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Migration: Is it Really an Eritrean Trademark?

Eritrean Defense Force aka Warsay Yikaelo 

Migration: Is it Really an Eritrean Trademark?

By Zeray,

I am not an immigration expert by all means. But, I was inclined to write about Eritrea’s immigration issues in contrast to historical data from around the world. The bottom line of my article is for readers to know the facts and to have an open discussion on how to avert catastrophic human loss like the one that occurred at Lampadusa, Italy few months ago.

Migration is not a new phenomenon; it had been around for the past thousands of years and it is happening now around the globe. Migration can be elicited by any of the following: economic, political and/or religion. For e.g., between 1841 and 1850, immigration to the US was very high, totaling 1,713,000 immigrants, including at least 781,000 Irish, 435,000 Germans, 267,000 British and 77,000 French immigrants. The Irish, with the Potato Famine (1845–1849) driving them, emigrated directly from their homeland to escape poverty and death. The failed revolutions of 1848 brought many intellectuals and activists to exile in the U.S. Bad times and poor conditions in Europe drove people out, while land, relatives, freedom, opportunity, and jobs in the US lured them in. Between 1850 and 1930, about 5 million Germans immigrated to the United States with a peak in the years between 1881 and 1885, when a million Germans left Germany and settled mostly in the Midwest. Between 1820 and 1930, 3.5 million British and 4.5 million Irish entered America. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, about 1.3 million Swedes left Sweden for the United States. The main "pull" was the availability of low cost, high quality farm land in the upper Midwest (the area from Illinois to Montana), and high paying jobs in mechanical industries and factories in Chicago, Minneapolis, Worcester and many smaller cities. Meron Estifanos and Co. can help us calculate the number of Swedish migrants per month.Today about 700,000 Swiss citizens currently live abroad.

Due to its strategic position on the Red Sea, Eritrea had been attractive for invaders from different countries. South Arabians (Yemen), the Ottoman Turks, the Portuguese, the Egyptians, the British and the Italians have invaded parts of Eritrea in the past. The Egyptians and Sudan have also invaded Eritrea from the west. And last but not least, when Eritrea was awarded to Ethiopia, it had many sophisticated factories. Ethiopia nationalized Eritrea’s 42 largest factories and systematically dismantled the Eritrean industrial sector during the protracted civil war. The systematic war enforced on Eritrea in 1998 severely affected Eritrea’s economy. The GDP basically dropped down to zero. So, forget Eritrea, a very poor country which had to go through hell for the past 100s of years, the rich countries which I have mentioned above had to go through difficulties and migration at some point in their history. The fact of the matter is that Eritrea’s government is trying its very best to improve the livelihood of every Eritrean citizen. Amazingly, Eritrea’s economy is projected to grow by 8.0% in 2014. So why do many Eritrean youth opt to migrate to another country? And why is Eritrean migration depicted differently as compared to other countries around the globe?

A number of reasons can be attributed for migration of the youth from Eritrea. Here are the lists in my opinion:

1. Ambition! We should not forget the adage that if the pasture is greener on the other side of town, it is going to attract visitors. This had been happening in the past and it is happening today. A lot of Mexicans migrate to the US every hour every day. Due to the protracted war in the past, many Eritreans were subjected to mass migration to different parts of the world. Due to the hard working nature of Eritrean people, the living standard of most Eritreans in the diaspora is relatively good. Another very fascinating nature of Eritreans around the globe is the fact that they have very strong bond with their immediate family in Eritrea. So, they tend to shower their families in Eritrea with nonstop gifts. If you ever tell your friends that you are going to Eritrea you know exactly what is going to happen; take this for my brother and this for my aunt and it is never ending. Obviously, these kinds of experience will easily make the youth in Eritrea envious. The youth will then become an easy target for the preys whose ulterior motive is to weaken the Eritrean government by all means. The president of a great nation had to say it in the open during a speech that he gave to the Clinton Global Initiative in September 25, 2012; “We’re partnering with groups that help women and children escape from the grip of their abusers”. What is freedom? Is it to allow the youth free access to psychedelic drugs such as ‘chat’, or to have shisha houses rampantly throughout major cities, or to have disregard for the female youth engaged in prostitution (በ አዲስ አበባ ምስጢራዊ የወሲብ ገበያ ደርቷል this is in addition to the 130,000 prostitutes in Addis alone) or to have close to a million homeless people in one city alone. Or is it to allow 1% of the population pursues an exuberant life while the remaining is having a hard time to make the ends meet. I am proud to say that this is not the case in Eritrea. The economic policy of Eritrea is based on fairly equal distribution of wealth to all. The government of Eritrea is not for aggrandizing individual riches by all means. The president of Eritrea clearly stated in one of his speeches that what they fought for is not to beautify one city (Asmara) alone while the majority of the population is deprived of basic needs (emphasis mine). Obviously, the over ambitious merchant will invest in some other country and eventually, when the dust settles, the majority of the investors will come back home to invest. The government has already started to attract investors and a case in point is the housing project in Asmara being built in collaboration with an Italian company. Investment 2, 3, 4 and etc will follow tract and the country will hopefully be back to business; unless of course, the UN comes up with another bogus accusation to demonize Eritrea.

2. Globalization! It comprises the free movement of goods, services, capital, people and knowledge around the world. Adrian Blomfield in his article claimed that, Africa has another dispiriting statistic: a brain drain of health workers so acute that more Ethiopian-trained doctors practice in Chicago than in Ethiopia. This phenomenon makes Eritrean youth a good candidate to get attracted to the global market. Almost all the youth that migrate out of Eritrea owns a high school diploma and almost all have basic skills of computer. Asmara is inundated with Computer schools. So, once the youth is exposed to the global market, they can easily find a job. This cycle can only be balanced by allowing affordable employment opportunities in Eritrea. The government and Eritrean investors should work in tandem to improve this situation. Asmara and its environs including Dekemehare were once the hub of many sophisticated factories until they were dismantled systematically by Ethiopia. I am very hopeful that many new factories are going to sprout out in Eritrea in the near future. The government has to invest heavily on education so that when the right time comes to attract manufacturing jobs to Eritrea the manpower will be ready. At some point, the BMW Company was attracted to open a car assembly factory in Dekemehare but it was denied by King Haile-Selassie. If we have the infrastructure and the manpower ready, it will definitely attract investors.

3. Military and Social Services (Warsay Yikaelo)! The government of Eritrea has vowed to build the country from scratch. Notwithstanding the sanctions, the psychological war and the precarious situation between Ethiopia and Eritrea, the government of Eritrea have mobilized the youth to build the country. Immense sacrifice was paid to achieve Eritrea’s freedom so it is imperative to maintain the hard won independence forever. At the same time, it is hard to talk about freedom without economic independence. Claiming a country independent while the country is dependent on food aid is absurd. For example in the year 2012 Ethiopia received $580 million in aid from the USA; another 193 million Euro from Europe and the World Bank approved US$1.15 million interest free credit to Ethiopia in recent years. The list can go on. The million dollar question is, “Does Ethiopia used the money to better the livelihood of its citizens”? The figure does not show that. On the contrary, Eritrea with very minimal loan and with very minimal aid has registered major goals in improving infant mortality, increasing the literacy rate, in achieving the millennium goal, almost eradicating malaria, building roads and dams in the countryside, electrifying the countryside and etc..(See this website for details). The bulk of the development was performed by Warsay Yikaelo. I would first like to thank the youth for safeguarding the motherland and for paying the ultimate sacrifice to better the livelihood of the needy. I have a feeling that the achievements Eritrea have registered have made certain parties very uncomfortable. A country getting in billions in aid is having close to 1 million homeless people and close to 130,000 prostitutes in Addis Abeba alone and here is Eritrea who has become a bad example for doing miracles. I have no doubt in my mind that certain groups are working night and day to thwart Eritrea’s development program. We have to bear in mind that participating with the social services in Eritrea for prolonged period of time can be tedious. The youth should know that the service is temporary. For example, Sweden had mandatory military service until July of 2010. The military service should have included foreign born Eritreans to boost the morale of the native Eritreans. At the same time, the social service should not be mandatory after certain period. I strongly advise the government to revise the policy on the terms of the social service.

