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Celebrate Eritrea @23

Fireworks show in Asmara celebrating Eritrean Independence Day, 24 May 2013

Celebrate Eritrea @23

By Bereket Kidane,

This month will mark Eritrea’s 23rd birthday! Glad to see Eritrean communities around the world have started planning their Independence Day parties. For most countries, the 23rd birthday elicits a shrug of the shoulders.  Not in Eritrea’s case.

Taking Eritrea’s remarkable history into account, each birthday is a cause for celebration – and admiration.  Its birth in the first place was a miracle and a result of the long and heroic armed struggle waged against all odds.

What makes this year’s Independence Day celebration particularly exciting for the diaspora communities is that May 24 falls on Saturday. That means that Eritreans in the diaspora will be celebrating Independence Day at the same time as Eritreans at home! In most years, the only way to celebrate Eritrea’s birthday on the actual day of May 24 is if you go to Eritrea only. Most diaspora communities celebrate Independence Day on a weekend  in order to attract a larger crowd. There is a good chance you will be watching live televised celebrations on Eri-TV this year while you yourself are celebrating in your respective city.

On its 23rd birthday Eritrea continues to be a work-in-progress but has achieved quite a lot in the face of adversity and determined enemies. It continues to fill us all with awe and admiration. There is now an entire generation of young Eritreans born and raised in a sovereign nation. The world has begrudgingly accepted the fact that Eritrea needs Ethiopia as much as a fish needs a bicycle. Indeed, Eritrea’s national character of resilience and steadfastness continues to make a fool of doomsday experts.

Last year’s Independence Week theme “Mekhete DirE’na, Sirah Kibretna” was a successful one. I don’t know what this year’s theme will be but it certainly ought to celebrate all the success Eritrean athletes are having on the international stage. Meb Kflizghi or Merhawi Kudus should be the honored guests of the state.

No matter what part of the globe you live in, Independence Day celebration is always a fantastic event that bring Eritreans from all walks of life together to show their pride and support of the Eritrean State. This year,  in 2014, Eritrea’s birthday celebrations as usual will be relished by the more than 5 million Eritreans around the world, for it is a day when the entire nation remembers its debt and expresses its gratitude to its sons and daughters who gave their lives for the achievement of independence and its continued existence.

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  1. Very nice pic! Independence Day is always exciting! Hard to believe Eritrea is about to turn 23.

  2. Happy Birthday Eritrea.
    You have grown and matured so fast in such a short period,
    God Bless you, your people and your Leaders,
    Long Live Warsay and EDF,
    Glory to our Martyrs,
    Awet N'Hafash!

  3. Our baby is turning 23!

    It's true what they say, when you earn something, it's far more appreciated than if its given to you. Eritrea was earned by Eritreans. As a result, our appreciation and dedication for our country is second to none on this planet.

  4. I love my country Eritrea and my Eri people. I thank God for his blessings and his love for our beautiful country Eritrea. I consider myself lucky to be a part of a country that values honesty, kindness, and selfless sacrifice. That is how Eri was born, that is how Eri will grow, and live long forever and ever!

  5. What a beautiful and epic picture!

    "for it is a day when the entire nation remembers its debt and expresses its gratitude to its sons and daughters who gave their lives for the achievement of independence and its continued existence."

    Well said Bereket!!!

  6. freedom for southern red sea people!

  7. Happy Happy 23 to the most amazing and unique country in the world!

  8. we the southern red sea afars seek our freedom.eritrianism is poverty,backwardness,barbarism,genocide,militarism,repression....etc

  9. Dear Bereket,

    I like the writing I just want to say that this year’s Independence Week theme is “nruhuw xibaH - lomi nisraH” (Let's Work now, for Better Future).

    Ruhus qine beal naxnet

  10. Listen you dumb FUCK I saw u write this so many times. Who wants you u look us Tigrinya's look bad get lost go to your ShitEthiopia & take your fucking garbage with you

  11. awetnehafash, donot retreat. we are the southern red sea afars who are asking to be free from the eritrea and eritrianism.enough for repression,dictatarism and to your self .Leave us alone!

  12. I my self,my parents,my relatives,my region and my nation got costy and risky life being included in eritrea and being eritreans.
    -we are being starved
    -we are replaced by kebesa people from our parent land
    -being killed
    -no development in our region but still going backward
    -no education
    -free ,unlimited military service
    -no hope for good life in eritrea ,because where will be the source of the hope:-
    a)agricultural development
    b)industrial development
    c)service development
    d)power development
    e)irrigtion development
    f)urban development
    g)emloyment development

    In eritrea what is now occuring is less than what was occuring before 25 years!
    the red sea afars to be hopefull of the future ,we need to isolate from eritrea.
    we donot accept eritreanism by force!
    eritreanism is a virus of all backwardness and dogmatism.

  13. It is shame that a lot off people can't participate due to the flight prices of Egypt Air to Eritrea are double to that of flying to Khartoum and Addis Ababa with the same airliner. The Government of Eritrea needs to do something here it is not just lack of competition or I have the right to assume that they are benefiting too. You can't bury your head in the sand and hope every thing to be ok or there is an issue of forging currency ....what are you waiting Government of Eritrea ????

  14. we will destroy u and ur family

  15. Ruhus baal Leddet Eritrea..and all your people..Thanks Allah that i born and bond forever to: E r i t r e a

  16. Ato Bereket, said"Taking Eritrea’s remarkable history into account, each birthday is a cause for celebration – and admiration. Its birth in the first place was a miracle and a result of the long and heroic armed struggle waged against all odds" yes indeed
    Happy Independence day

  17. Go and support your ethiopian brothers, they're crying for help, honestly we feel sorry for you guys, hope fully you'll make it, to kick weyane out...

  18. weyin with whom do you think to talk? Here all smart people, called Eritreans, fara's kewaraze kello yegerem iyu..I remember we use to call you to say pitty lemmani

  19. Happy Birthday Eritrea

  20. His IP Address Says he's in Addis Ababa. He's about as Afar as a Ukrainian is.

  21. Michael,

    I liked last year too. "Our shield, Our Work!"

    Awet n Hafash!
    Happy Happy Happy 23!

  22. Best Independence Day Celebration song by Fitsum.
    It really gets you in the mood.

  23. When I lived in Asmara, they were beggars there. When I came to the USA, they are beggars in here too. Wherever we go, they are like parasites. Please God help us exterminate these evil monsters called tigrayans.

  24. Thanks Madote is good to know about this poor pet..

  25. it's true that american ambassador two months ago when he says the tegrayan leaders suffer of inferiority complex

  26. Buon 23 compleanno Eritrea.

    Noi vi amiamo.

    Siamo fieri di voi.

  27. Eritrean Preparation to mark 23rd Independence Day Anniversary


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