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Does Eritrea Need National Elections?

Eritreans electing local administrators in Asmara, April 2014

Does Eritrea Need National Elections?

There is more to democracy than merely holding elections; if elections were the mark of a democratic state, then it could be said that democracy flourishes in Africa. This is clearly not the case. The assumption that representative democracy is the answer to all of Africa’s ills has been an illusion pursued all too often at the cost of those things that are the real mark of a good society: universal healthcare, free education, security, and equality. Nowhere are these best exemplified in Africa than in Eritrea.

Eritrea, which regularly holds administrative and regional elections, is one of the most demonized countries in Africa largely because it does not hold national elections. This vilification comes as the country is making tremendous progress such as being on track to achieve 6 out 8 UN Millennium Goals, reducing HIV/AIDS by more than half to 0.6%, improving adult literacy rates to 80%, and having one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Yet, none of these achievements seem to matter. The West, led by the United States government, continues to criticize Eritrea for not following a political process they themselves believe is the best.

Ironically, the U.S. isn't even a democracy, at least not in the traditional sense. A new peer-reviewed study from Princeton and Northwestern Universities concluded that the U.S. is not a democracy but an oligarchy in which the government represents not the interests of the majority of citizens but those of the rich and powerful.

"The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence,” says the study.

Although Eritrea does not hold national elections, that doesn't necessarily mean it's against it, either. Eritrea believes developing the economy and establishing a strong and educated middle class is a prerequisite for holding national elections. This position, which is often dubbed as the Chinese/Singapoore model, is now being backed by reputable economists as the right model to follow for developing countries.

For instance, the renowned economist Dr. Dambisa Moyo argues that the Chinese model of economic growth leading to national prosperity and the establishment of a middle class is more relevant to the conditions seen in the developing countries of Africa, and that the western concentration on democracy as a primary goal is the wrong approach to the immediate problems of lifting people out of poverty. Moyo also explains there is evidence showing a direct correlation with a country's per capita income and how long a democracy can be sustained. Moyo said:

“In a recent study, the evidence has shown that income is the greatest determinant of how long a democracy can last. The study found that if your per capita income is about $1,000 a year, your democracy will last about eight and a half years. If your per capita income is between $2,000 and $4,000 per year, then you’re likely to only get 33 years of democracy. And only if your per capita income is above $6,000 a year will you have democracy come hell or high water.”

The implication here is that priorities need to be clearly ordered, and that building a nation upon democratic ideals come second to building up the economy. What this study also tells us is we need to establish a middle class that is able to hold the government accountable. With Eritrea's middle class still in its infancy and with its GDP per capita only at US$557, all national elections will bring at this point is division and protracted instability. But there is one byproduct of democracy that Eritrea needs to improve upon: its institutions.

Sir Paul Collier, a Professor of Economics at The University of Oxford, did a study to see what was causing developing countries with abundant resources to turn into resource curses. His study concluded that election competition at the national level are having significant adverse effects on development of their economies and resources, whereas strong institutions made resource booms good.

"Now, there's one big change since the commodity booms of the 1970s, and that is the spread of democracy. So I thought, well, maybe that is the thing which has transformed governance in the bottom billion. Maybe we can be more optimistic because of the spread of democracy. So, I looked. Democracy does have significant effects -- and unfortunately, they're adverse. Democracies make even more of a mess of these resource booms than autocracies..............It turns out that electoral competition is the thing that's doing the damage with democracy, whereas strong checks and balances make resource booms good." Said Collier.

In conclusion, the days of thinking changing the face of the head of state every 4-6 years will bring prosperity to a developing country are over. Each political process needs to be tailored to the country's needs, challenges, cultures and demographics. Jumping the gun and demanding the country adopt national elections without first developing the economy, and establishing a strong and educated middle class is a recipe for disaster.

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  1. no, lol ..I haven't even read the article but I don't think Eritrea needs election, they should be governed by self appointed dictators forever.

  2. Considering the majority of Ethiopians can't read or write, was that really an option? :)

    Mr. Ethiopian troll, are you going to pretend to be Eritrean too or will you own up to your identity? Remember, we can click on your profile and clearly see you are an Ethiopian based on your past comments.

  3. -

    Eric X. Li: A tale of two political systems

  4. I love Dambisa Moyo! Such an intelligent woman she is! The GoE should encourage her to visit Eritrea!

  5. As the great Ethiopian leader Meles said, "there is no direct relation between democracy and development but we need democracy in order we live in peace and harmony inside our country". democracy is not a one time process but it is progress that why we can not get a perfect democrat country in the world but we can say one country is better democrat than another for example we can say Kenya is better democrat than Ethiopia but it does not mean Kenya is democratic country.

