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For those who bash Eritrea's National Service and shamelessly equate it to slavery....

Linda Tekle and her friend in Sawa 

Modern Day Slavery! 

Here is a dose of reality for those who are improving their writing skills by bashing Eritrea on a daily basis and arrogantly equating the country’s national service to slavery.

Slavery is when…..
  • You work all your life and have nothing, Natta, zero to show 

  • The balance on your mortgage is the same as it was 3 decades ago when you 1st bought “your home”.

  • Every body’s voice is heard but only the one that subscribes to the master’s agenda is counted.

  • You are told that your only child’s life-threatening illness can not be treated for lack of health insurance.

  • You are told how to spend and where to spend your hard-earned after taxed money.

  • 90% of the world’s economy is controlled by a mere 3% of the world population.

  • The continent with the highest natural resources is systematically the poorest.

  • Freedom of speech is plenty and fine and dandy so long as you don’t act on it.

So, how about a glass of water to help you digest it and hopefully it’ll keep you calm at least until after may 24th?

Happy Holiday Everyone!! 

Bruh Tesfa 

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For those who bash Eritrea's National Service and shamelessly equate it to slavery.... Reviewed by Admin on 9:31 PM Rating: 5


  1. Very well said, Madote! Keep up the good work expected from a true citizen.

  2. Yes, indeed Eritrea is a no nonsense country that believes in her kids to develop it, and the National Service is nothing more than that!

  3. Military service is deeply ingrained in the Eritrean identity.

  4. I don't think military service is deeply ingrained in the Eritrean identity , what is deeply ingrained is that every citizen regardless where he is (abroad or at home) want to play part in developing Eritrea and defend Eritrea

  5. The original intention might have been that but it has been abused and the Government of Eritreas passive approach to some of the abuses has distorted the outcome.

  6. Bruh Tesfa where are you now somewhere in US. Canada, ................... and supporting the government to secure your piece of land in Eritrea. Try to pay 2% and say nekid nekid tray ok.

  7. You can't be serious. People like him are opportunist. Such girls bless their heart the meaning of education, marriage, family and other personal dreams are non existing. We have our elderly's left behind no one to care for them because many of their kids are stranded in Sawa.
    Anyone who served in the national service including family members that I have spoken with I am yet to run to anyone who speaks positively of the national service. To develope your country is one thing but to keep all the youth hostage because they are potential threat to your power is another thing.

  8. Tesfa:
    Instead of the two girls picture why don't you replace it with your picture of doing national service? If you going to talk to talk you better walk to walk.

  9. Why are u agames everywhere please control your women's that keep having baby's u guys are fucking everywhere with your sickness

  10. These two girls probably work as escorts of some military officials. That is why they look to be somehow privileged. REMEMBER: all slaves are not treated equally.

  11. ኣታ ግደፈና!! ዓጋመ ፅቡቅ ኣለዉ ያዓኺ!!! ንሕና ንዘየለ ታሪኽ ክንፈጥር ንሶም ግን ታሪኽ ይሰርሑ ኣለዉ::

  12. There are 17 men and woman from my immediate family members currently serving their national duty,and they are pleased to do what they are doing, since it is their turn to build and protect the country.

  13. Hey Semere you seem to share the same symptom as those helping their loved ones to evade their national duty to escape the country,either they got caught thrown in to a prison or died along the way like many others before they meet their sponsors. If this you, what ever write , that will only smoke screen your guilt. what you need to do is for you seek a professional help like a psychiatrist, so can supply you with a drug may be beneficial to you. The govt of Eritrea is not to blame for your loss and mistakes, it is your fault.

  14. Semere,

    You think anyone likes the fact that our youth is being in sawa indefintely?? They have dream, they have goals, but they are both willing & forced to do their duty.

    Nobody asked for the no-peace-no-war solution.

    I dont think any family member wants their child to join the military and to do their service..

    But we dont have a choice. We have to support Sawa, we have to support the youths. We have gone through hell, but WE WILL SURVIVE!

    Long live Eritrea!

  15. Check your history, one way or the other you and I have some type of Agame background in us. Where do you think Eritreans originated from? You think we just grew like a tree in the land of Eritrea?
    You avoided my question. Wouldn't it been convincing for the author to post his picture of doing national service instead of two innoceint girls?

  16. pappagallo hunterMay 8, 2014 at 7:32 AM

    for those never serve in sawa or the EDF i am asking you to go and tray it,other wise talking about thing you don't know make you ignorant to the reality your people going through, young Eritreans defended Eritrea on the time of war but they still remain defenseless when it comes to their rights,one thing i learn in sawa was PATRIOTISM IS THE FIRST PLATFORM OF FOOLS & i ain't fool so do the Eritrean people, what ever you said about sawa it just self deceiving meaning you are fooling your self not us. that's why you deleted the opinion of Mr. semere by doing so you defeated your self.

  17. Eritreans didn't need any advice nor aid, they will going to make KIA as usual..its part of Their history, I would love african dormant brothers act like Them, i feel sorry for quasi total continent..for the shameful attitude of continuous dependency..Eritrea keep on run on your model, you're in the bright path..Warsit hafti Yeka alo Ajoki..Proud to be Eritrean

  18. Madot, said"Freedom of speech is plenty and fine and dandy so long as you don’t act on it." I love that, very true!!! and the people who says Eritrean National service is slavery are the very enemies of the nation of Eritrea who wish the reversal of Eritrean independence.

