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Did John Kerry Error Meb Kiflezghi's Eritrean origin to appease Ethiopia?

Eritrean-American Mebrahtom "Meb"  Kiflezghi  celebrating his Boston Marathon victory with Eritrean community members in Boston - 22 April 2014

Did John Kerry Error Meb Kiflezghi's Eritrean origin to appease Ethiopia?

During a speech made at the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa, John Kerry, Secretary of State, gleefully told the crowd an American won the Boston Marathon, and added the winner, Meb Kiflghzi, was of Kenyan descent. Kerry Said:

"This year, nothing negative to anybody in Ethiopia, but an American won the Boston Marathon. (Applause.) So, anyway. Pretty remarkable, though I might add of Kenyan descent. So I don’t know what it is. We’ve got to, I think, somehow get people running more or something like that."

Many Eritreans, including myself, were disappointed by Kerry's remark. We felt he purposely gaffed Meb's Eritrean origin in order to appease Ethiopia.

After all, Kerry's speech failed to condemn Ethiopia on its numerous human rights violations, including the gunning down of 47 Oromo protesters in Ambo just a day before his visit. He also failed to mention Ethiopia's illegal occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories. So purposely messing up Meb's origin should be seen as another political move to appease Ethiopia's regime.

Keep in mind, Kerry has intelligent speech writers. It's hard to believe they would gaffe Meb's origin when he was the talk of the country after winning the Boston Marathon. After his victory, Meb became an instant celebrity in America. He even received a phone call from Kerry's boss, Obama, to congratulate him on his victory. Every newspaper and TV news show mentioned Meb is American of Eritrean origin. Meb himself made this clear. So for me, it's hard to believe Kerry's team of speech writers didn't know his origin.

I believe the reason why Kerry and his writers deliberately gaffed Meb's origin is so reporters don't bring up the topic of Ethiopia's illegal occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories. Another reason is because the U.S. administration is well aware that the minority ruled dictatorship in Addis Ababa suffers from inferiority complex towards Eritreans. Several renowned professors and U.S. officials have noted that Tigrayan elites do suffer from inferiority complex towards Eritreans. Therefore, mentioning another successful Eritrean may have brought out uncomfortable feelings among many of his audience members.

So for Kerry, this was just another political move where he tells his audience members what they wanted to hear. This shouldn't come as a surprise for people in the U.S. Kerry has always been known as a flip-flopping politician who sailed whichever way the wind blows.

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Did John Kerry Error Meb Kiflezghi's Eritrean origin to appease Ethiopia? Reviewed by Admin on 8:37 AM Rating: 5


  1. Remember the world doesn't care about Eritrea.

    How many times have you been called Ethiopian/Somalian/Sudanese by mistake?

    “Several renowned professors and U.S. officials have noted that Tigrayan elites do suffer from inferiority complex towards Eritreans”


    Perhaps you are also suffering from an inferiority complex.

  2. The Weyane side in you is showing. Remember, you're in character mode. Eritreans don't behave like that. So act like one or just by you, a Tigrayan (Ethiopian).

    Everyone knows TPLF suffers inferiority complex towards Eritreans. Madote didn't say anything that isn't well known about this issue. It only bugs you because you're a Tigrayan pretending to be an Eritrean, right? :-)

  3. I know ...
    ... It is Beles Seaon
    Have in the hills Asmara Wassawa Road.

  4. by you = be you

  5. i.e. have fun in the hill of Asmara Massawa Road

  6. @ Brhane, calm-down! Look, former US officials and renowned professors including Former Ambassador to Nigeria and South Africa, Princeton Lyman
    , former U.S. senior Ambassador Herman Cohen, and Amb. David Shinn
    have noted out similar opinions. Amb/Prof. David Shinn, however,have
    pointed out a very specific remark saying that ' Tigrayan elites do
    suffer from inferiority complex towards Eritreans”. Also, you can go
    and check that out-
    enjoy and face the fact !

  7. Berhane : or whatever ur real name is, it's not about caring about Eritrea. Its about a very senior US official misrepresenting a very clear fact.
    1. Diplomatically : this an unacceptable fact. An insult even, in the very polite & careful profession. Although at this time the whole world is aware of the incompetence + continues blunder of this man, it was pretty low of him to take a cheap shot like that. We have heard hi apologize to Israel 4 calling them an "Apartheid state" last week and many other mishaps around the globe.
    So it's especially ppl like him ( who especially have a staff of writers + editors) who shouldn't make such confusions. Especially when talking about an American Hero who brought back the Championship to the nation in one of the most memorable moments in recent American History. By trying to get to Eritrea he disrespected his own nation and it's proudest moment.

