan for talks on bilateral relations

President Isaias Afwerki arrived Thursday in Khartoum for talks with his Sudanese counterpart, Omer Al-Bashir, on economic cooperation as they are expected to discuss oil and trade agreements.

State minister at the foreign ministry, Obeid Allah Mohamed Obeid Allah stated that the two sides discussed economic cooperation specially the electrical interconnection between the neighbouring countries.

"The two sides discussed the importance of completing this project in the near future," Obeid Allah said, adding that talks dealt with the possibility of providing Eritrea with oil derivatives.

The two sides, according to the state minister, further discussed efforts to control and secure the joint border.

Afwerki who is in a three-day visit to Sudan met on Thursday evening with the first vice-president Bakri Hassan Saleh to discuss the implementation of the signed agreements.

Source: Sudan Tribune
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  2. Presidents Isaias visits various economic establishments in Republic of Sudan

    Asmara, 09 May 2014 – Presidents Isaias Afwerki today visited various economic establishments in the Republic of Sudan.

    The President visited currency and official documents printing center and gold processing plant, during which he received briefings by managers and experts.

    It is to be recalled that Presidents Isaias and Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Beshir conducted meeting yesterday in Khartoum focusing on development of bilateral ties and relations of cooperation, as well as Mr. Bekri Hassen Saleh, the First Vice President of the Republic of Sudan.

    It is to be recalled that President Isaias left for Sudan yesterday on working visit.

  3. Eritrean president visits Sudan, energy, border control on agenda

    May 09,2014

    KHARTOUM, May 8 (Xinhua) -- The presidents of Sudan and Eritrea met here Thursday to discuss cooperation in such areas as energy and border control, the Sudanese foreign ministry said.

    Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and his visiting Eritrean counterpart, Isaias Afwerki, discussed "ongoing efforts to link Eritrea with Sudan's power grid," the ministry said. "The two sides consulted on the importance of completing this project very soon."

    Afwerki arrived in Khartoum earlier Thursday on a three-day official visit to Sudan.

    The two presidents also discussed the possibility of Sudan providing Eritrea with oil derivatives and other products, and better control of their borders.

    Migrants and asylum-seekers trying to flee Eritrea often must pass through Sudanese borders on their way to Egypt or Israel. Both Sudan and Eritrea are seeking to better control such movement in their border regions.

  4. To Sudan...
    To Dubai back to Eritrea

    The next visit will be to Dubai
    To Sudan back to Eritrea....

    Such an isolated person and isolated country...

  5. sudan = cool neighborMay 9, 2014 at 10:51 AM

    Why can't Tigray be a cool neighbor like Sudan instead of being a curse?

  6. H.E. President Isaias Afeworki lives in his country ERITREA with his family & people that he fought (& still fighting) for. So the main thing is where he resides daily and who he works for.
    Mr./Ms/. Taco: Where do you live & who do you work for?
    Whats your daily travel pattern?
    ... Home => To Taco Bell => To Home?

  7. It is sad to see that we Eritreans who fought so much for our freedom ending up with incompetent president for life. He is so isolated, thanks to his zero skills of deplomacy , the only head of state whom he visit or visit him is Al Bashir who is almost as much isolated as DIA. Our only hope out of this nightmare is FORTO 2.

  8. Historically Russians have taken a strategy of studying the language of the strongest enemy as their second language that is why in our period of time they are one of the strongest nations in the world. We Eritreans does not need to learn the language of the people of Tigray. We just need to focus on our mistakes and correct them. In this case language is not only the spoken wards.
    Happy birth day Eritrea.

  9. pappagallo hunterMay 9, 2014 at 11:21 AM

    you know it brother.

  10. pappagallo hunterMay 9, 2014 at 12:13 PM

    It was funny when he went to Dubai he was received by minster of sewage and garbage disposal, i couldn't stop laughing. how low he sank in the eye of the world, no respect at home no respect abroad.

  11. So what is it to you? He is giving you a nightmare again? Why don't you look after your own life.

    The parrot said "isolated" because it heard 'isolated" a million times from Eritrea's enemies!

  12. Sudan to supply power to Eritrea: Media

    Last Updated: Friday, May 09, 2014, 23:46

    Khartoum: Sudan plans to supply neighbouring Eritrea with electricity,
    official media reported on Friday, just months after Khartoum said it would
    buy power from Eritrea's rival Ethiopia.

    The Sudanese Electricity Transmission Company has begun work on a
    45-kilometre (28-mile) line between eastern Sudan's Kassala state to
    Teseney, just over the border in Eritrea, the SUNA news agency said.

    The announcement came during the second day of an official visit to
    Khartoum by Eritrean President Issaias Afeworki.

    Issaias and his Sudanese counterpart Omar al-Bashir discussed economic
    cooperation "especially with regard to the electricity power linkage", SUNA
    reported earlier.

