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Eritrean Airlines to Resume Flights to Dubai and Jeddah

Eritrean Airlines Boeing 767-238 (ER) - (Credit: Paul Morris)

Eritrean Airlines to Resume Flights to Dubai and Jeddah

After temporally suspending its services, Eritrean Airlines announced it will resume flights to Dubai and Jeddah starting in the first week of May.

According to the announcement, the national carrier will fly to Dubai every Tuesday and Sunday while to Jeddah every Monday and Thursday.

The news comes just two weeks after a senior government official confirmed Turkish Airlines would commence flights to Eritrea on May 29.

Currently, EgyptAir, Yemen Airlines, Nova Airlines, Sudan Airways all fly to Asmara, while Eritrean Airlines (May), Turkish Airlines (May 29), Fly Olympic/Jordan Airlines (June 6), and Qatar Airways will commence flights soon.

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Eritrean Airlines to Resume Flights to Dubai and Jeddah Reviewed by Admin on 1:40 AM Rating: 5


  1. For Eritreans living on the West Coast of the United States:

    Emirates is providing reasonable fairs of late. You can fly Emirates from Los Angels or Seattle or San Francisco or NY to Dubai and From Dubai now you can connect with Eritrean Airlines or Yemen Airways to Eritrea. But be warned, Emirates only offers one bag per person.

    I don't know what the current prices are, but a friend (who lives on the West Coast) who bought tickets two weeks ago with Emirates said he payed US$1,780 for his trip to Eritrea.

  2. Please share any cheap fairs for Eritrea in the comment section.

  3. My only tip: avoid EgyptAir. bad service, expensive prices, rude people (Egyptians).

  4. The price of a plane ticket has been a big issue lately rightly so, I wish Madote, Tesfanews...and others who might have access to the Eritrean Government or Eritrean Aviation Authority to ask them if they are influencing indirectly the price of the Tickets?( i.e through charging the airlines in Dollars for parking /services they provide.....)

  5. I is better to use Ethiopian Airline till Dubai

  6. Hi Madote,
    It would be very useful to the public if you could translate the tigrigna version ot at least make the telnr and the email address visible.

  7. How do we know is this aircraft is airworthy??
    (now listen you robots, this is not about politics. It is a just a question if this aircraft is safe to fly)

  8. it is not easy to avoid them still they have line from cairo to asmara for turk air line with flight number TK8068(that means from istanbul to cairo with turky air line and from cairo to asmara via egypt Air)

  9. With no politics involved where does your concern come from? I don't know of any Eritrean aircraft incident in history.

    So with out no robotics andpolitics the auestion of airworrth is irelevant.
    This is not about politcis eather.

  10. 58% of South African aircrafts (im not saying south african airlines) doesnt have airworthyness certificate. But since there if=s free press, the press or media exposed this problem.
    I hope you understand now where I am heading.

    btw guest, None-airworthy aircraft can fly without any accident but it doesnt give peace in mind for passengers if they know the aircraft they are flying is none airworthy.

  11. Why what??

  12. We would rather walk than using ethiopian airlines

  13. For some reason you don't make much sense, as much as i tried to follow your retaliation on your first comment then response, you failed to clarify the matter with some irrelevant stories. What's the point of you mentioning SA aircrafts? Do you know why and how the "airworthiness" of an aircraft is determined? Do you believe all these airlines, airways qualify with the requirements? Please don't undermine Eritrea because it's small and we have some issues that are fixable!!!

  14. I agree John. We should teach Egypt Air a lesson. Lets unite and boycott Egypt Air at least for one season and we could see a good result.

  15. I have not undermined Eritrea my brother; I just asked a question and if you can answer it please do it, if not let the question be answered by someone who knows.

  16. Where is Z Hasus
    You seems to me you are suffering from political hysteria. Any good news about Eritrea is causing you uncured migraine. If Eritrea is irrelevant to you why you are worry about airworthy and safety.

  17. I have not questioned about qualification of our men and women (at least until the management took over by Dawit Dafla and the qualified men and women start leaving the country). My question is where was these airplanes the last 2-3 years? Where were they maintained? Some of you here were saying they didn't get spare parts from Boeing because of USA sanctioned us. Are the same airplanes which are going to be operated? If not, where are theses airplanes come from? Are they leased or bought? Who are the pilots? Around two years ago when I went to Eritrea, the pilots were Eastern European as well as all the flight attendants.
    There are many questioned to be clarified.
    Remember in 2011, there was an interview with the CEO, Shakil Afab Kashmirwala
    Not long after that the Airlines went down hill, still up to this moment we don't know what exactly happen.