  8. He made a mistake, oh well that shows he is a human. Meb is an American why all the fussing?
    By the way any important official from ANY country besides Sudan and South Sudan visiting Eritrea any time soon? Besides Kerry I believe the premier of China is visiting our south neighbors soon.

  9. Nice try Tigrayan loser. Meb is an Eritrean-America by law and an Eritrean patriot by example. The fact that Kerry didn't mention the brutal killings of 47 Oromo protesters underscores he was there to appease his loyal regional puppet. That's why no one is buying this was a 'mistake'.

    Ethiopia is a failed state. 97% of the TPLF's budget comes from foreign aid. This tour by Kerry should be called the begging tour because he's going from one failed state to another.

  10. The only thing longer than John Kerry's flip-flopping track record is his face.

  11. Nonsense article even the writer is nonsense may time meb meb how is? Yes he won the Boston marathon but first of all what you have to understand is who made him to be a grate runner? Do you think DIA I don't believe it b/s they(HGDF) made paralyzed ppl dormant like ENA SEMIE ZETSIKET don't west your time to appreciate to a single person dedication if you are proud to be Eritrean spend your time to voice for the millions voice less Eritreans. HARBENGA AYNEBRIN EYU TARIKU EYU ZIWRES KEM ZIBEHAL DEMENGATAT HGDEF AYNEBRUN EYOM TARIKON WIN AYKITSEHAFIN EYU thank you for you read my opinion.

  12. Why are you so busy down talking about Ethiopia. Their future are bright unlike ours. Look at the roads, rails and electric powers they are building. Addis Abeba has become little New York. Their relationship with the rest of the world is great and should serve us as an example.
    On the other hands, look at our country, when was the last time a head of state to visit us besides Sudan and S. Sudan? Doesn't that say something about us?

  13. pappagallo hunterMay 5, 2014 at 12:41 PM

    welfare check
    you are the most donkoro emptey head agasses, Meb is American and if they said he is Ethiopian so what is the big deal,they said issayas afeworki is Eritrean even though he is Ethiopian you do not see Ethiopians complaining and craying.

  14. Where Is Z CruiseMay 5, 2014 at 12:54 PM

    Who cares about what moron Kerry said? The bottom line is an Eritrean American won Boston marathon.
    Read about this fake war hero

  15. toronto number oneMay 5, 2014 at 1:09 PM

    This web site is running very radical and dangerous ideas to create hate mongering among Eritreans and Ethiopians,and this is done by people never lift a finger to help Eritrea and Eritreans but they will fail miserably . the day of reckoning is near ,their master issayas and his criminal clique the will test their own medicine and they will go down in history as criminals,rapists and organ dealers.for the followers they will go in history dust bin as the most idiots and illiterate.

  16. Hey Dummy, Do you think Ethiopia is Addis Abeba, what about all those neglected cities and people of Ethiopia aren't they Ethiopians. Besides, have you seen the homeless in Ethiopia eating out of the dump trucks. How is that progress while the social justice is completely ignored by the weyane thugs. If you have brain Ethiopia is three thousands year old country as the Ethiopians say and in the other hand Eritrea is 20 years old country. therefore, to discount Eritrea progress, none but hate full remark. what can you expect from a person his nick name is Kebero if you know what I mean. Kebero means empty head.

  17. Dear Kebero,
    About the visit, of course the master has to check out what's going on with the servants. If they do everything what they suppose to do, period! About Ethiopia, ask real Ethiopians unlike some Eritreans, the Ethiopians will tell you about the real state of their country. You don't need to hear that from Eritrean. If the country developing as you claimed, Why the country at the bottom of the list in all human index measurment? At the end of the day the country is for the people. If the majority live as the second citizen, where is the so called growth?

  18. I actually feel shame for you if that is your only rebuttal.

    You have to remember Meb has not lived in Eritrea for 27 years. John Kerry is known as a chronic idiot who has multiple gaffes on his resume. Both of those combined should show why he hasn’t issued an apology (yet?). Meb doesn’t equal Eritrea; stop talking this Kerry blunder as a personal assault on Eritrea.

    There are much bigger issue that Madote should focus on which have bigger implications on Eritrea.

  19. what David shin was told by The woyane was that eritreans feel superior because they were colonized by fashist Italy and their food is pasta and macaroni .they it teff which superior to macaroni.

  20. pappagallo hunterMay 5, 2014 at 2:20 PM

    why don't you mind your own business,Eritreans are dying in Sinai,the Mediterranean ,Libya ,Sudan.Eritrea is the biggest refuge creator in the world and you have no shame to speak about Ethiopia. just collect your welfare and die, you are the shame of Eritrea.