4. Religion! I know that the topic is a touchy subject but, according to Wikipedia, followers of the Christian faith in Eritrea amount to 50% to 60%. Among the Christians, 57.7% are Orthodox Christians, 4.6% Catholics and 0.7% Protestants. The revivalism of Born Again Christians is on the rise. The rationale behind can be attributed to the fact that Orthodox Church service can be boring and hard to follow. Personally, I lose touch 10 minutes into the service. Obviously, the Pentecost Church gives the sermon relative to the world today. The very fact can entice many young followers of other religion easily. The Pentecostal Church is not acknowledged by the government of Eritrea. This can easily force some of the followers to flee the country. I strongly advise the government of Eritrea to allow freedom of religion. The impetus not to allow the new sects from pursuing their faith can come from the Orthodox Church. However, the government should mediate and allow freedom of religion in Eritrea. The problem had been around for hundreds of years. I would encourage those who can read Amharic to read ‘Dekika Estifanos’ by Dr. Getachew Haile. In brief, some 50 years before Martin Luther started protesting against the Catholic Church, a group of Orthodox Christian faith followers in Northern Ethiopia initiated to question the doctrine of Christian faith according to the Bible. They were persecuted and had to go through a lot of hardship. In our world today, new faith is not welcome by the old Church. I strongly advise the Government of Eritrea to revise the policy on religion.

In conclusion, I have given my opinion in regard to the cause of migration of the youth out of Eritrea. I would like readers to openly discuss the matter and reach a consensus on how to attenuate the unnecessary death of our fellow brothers and sisters.
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Migration: Is it Really an Eritrean Trademark? Reviewed by Admin on 9:41 AM Rating: 5


  1. Zeray is right! The only thing Zeray should of added is that economic migrants in Eritrea are being used to tarnish the country's image. Meanwhile, countries like Ethiopia are exporting more refugees/economic migrants than any country in Africa. Only Syria is seeing more people flee their country than Ethiopia, yet we never hear the media focusing on the mass exodus of Ethiopians fleeing their country. Why? The few times they do focus on Ethiopians fleeing their homelands, it's always within the confines of "economic migration" and never political and greatly downplayed. On the flip side, Eritrea's economic migrants are labeled "refugees" and "asylum seekers" the instant they step outside of Eritrea's borders. You can not find one Western article that talks about Eritrea without mentioning Eritrean migrants. They can talk about Eritrea planting trees and they will probably throw in an Eritrean migrant story. It's insane how pathetic and low these so-called Western journalists are going to focus on one issue that affects every developing country on this planet.

  2. Just adding a little fact on the religion part. the Pentecost followers were taking their religion to a different level,in my own experience the Pentecost followers were refusing to go Sawa because according to them its not "approved" in their religion and we all know sawa is for everybody no religion can stop you or have a power to stop....that created an ugly issue in Eritrea but its known to be a much better about that issue. They are completely allowed yet but they can do whatever they want as long they are not interfering anybody (stopping a person the streets just to preach him) and when i say they can do whatever they i meant like not in the private way but yes i completely agree with you, there should be a freedom on religion, however at the same time the citizens should not use their religion as an excuse at some certain things the government is required them to do. Other than that you did a great job on your article and agreed on the rest of the points have stated.

