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Awet N’ Hafash! Victory to the Masses!

Layne Tadesse

Awet N’ Hafash! Victory to the Masses!

By Mike Seium,

As we are nearing May 24th, 2014 twenty three years after the nation of ERITREA got it’s independence our feelings of nationalism becomes stronger and we all go back to memory lane and appreciate the struggles that took place for this important victory of independence that happened on that (May 24th, 1991) Memorable day.

Last weekend after finding out the long awaited disc by Layne Tadesse has been released and can be purchased at the ECCC and online, I made it my business to go get one. I have always been fascinated by the sounds of Layne as his vocals have been and are a vital component of his touring band as well as his past albums. There are even times when he seemed like the re-incarnation of the legend Bob Marley himself.

Driving in the DC area the last couple of days with my speakers blurring to the sounds of “Awet N’Hafash” I have gotten many weird looks from on lookers and in some cases people asking who the artist is. In the evening hours with the cool breeze flowing through my window and a great sound jamming out of my car while I am sipping on my ice tea, has taken me back to the days when I was younger listening to the likes of Maxi Priest, Ziggy Marley and many other reggae artists that made the day go by faster.

This year I would like to write about a new CD associated with the Eritrean term “Awet N Hafash” translated to “Victory to the Masses”. The album produced by none other than Layne Tadesse and his band 7 Seal Dub is one every ERITREAN should be proud of. It is soothing and well produced and combines some Eritrean lyrics mixed in with the English language. Its message is loud and clear and it encompasses the struggles of every day folk whether African or non-African with life’s beauty struggles.  I recommend it highly and during this incredible month for Eritreans, I suggest you jam to the sounds of Laynne Tadesse and his incredible band known as 7 seal Dub.

Without getting into too many details I would like to point some of the highlights on this CD. Summarizing this album is quite straightforward. You can hear that time has been taken in making this quality album, not just in the production but also in the vocal content and deliverance.

First and foremost however I want to share my opinions of the genre of reggae. While it is a universal beat most commonly made popular by the legendary Bob Marley, its message sometimes praised the former emperor of a country that had been brutal to the Eritrean people. However that type of music has been popular in Africa for a long time and was not necessarily created by him or for him.

Reggae in Africa was much boosted by the visit of Bob Marley to Zimbabwe on Independence Day 18 April 1980. In West Africa reggae has been popular since the 1970’s. In South Africa, reggae music has played a unifying role amongst cultural groups in Cape Town. During the years of Apartheid, the music bonded people from all demographic groups.  So having said that Eritrea only 23 years old as a nation has also adopted the style in a unique way. There are songs that were created as early as the struggle years that had reggae beats. But a child of Eritrea living in the diaspora has taken it to a new level and he should be commended. The Album “Awet N’Hafash is one that should hit charts all over the globe.

Starting of the album Layne’s young daughter says it all “Awet N’Hafash” and the song “Struggling Hope” featuring Ladee Dread and J Ras” kicks it off with such a nice beat as well as words to long for mentioning marginalized people and their stories of a tough life. Then comes “Bless Me” written by Layne himself. The song gives you inner strength and can motivate you to become a better person if you appreciate the man upstairs. His hit song “Ghetto Corner” which also has been put on video is an international sensation in my opinion. We need to promote and market it as much as possible as it indicates clearly that the poor continue to become poorer in a very unfair society. Using the Ghetto as an example the song shows that life in the so called civilized nations is not what it is cut out to be, especially to those who are struggling day and night to make ends meet. Then comes the song “Inspiration” which adores any queen in a man’s life. This song also has a great composition and it’s message to a loved one is beyond words. The other song I would like mention is “Selam” translated to “Peace” featuring an Eritrean Minasie Haile who by the way has such a splendid voice. They sing about Peace in general. It starts of happy with a horn section and continues as the song becomes more addictive by the second switching words from tigrinia to English.

Last but not least the reason I wrote this peace is because the song “Awet N’Hafash” a slow but smooth sailing song that says so much about the people of Eritrea and how they gave up a lot for their independence. Uttering it as their last word while dying many ERITREAN Heroes have made it a popular statement and left their marks forever. Thank you Layne Tadesse and 7 Seal Dub for maintaing Eritrea’s history through your music. Layne should also be proud of his daughter and family. His little one “Millena” utters those important words throughout the song “Awet N’ Hafash keeping us alert at all times that Eritrea’s independence did not come in vain. It came through the blood, sweat and tears of our martyrs.