  6. Yes the majority of Ethiopians cant read or write. But they are doing something about it( 93% coverage of primary school for 90 million population). If i were you I would worry about Eritrea's 72% primary school coverage which is the lowest in Africa.

  7. unbelievable,the devil trying to preach the bible,the last time Eritreans cast their vote was 1993 for referendum,the person runs this site is Avery sick person and pathological liar,you can not defend the regime in everything. Frederic the great said once "he who tried to defend everything defend nothing " and stop talking about development and social services it does not work with out democracy and accountability,only dumb ass will say such thing with out understanding the meaning of democracy.

  8. Thanks Madote Eritrea for the lesson, i appreciate and learn something new.

  9. Democracy is a western tool to steal the resources.

  10. what do you know about democracy? the answer is nothing, you are living in democracy but you do not know it because you are ignorant to realty ,it is not your fault you where raised to be yes man. dictatorship is weapon of mass destruction

  11. Democracy has the ability to make the masses feel in power, it could also, depending on the environment help with accountability but in reality its helps creates an illusion of empowering the masses, which allows the few oligarchy to concentrate power among themselves and keep the masses slaves to their dreams, a dream which usually never achieved due to the basic natural characteristic of representative Democracy of been influenced / controlled by money or its pursue, thus those in powers becoming in reality directly been held accountable by the economical states of individuals, thus society becoming subject to the purse of those economical gains, as influence on power becomes directly propositional to the individuals economical states, eventually leading to the concentration of influence exclusively on the hands of a small oligarchy ..... so have i got it wrong or is my understanding of the practical working states of democracy about right or are we talking about the utopian meaning of democracy, you know the dreamland stories one tell kids when going to sleep, if i'm wrong hope you show me an example....

  12. It worked in Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, China, and the list goes on. All nations that began or continue to be ruled by authoritarian governments. From some of the poorest nations on Earth to some of the richest. Interesting they all have a form of national service and military conscription. Now name me one nation in the last 30 years that has sported western democracy and has a booming economy. I'll be waiting. This is the problem wth the opposition. They don't know the history of developed nations and thus haven't a clue how a nation is transformed.

  13. Why? She's only preaching things that the GOE and PIA have been saying since the 70s. She doesn't even have the decency to credit Eritrea for the things she's now preaching.

  14. I live in the USA and 1) it's not a democracy, the constitution as written by its founding fathers clearly state they did not want a democracy but instead wanted a republic based on democratic principles. They knew the ills of a democracy where the majority suppresses the aspirations of the minority. Unfortunately as the article as reported and all conscious individuals are aware, the USA has turned in an oligarchy, a plutocracy, where corporations call the shots. The citizens are simply bystanders watching the show. The EU is pretty much run by unelected technocrats based in Brussels. The people have no say and austerity is biting them hard. So wake up my naive brother and see the reality before you.

  15. Shut the FUCK UP!! Pappagallo/idiot Bird. your brainwashed by the USA if there was democracy why don't Barack Obama rule like a president he said change I don't see change. But our Eritrea is the best we don't need election I want PIA to rule Eritrea forever and Barack Obama said he will pull out US troops from Afghanistan & other more countries the USA has its nose everywhere except Eritrea our best and loved by its originaly/real ppl
    Long live PIA

  16. The curse of natural resources: countries rich in natural resources grow slower on

    average than natural resource poor countries.

    However, there are many important outliers. Some resource rich countries have

    grown very fast (e.g., Botswana,1 Canada, Australia, Norway) while others have grown

    very slowly (e.g., Nigeria, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Angola, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela).2 It

    seems fair to claim that:

  17. The USA wants democracy by allowing gay ppl to be gay and wants the countries who don't allow it to allow it like Ethiopia allowed gay ppl to gay saying gay rights cause it said it won't give food to the hungry lazy Ethiopia that can't work cause there to busy trying to rule Africa they say democracy in Ethiopia lol but Eritrea is the best developing country in the world with no aid help from foreign countries long live PIA

  18. Ager wedad, technically that is a concent thereby democracy. Take your time.

  19. Where are Rora and the Cruise? Give your ideas on the topic.

  20. 1.Electoral process and pluralism
    2.Functioning of government
    3.political participation
    4.Political culture
    5.Civil liberties
    those are the main pillars of democracy,any government with out it is not a government but mafia,you sound like a smart person but i can't understand you defending one of the worst dictatorship on planet earth because other democracies are flawed .you can not base your argument on others otherwise you saying the Eritrean people can not have democracy becuse ther is no perfect democracy so they should accept one man rule with no rule of law,freedom of speech and the most important of all national Constitution that bind the government and the people,we Eritreans had the most advantage to create one the best plural system in africa until was haijacked by the lunatic issayas afeworki and killed the dream of our mrtyers and their people.

