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Statement on 40th Anniversary of Eritrean Festival in Bologna

Eritrean Festival in Washington, D.C, August 2013

Statement on 40th Anniversary of Eritrean Festival in Bologna
4-6 July 2014 Bologna, Italy

During the weekend of 4th- 6th July 2014, Eritreans in the diaspora will organize a three-day festival to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the commencement of the hugely influential Eritrean festival that begun in Bologna in 1974 during the Eritrean struggle for independence.

The three-day “Festival Bologna 2014” will be a platform for Eritreans in the diaspora to remember and celebrate the following:

The achievements, commitments, resilience, and the sacrifices of Eritrean communities across the globe in order to attain, secure and safeguard Eritrean independence;

The nostalgic memories of the Bologna Festival and the role it played in unifying Eritrean resolve and commitment to their nation;

The renewal of mekete and the role of the new generation Eritrean youth in shouldering its responsibilities; and

To commemorate, remember and pay respect to all Eritreans who committed and sacrificed their lives for the just Eritrean cause.

The Festival will host scores of seminars, lectures, musical shows, drama, comedy, poems, and sport competitions that will reflect the theme of the festival and will be entirely organised and executed by the Eritrean communities in the Diaspora.

The organizing committee of Festival Bologna 2014 has completed all major preparations such as securing the venue and other necessary infrastructure required for the festival and has met recently in Bologna for the final stages of planning. The organizing committee has secured hotels, camping sites and caravan sites in preparation to host thousands of Eritreans, and friends of Eritrea, during the Festival weekend. Subsequent communication will be made using all Eritrean media outlets with updates on the festival.

In order to assist with planning and operation of Festival Bologna 2014, the organizing committee requests that all participants register by completing the following online form:

Awet nHafash
Festival Bologna 2014 Organizing Committee

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  1. That's beautiful to see again Eritrean people in touch with Bologna's historical ties, Bologna population then are known better for their general performance in all subjects, as in education, health, agriculture and industrial technology..we might made this tie stronger and propose a twinning of some town in Eritrea with Bologna.

  2. ha ha ha ok Sillas, so you mean rewinding time into that occassion will help. Any ways all those made ... stupid ... new immigrants will help at the dancing spree.

  3. Our people are scattered in refugee camps and here are our people dancing and celebrate in Italy. The so called independent Eritrea is fake. From one "Mengistu" dictator to another "Isias". From one killer to another monster killer. I am not sure what exactly we are celebrating. Heck life under Mengistu was much better for the Eritrea people.

  4. Asmara, 06 May 2014 – The Eritrean Ambassador to Italy, Mr. Zemede Tekle, pointed out that the preparations being made by the Eritrean community members in the country and others to mark the 40th Anniversary of Bologna Festival are at the stage of finalization.

    In an interview he conducted with reporters from the Eritrean Ministry of Information, Mr. Zemede indicated that the Festival had a moving impact as regards inspiring the participation of youths who were heading to the Diaspora in the armed struggle for independence, and hence characterizing Bologna as a central city for harmony and national resolve on the part of Eritreans.

    He went on to explain that the current event is aimed at popularization of the Eritrean armed struggle for independence and bequeathing the values thereof to the young generation. The Eritrean Ambassador also disclosed that a number of committees comprising members of government bodies and the PFDJ are engaged in hard work in connection with its organization.

    Mr. Zemede said that the Festival which is due to be conducted from 4 to 6 July would predominantly focus on the youth, and hence ensuring active participation of youths in the committees. He also called on youths to demonstrate higher spirit of national resolve through the event and step up participation in national development activities.

    Mr. Woldu Yohanes, Chairman of the Eritrean community members in Italy, stated on his part that the Festival attested to the aptitude of the EPLF vis-à-vis organization and leadership and left a living impression to this end.

    Ms. Amete Debretsion, head of the NUEW branch on Rome, on her part made note of the major role of the members in the armed struggle for independence and the nation-building process, and that the event has historical correlation with their input. The members of the branch office are actively engaged in organizing the forthcoming event.

  5. Would it be possible to let us know in advance the venue's location, price for hireing space either for a tent or caravan and hotel prices ........
    Asap would be appriciated as we have to budget out mean income!!!!lol

  6. Nekid, nekid buruh iyu metsaina..deki Errey

  7. Yes niked tiray deke eri


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