  19. "they are pleased to serve" this must be the joke of the year.
    Two things i wanna say, either you dont know Eretra or you dont have family member in national service.

  20. Happy Independence Day

  21. pappagallo hunterMay 8, 2014 at 9:05 AM

    How about
    1,you work all your life for free
    2,you do not have home you sleep under a tree or on fox hole
    3,no body's voice is heard except for one man
    4,you are told that your only child was taken to sawa and died from lack of food and water or heatstroke
    5,you work hard but you do not earn any money and still they tax you
    6,99% of the country economy is controlled by 1% of the country
    7,the regions with highest natural resources is systematically the poorest
    8,there is no freedom of speech,freedom of worship or freedom of thinking.
    how about a cup of coffee to wake you up and hopefully help you realize the is no such may 24th until the eritrean people are free of the bondage of pfdj.

  22. It is not a piece of land it is Halal Meriet. People live in a land including you Kemaria. You can live where ever but if you do not have land of origin you are nothing or real slave.

  23. Your country is the same as your family, children they do not charge their parents for the helping hands they render all their life, so what is wrong helping my country until able to stand on its own no matter how long it takes. After all those paid the ultimate price to hand us independence V what I do to help is incomparable.

  24. If those calling Sawa slavery camp,why did not call the 30 years of fighting for our freedom fighters slaves too they were fighting with out getting paid a penny.It will always defending the motherland and will continue from generation to generation.Don't mess with Eritrea every body knows how to shoot and break invaders legs.

  25. Regardless of the intentions of the indefinite national service, one thing is clear, it is not working. The Eritrean youth is leaving the country and there is nothing that points out that this will stop in the future. Maybe they should do their "national duty", but they are not and you can't blame them.

  26. pappagallo hunterMay 8, 2014 at 11:49 AM

    Easy to say from your comfortable home in USA,with Gucci bags full of money, nice cars ,water bed and juicy steaks,while others slaving out their life so you can have the bragging right. ZEY KURMTIKAS HUSTA KORTEMELU.sorry terhas i have to disagree strongly because my concision say so.

  27. Yeah Ethiopia won't stop being the #1 refugee producer in the world in total and per capita anytime soon. Sorry.

    Number of Ethiopian Refugees Last Year in SAUDI ARABIA: 800,000
    "1.6 Million Ethiopian Refugees Have Illegally Entered Saudi Arabia since 2012, according to the Chinese government-owned international news agency CCTV."

    Number of Eritrean Refugees Last Year WORLDWIDE: 18,000
    "More than 1,500 Eritreans[18,000/year] including unaccompanied minors, flee the country monthly."

  28. I have message for your concision" BULL" any of the above you mention I am not in to it,all what make me please is to help those in need, as long as I feed my self one portion a day that consist bread,bean & Veg I am very well satisfied.If you really care about Eritreans,instead throwing dirty ward at those giving 24/7 of service to their people and their country you need to start putting $ where your mouth is help help help.If you are a paid messenger,you should get a real job that guarantee you some kind income when the Sun set on you,because who ever promised you the big hope in a future Eritrea you have in mind is only a dream.

  29. pappagallo hunterMay 8, 2014 at 2:33 PM

    Assumption got the best of you,i have served my people for 10 years and i had enough of the dictator and his mafia clique,do not even try to preach about the genocidal regime because it makes you look bad and dumb, as for me i have good job and good life i do not pretend to be a saint but normal human being with commonsense ,you said i am paid messenger and that shows you are delusional and paranoia like your leader.

  30. Do you read English ? I have already told you I have 17 immediate family members currently serving. Three brothers and one sister that passed away during struggle to hand us independence. My family believe it is this generations turn to serve and protect so we can keep the dream of those passed alive. Rora may be your family have't paid the ultimate price, that is why you care less about Eritrea but more for your selfish dream. Now where ever you may be the green grass you had in mind you found out it is not there, If you where wealthy individual you would not be commenting on this page as often as you do.

  31. Tirhas Ni Madote arhisakya. Ni papagallo Tsemam Libbi Eyyu Zelewo Aythazilu. May 24 zeyamin win amhareay Eyyu, Kedae or weyanay. Amharu Yalteneka Gilgil Yakal Yilalu

  32. 10 yrs of service what a lie, the way you write you don't even know the way to Sawa. You fearful self loving individual you probably wasted all your time waiting to migrate from Sudan or Ethiopia to where ever you may live, now that you there the light at the end of the tunnel that you have in mind you found it still dimmed.It is not the GOE fault that destabilize your future,it is your ego.You can write all you want,that is not going to help,what you really need is Dr that able to prescribe drugs for your head,to remedy your depression.

  33. Hakekee eza haftey,teasheye tseneehe,gheze zebezho serahe zayebloo seb rekebe.

  34. U must be mistaken his Eritrean his defending Eritrea laws & hates Ethiopia but you look like a so called against the Eritrea law who wants USA to do all the job while they actually don't

  35. What is the deal with this article? A picture and some bullets. Eritrean national service is modern day slavery except in the heads of PFDJ's blind supporters or beneficiaries.

  36. Everyone who loves Eritrea should ignore this papaggalo, He/she is flat out stupid for trying to deny the existence of May24. I don't know how much you hate the GOE, but questioning the existence of May24 is equal to denying our martyrs. Papaggalo can't not be considered Eritrean by any account, for discounting our independence so Madote should not allow him to leave any comments regarding Eritrea.

  37. Love you honey, ambesit this puppet he doesn't even look Eritrean so don't wast your time challenging him.


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