  21. I honestly don't thin the US can lecture anyone about democracy anymore. If you look at what the Republicans are trying to do in the states that they control the governornships and legislatures, they are trying to make it hard for people to vote for no other reason than to just make it difficult for minorities, poor and single women and young college students. They have passed legislation after legisltation in the states that they control to try to suppress the participation of those groups that don't vote for them. And that is half the country. So I don't know that the US can lecture Ertirea about democracy.

  22. Madote.... my child is dismissed from school because of you people. I am going to sue you!

    He argued with his History teacher that Hitler was good because he was a dictator,.... because all dictators are good.

    He wants democracies to be demolished at any cost !! He even told me today there should never be an election in any country. Although I have tried to explain to him such things even if they are true they are never to be said in the open, He asked me why is then Madote ..... pls don't do this to me. I beg you madote .... madino ... stop playing mad.

  23. In the past fifty years, more than $1 trillion in development-related aid has been transferred from rich countries to Africa. Has this assistance improved the lives of Africans? No

  24. I agree with you, America is plutocracy empire,even mark twain once said "if voting made any difference they would not let us do it" ,saying that democracy is an idea it does not belong only in America it is global concept and demand constant vigilance and nurturing, because the American people could not keep their eyes on the ball does not mean the rest of the world is,if the Eritrean people allowed to speak their mind and vote i am sure eritrea would be abetter place,for that reason eritreans not happey withe dictatorship and they are voting with their feet(MASS EXODUS)who is naive now?

  25. I am 100% with your ide , specially we Africans have to have our own ways of democracy in order to free our self from others.

  26. Come down EritreaLion!
    If PIA philosophy is good for the country that is great....let the many generations to come rule Eritrea based on that philosophy. Having said that we don't need the west democracy, we could have our own home grown democracy that fits our need.

    The problem is when you have one leader for that long in that position, it's hard for them to change or adopt to the new world we live in. Fortunate or unfortunate our world is changing and we need leaders that will adopt to those changes. Take a look at our education system. We don't have any credited university, therefore, we can't even send our young intellectuals to the west for their masters and phd. In my home town there are about 5 universities. I run into a lot of students from Ghana, Uganda and many other countries, but not a single Eritrea. In the long run these students will go back to their countries and serve their people.

  27. Very far from reality, i'm sorry you are blaming. Let me ask you a qustion? Were do you live? And if abroad, why do you migrate? For economical reason or for a search of democracy or to be far from dictatorship? Be honest with you..The majority of Africans migrate cause of better economical chance..

  28. The comparison with Cihna and Eritrea is wrong. China may not have general election but has a collective leadership unlike ours one man rule for the last 23.years. The leadership in China are replaced by every 10.years and this bring in new ideas. In our case we have a visionless dictator who still is in the 70:s way of thinking and have hard time to adopt to a globalised world. The funny thing is if Issayas decides to allow election by tomorrow this website will be the first one to praise it , welcome to the blind supporters club.

  29. Truth:
    I live in the USA as well and I sure enjoy the full meaning of democracy. The opportunities to maximize my God given talent as a human is endless. I am confident yours is likewise. If in the US or EU corporations call the a country like Eritrea, who calls the shots? People like you will never be satisfied regardless of the amount of tools and resources that is given to you by your adoptive country, United States. Focus and appreciate to what you have instead of wasting time and energy on the things you don't have.
    I say all that to say, don't mess with my America.

  30. what do you mean? Please teach as you seem more delighted that professor who made the Essay..

  31. Madote, for whatever it's worth, your argument is inconsistent with the Eritrean constitution, which clearly upholds the principles of democracy, including elections. So in light of your arguments, should the Eritrean constitution be amended or what?

  32. U will die before u see the future....that means it will never happen wth the junta regime in asmara

  33. Would it have been your America 50 years ago when you'd probably be hanged from a tree simply because of the color of your skin? America's democratic road is deeply rooted in oppression, slavery, human rights issues, etc. You now enjoy what people before you had to sacrifice for. Research its history and that of all developing nations to understand how they were able to get to where they are now. Too many Eritreans in the opposition camp fail to understand that democracy doesn't simple come over night and quite frankly also don't understand a robust strong economy is the only thing that sustains it. As for the opportunities given to me, I'm very much appreciative but at least I can admit that it sadly comes at the expense of the developing world. Can you bare to come to that same conclusion? Would you be willing to sacrifice a tad bit so the global South could have the same opportunities as you?