  18. If it is cheaper and fly to Eritrea I would use it any time.

  19. I believe all Eritrean Airlines aircraft are wet-leased. This means that all these issues you are questioning are dealt with by the lessor.

  20. Where is Z Cruise,
    Where is my brain might be befitting for your nick!!!

  21. I would rather take expensive Eritrean Flight where my country can gain on it rather than enriching woyane pocket then to come and stab me at the back from behind. There are Eritreans who love to get used and abused by woyane and alikes, buying their products, fleeing to their camps in tgray, buy house and invest across the border, as a result we are witnessing presently, is them licking their own wounds on silence.
    Some good lesson to Where is z Cruise who use crusing left and right around his own tail like a maddog.

  22. atleast niska t'haysh.

  23. Wedinakifa
    The above questions are legit questions which has nothing to do with supporting or opposing the government. But since you are conditioned to think in one way (as I call you a conditioned bull dog) every question or comment is an attack to Eritrea according your pet brain.
    Woff woff wofff

  24. Reality,
    Why is my name mentioned in your comment??
    At least I can brag I never set my foot in Ethiopia and don’t have intention to do that. But let me tell you about many you hypocrites, I have met and seen many HGDEF supporters who have been to Ethiopia on vacation. One of them here even told us about how dirty it is and the cheap building they are building (you can read it yourself if you want). He said he was there recently.
    When it comes to buying an airline ticket, I would buy a ticket that offers me good service as well as benefits my wallet.

  25. Thats what I mean for bargain reason you sell your mama on an open market Mr.WZC. As simple as that.
    Poletics is not prostitution either be man enough and work for your country in good and bad times or take a hike to agaminos who offer you cheap of everything to make you kneel down and propagate for their interest as you do now and then.
    There is no ANY Eritrean who is unaware of the showcomings of everyhting but not criticize hiding behind your computer like you do, to widen the gap and make it easier for our enemies to gain on the consequences.

  26. This is to the Woyanie guy in this forum (Tigraway)

    Had you country and the Woyanie been any smart, they should have abided by law, leave Eritrean sovereign land with out any precondition, and allow for the normalization between Eritrea and Ethiopia, then you would have, among many other things, Ethiopian Airlines flying directly to Eritrea, carrying Eritreans, and Ethiopians who would go to our sea shore for vacation. Otherwise, asking Eritreans to use your airlines half way, while your country is working hard to choke Eritrea in every way (Which also has effect on the Eritrean airlines, however remotely) is idiotc, to say the least

    This is to that individual with out any brain, as it has left him and went on a Cruise:

    How do you know the Ethio aircraft is air worthy? How do you know any country's aircraft is air worthy, for that matter? Do you normally ask them to show you their worthiness before you buy the ticket, or what?.

    Your question implies few things:

    - You have a low regard for Eritrea, believing it will endanger its passengers just like that

    - You have a low regard for the host nations, Dubai and Jeddah, because you are implying they accept any air craft with out any checking

    - You have a low regard for yourself because, you did not show any indication of happiness before the question formulated in your brain. You see, as an Eritrean, who knows there is lack of flights, your first reaction should be:

    "ok, thanks God, our aircraft is back", then you can follow it with "I hope it is maintained, studied carefully and made airworthy, does any one have any info on this?"

  27. Mr Guest,

    Anyone who ask ̈whÿ is a Tigraway for you. I don’t want to reply to your mambo jumbo. To the question you asked how do you know Ethiopian airways is airworthy – I just need to look at this list for me to convince it is airworthy.

  28. Dont tell me you dont buy Ethiopian coffee in stores where you live at. (lucky me I dont drink coffee and I dont travel to thiopia for vacation)

  29. We do not need any woyane (guest) to feed us back.

  30. No thanks I prefer Brasilian or Kenyan infact.

  31. My mistake, the B767 is operated by Eritrean Airlines. It was the Airbus aircraft that were wet-leased.

  32. if that is so, then here in this forum people were saying Boeing refused to supply spare parts to Eritrean Airlines. How would this affect to our airplane B767??

  33. Where is Z Cruise,
    You are a relentless troll.


    What list did you rely on prior to 2006 to convince you that an airplane/airline was airworthy? The EU blacklist was first published in 2006.

    The fact that all you have to do is look at the following list ( to convince you of an airline or aircraft’s airworthiness is very telling and a testament to your lack of critical thinking skills. The EU airline blacklist is highly political in its nature. Below you will find a link to an article on Spiegel (A German Publication) which outlines in great detail the issues with the EU airline blacklist.

