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Eritrea: Artistry And Independence Day

Eritrean Comedians 

Eritrea: Artistry And Independence Day

By Kesete Ghebrehiwet,

The main streets of Asmara have been freed of any vehicle during the night times, but rather filled with a number of people from all walks of life flocking to Harnet and Sematat avenues to observe different cultural shows. Everybody have been in merriment, enjoying light beams of multi-colored decorative lamps and also getting tuned with the different cultural shows and particularly that of outdoor cultural performance. Besides artistry by Eritrean artists, musicians from South Africa, Uganda and also from Canada have added vibrant color to the celebratory week of 23rd independence anniversary. Different attention grabbing programs have also been disseminated on Eri-TV.

Fashion show is among the regular TV shows that continued to be annually presented in the week of Independence anniversary. In this year’s fashion show, designers showed their exceptional talent. Even though most designers where confined in making women’s dress, the time to make a difference has come and thus a number uniquely designed men’s suits and other casual dresses have been introduced by different designers of versatile talent.

Talent show has also been among the uniquely entertaining programs that added color to the week of Independence Day anniversary. Blowing a flute with an air from nostrils and also from an air accumulated in a balloon is one of the outstanding talent show presented to the audience on Eri-TV. Similarly, another talent show presented by a teenage girl Sesait Debesai, was one of the exceptional, astonishing, and hard to believe talent. Drinking milk through her nostrils Sesait poured it out through her eyes. She has also shown other talents that are extraordinary. Drama shows on Eri-TV which are indicative of a revival of live performance that entertain different themes of livelihood, plays that reflect women’s extraordinary smartness in resolving crisis and that discuss other angles of societal interest have been among the attention grabbing programs.

Through a program titled Hbu’eHaqi that could be translated as, “Hidden Truth” exemplary parents have been sharing experiences of their married life, how they get introduced and the circumstances in which they get acquainted between one another, and how they overcome any hurdle and how they resolve conflicts that may arise at times of quarrel throughout their wedlock time. “The Hidden Truth” has indeed been among the most delighting as well as instructive programs newly introduced in the 23rd independence anniversary. Mimes, sports activities and bequeathment programs in which a number of youth engaged themselves in competition, have also attracted huge number of audience.

Musical dramas that burst the audience into laughter, artistic shows that were accorded with a standing ovation have also been non-stagnant pools of artistry which continued to flow and thereby entertain a number of audiences in a way that leaves no room for deviation.

In door and open air comedies staged by Hagos Weldeghebriel aka Suzinino also describe how cultural practices have been affected by imitations of insignificant practices that are not relevant to the customs and tradition of the Eritrean society. Suzinino has also presented another comedy that was staged on 19 May 2014 at Cinema Roma. This comic show titled “keybluni” is about lacking confidence in every move one makes in life. It is about being uncertain due to the fear that people may negatively comment about the way you behave and the way you react on different situations. These ideas were represented through a character who is reluctant in deciding about anything even about ordinary day-to-day activities such as greeting people. Every act of this character is riddled with if I do this or that, if a get dressed like this or like that and if … every move he makes is just full of ifs.

Another drama staged at Cinema Roma by Ariam Weldeab titled “Klte Elama” which is roughly translated as “Double Targets” is all about a portion of the yet untold stories of heroic deeds of Eritrean women during the colonial period. It narrates about the atrocities of the colonial powers and how women managed to come out victorious despite cornered in a no way out situation. The dilemma in which the Eritrean women were forced to live in and the steadfastness as well as resilience they demonstrated towards achieving a national causes is the central them of the play.

The week of 23rd independence anniversary has been colorfully celebrated with the staging of different artistry. The artistry presented by Eritrean artist have also been accompanied by artistic shows of musicians from South Africa and Uganda. This artists have so far performed in open air concerts staged at Bahti Meskerem square and also in City Park.

All the Musicians from South Africa and Uganda as well as Hermon Rezene an Eritrean Canadian are too much exited to perform in unison during the official celebration of 23rd independence anniversary that would be held on 24th May 2014.

Charlotte Khoz, member of Diamond Band, from South Africa said “The collaboration song would become a podium that brings different people together.” Ugandan artist Jamilah, who is a member of Crown NKula Africa also said about the collaboration song “The song is just nice. It is about uniting people, about what Eritreans went through, and an inspirational song.”

The collaboration song titled “Alongside You” is written by Sophia Tesfamariam and music arrangement is done by Walid Al-Shabny. All the musicians form South Africa and Uganda as well as Hermon Rezene from Canada are ready and exited to rock the Eritrean audience through their performance. “We have come here to show the solidarity we have” Said Mudhashi Jaffar who is also a member of the Crown Nkula Africa. Hermon Rezene said that she always loved singing. It is her second time to visit Eritrea, but she hardly remembers a great deal of what she observed in her first visit. But, she has come to her homeland to add color to the 23rd independence anniversary thereby to gain an experience she would cherish in mind.

What one could learn from the expressions of the different artists from the aforementioned countries is that they are all excited and happy about the hospitality of the Eritrean people and they feel glad to be personally part of the independence anniversary celebrations through their talent.

All in all, the cultural and different artistic shows performed in the 23rd independence anniversary are to be cherished in everybody’s mind.

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  1. Thanks Kesete for detailed information!

  2. Artistry And Independence Day/Video

  3. Addey halifulla..mebel 23 amet Tekeber alla..

  4. Happy 23rd Anniversary Independence Day For The Eritrean People And Eritrean Defense Force. Eritrea and People will prevail and live in peace for ever, because we have paid for it.

  5. ሩሕስ ቅንያት በዓል ናጽነት ኤርትራMay 23, 2014 at 8:51 AM

    Happy 23rd Independence Day!
    ኣንበልብሊ ባንዴራና ኣንበልብሊ

  6. ADANESH DEMEKU KASA DERESMay 23, 2014 at 12:43 PM

    Haby indebendence day!!! Eretra ! Haby berth day!!

  7. u can't imagine I hate this ass whole!!!!

  8. Happy 23rd Eritrean Independence Day for the Eritrean people inside & outside.


  10. fetikhn do keyfetekhn weizero adenesh LOL

  11. I think its meant to be Ethiopia in general.. and how its subject to others.(the first one at list with Suzinino)


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