  34. Who is naive? The people who are leaving are naive. Face it, they're leaving at the worst economic times that this world has ever seen. Jobs are disappering with new trade agreements being signed (globalization) and advanced technology taking root. With either a lack of education or education that is not recognized in their adopted country, they've been forced to start over. If they're lucky, after going through their terrible ordeals, they may be given the opportunity to further their education. However, that has not been the case for many. They're simply living off the hand outs of the tax payers of Europe and barely scrapping by. Some life. As for Eritrea being a better place simply because you vote, please stop being naive. Evidence is abundant throughout the world to prove this fallacy wrong. Development and strong institutions are key not voting every few years.

  35. Why should we care if internationally these schools are accredited? As long as the diploma is earned and accepted in Eritrea, that is all that matters. As for your comment about masters and PhD's, it doesn't hold any merit given that the GOE has recently sent kids to universities throughout the world for further education, some even in the West. I know a fellow as we speak who is studying in the UK. As for them going back, I'm not so sure about that. The genuine one who place their nation's well being over monetary gains will but as was proven in the case of those sent to South Africa, I don't have much hope. Brain drain is a issue plaquing the Global South.

  36. Can you provide evidence to substantiate your claim? I call Bullshit on your numbers.

  37. Elections are essential for democracy. African elites, election observers, scholars and journalists have raised questions about whether elections are really relevant for African democracy. Why do Africa's friends and foes in the west insist on elections while China and other countries to place less emphasis on them. In contemporary Eritrea, this is not the right time for election. We will not allow the hungry vultures who reside in Meqele and Addis to disrupt the progress that Eritrea is achieving day in day out.
    If the GOE allow election for the future it must be in preconditions.
    1. If you are Weyane boot leaker you cannot vote and elect.
    2. If your group is based on religion and region(awraja), you cannot vote and elect.

  38. I am enjoying reading all the comments . Some of them are funny.
    People who are enjoying freedom and democracy (even though it is not perfect democracy) are telling to the people who are under oppression " democracy is not good. Look at us, we can say what we want to say, we can travel anywhere without restriction, we can go out demonstrate, we can sue anyone who do us wrong. My fellow Eritreans, this is not democracy!!! The real democracy is in Eritrea where you can not even get a passport......."

    Are you kidding me??? All of you who are saying this crap, go and tell to your friends in Asmara or Massawa, they will beat the shit out of you.

  39. I will take the existing system hands down if national election means settling issues with machete as is often happening in some parts of africa.

  40. "We don't have any credited university, therefore, we can't even send our
    young intellectuals to the west for their masters and phd."

    The Eritrean government has been sending many students abroad for studies for higher degrees. If these students are able to study abroad, does it not mean that degrees earned in Eritrea are accepted? Where did you get that information? You must have assumed it. You are simply uninformed.

    If you meet students from other countries but not from Eritrea, it is not because we cannot send our students for higher education, because we do!

  41. Gasha (wedi tgray)
    Take your dirty hands off Eritrean issues !

  42. Is what you guys do (parading the gay-look in Addis Abeba) to impress your master, makes you more democratic?
    kikiki... silly woyanes !

  43. Go back to your bloody Ethiopia, paint your lips and impress your masters for handouts....Thats all about HOMOcracy of Ethiopia..Damn! kikikiki......

  44. Forto,
    Body, that was all for Agerwedad sorry LOL this woyaninos kill me for reals

  45. Nope!
    What you say is not correct. Kenya never had a gay-parade like Ethiopia. You guys exploit people's ignorance to make them paint their lips red and come out on streets, you import false religion and make the moslems fight for non existing new religion, you hit Eritreans refugees on the head for they protest for their rights as refugees under the shelter of UN and sell your women to Arabs in thousands everyday, is these all about democracy or phypocracy or HOMOcracy-made-in-Ethiopia LOL

    Stop preaching to us, guys please leave our Eritrea alone Damn! kikiki

  46. Hashaka you eat my heart, you real baby-act Hashaka :)

  47. I think you have problem to understand. first I did not say Ethiopia is democrat country but it is better democrat than Eritrea. at least there is a sign of democracy in Ethiopian Constitution and policy. and also in Ethiopia schools there is one subject it call civic if you read it teach about democracy. Any way for me democracy is not impose to the people in short period of time but you should start it from low level then it grow gradually.

  48. Where Is The CruiseApril 24, 2014 at 5:44 AM

    ERILION, GASH,TRUTH.... are telling to the people who are under oppression
    " democracy is not good; look at us, we can say what we want to say, we can travel anywhere without restriction, we can go out demonstrate, talk shit about Obama without any fear to go to jail, we can sue anyone who do us wrong. My fellow Eritreans, this is not democracy!!! The real democracy is in Eritrea where you can not even get a passport......."