  21. I don't see why Tigrians fell inferior to Eritreans. Tigrians has much better historical record than Eritreans. I think the oppression in Eritrea make some people to hallucinate. If an individual claims to be better than the other individual , the claimant must have some underlining personnel issues.

  22. Guest:
    By any means I am not saying Ethiopia is not where it needs to be but i believe they are in the right track. To be honest with you good or bad it's their business.

    We Eritreans spend way too much time bad mouthing Ethiopia and not discussing our internal affairs to better our people.

  23. Bella Meb..congratulations..eleleleleleel, unlike pm korny and co. you're Eritrean Tsaeda Origin and we are proud of you..

  24. A certain comedian called Tesfaye once joked we were busy in killing the Italians and learning how to free our country so we didn't have time to eating pasta from them.
    But some people were serving as Askari merceneries and learning how to eat pasta from their masters , worst of all is they fill superior for that.

  25. It looks as if tiny Eritrea has gotten the attention of the US empire ;-)
    The biggest and most powerful empire in the world, going out of its way to avoid mentioning "tiny and insignificant" Eritrea, just to appease a has been dead empire... I must say, I'm proud to be Eritrean.

    Thank you for ignoring us Kerry, we will take that vote of confidence anytime. You and your Ethiopian dogs can pat each other on the back and tell each other what great work you have done. We will be too busy celebrating our independence to care :-)

  26. Hehehe..We never complain when you say Isaias Afewrki is Eritrean while he is Ethiopian, then what is the fuss about Meb?

  27. It is ok. These former slaves are trying some kind of mental damage control. Can you imagine slaves saying they are superior to Free men? The worst part is that these thugs are too dumb to even understand that they are being led by a Tigraian even know as we speak.

  28. Don't worry about the other Ethiopian cities. Even the Ethiopian town of BADME is nowadays having a much better life cycle than Asmera. BADME has full electricity access, water access, health services, education e.t.c. Asmera does not!!

  29. Meb's brother and manager, Merhawi Keflezighi, responds to John Kerry's alleged gaffe:

  30. So if china signs a Strategic Infrastructure Deal. China partners with all and do you think we expect china to only be with us. We have nothing against Ethiopia growth as well. We really hope they grow peacefully.

  31. Why all this hate take it easy

  32. John Kerry only reads what has given to him,I am not trying to defend him ,but people in his position sport knowledge is the last thing in their vocabulary.The speech writer that he have needed to be replaced,not only he made the secretary looks like a fool,not that I careless, but also he made champion Meb Keflezghi heritage misrepresented.

  33. wouldn't be surprised if Kerry had said "Meb is blue eyed blonde hair Ukranian descent, woman". WTF !!

  34. FUCK you mother fuckers Ethiopia u deep shot hole in the world John Kerry is a a house cat he,went to AddisShitbA to give some mouse to his slaves The reason he didn't want to admit Meb is Eritrean is cause his in slaves will be angry & his old ppl back at the white house will get angry but still
    AddidShitba is Aids & will never grow what's it's shit development box buildings dirty water a 1 light electricity lamp wow cool development

  35. this mofo Kerry is one sick faggot

  36. sick son of bitch...

  37. Dear Madote,
    For your own credibility please don't publish every garbage you receive from others.

  38. "skull & bones" brotherhood of death. "NEW WORLD ORDER" bastards

  39. Very decent guy. This is an exception to the usual rubbish that I read here (and enjoy by the way). Meb is also the same way - well mannered person. The Kiflezighi's are really well raised. Proud of them.


  40. Berhane , or whatever your name is . Listen don't confuse 2 different issues here. No matter what what he said was a big mistake , he should apologize for it . Not because its insulting to Eritrea ( who is he to insult a very respected nation ? ) nor because its insulting to our hero athlete ( again come high or low Meb won and he IS ERITREAN AMERICAN ) . You see he is not American eritrean rather Eritrean American .
    And even if he meant it as an insult, it just shows u the level he is at ( as you have correctly mentioned , he is a walking diplomatical disaster ) . But dont try to cover up anything. Those career US diplomats DID INFACT say what Madote has written and its fact & truth so live with it .
    Also Lo and be hold ur source is a well known western owned and controlled media plus why dont u check what is happeneing regarding Ethio- China relations . Better yet check what is happeneing now betweeen Kenay and China and let me know if u see similarities .


  42. You forgot to mention that Ethiopia is the #1 refugee producer in the world per capita and in total #Facts

    Number of Ethiopian Refugees Last Year in SAUDI ARABIA: 800,000
    "1.6 Million Ethiopian Refugees Have Illegally Entered Saudi Arabia since 2012, according to the Chinese government-owned international news agency CCTV."

    Number of Eritrean Refugees Last Year WORLDWIDE: 18,000
    "More than 1,500 Eritreans[18,000/year] including unaccompanied minors, flee the country monthly."