  3. just fixing my rush written comment i meant to say:
    They are NOT** completely allowed yet
    (stopping a person ON* the streets just to preach them
    IN PRIVATE WAY*** they are allowed to do whatever they want to do
    Freedom OF*** religion

  4. This is a good article. The only thing I disagree with Zeray on is implementing religious freedom in Eritrea. Do we really need more religious divisions? It's bad enough the majority of Eritreans still cling to fairy tales from the stone ages, adding more falsehoods into a pot of falsehood is a bad recipe of ignorance.

    Another issue I have with 'religious freedom' is do we really want Wahhabi Islam in Eritrea? Wahhabi Islam is an extreme brand of Islam that Saudi Arabia exports to the world. Basically, every Islamic terrorist on this planet was indoctrinated in Wahhabi. Providing Eritrea with religious freedom will only open the doors to this extreme and violent cult.

    I think we should keep it the way it is and slowly remove all religions from Eritrea through education. In my opinion, one of the greatest things the Soviets ever did was banning religions in favor of universal atheism.

  5. The greatest factor for Eritreans migration is pull factor following by greener grass. The Government need to look at demobilising those who have been in Natinal Service for extende period if time. All in all Eritrea is on the right track and I full support the Governments development modul. Slow an steady an with in one means win the race. I have no doubt Eritrea is on the right track for very bright future.

  6. "More than 1,500[18,000/year] Eritreans, including unaccompanied minors, flee the country monthly."

    "Some 84,000[7,000/month], or more than 80 per cent, of the arrivals [in Yemen] were Ethiopian nationals."

  7. Really Good Article Zeray . No comments except to say Keep it up . We need more like you .

  8. Interesting article but a bit naive if not foolish way of assesing Eritrea's migration situation. Let's cut the chase, the problem lies on the leadership. Don't take me wrong, I am strong Shaebia supporter, because that is the only trusted leadership that can safeguard the nation and that's all we have, but they should have been prepared for the so called "Operation Sunset" while the dirty Agames were on weapons shopping spree, Shaebia leaders were daydreaming, they did not even put blockade on ships destined to deliver arms to the enemy through the Red Sea via Djibouti, where was the Eritrean navy or the air-force? The opportunity and momentum was lost between 1998 and 1999. The dirty Agames had already secured exclusive contract with Russia to purchase several Su jet fighters to shoot out the out-dated Mig and cluster bomb trenches. I am not a military strategist by all means but I know leadership, one should at least be able to forecast, analyze, strategize defense/offense, gather intelligence, prepare solutions and implement them in a timely manner. When the Eritrean leadership was asked what went wrong? Their answer was "zengiena", this is a sign of incompetency on the think-tank of the leadership. Fast forward, now the enemy has the upper hand, a messy border tension, sanction and arms race is destroying Eritrea. Only if they had acted swiftly back in 1998, too little too late. Ignorance and foolishness have no place in leadership.

    As for the so called religion freedom, do not be fooled people, it is the instrument of the CIA. If our forefathers were able to withstand centuries of hardship and atrocities by invaders and be able to hold on to the Orthodox Church, values and tradition, why is today's generation ready to abandon it's Tewahdo spirit and instead venture to a CIA sponsored Evangelical fairytale? Remember, we the Habesha Eritreans are revered by many as "the people of the book" referring to the Bible and the Holy Koran. The Queen of Saba and The Prophet Mohamed have touched our land and have erected the first mosque and the oldest Orthodox monasteries in the world. Those are our entities, a testament of our civilization and existence of over 5000 years, we have survived wars but now the enemy is tampering with our religion and with our disillusioned youth. Again, ignorance is another enemy of many Eritreans. Just as the Catholics and Protestants in Eritrea who sold their religion and soul to the imperialists and western missionaries during the "Scramble for Africa" in the 1800's in exchange of donations and few goodies, once more our young people are flirting with this so called born again "CIA Trojan Horse" religion, a mind corrupting and nation destabilizing CIA instrument designed to benefit "The New World Order", neo-colonialism. Wake up people !!! Please click on the link below and watch the truth.

