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President Isaias Afwerki to visit Sudan on Thursday

President Isaias Afwerki with his Sudanese counterpart, Omar Al-Bashir in Khartoum 

President Isaias Afwerki to visit Sudan on Thursday

By ST,

The Eritrean president, Isaias Afewerki, will arrive in Khartoum on Thursday to hold talks with his Sudanese counterpart, Omer Hassan Al-Bashir, to discuss bilateral ties and means for furthering cooperation between the two countries.

Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) director, Mohamed Atta, travelled to Asmara on a one-day secret visit on Tuesday.

Informed sources told the pro-government al-Rayaam daily newspaper on Tuesday, that Afewerki will be accompanied by several ministers and advisors.

The same sources stressed that a summit between the two presidents will be followed by a ministerial meeting to discuss bilateral relations besides regional and international issues of common concern.

It added that Afewerki’s program of work would include field visits to several projects and large enterprises on top of which is Al-Gaili oil refinery.

Last April, Bashir disclosed during a visit to Sudan’s eastern state of Kassala intends to establish a joint Sudanese-Eritrean force to combat human trafficking and smuggling.

He said that Khartoum would provide Asmara with its fuel needs in order to curb smuggling, underscoring existence of a high level of security coordination between the two countries to control borders and achieve security and stability.

Bashir also called upon the government of Kassala state to carry out its responsibilities in order to achieve the required living standard for the residents along the borders.

The head of neighboring countries’ department at the foreign ministry, Ibrahim Bushra, described ties between Sudan and Eritrea as good, pointing to the repeated mutual visits of the two leaders.

He said that Bashir emphasised Sudan’s relations with Ethiopia do not come at the expense of its ties with any country, in reference to Khartoum’s relations with Asmara.

Bushra added that Bashir had in the past offered to mediate between Eritrea and Ethiopia in order to clear the atmosphere between the two neighboring countries.

He further stressed that Sudan supports the regional campaign led by Eritrea to lift the sanctions imposed upon it by the United States, saying that Sudan suffers from similar sanctions.

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  1. pappagallo hunterMay 7, 2014 at 12:47 PM

    hood rat is always hood rat, nowhere to go but Sudan,you can't go far out your hood because no one wants you, aye Eritrea adey mewaredina zekone shifta hibkna, werada.

  2. Indeed. Two ruthless self proclaimed presidents visiting each other.

  3. Both papa-halo & semere = demented agame troll :)

  4. ...but is it wise for this info to be public? ... i mean you only forgot the time!

  5. pappagallo hunterMay 7, 2014 at 2:01 PM

    Christa de barista ,you still shaking your booty to issayas, ata tegonbahi.

  6. Lol...the two miserable lonley dictators cuddling each other ..How many times they should visit each other?

  7. Watch your language it shows how you loss canon in there lose bolt sehesah agame. Madote administration you due diligent abusive and foul languages should be allowed these weyane pimps

  8. Trying to SurviveMay 7, 2014 at 2:59 PM

    Why can't Tigray be a cool neighbor like Sudan?

  9. IF you have a Conspiracy hat on please put it on this is the time.The message might have come from US via Salva to Beshir & probably some of it might affect Eritrea. From the above news diversionary messages from the real purpose of the vist are,"accompanied by several ministers,visits to several project...look deep you will find the hidden picture "Advisor's "what kind of advisers?? normally out of sight influential/specialist people are called advisers in politics.

  10. Hey Pappagallo,Semere you seem to share the same symptom as those helping their loved ones to evade their national duty to escape the country,either they got caught thrown in to a prison or died along the way like many others before they meet their sponsors. If this you, what ever write , that will only smoke screen your guilt. what you need to do is for you seek a professional help like a psychiatrist, so can supply you with a drug may be beneficial to you. The govt of Eritrea is not to blame for your loss and mistakes, it is your fault.

  11. Madote you always write and post useless those two ppl pictured on top they are killers and they are wanted by ICC. I expect you to write and post for the voice less people demand.

  12. Correction from an oversight only Beshir is wanted by ICC.You can't blame Madote for the posts you come here at your free will. I am sure Madote will be happy to post your article if it is based on truth and with their guidelines And refrain from saying "I expect you ..."unless you own or are financing the website otherwise who are you to say that. Be humble and use the word "Please ,Would you please,Can you please for the voice less.....

  13. Isias is agame that is why he is destroying Eritrea.

  14. Stay safe PIA

  15. 2 ayashu nenibaelitaom yimogagosu. eniber kalie entay kum neger kiserihu

  16. Why those sellout when Eritrea try to establish viable relation with it neighbors wether it is Sudan or any other nation, why are they uncomfortable and they are unleashing uneducated and unwise attack, as their references for their idiotic view based on their western masters political views of Africa. The kind people are trying to mislead the public, but I can assure you and tell that the Eritrean people And Sudan people more educated than these weyane pimps ill minded and destructive elements.

  17. Cause they are shit can shit go back from where it came from No!!

  18. this comment shoud be deleted papzero denkoru agama need to learn manner


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