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We are Eritrea The Exception to the Rule [VIDEO]

Ph.D student FikreJesus Amahazion holding a shirt that reads: I am Eritrea the exception to the rule

Myth2014: We are Eritrea The Exception to the Rule

By Myth2014,

The story of Eritrea is one of exception; not only does the tale recount the history of a nation, it is a unique compilation of the stories of exceptional individuals.

Our history has illustrated that Eritrea, the land of the free, and home of diversity is made up of individuals who make history. Only twenty three years old, Eritrea has made enormous strides in its pursuit of becoming a truly independent, self-reliant country. From education, to health care, to infrastructure, the country’s ongoing growth and development exhibit an indomitable spirit and the resilience of a hard-working people.

Those who are foreign to Eritrea may wonder how it has managed to win its independence over the course of 30-years without any large-scale foreign support? How is a country constantly chastised by the world for its audacity to pursue an independent, self-reliant course able to do the uncommon?

Eritrea’s greatest resource has always been its people. It is the birth place of individuals who kindle a great light in the world, who set blazing torches in the dark streets of life for individuals to see by. Eritrea is made of realists, who know where they are going, who believe in a vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Eritrea was built upon a foundation of blood, sweat, and tears, sacrificed from its people and it is these extraordinary people who embody excellence. Drawing inspiration from the virtue of their ancestors, Eritrean youth all over the world have been building and protecting their country in the hopes that it realizes its true potential. Regardless of how scattered Eritreans are in the world, one thing tying the youth together is that they are willing to sacrifice immensely for something larger than themselves – their country.

All growth depends upon activity, and there is no development, physically or intellectually, accomplished without effort … and effort means work. Some spend their days dreaming, asking what if? Others ponder what could be? And still others ask how? But the majority of the youth within Eritrea and within the Diaspora devote their time and skill in giving back to their country. Through book drives, adopting orphans or supporting orphanage, planting trees, teaching, performing national service, and providing free medical services as health interns, Eritrean youth in Diaspora and within the country are turning “what if” to “what is,” and transforming “what could be,” to “what it’s going to be.”

Happy Independence Anniversary!!

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We are Eritrea The Exception to the Rule [VIDEO] Reviewed by Admin on 11:26 AM Rating: 5


  1. ርሑስ ቅንያት ናጽነት سعيد عيد الاستقلMay 21, 2014 at 12:16 PM

    Happy 23rd Birthday Eritrea!

  2. Happy Birth Day Eritrea and its People!
    Congratulation for Eritrean citizen! Who are doing all the best to celebrate colorfully our independence day May 24-2014

  3. Happy birthday Eritrea!

  4. Children of the corn

  5. Yes, we are Eritrea, the exception to the rule in a sense that we don’t have a constitutional government, our kidneys are being harvested, we kept detained with the due process of law, we don’t have hope and most of all our struggle for our independence is hijacked by a few individuals.

    For me wearing such a shameful T-Shirt is just playing with the blood of our heroes and heroines. I decline to be fooled by a fool. For the doctor who is wearing the T-shirt, please take politics 101 and economics 101.

    May god have mercy upon our country!!!

  6. Enjoy concentration camps allover !
    You are a free man and a freewill servant, but do not cry faul when the hardship hits back on your selfishness

  7. We are Eritrea The Exception to the Rule..

    ya in a distracted world.

  8. Kill your self Ethiopian ass licker

  9. Wow seems like your. One of the kidnappers Now get lost bitch long live PIA

  10. A group of youth washed by a corrupted regime just clapping and dancing as they are told while the majority of their fellow youth in Eritrea are languishing in slavery without any hope.

  11. Enjoy concentration camp all over the world.

  12. Men we Eritreans should find a way of knowing who are non-Eritreans,
    or a Not Pure Eritrean. I suppose it might be possible by genetic investigation.
    There should be a way of Testing Eritreans geneticaly?! We have also to develop a way of testing the Agame Gen exactly! We have to trick them into leaving some genetic material and then test it, we would then certify them as non Eritrean or as Ethiopian Agames. This aura-thing is not an exact science, I would not like to coin an Eritrean as an agame b/c he had a good/ bad feeling when I saw him or feel him through
    mz super human Eritrean sense.

    Here are some questions …. what was Welwel thinking when he was taking about Hypocrisy? .. Should we not have the courage (in us) to say the Truth as Eritreans? Or should we be opportunists, who want to be be poletically correct?

    ''If we look arround us, at Nature for instance... it lives in truth and in harmoney with itself, look at the trees, an Eucalyptus produces Eucalyptus and an Oak produces an Oak, and if we look at other things the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, the Seasons all live in Truth and for Truth. But when it comes to human beings there is much hypocricy and mix-up. Especially when you look at poletics and human way of life, everything seems to be in a mix-up....the correct is seen as wrong, and the wrong as correct.....'' (pls can any one Translate the whole thing for me .. it is from welwel vid in you tube).

    Talking of Agames, a book written by Aba Isack „Zanta Hazega n Tseazegan“, had much to tell? In fact to my surprise almost half of Eritrean population have Agame Origin according to the book! And Hence the necessity of Genetic Test.

    Things have gone for such a long time! But it is time to open the
    Pandora Box! Let it be! And Truth will prevail.

    Who made Eritrea... Eritrea? and When? and Why? Many Eritreans identify themselves with their regions vehemently, no question should be left un-addressed … **Mienti megogo tihlef Anchewa** … is not the principle. We have to dig it, scratch it and come up with the plain truth. And we have even to Integrate it in-to out constitution, Who is Eritrean and Who is Not? We have to save this Agames from the badg of disgrace called Eritrean Identity!

    **Hade lbi, Hade Hzbi Mantra is not working** indeed its effect has been to the opposite, Ruling by assimilation is not working, in the same token rulling by denying the right of others to enjoy their God given identity is not working. If so …. there is much more suffering at stock, for us all, in the comming decades and may be two centuries may be more.

    In these senses I wish you a happy independence day.


  14. Hapay Bruth da ertera


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