  9. Bombing cargo arriving to Djibouti via the Red Sea would of warranted not only sanctions from the UNSC but military retaliation from Russia or the country delivering the cargo.

  10. Destroying Ethiopian cargo arriving to Djibouti via the Red Sea would of warranted not only sanctions from the UNSC but military retaliation from Russia or the country delivering the cargo.

  11. Ewritrawi: Most comments accepted. Except a few points.

    1. Like MadoteEritrea Pointed out aggression against the shipments would have been counter productive.

    2. As an actual witness , i can tell you that had it been for some incredible and unforeseen & hard to believable betrayals by i guess you know who , not only would it have been repelled , it would have been squashed. Zewale yeneger endi negeru
    . Above all & truthfully speaking , who would have thought they would come back after the 2nd round and the final days of Egri Mekel ( Tsorona) ? , that would have been the End for any normal leadership who lost so much and so many .

  12. Thank you for this timely article Zeray!

  13. Thank you for this timely article Zeray!!

  14. The only difference in opinion I have with the writer is the fact that it all has NOTHING to do with freedom of religion or not. if, as the writer says and I believe him, esthetically the pentecost churches have attractive and easily understandable ceremonies, then the solution lies in the Orthodox church at home, to be as esthetically and doctrine wise, both attractive and easily understandable, as well. Because, frankly as an example, what´s the point, in this day and age, to continue to preach in Ge´ez, when practically, there´s almost no one who uinderstands that langugae except for the priesthood? So in my view, if the Eritrean Orthodox church is able to transform itself and be both, in the daily life sense and doctrine wise and be easily available to the people, to heal their spiritual wounds and fulfill their spiritual desires, conversion into other denominations will diminish dramatically. This is the way to fight this scourge. Harsh methods, have the tendency to make matters worse. It can even justify, unconsciously, their belief, that they´re being persecuted because they´re the true followers of Christ.

  15. There is really nothing to argue about economic models. Socialism is a failed model as noted by the fall of the Soviet Union. The Chinese also have had economic reform which allows for foreign investments. If you have a suggestion for another economic model other than free market I would like to hear it?

    Eritrea can learn from the trials and errors of the US and other countries around the world. What type of an individual states “we do our own” when others have already done it and proved what is successful? Only children refuse to consider advice from the elders and end up regretting it.

    We live in global economy. Something that happens in China/America/Germany etc. affects the rest of the world and vice versa. Eritrea does not have the ability to "do our own".

    Don’t you find it embarrassing that we have no clue what the Governments Economic plan is?

    Why does Eritrea not publish a budget so that we can assess the economic reality of our Country? I pay my taxes to the Government; shouldn’t I get a chance to see where the funds are going? There is currently no accountability in place to safeguard the assets of the people of Eritrea.

    Migration will continue to be an Eritrean Trademark unfortunately until people such as yourselves change your opinions. There is literally nothing wrong that the Government has done in regard to economy policies from your point of view?

  16. Its time to ban Bobby Bereket because he is trying to make turn against our own government therefore he should be banned.

  17. This is a pro Eritrea website not a traitor website. Go to were you belong.


  19. Please teddy dont engage with him, he is not equal to us. Bobby Bereket dosent belong here and if the admin did his job we wouldnt have animals from south of border talking on this website.

    Admin do your job and ban bobby Bereket is well know anti Eritrea freak.

  20. What a shame full writer eritrea is in Darkness with out electricity
    ,Eritrea is the only country where people need line up to buy bread, Eritra is the only country with out Constitution, the only country with out 1 university. Eritrea is the 3rd most poorest country in the world. So how do u
    tell us those lies you are arrogant We are Eritreas but we dont accept such lies

  21. To admin:

    Please ban mariam.

    YOUR not doing your job. Do you wont me to be a moderator.

  22. You must be a child. Your only solution to those who oppose your views is ban them. If you have no response to the questions raised, shut your mouth.