    This is what they (Erilion, truth, gash..) saying to our brothers and sisters in Eritrea.

  49. The US is not a democracy but an oligarchy, study concludes

    WASHINGTON, (UPI) -- Oligarchy is a form of government in which power is vested in a dominant class and a small group exercises control over the general population.

    A new study from Princeton and Northwestern Universities concluded that the U.S. government represents not the interests of the majority of citizens but those of the rich and powerful.

    "Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens" analyzed extensive data, comparing nearly 1,800 U.S. policies enacted between 1981 and 2002 with the expressed preferences of average and affluent Americans as well as special interest groups.

    The resulting data empirically verifies that U.S. policies are determined by the economic elite.

    "The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence,” says the peer-reviewed study.

    The 42-page study analyzes U.S. politics through the framework of four major theoretical traditions -- Majoritarian Electoral Democracy, Economic Elite Domination, Majoritarian Pluralism and Biased Pluralism -- concluding that U.S. political policies rarely align with the majority of citizens.

    What do our findings say about democracy in America? They certainly constitute
    troubling news for advocates of “populistic” democracy, who want governments to respond
    primarily or exclusively to the policy preferences of their citizens. In the United States, our
    findings indicate, the majority does not rule -- at least not in the causal sense of actually
    determining policy outcomes. When a majority of citizens disagrees with economic elites and/or
    with organized interests, they generally lose. Moreover, because of the strong status quo bias
    built into the U.S. political system, even when fairly large majorities of Americans favor policy
    change, they generally do not get it.

    The report consoles that “Americans do enjoy many features
    central to democratic governance, such as regular elections, freedom of speech and association” but goes on to warn that “we believe that if policymaking is dominated
    by powerful business organizations and a small number of affluent Americans, then America’s
    claims to being a democratic society are seriously threatened.”

  50. The only enemies of Eritrea is Eritrean lunatic junta and hegdefawiyan pappagallos,the rest of it is fabricated so keep defending the the criminal junta in Asmara and Eritrea will be lost in history.

  51. Tigraway
    I hope you don not judge the Eritrean people because of this narrow minded hegdefawiyan,I also agree with your opinion how democracy need to grow and it takes generations to have mature democratic system,sadly we Eritreans lost 20 precious years to dictatorship and lawlessness,it will take another 20 years to revers it if we are lucky otherwise we are doomed to fail as the nation, I like to say this also, I apologize on behalf of Eritrean people about the recent embarrassing article about tigray and tegaru as curse to be their neighbor,no good Eritrean will say such thing or entertain the hate mongering idea(tigray adi werazut eyu) so do Eritrea,but always the bad seeds and weak ones are louder than the good ones, take care brother.

  52. For all those who are saying, Obama this the west that if you where in Eritrea you will all go to "irairo" for saying the same thing to Eritrean Government.

  53. Most fans of the governments are simply a joke.

    You live abroad and enjoy all that living in a legal system. why do not you go back. You guys are just comfortable and lazy.

    I know people that their family members seriously ask and complain why they have left eritrea, ha ha ha ...... but come himself as a refugee to europe

    Take your damn kids and went to eritrea, not for vacation but to live. GO BACK TO YOUR "PARADISE COUNTRY"......JUST GO

    You are loosers

  54. Eritreans are full of wisdom and civilized enough to conduct
    successful elections. However, it is not
    the right time for Eritrea to have national elections at this time. The reason is that the enemies of Eritrea somehow
    will try to interfere with the election processes to create chaos in the nation
    to achieve their evil intentions. All
    Eritreans now what happened in 1998.
    Eritrea was preparing for new constitution that allows the participation
    of multiparty politics, democratic process and elections. This process was interrupted due to the war of
    aggression initiated by Woyane Ethiopian regime and the US administration. The
    intention of the war was to reverse the Eritrean independence or to violate
    Eritrean sovereignty. Until now this
    intention is in place. Eritrea is under
    constant attack by these forces in many ways. These forces have violated internationally guarantied
    final and binding peace agreement and chose to create no war no peace
    environment in an attempt cause maximum damage and weaken Eritrea, they conspired to cause economic collapse on Eritrea
    by imposing unjust sanction, they attempted defamatory media propaganda to
    isolate Eritrea and it leadership from the rest of the world, they conspired and conducted psychological
    warfare to encouraged Eritrean youth to leave the nation based on lie,
    deception and empty promises going to the west to have their dream life, the
    list of evil intention is endless. The
    final goal is to destroy Eritrea and the aspiration of its people. Because of the constant threat and danger of
    enemy attack, Eritreans need to stay on high alert, highly organized and united
    to effectively defend their nation. It
    is obvious elections cannot be conducted under these circumstances. There is no urgency to conduct election at
    this time. Eritrea is in good hands.
    Eritrea is blessed to have trust worthy and effective leader ship of
    PFDJ in general and a great and far sighted hero president in particular. Western
    prescribed democracy and election must be avoided. It is fake and a killer dosage. The US lead western democracy is designed to fulfill
    their greedy big multinational corporations and capitalists; democracy is just a
    tool used to divide and rule and to fool people in the developing nations. Eritreans will conduct a genuine national
    election at their chosen time not at the enemies chosen time. Eritreans know why the enemies of Eritrea
    are having sleepless nights to push Eritreans to conduct election at this time.
    They know very well that they take advantage of the election process. It is not
    because they care about Eritreans but to get an opportunity to unleash their evil