Layne Tadesse and people who put this compilation together should be credited for assembling these excellent and diverse reggae tracks. Today’s reggae music is quite fragmented and there aren't a lot of great packages that assemble such a high quality of recordings as “Awet”N’Hafash” (Victory to the Masses). I would highly recommend this disc, you will not go wrong or be disappointed.

Happy Independence day to all ERITREANS!

Mike Seium

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Awet N’ Hafash! Victory to the Masses! Reviewed by Admin on 11:36 AM Rating: 5


  1. Aye madote ikele wata watiu, xegibna nihadir alena tirah koinu zenakum.
    Be real like assenna and bring news like the story of Dejen Ande.

  2. ርሑስ ቅንያት ናጽነት سعيد عيد الاستقلMay 21, 2014 at 12:15 PM

    Nice article mike. We haven't heard from you in awhile. Glad to know you're still alive.
    Awet n Hafash!

  3. Go and kiss your ..................... hassona website Traitors+woyane +Rora Kondaf woyane and loser! Hassad
    We are celebrating our independence day!
    Long Live Eritrea and its People!
    Happy Birth Day Eritrea!

  4. No question we have smart people, but we don't have a smart leadership.What we have is a leadership that is lawless, with no clear economic policy and destructive vision.
    Awet N hafash!!!

  5. chaise thos crazy ball heads oMay 21, 2014 at 12:54 PM

    they will no dare to speak about real Eritreans with real concern for Eritrea,only they will talk about blind followers and their tune men,if layne tadese cares about hafash like Bob Marley did, he should speak up about the genocide against Eritrean people on the hand PFDJ.layne tadese he is no hero but a traitor to his people.SHAME ON YOU

  6. Selam,
    Don't you know that they are Eritreans too. If you call Eritreans smart people, since the leadership are also Eritrean and smart. Don't let your personal hate override your logic.

  7. Agame Lemani. Yerdae'ka! Get lost!

  8. If you where a leader of Eritrea,what would you done that the PIA is not doing

  9. Happy 23rd BirthdayMay 21, 2014 at 1:54 PM

    happy 23rd birthday

  10. I wouldn’t be in power for over 23yrs. I have two questions
    for your Selam?

    1. Who is the vice president of Eritrea?
    2. What is the budget of Eritrea?

  11. Great article brother mike, I wish to you and the whole eritrean community a happy endpendcey day

  12. I am agree with you, if the people is smart, the leadership also smart but if we see in Eritrea neither of them is smart anyway enkae nafti kab alem fuluy zigebirekum (the only people colonized by black African) abitsehakum

  13. If the eritrean government and people would west their time to respond your non sense questions, nothing would been done. If you would like to know what has been done. Go back home. Well if you are a real Eritrean of course.

  14. Ole' Glory Flying High !!!!

    Be conservative my people, don't introduce filth to your unique culture, rather nurture and elevate our rich heritage. Study your ancient / national history and teach your kids, remember knowledge is power so focus on education and commerce.

    Do not open doors to foreign elements, the minute you let your guards off, you will loose everything you have, including your family the whole nation down with you. Remember, be suspicious of outsiders and some insiders.

    Keep in mind, 24th of May is not just a holiday but a harsh reminder of centuries of rape, genocide, atrocities, torture, civilian massacre, holocaust and exodus. A reminder of hell on earth and don't you forget it !!!!

  15. 1. The People of Eritrea ARE the vice president of ERITREA
    2. Tell me how much does it cost to have half of the population STAND ON GUARD National/Military service for 23 years? No to mention the hardship of sanction and the 1998-2000 war too.

    Let your big head learn some calculation mr.know it all.



