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Samuel Tsegay Wins Silver, Eritrea Takes Team Gold

Samuel Tsegay wins silver medal in Copenhagen, Eritrea takes team gold (credit: Christopher Lee/Getty Images)

Samuel Tsegay Wins Silver, Eritrea Takes Team Gold

By CapitalEritrea,

Over 29,000 runners from 50 nations lined up to compete for the 2014 World Half Marathon title as the 20th IAAF World Half Marathon kicked off on a sunny Saturday in Copenhagen. The marathon route was 21.0975 km long and lead through the heart of Copenhagen to the finishing line.

The race surprise was Kenya’s Geoffrey Kipsang Kamaworor who won the gold medal ahead of Eritrea’s Samuel Tsegay who took silver and Ethiopian Guye Adola who came third putting pre-race favorites Zersenay Tadese and Wilson Kiprop in fourth and sixth place respectively. Eritrea won the team gold medal after a strong performance against a strong line-up of Kenyan and Ethiopian athletes.

“Watching the team standing on the winners podium and listening to the Eritrean national anthem during a prestigious event such as the World Half Marathon filled us with pride,” Feven an Eritrean student from Sweden said.

Hard to ignore by Danish TV, Eritrean supporters turned out in large numbers waving Eritrean flags cheering for the one man who could have written history on Saturday once again – Zersenay Tadese.

One Danish-Eritrean resident told TV reporters that Eritreans are very happy to see Tadese in Copenhagen and that he would be able to achieve the unthinkable by winning for the sixth time gold during a Half Marathon World Championships.

Despite Tadese’s fourth place Eritrea’s team gold medal is great milestone for the future of Eritrean marathon putting other Eritrean names on the map.

Five Eritreans are among the top ten athletes crossing the finishing line first.

Samuel Tsegay (Eritrea) who finished 2nd place (59:20) behind Geoffrey Kipsang Kamaworor (Kenya) 1st place (59:07) ahead of Guye Adola (Ethiopia) 3rd place (59:20), Zersenay Tadese (Eritrea) 4th place (59:37), Nguse Amlosom (Eritrea) 5th place (59:59) ahead of Kenyan Wilson Kiprop (Kenya) 6th place (1:00), Girmay Ghebreselasie (Eritrea) 7th place (1:00,09) and Samsong Gebreyohannes (Eritrea) 8th place (1:00,12).

Eritrea’s team title brought Tadese’s medal tally at the World Half Marathon Championships to a record 13.

Eritrea’s Letekidan Ghebreaman, Nebiat Habtemariam and Luula Berhane hit the streets of Copenhagen for Eritrea during the women’s half marathon competition.

During a press conference ahead of the race, IAAF President Lamine Diack announced that Copenhagen would be the first winners of the Athletics Better World award, given to mark excellence in social responsibility.


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  1. Eritrean Team

  2. Eritrean National Team wins gold medal, Samuel Tsegai seizes 2nd rank in half-marathon competition in Denmark

    Asmara, 29 March 2014 – The Eritrean National Team won gold medal and Samuel Tsegai seized the 2nd rank succeeding Kenyan Kamoro in a half-marathon competition in Denmark today.

    The renowned Eritrean Athlete Zerisenai Tadesse who previously won for 5 consecutive times in the tournament currently ranked 4th, and all the members of the National Team concluded the race being among the top 8.

    Accordingly, Nugusse Amlesom, Girmai Gebresilassie and Samson Ghebreyohanes stood 5th, 7th and 8th respectively.

    Samuel and Zerisenai have been awarded USD 20,000 and 10,000 respectively, while the rest members of the National Team secured USD 2,000 each.

    The National Team held 8th rank in the females’ competition, and Samuel is due to take part in the London’s Marathon in April.

  3. Zersenay Tedese with fans

  4. Eritreans come out in large numbers to support the team.

  5. Zersenay Tadese and a teammate dancing with the crowd

  6. Gold Winning Eritrean Team Celebrating.

  7. Eritrean Team celebrating.

  8. Congratulation to Team Eritrea Marathon!
    Lets move forward!

  9. Rahel what are you doing in Danmark? Bravo dagmawian jeganu eritrawian!!!!

  10. Congrats Team Ere !!!! Anabs !!!!

  11. Eritrea is Gold! It wins gold. It produces and sells gold! It is just golden!

  12. Congratulation team Eritrea and Eritreans.Specialy our hero Zerisenai Tadese for opening the door wide open,you have inspired a whole generation to follow your foot steps.It will only get better going forward.Viva deki Ere awet zlmadom.

  13. the Ethiopian runner last in their line, the 1st after the Eri Anabus does not look he's enjoy it at all...loved my national anthem been been sang to the whole word.

  14. dagmawian? intay malet iyu izi khe?
    wayyyyyy kikikiki

  15. VIVA ..... DEQI HARAS NEBRI !!!

  16. Bella Eritrea..zey kemzia iye delie kemzieaye...

  17. Good job all Eritrean runners !! We are proud of you and your achievements. Hopefully very soon we will be achieving the same success in Football as we are doing in bicycle and running.

    Heads high!

  18. Deki Erey,this video will make you soooo happy 💚❤💙💛 wish you great week

  19. Rahel and her lovely child.

  20. These studs did it again! Eritrean sports are winning gold in cycling, track and when Eritrea cleans up the soccer federation, they will win gold, too.

  21. Loved hearing our national anthem, that was sweet!


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