  55. you are DON QUIXOTE,if you know what i mean dumb ass

  56. I did not know we had one a constitution’ …but if we talking about "1997" then definitely yes!! 1st we have no ground to have a multiparty system, in fact its historical / biological un natural to Eritrea, don’t forget the 10 year we experimented with it we got divided more than any other time in our history (so why they put multipart instead of leaving it just as democracy i do nor know)…in view to the system we should have in basics (in few… :- the best system for us, I believe is a single political Organisation (party if you want to call it but not really as party’s only represent a segments of society rather one that represent and treat all them same. This Organisation every, min7-max10 years elects two or three candidates from within its members, people who have proven to be servants of the nation, people who uphold & practice the values of the people and Organisation…… these individuals are then presented to the masses to elect (select) a leader or president with the authority for the given time, so it’s a mix but believe the most culturally / historically/ geographical / regional necessity …the most natural system for ERI…. So although I’m in fact uphold the ‘principles of the constitution’ as you put it, I still believe it need to be rewritten, which the constitution allows as the constitutions clarify that its not set on stones...

  57. wow,you are the dumbest cunt to ever walk on planet earth,you must be raised by KAKAPO.

  58. Real, you and the majority of extremist Isayas haters give Isayas waaaaay too much credit. This whole one man rule yadayadayada is not entirely true. The PFDJ /Shabia whatever you want to call it is a very powerful political party/organization/government and if Isayas attempted to unilaterally call elections tomorrow he would have some serious problems from within his own organization (primarily because the current situation in the country would not warrant such a decision and such a decision would go against the principled vision PFDJ has for the country) not to say anything about his civilian supporters. The reason elections are not going to be held tomorrow is not because of some arbitrary decision on the part of Isayas. The rational for decisions made by Isayas and PFDJ are based on analysis of the circumstances and rooted in shared principles amongst the entire leadership of the organization (for better or worse, depending on your perspective).

    And for your information China does not go through leadership changes every 10 years, Mao lead china for about 30 years. I do not know where you get your facts and ideas from (you probably just make them up) but you need to stop spewing nonsense. I know it makes you feel comfortable to think that the people who support Isayas/PFDJ are somehow less intelligent than yourself, brainwashed, or simple minded sheep but you could not be further from the truth. Keep it real, Real.

  59. Where is Z Cruise,
    I don’t take extremist comments on either side of the table too seriously but I do use them as teachable moments. For your information you CAN sue people in Eritrea in a court of law (it may not be a perfect court system, but nevertheless you can sue).

  60. yes Mao lead china for 30 years and he did it by murdering 42 million Chinese and what principle you talking about, PFDJ have no principle ,no rule of law and no commonsense,i see you keeping it real REAL DUMB

  61. I wanted to do a simple experiment…hate me F*** it, don’t care….so when I wrote under a different name this is what you said to me, “…you sound like a smart person” however now I write similar view under a name were you could check over all past comments I’ve written, you call me: “wow, you are the dumbest cunt to ever walk on planet earth,”… I
    think you just proven to all that you are just confused, lost soul maybe time for the medication & prayer?...loool… KAKAPO…loooollloooool ok if you say so, I must say it’s beautiful in green, P.S. your insults are a complement to me, a sign of people’s frustration, weakness.. When they can’t defeat something they get to the lows level, insults…so thank you, it don’t hart me. be blessed….lllooolll…made me laugh though ..

  62. Having and meeting all the features of a multiparty system without the negative side of being divisive and money led corruption. Enabling us to have a strong accountable leadership and at the same time a united and harmonise society. I love how you could never argue with me, so you show your frustration through exercising your basic nature, lying. You pathetic, pitiful incompetent half-breed dogs

  63. Pappagallo hunter, you sound like you are suffering from some sort of mental illness and you definitely appear to be in a manic state. I hope you seek treatment soon.