  16. Rora,
    Licking woyane behind taste good, huh? LOL

  17. Wrong! Ethiopia is always lead by Eritreans
    Starting from Zeray Deres to Aman Andom, our footballplayers, doctors, pilots, engineers, technicians, business owners until woyane (""half Eritrean "Meles) came to power LOL

  18. Hei Wedi Sium! 'Abro Adeg'! Nice to hear from you! With the fasting changing of modern technology, I believe in whatever way if we try to raise the awareness of patriotism in us I think the result will be good as all Eritreans fought for one Eritrea. Let us be matured and be objective. Having differences is normal but negative feelings and negative attitude bring destruction. For those of you who are young read read and come to your sense. For us who are older we have seen so many things in our life and going back to the bad situation will take us anywhere. Let us hold hands and work together in all aspects. Think positive!

  19. Congra Layne, you're a talent, keep on...

  20. Layne Tadesse is an Artist at the same time an aware person..

  21. 23 yrs of sleepless nights and hard work of day in day out. PIA found Eritrea till the future administrators are wise enough to take over, he will make sure that the heavy price paid to liberate Eritrea it does not go up in smoke under the name of changing leader,beside why will you want change while things is going well despite many rocky events the country is experiencing on a daily basis.What makes a difference if the country have V/P or not, I wish PIA long and healthy life, but if Alah/God call him up untill there is person to run the country every institution in the GOVT will run by the department heads.If you really care about Eritrea budget you should have stayed there and balance the book. Now that you out like I am It is wise for you to be spectator. You need not to make a noise where you can do none about, unless you need to go back and join,that is if you are qualified.

  22. Listen you dumb FUCK the,Eritrean ppl wants PIA 4ever but he said you can now take my place am done no body wanted,it cause PIA can only Handel & protect Eritrea from you agames and USA so shut the FUCK up your sucking USA d*ck agame

  23. Ohhhh!!! FUCK you. You agame we need anti agame in our website you fuck shit stop bringing your aids baby your to much your everywhere

  24. Go kill you self you Ethiopian shit stop pretending like your Eritrean or maybe your half Eritrean but still don't fucking to our government you asshole agame

  25. I meant don't talk about our government you fucking agame Long Live PIA Happy birthday Eritrea.

  26. Why are you agame/Ethiopian on our Eritrean website go s*ck a dead ethiopian solider body Bitch

  27. I guess I asked the right question. You are all over the place. Weak people and weak mind get out of the subject and go into name calling. Why don't you answer the questions I asked? The bottom line is every Eritrean including you should have the rights to know the VP of the country and the budget of the country.

    Thank God, one by one death is taking the criminals who are responsible for the suffering of our people. Wedi Afom agame is next. I will be praying hard for his life to shorten so our people can be free.

  28. Amira:
    Having and knowing VP makes a difference because as a country we have to be ready for the unexpected. Can you imagine if the man was to die in a car accident tomorrow.... The country would be in a mess than it already is.

    May be your family members are well but my family members can't even get clean water to drink. Hade bot may zisite $35 Nakfa esuum teterekibu eyou. So I don't know you say the country is on the right track.

  29. Wow, your brain amuses me. Are you serious ? there is some thing wrong with you. Re- V/P If I where you I should worry about much larger scale than having V/P. Re - water that is why the Govt is building two huge dams to ease water shortage. If the Govt had all the help they need from citizens like you,by now all the projects would have been done,instead you run away from doing your fare share of building the country and you complaining your family have no water to drink, please blame your self.

  30. Welcome back Mike.Long time man.Never give up Mike.There will be a DAY that you will be awarded withe the BEST Trophy as a Sports Journalist.

  31. Hello KirKir:
    "same one" needs a crush course in common sense. Little did he know that Ethiopia is being lead either directly or via remote-control (from Adwa) mainly by half Eritrean Agames or Eritrean born Agames. The poor guy reminds me of Tegaru political Cadres during Mengistu era.
    Happy Independence Eritrea

  32. @Rora
    Why are visiting madote if is providing you "real" news? if you are here begging for "good" news ... YideAka.

  33. you are wrong
    1. zeray Deres is a soldier not a leader
    2. Aman andom is lead Ethiopia for a few days then he outsmart by low rank soldier like Mengstu.
    if Eritrea have good leader can lead Ethiopia why they lead Eritrea instead of Ethiopia?

  34. Poor Eritreans, what is there to celebrate? We went from one hand of suffering to the other hand of suffering. Listen to the story of Dejen....

  35. Lol you agame are just pathetic go suck your masters d*ck you fucking Ethiopian. The only life that's gonna end is your Long Live PIA


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