  43. Keep yourself away, Otherwise your Adwa Dil is as fake as usual myth. Leave Eritrea Alone !

  44. 1. Are you telling me that Ethiopia betrayed the US and EU hands that feed her for decades and signing an agreement with China??? Tell foolish Kerry who still believe the Woyane Dogs are under his control...kikikiki....

    2. Djibouti vs Ethiopia./USA vs China,thanks to the greedy leaders, the two world opposed powers have got a space to accomodate themselves at the Horn of Africa. But the point is if USA got port of Djibouti, China gateway to Ethiopia is under mercy of America, hmmmm wait and see :)

  45. woyane gangs papagalo, kebero,sewyew, dmudmu.....leave Eritrean alone !

  46. Ato Berhane,...but when it comes to refugees or anything that has to do with refugees, they perfectly remember and mention the name of Eritrea/Eritreans...don't you find strange?

  47. Admin.
    Why do you think the us has to apease ethiopia ? Don't you think woyane is unhapy with us position on badme and all the economic help it is getting from every financial institutions of the world with the full knowlge and aproval of the us ? This MEBS CASE SHOULD BE A GAFF BY JOHN KERRY.

  48. pappagallo hunterMay 6, 2014 at 7:50 AM

    Are you saying i am a hater , have you read what it has been said by this pfdj puppets, try again. my be you are not Eritrean but i am and i can not stand ignorance , destroying our good name it is not going to seat well with me.if Ethiopia have any problem it is not Eritrean concern even though constructive debate is welcomed spiting poison and interference is not our culture, but with this maggots no one is spared insulting every country ,leaders,human-right activists even religion leaders.they avoid every bad news about eritrea but they pray on bad news about Ethiopia and other african nations.

  49. pappagallo hunterMay 6, 2014 at 7:56 AM

    May be they have fetish for ugly guy.

  50. As often it is not a surprise for me John kerry to lie about Meb identity because he is a pathetic lier. During the Vietnam war John Kerry lied about the swift boat mission in order to get a silver medal.

  51. Aarmam Kebero,
    In Tigrigna adage, "Baiya si fasica meAlti enteteshyetet si kulu maAlti fasica yimesla." When your master John Kerry visit your beggar country recently you think Ethiopia is in a better place than Eritrea. Please, leave Eritrea alone. We don't have time to be an abused servant.

  52. kebero ras,
    you make my day, with your kebero-like
    vacuum empty pride :)

  53. for your own credibility and if you have self respect don't come to a web site that does not represent you or speak for you..... are you going to use Madote now for you luck of pride, self respect and obviously inferiority complex ... i mean how low self opinion/ belief / veiw must you have to come to an Eritrean page, people who look down on you... come on you must have a small self respect.. leave the page!!!

  54. ...use Madote as an excuse / justification now for...

  55. "afro america' i guessing you have no concept of history and you have just been feed with hot air, so i know you do know like education but a quick lessen: 90-95% of the history of the whole region is exclusively Eritrean (understand why they fought so hand to keep Eritrea, as without Eritrea they loss not just the sea, but also their claim to having ancient history, pride and any achievements 2nd Eithiopea is created, shaped and influenced more by the Eritrean blood than any other blood 3rd, with the exception of the years between 1959 to 1991 no southern King has ever lead or governed the head (its unnatural for the head to be lead by the body, especially the stomach as it will always lead to disaster - which is why since they become the leaders Eithiopea has become a fertile land know for starvation, aid and prostitutions) 4th, Eithopea has always been lead by Eritreans, starting with the 1st Emperor Menelik i (and even if we are not the leader since we had our own kingdom, we are always the head of their leader... look at the people with power during haile selassie or the current wyani leadership), or just look at its Hero's (all Eritrean): Aman Ando, Abraha Deboch and Mogus Asgedom are just a few examples ..... a simple experment if you want to test it: if you pretend to be non east African and ask Agem where they come from they will tell you Eritrea.. it should be easy for you to test it as afro american.. education will give you the wisdom to follow the star that has now risen in the east!!

  56. Mithelle the great, it is not from kerry, Kerry is a messenger
    he does not know what politics mean and he doesn't care,
    the main actors of this # one is the idiot devid shin who
    played great roll to the weyane to fight as. now he wants to be an angel, secondly he sent the bitch called susan-rice
    and made money from melles and invested in canadian
    companys, like the bitch jendaye frazer granted from melles
    a villa in ethiopia belongs to the Eritrean familly, what a
    crime, this is the U.S.A .- corrupted authorities.

  57. erilion( eri tinchel)
    who invited all those worthless shaebians to come to our websites ? NO BODY , so we have to come to this site to tell our side of story


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