    Common sense is not one word; therefore it is not spelled "commonsense".

  64. pappagallo hunter: so which one am i?..."a smart person"...+...."the dumbest cunt to ever walk on planet earth,"...can i be both? thus = an average Eritrean?

  65. Hermon, unless you yourself are wedi tgray, why don't your read my response first. Aytitehawekh! I am telling the Z-Crouse and the Semere guy not to lie about Eritrea. You should call them to take their dirty hands off Eritrean issues.

    Otherwise, you are the one who needs to take your dirty hands off Eritrean issues!

  66. Mr Z-Cruise,

    You shout democracy, but you don't even seem to understand it. People are telling you their opinion, their democratic right to do so. You choose to level childish insults when people disagree with.

    You and Papagallo simply parrot what you have heard from people you consider smart say. You are both Ethiopians/kedemti Ethiopia/Weyane who want to burn your own house while the hyenas are waiting outside to devour your family!

    Bring substance instead of crying Issaias, Issaias, ... Eritreans are smarter than you think. With all the information that has been out since 1998 (to the present), you think we will doubt ourselves. With or without Issaias, the enemies simply want to reverse Eritrean independence or reduce it to a token independence, an entity that has no control over its future and its resources. That is what you guys are working for. We won't let you!

  67. Why would you write under different name, is the question of tonight?
    Is it to show there are many HIGDEF supporters using multiple nick names? Hmmmm Seraki Mobai Bailu Ylafalef.

    Second question for tonight is - lets say Issayas dies tomorrow, what do you think would happen to the organization? Who do you think would take over? Remember we don't even have Vice President.

  68. semere, |I say to you , stop blogging in this page. Let us write like myself and my friend Truth who are blindly live our life. You are to smart to this blog. You must be confused us, we are Eritrean who likes to live in fantasy while our people bleed to death.

  69. 1st I know you think I’m just some blind supporter but I always put it to test and I do not care who it is if I think something is wrong I tell them straight in the face…image the trouble that come with it… anyhow, I’ve never never said the system is perfect or its complete, if it was there would be no pint to this convo. I believe there are a number of problem with eri from not having effective and powerful institutions, to those that exist due to luck of strong leadership are in effective to the point of been anti-Eritrean e.g. ypfdj . and like the area you pointed out that of the single area I think about with no clear answer… so that is why I try to suggest a system I believe to be effective and naturally right for Eri.

    2nd as I said "I wanted to experiment and I get the result I was expecting..see if people would change their vies if i write with different name", and if you look it fits all my previse post…. So back to you, why don’t you have a proper Disqus so people could know info about you & follow your writings? How many times have you changed your name… and wrote as guest… so is it "one rule for one and another for others"? I guess that’s your desired future vision of Eritrea?

  70. its amazing how predictable you people are, when I wrote what I wrote I expected two result and thus I lay my trap and got both result by enabling me to show how much of a liar your are by your Nefihito
    characteristic, you coward – hypocrite-- a small trap caught two rats--- I call that self-sufficiency?!!! As I said I play with empires (...wait.."patience is a virtue"), you are not in my level!! B**h

  71. By your own logic then why are doing as much to discredit everything Eritrean? It cuts both ways they say.

  72. I got it, no worries,

  73. How about food pappa, are you late again on you child support? Tell the kids you elect not to pay that "filthy mother of yours".

  74. When I joined this discussion forum, my name was Issayas Moron but when some didn't feel comfortable with the name , I announced to change the name to Where Is Z Cruise.
    Where Is Z Cruise is the question I have asked to the supporters of the government. If you remember, the government years ago announced that it has bought a Cruise. Where. is That Cruise??

  75. Gash,
    Have simple question for you. What do you think happen if Issayas dies tomorrow? Remember we don't even have a Vice President in Eritrea. Do you think the people under him will fight for power? Do you think there will be power transition without a fight? Don't forget there is some enmity among the generals and other people in power.

  76. Can sue an officer? Can I sue a minister? Can I sue the president? Remember we also have thousands political prisoners with out the court system you mentioned in Eritrea.

  77. democracy is overrated most African nations need strong smart dictators. plus i don't china is a good model because they killed there culture, & environment

  78. Is this mr. Yemane gebremeskel aka Charlie or mr. Yemane Gebreab aka monkey writing?
    If we summarize this well written comment in one sentence we get this - "until we destroy Woyane, there will be no election or democracy"

  79. I do not understand these comments on been green, I mean you all know me by now, so unlike you who spent running and worshiping green – to end up never achieving anything – never scratching their name on history book. Whereas i, as you well know I was born in green, never needed to run or worship it, never run away from my land to touch it, for me it just follows me around, I now you do not understand but in short I was, I’m and will always be in a sea of green, its what it means to be blessed. bless

  80. Where is the cruise
    Thank you for trapping the trapper,by the way I like your old name.

  81. eri rat
    you have multiple personality disorder ,you should seek help Mr.fraud.

