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Eritrea's Mekseb Debesai wins Stage 4 of Tour of Algeria

Mekseb Debesai wins stage 4 of Tour of Algeria, while the Eritrean Cycling Team took 1st overall in Teams General Classification. 

Eritrea's Mekseb Debesai wins Stage 4 of Tour of Algeria, Eritrean Team Takes 1st overall 

By Abel Goitom Gazella,

Stage 4
Tour d'Algérie 12/03/2014
Oran - Ain Temouchent 143km

At a late stage of Tour of Algeria Cycling, 2nd round of Grand Tour of Algeria (GTAC 2014), the competition has been a new twist on Wednesday and a new yellow jersey. Disputed between Oran and Santa Cruz on a long route of 143 km, this stage saw the coronation Eritrean rider Mekseb Debesay.
.........Spurred Eritreans, the peloton split again in Ain Kerma (84.6 km) before the second GPM, on a neck of 1st category. Teammates Mekseb Debesay printed a breakneck pace in the race, something that allowed him to win the second GPM and the second intermediate sprint.

The end of the race came down to a new breakaway of four riders to exit Andalusians. Four kilometers from the finish, and Yeung Ying Hon Mekseb Debesay have parted company with the other two carrying an ultimate attack to attend the end of a sprint victory Mekseb Debesay.

The Algerian runners out 

Besides the Moroccan training, holds three jerseys yesterday (Yellow, red and blue), the Algerian runners are the big losers in this stage and the Tour of Algeria in general. While many hope was worn on Azzedine Laagab (GSP), neither he nor any other Algerian runner could not hold the pace set by the diabolical ERITREAN RIDERS.

While it was left behind three small seconds of the former leader of the Tour, Laagab sees his dream of winning the Tour again, after 2011, since it is evaporated lags 3 minutes and 8 seconds the leader. For his part, Adil Barbari (Sovac) lost his polka dot jersey of best climber and Abderrahmane Mansouri of Ooredoo Team team also squandered his white jersey for best hope.

Stage 4 Results
1. Mekseb Debesai ......Eritrea...........03:45:18
2. Ying Hon Yeung.......Singapore........"" "" ""
3. Thomas Rabou........Singapore.......00:00:30
4. Devid Tintori...........Greece...........00:00:32
5. Azzedine Laagab.....GSP/Algerie....00:03:07
6. Amanuel G/zgabher..Eritrea...........00:03:09
11. Bereket Yemane......Eritrea...........00:04:31
15. Elyas Afewerki.........Eritrea...........00:14:15
16. Yonas Tekeste.........Eritrea............"" "" ""
17. Aron Debretsion.......Eritrea............"" "" ""

Overall General Classification (Yellow Jersey)
1. Mekseb Debesai.......Eritrea............10:19:42
2. Devid Tintori............Greece............00:00:52
3. Ying Hon Yeung........Singapore.......00:01:17
4. Azzedine Laagab......GSP/Algerie/....00:03:08
5. Mouhassine Lahsaini.Morocco..........00:04:16

Best Sprinter:(Red Jersey)
1. Mekseb Debesai........Eritrea

Best climber: (Polka Dot Jersey)
1. Mohamed Youcef ....Al Nasr Dubai club

Over Best Young Rider: (White Jersey)
1. Amanuel G/zgabher...Eritrea

Teams General classification
1. Eritrea National Team
2. Morocco National Team
3. OCBC Singapore Conti Cycl
4. Cevital Team
5. Sports Association of Petroleum

The Eritrean Cycling Team leads all teams in Tour of Algeria
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Eritrea's Mekseb Debesai wins Stage 4 of Tour of Algeria Reviewed by Admin on 5:14 AM Rating: 5


  1. Congratulation to the Eritrean Cycling Team on yet another dominating performance! You don't even have to be a fan of cycling to see there is something special about this squad.

  2. Congra The Eri Cycling Team!!!!!
    You made us proud!!!!

  3. Congratulation to Mekseb Debesai and the Eritrean cycling team!
    Very proud of you.
    Nikid teray deki Erie berhane eyu zelo kedmena!