    Eritrea is one of the world's poorest nations.

    Sudan tries to maintain a balanced relationship between Eritrea and its
    other eastern neighbour Ethiopia.

    Issaias is expected to end his Sudanese trip on Saturday.

    In December Sudan and Ethiopia inaugurated a cross-border electricity

    Bashir and Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn opened a
    321-kilometre line between Gedaref power station and Ethiopia's Amhara
    state, SUNA reported at the time.

    Sudan would initially buy 100 megawatts, it said.

    Ethiopia is building the 6,000-megawatt Grand Renaissance hydro development
    which will be Africa's largest when finished in 2017.


  13. hear medi menewe as wedi afom.

  14. Agame Lemani. Get Lost! Yirda'eka!

  15. Yerdaeka,
    Be careful with the Agame word, there are many people in the Eritrean top leadership who may get offended, if you understand what I mean. I guess you don't want to miss you privilege of summer vacation in Eritrea 😋.

  16. Get a job you vagabond, before you know it you will be too old to do any, those helping to get you going,soon they wan't be around to help,as they are doing now.


  18. Where ever you live,I am sure you visit the stores that are close to you and have the items that you are looking for, same as The president, you Dummy go to school learn some thing that make you some body some day.

  19. He has no economic establishments to visit in his own country and he is visiting such establishments in other countries( Uganda, Sudan, Kenya e.t.c.) and he does so almost every year. Why does he do that?

  20. Are you from the Beja tribe? We the Akeles prefer our christian neighbors Tigraians which is the site of sacred religious sites( like Axum Zion church, Damo, Lalibela, Waldba e.t.c.) not the Muslim Sudanese.

  21. ኣታ ታይ ገበርናካ?!?!?! እዚ ዝመስል ደርፊ ናይዞም ጀግና ኣሉላስ ኣብ ናይዞም ውሩዳት ባንዳታት ድረገፅ ትልእኾ? ኤህህ!! ዓፅሚ እቶም ጀግና ይውጋእኻ ዶ ክብለካ?

  22. If you have what it takes ,how come you don't go to have it your way on your own you peace of garbage. You expect the same people gave you a country to call up on,to do every thing else that comes with it while you laying in bed.

  23. Ms./Mr. Taco,
    Did I touch your nerve? Sorry if I did.
    While making fun of H.E. Isaias Afeworki ...
    Shouldn't you have expected others to make fun of you? Zero Imagination!

  24. Eritrea is just celebrating 23 birthday, free from tyranny, a country we can call home. in this short 23 years what this country achieved despite the international pressure to conform to the norm in mother Africa. no the man said, we will do it our own way, PIA is a diplomat like no other in Africa, most of the leaders run toward the west to beg and look for solution else where while the solution for most of thier problem is right under thier nose. PIA is a business man (MBA) who understand the basics of economics, whats taking place in Eritrea is what China was in 80-90s. the basics such as food security wise investment on resources, energy, basic technologies. Don't be fooled by a concrete jungle as it is not an indicator of susrainable growth

  25. Mamagallo, Papagalo, or whatever type of bird you are ...
    Respect all professionals, regardless of how they serve their communities, be it Minister Sewage or Sewage cleaner.
    It seems you are a good friend of Papa-Taco, Are you the same person?

  26. Ha Ha Ha I luv it ;)
    Taco bell ..... din don dan .....

  27. Bad try Agamino, Eritrea is Eritrea with equal rights to all nationals christian/moslems, We live togeter and we die together unlike your empty pride of tgray who slaughtered tgray jeberti for their moslem religion and kick off the rest to nomansland. You guys do not stop amazing me bastd !

  28. Kir Kir! ... I love it; I love what the Parrot said.

  29. Just to remind you, there are many Eritreans who became Weyane boot licker in the so-called disgruntled opposition group. They pretend to be more agame than Weyane. You are one of them. Please, you better go to Aiga website.

  30. Eritrea's bright future is evident: this is one of so many..Viva Eritrea

  31. I have no evidence for me to reply towards your comment,but when ever PIA travels he does not go for shopping or vacation it is always about learning how our Eritrea as good or productive as those places he visit, if what you have commented is true,knowing Dubai is the most clean city in the world,perhaps he want to learn how they are efficient in sewage and garbage disposal and keeping the country clean,usually once you perfect on this part, health and wellness of citizens are prolonged and more tourist are attracted.At the end of the day this will bring more $ to the country economy by saving on health issues, and income from Tourism.


  33. You mean in the Ethiopian top leadership? Are you talking about Meles Chenawi and TemBerkek Simon?

  34. Mr yirdae'ka, Please be are trying to tell us as if you live in heaven being at hell. It is correct your only hope is FORTO 2. Don't fear death while you are dying. by the way, we Agame are sooooo happy when you Hammasiens call us AGAME, the economic and war hero.


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