  82. Gasha,
    did I lie??

  83. Bend more and more.
    Keep licking woyane shoes.

  84. Listen Zcruise/Bitch. The question of now is what if u die tomorrow how much shit Will this world get of its back. Never bring PIA to your f*cked up mouth. And don't write about PIA with your filthy/dirty. Hands remember this if u dig a hole u your the one going in with out knowing am sure u know about this it's better to say it in Tigrinya so don't talk. Shit ZCruise Bitch have some respect of our Lion the best President in the whole world PIA

  85. The problem with you (Z-Crouse and pappgallo) kids is that you are confused by trivial issues that are not relevant to the survival and continued sovereignty of the country. You collaborate with the enemy by trying to demoralize Eritreans thus, by being part of the psychological warfare of the enemy. You even parrot the enemy's propaganda. You, who call yourselves oppositions even cheer when sanctions are imposed on the country!

    The sovereignty of this country was brought by the blood of its children, many of whom were the best and the brightest citizens the country could produce! The price paid is too expensive to be disgraced by your obsession on trivial questions.

    In case you do not know, the country has been attacked at its infancy and has been using its survival skills for the last 16 years. Considering this as a fact you would have recognized that it has done remarkably well under the circumstances. And, you want us to worry about a ship that was purchased some years ago! Who cares! For all we know, it could be anchored at one of the ports, it could have been sold, it could be serving for purposes the country needs better, just like the 767 has been chartered. I am sure there is a logical answer to that, but what has this got to do with the most important issue of the country: standing up against the countries that are trying to kill it, several of them big and powerful countries?!!!

    Z-Crouse and papagallo, if you are one of the kids who have left their country abandoning their duty, it is better if you just keep quiet and enjoy the sympathy you have from your fellow Eritreans. Otherwise, badmouthing your country after living it as you probably have done, simply makes you traitors. You might as well ask for citizenship from Ethiopia, so that we can at least say you are working for the interest of your country.

  86. Death is inevitable my friend.

    EritreanRat - when i speak, I don't do it emotionally but I do it with facts and logics. President Issayas is a thick headed individual who refused to changed his direction. There was a time i was hoping he would learn from leaders like kaddafi and Mubarek. I had hope he would follow the step of former Ghanian leader Rawling who resigned after 20 years in power. Today Rawling is a figure of Ghanna, living in his country freely. I was hopping President Issayas would follow Mandelas footstep, but Issayas refused the easy pathway and chose the destructive road. president Issayas forgot he is a mortal. He is more likely like former Somalian leader Syad Barre. I still believe he have a tiny chance to make history before he is thrown in history dustbin. The least he can do is implement constitution and put a Vice President then resign and spend his time in the farm he own in Tesseney. If he do that, I guarantee you I will even go and provide him security.

  87. I am sure you are woyane on flesh. You are coming among Eritreans to play Eritrean and test our intelligence. Old tactics.

  88. Why are you crying now? Comment back at the said subject if you really have an answer to what Zeroem say. Stop go round your tail like a maddog and assume someone who scares you to death as if talking to you in your dreams. No get personal, bahrari ugum.

  89. There is no moral ground to speak about election in Eritrea forget to talk or evaluate USA about democracy comparing to Eritrea. Eritrea should be compared to North Korea. Even in north Korea there was one man election. First of all Issaias is holding power with out any election, He supposed to stay in power until the constitution drafted, and passed by the par lama which is up to 1997, due to the war sparked by Issaias in order to eliminate Eritrean nationalists in May 1998 and succeeded to do that, after peace agreement Issaias is in power absolutely illegally for the following reasons: our constitution is suspended, no body elect gave authorities to him to continue leading the Eritrean people. Issaias is responsible for the loss Eritreans life in the prison, Sinai, in the sea and the Exodus of youngsters. Issaias has no authorities to do any further agreement related to Eritrea's feature with Ethiopia or others because it is the job of feature elected Eritrean government, then we can talk about democracy in Eritrea.

  90. Does
    Eritrea Need National Elections? Hmmmm! Let me try it first, and then I
    will let you know how I like to have a voice. As it is, I can't say; there has
    not been any election since May 1991. That means ever since the independence of
    Eritrea from Ethiopia our voices were silenced. Right until then we had
    elections except a president as Eritrea was under occupation. That is nation building backwards!


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