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Massive Hailstorm Blankets Asmara

Massive hailstorm blankets Asmara, 12 March, 2014

Massive Hailstorm Blankets Asmara

A rainstorm in Asmara produced flooding and an unusual amount of hail in the afternoon hours, state media reported.

The hailstorm, which accumulated as high as 1-meter in some areas of the city, resulted in traffic issues and damages to property.

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Massive Hailstorm Blankets Asmara Reviewed by Admin on 3:40 PM Rating: 5


  1. Can you say "Global Warming?" Weird weather patterns seen all over the planet.

  2. ኣሰይ! That is great news. This time of the year, there shouldn't be any crop damage.

  3. More snow means more ground water and streams .As long as it did not damage any crop it is good for Asmara .

  4. Good hope for the coming rainy season!

  5. Luckily for now is what you said, but In future is something we need to take care of, cause we'll use irrigation in agriculture, the harvest might be in different period than now..

  6. No, it should rain at least 5 or 6 times in February.

  7. We need to have a great dam at Asmara environs to accumulate and cover the usage of water for the habitants, organise the people and amend the dranage system to make this water run to nearest dams. The longer the problem stay unresolved, it might damage the old and remarkable buildings of the city.
    Systematical use of every drop for greener Eritrea!


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