    I suspect you will probably not read the article and my main reason for providing the link is to use your comment as a teachable moment. I highly recommend that every Eritrean read the Spiegel article in its entirety.

    I have found that Africans (especially African “intellectuals”), in general, rely too much on western NGOs, western governments, and western “experts” for validation and guidance to the point of suspending their own critical thinking skills. I fully understand why the western world, and many non Africans, perceives Africans (in general) to be lazy and incompetent.

  34. Huh?
    What the hell are you talking about? There is a guy in this forum who goes by the nic name of "Tigraway" and he has told us officially he/she is Ethiopian. You really are wacko in the head

  35. What list did you rely on prior to 2006 to convince you that an airplane/airline was airworthy? The EU blacklist was first published in 2006.

    I believe they were relying on Operational Safety Audit by IATA. Even though many airlines/ airplanes might be safe to operate, they should pass that check up by IATA.
    You could be right on the EU blacklist is political. There are many few things that makes me agree with you on that. It could be political as well as economical to their airlines, but don't forget it also helps many air carriers not to fly in European air space du to concern of safety lapses. When you look at accident record, African air carriers are the leaders in accident.

  36. Teselilka keytkewn hakim terai.

  37. Mr Eritrean by paper, unlike you and the one who is controlling Eritrean Airlines and Eritrean Gold, aka Kisha, meninetey b twlidey imber b bejakum meskiruley ayrekebkiwon. Please don't drag me to your level. I don't want to say more but you are forcing me. Ifli deki sheyt'ti korbet bkindey limano meninet rekibkum n deki meriet Tigraway, Woyane kitblu aythafrun????

  38. ni tsiliet si medihanit yebulun yibilu deki Borena. so take it easy. Tegaru (Ethiopian) can not affect by your heat propaganda but it is not good for your health.

  39. This is the reality of your country Eritrea. because of you criticisms to your gov he told you are from Agamino. any way you are also not too much different from him. Because of with out knowing Ethiopia, you talk there is ethic problem among Tegaru, Amhara Orom etc. I did not deny it but I believe it going better and better from time to time because of a little democracy and self administration policy unlike your country Eritrea Hade libi policy if you are honest tell me why the difference between Metahit and Kebesa or Akologizay and Hamasen large from time to time.

  40. ata kid men ab mengona atikha zereba akawis beleka, kibretka zeytHilu. kndeyke tdefr ane feliT ilka aHwat tebais keyHaferka. ZeywegiH mesiluwas ab bekhora.... yblu.
    Ewe Hjiwn wn intekhone Hade Hade senkuf Hasab zelewom Telamat intezeykoynu, wedi kebesa ykhun wedi qola tenkol natkum zeyrideO yelen.
    Eritrea Hager iya, Tgray gn aykonetn fetikha tseliEka.

  41. Beal metkekkkk.......April 27, 2014 at 2:39 AM

    Although this site is for pro pfdj´iets.....Its fun to see another abortion going on again!. Eritrean!?,really?.

  42. " talk there is ethic problem among Tegaru, Amhara Orom etc. I did not deny it but I believe it going better and better from time to time...."

    May I say ...... ask Oromos ? :)

    of Ethiopia's Hade Lbi ..... kikiki SEREQTI

  43. አዋይ ሓሶት ኣታ አንታይ ገርናካ ዳ በረራ ኣስማራ ዱባይ፣ ኣስማራ ጀዳ፡ ኣስማራ ካይሮ ጀሚራ ትብል ኣብኡ ዘይኮናን ቀኒና ሰንበት ኪትጅምር`ያ ነሓንሳብ ከኣ ሰሉስ ዶ ትብሉ መሊስና አንታየዩ አቲ ጽገም ኢልና ምስ ሓተትና ዋጋ ኣይተረጋገጸን ዝብል መልሲ ዝሃቡና መንገዲ ኣየር ኤርትራ አስካ ትሕሱ ግን ደሓን ኣምላኽ ባዕሉ ጸገም ኤሪትራውያን ርእዩ ፍታሕ ይገብረልና ይከውን አምበር ካብ መንግስትናስ ሲ ሓንቲ ነገር ኣይረኸብናን ሬሳና ሕራይ ኢሉ ሃገሩ እንተ የእትይዎ ብታዕሚ ዕድለኛታት ኢና ብዝተረፈ ንኣምላኽ ኣርህወልና ኢልና ንለምኖ


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