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Turkish Airlines to Begin Flights to Eritrea on May 29

Turkish Airlines to start flights to Asmara on May 29

Turkish Airlines to Begin Flights to Eritrea on May 29

In an interview with Voice of America's Tigrinya program, Tsehaye Fassil, the Director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, confirmed Turkish Airlines will commence flights to Eritrea in May.

"Turkish Airlines will begin flights to Eritrea on May 29." Said Tesehaye.

The minister also disclosed Yemeni and Egyptian carriers will soon begin daily flights to Asmara to meet the demand of peak travel season to Eritrea, which is traditionally from May-August.

In regards to Lufthansa Airlines, the official said they can begin flights to Asmara whenever they want, and stressed that they are just one airliner of many that can do business with the country.

Currently, Egypt Air, Yemeni Airlines, Nova Airlines, Sudanese Airways all fly to Asmara, while Turkish Airlines (May 29), Fly Olympic/Jordan Airlines (June 6), and Qatar Airways will commence flights soon.

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Turkish Airlines to Begin Flights to Eritrea on May 29 Reviewed by Admin on 3:49 PM Rating: 5


  1. Let me know if you guys are having issues hearing the embeded audio of the interview.

  2. what about eritrean airlines it was our only hope to fly home from middle east with direct flight.... the government should do something about it. we can benefit from eritrean airlines instead of paying to other airways.

  3. Dear Madot,
    I have no problem listening to the interview.

  4. Great! Thanks.

  5. Make sure to follow H.E. Tsehaye Fassil on twitter:

  6. When most people think North Korea and eirtrea are the same,and I used to ask myself ,how could it be???then when I see there airline rating ..both of them are the worest in the world fact eirtrean airline is less safer than Air Koryo

  7. Hi u pussy ...keep sucking DIA dick ...bitch ass nigaaaa

  8. I just hope the price will not be exagerated.

  9. Good news, keep flying to Eritrea!!!

  10. Stop with the false hope.

    Let us know when we can book the ticket online!

  11. And how much is the ticket?????

  12. When some people hear the name NOVA they think it is a big airlines. NOVA is an airlines with 1 Boeing 737-500 and 4 CRJ 200ER. CRJ 200 ER is an aircraft with 50 seats. This airlines can not provide adequate service for Eritreans that lives in US, Europe and Middle East.

  13. In business, the more competition something has; the more prices go down. But you are right, Egypt Air has been price gouging. Their prices for Eritrea should be called theft.

  14. What false hope? Turkish Airlines will be flying to Eritrea in May whether this makes you uncomfortable or not. I wonder why good news seems to upset those who hate on Eritrea and Eritreans so much?

  15. I don't think you genuinely care about how much the ticket cost. Your destination is Mekele, not Asmara. :-)

  16. Fyi, this news is coming from the Eritrean government.

  17. It doesn't make me upset.

    I'm just used to western culture now when an airline states they are flying somewhere they say it when you can book tickets.

    It was first reported that they would be flying "soon" in July 2013.

    Soon is not considered 10 months that is why until we can book tickets I would prefer it not be called news.

  18. Great news indeed, thanks Madote i hear that clearly. Better a solution than's a matter of viewing things..(optimisitcly vs pessimisticly). I'm sure other will follow.

  19. freedom for eritrean afars! we the southern red sea afars seek to integrate with our motherlland ,ethiopia,like crimea of ukraine!
    we donot want to be eritrean!
    we donot be in poverity
    we donot be in military service
    we dont be un employed and unengaged
    we donot be to be hopeless in eritrea for nothing!
    freedom now for southern red sea afars to integrate with our motherland ,ethiopia!
    not tomorrow but now!

  20. Hopefully will be a fare price within 500/600 euro from middle and south Europe..

  21. Audio--very clear
    Excellent tnx/Also good News

  22. Why would be my destination Mekele?? Is it b/s I act as a free person who dare to question questions?

  23. I totally agree with you and if you listen to his interview he did not say it will exactly start on May 29 but "around May 29", so a correction to Madote in terms of giving the correct info.

  24. Regard to the news the flight
    will begin May 29. What about for those who want to celebrate Independence Day?
    i personally prefer to celebrate May 24 that is what i have been waiting for
    the last 10 years i have never been Eritrea since 1998. This is the year I decide
    to go to Asmara see family and celebrate Independence Day is there any way that
    can make quickly the flight before May.

  25. As long as we don’t have our own carrier, every airline will rip us off

  26. Mr henok I just came back from asmara. So I flew by Egypt air and it was great. So you do not have to wait for Turkish.

  27. Mr yosief solomon blees for that i will probably do that (y)

  28. Fly Olympic's New Route To Asmara - Eritrea

  29. Turkish Airlines Adds Asmara Service from late-August 2014

    by JL

    Update at 1840GMT+11 05MAY14

    Turkish Airlines starting 19AUG14 begins service to Eritrea, with 3 weekly Istanbul Ataturk – Taif – Asmara operation, on board Boeing 737-800. TK does not have local traffic rights on Taif – Asmara sector.

    TK578 IST2020 – 0015+1TIF0115+1 – 0305+1ASM 738 246
    TK579 ASM0405 – 0555TIF0655 – 1035IST 738 357

    Overall service to Taif, Saudi Arabia remains unchanged at 3 weekly level, however operational schedule changes is in effect for Istanbul departure.


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