  4. Can we say that Eritreans are born cyclist? It is a surprise that no Eriteran has won the Tour de France yet. But that is going to change soon. Eritreans are making a name for themselves around the world. Eritrea is becoming synonymous with cycling in the way that Brazil is synonymous with soccer. my guess is in the next 5 to 10 years, an Erirean will win Tour de France or one of the major tours.

  5. Grand Tour of Algeria Cycling - 2014 Step 4: Oran Oran (Santa Cruz) : 143 km : The Eritrean Mekseb Debesay yellow jersey

    Santa Cruz : foreign teams impressed by the beauty of the site

    PUBLISHED ON : 13-03-2014 |

    From our special correspondents in Oran Mohamed Amine Azzouz and Billel

    Yesterday took place the 4th stage of GTAC , with a race that took place over a distance of 143 km , with the starting point , Boulevard Colonel Lotfi Akid and as end point the top of the Col de Santa Cruz . 87 riders from 16 teams took to the road without choke out to start the race. Under a sunny blue sky , riders were ready again to give us a good show , with breakaways, against attack , tactical team work , etc. . In a beautiful setting, with fantastic sea views , this step has brought joy to all those who took part , so the course was nice.

    Santa Cruz : foreign teams impressed by the beauty of the site

    One can even say that is the best and most beautiful stage so far. At kilometer 55, there was a little odd quickly rectified by the organizers of the tour . Indeed, the police misled inadvertently the leading consisting of four riders , they diverted to a path they should not borrow. At this time, the director of the Tour , with the commissioners of the race, reported this error, after which everything is back to normal quickly , since those riders had only done a few meters down the wrong path . At that time , he was asked the other riders who were about 3-4 km from the forefront of slowing , with the agreement of the jury president , Michel River . The race has quickly regained its rights, without distorting it in any way whatsoever. This is the Eritrean Mekseb Debesay , who crossed the finish line at the top of Santa Cruz along with Yeung Ying How ( OCBC Singapore) with the same time of 3h 45 '18'' , but the stage victory was awarded to Mekseb Debesay through the photo finish . The second place is for Singapore . In third place we find the Dutch Thomas Taboo ( OCBC Singapore) with a time of 3h 45 ' 48'' , follow the Italian Devid Tintori ( Gragnano Sporting Club) with the same time . The first Algerian to cross the finish line is the rider GSP , Azzedine Laagab 5th step that completed the course with a time of 3h 48 ' 25'' . The stage winner Eritrean Mekseb Debesay seized the yellow jersey that had the Moroccan Mouhssine Lahsaini and orange jersey general GTAC and red jersey for the best sprinter step . Trophy stage winner was also given to him . The polka dot jersey for the best climber of course , was snatched by the Emirati Youssef Mohamed Mirz ( Alnasr - Dubai). For its part, the Eritrean Amanuel Egerzeigzaarhka won the white jersey crowning the best young rider (U23 ) of the test Oran -Santa Cruz. And finally, the blue jersey of the most combative rider rewarded the Dutch Rabo Thomas ( OCBC Singapore) . The average running speed was 34.628 km / h .

    In this difficult stage , there were eleven dropouts. Also report the injury to the shoulder of a rider from the French team Chambery , which was transported to the hospital. Foreign teams were impressed by the beauty of the neck of Santa Cruz. It was a magical moment for all present at the scene .

  6. Just like your name, you ate really mekseb Eritrea.

  7. Tour d'Algérie 2014 (4e étape): l’Erythréen Debesay triomphe à Santa-Cruz et endosse le maillot jaune

  8. Cycling powerhouse !!!! Eritrea !!!! Destiny for greatness !!!! Eritrea !!!! We do it our way, with old bikes and empty pockets, we kick ass to the max !!!!

  9. Very strange the way they edited the film. You don´t see Mekseb crossing the line as te winner, eventhough they interviewed him afterwards. They must be very mad a black man won the race.

  10. Madote
    You have misspelled my name, I'm Mikhael, not Michael.

  11. Jemine Gabier Al siyasiyaMarch 15, 2014 at 1:38 PM

    It is ok don't worry we can also change your name to Miku. Is that OK. The worst would have been if Your Name Was Jemane Gebreab and you would have to be called Jemine Jabier :)

  12. Are you responding to voices?


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