    This is why Migration is an Eritrean trademark!

    All the rest of us rationale individuals have left to do is wait for the dinosaurs to die.

  23. To Admin
    Bobby Bereket is disturbing and Berhane is coming to protect him what you need is to ban these characters.

  24. I understand your point. We have heard stories from our comrades in the front-line, there were spies inside EDF working for the enemy, there were traitors among the leadership, CIA, US Navy "observing the war" from the Red Sea, etc... and more. Let me simply put is this way, the best defense is a blitz offense, having air-superiority with Su jets could have changed the tide of war. Anyways folks, honeymooning with Agame / Ethiopia after 1991 was just a just recipe for disaster, the best solution was to divide Ethiopia in 1991 via proxy war by supporting Oromo / Ogaden independence, and have Oromo, Amhara, Agame and Ogaden tear each other apart. The fact is, as long as there is a nation called Ethiopia, we will not have peace in the region let alone our border. It will always be "the spoiled child of the Super Powers" and we will exhaust our youth and resources on endless wars.

  25. If we could all ask how each of us have gotten self religion. Most of us just inherited them from last generations. They them self got it either by external invaders by force or by the power of the time, some use money or water ,school project to convert poor people with the intention of increasing the base for more power and money for the top. God is for love and tolerance, we the people invented religion and suffer from it. Worshiping GOD is smart thing to do but using it for money or political score is another thing. The more informed and educated people are ,the more they make the right choices in life. We should all work against ignorance to make poverty history in Eritrea.

  26. Daniel , i hear you but no matter as long as it wants to hold a respectful discussion i will reply to him .

  27. Here you go again generalizing , China , US etc.I believe any economy plan or any national policy should be based a principle of providing and sharing of everything with as much nationals as possible , not on impressing some organization nor should it be benefiting a certain group of individuals and should prevent a wide gap from forming between the rich and poor.
    You speak of the US economy, have u really looked at it ? or are you blinded by the glitter? Do you know that in Nov 2013 , 45 Million Americans were on food stamps ? or that the wealth of the nation is controlled by 1 % of the population ? Is that the plan ? Trying to directly copy this "Plan" in still developing nations has and will result in disaster, Ethiopia , Nigeria etc should be enough example. A certain group has risen so high in those countries , while the majority of their ppl are literary starving. I think better to have balanced sharing of wealth or poverty.
    FYI GoE does encourages foreign investment , but in accordance with the nations laws. Not uncontrolled ones. Rights of workers , environmental impact, sustainability, etc must be respected and should not damage nation. If you want to take or make as much as u can and leave destruction behind well better move on.
    Glad to hear you pay your taxes !

  28. Well at least you have the mental capability to respond to me…unlike some others on this website :)

    One thing we will have to disagree on is the fact that I don’t think an economic policy can be put in place to prevent a wide gap from forming between the rich and poor.

    I don’t think the US economy is perfect by any means. They have many faults; however virtually all of the largest economics in the world have free enterprise policies in place. As you said though we can argue forever on which economic model is best.

    One thing I would like you to answer is why does Eritrea not publish a budget so that we can assess the economic reality of our Country?

    Do you also seriously believe we have system of accountability for the leaders of the Government? At what point will they relinquish power to the youth of the Country. We are no longer in guerrilla warfare, why are former Military commanders still in charge of the Government. Are they right and most qualified people to lead our country?

    There are so many factors causing Migration to be an Eritrean Trademark. The sooner we start addressing them the better.

  29. Why is the reality of Eritrea so hard to hear or read. Daniel, the Admin should rather ban you until you learn to entertain different views and ideas.

  30. The current migratory crises of Eritrea is well crafted by the enemy of Eritrea, the USA and its' servant the minority regime of Ethipia- the Weyane. Since the border war with Weyane the USA with its' servant Weyane manipulate the migratory crises an instrument of political and economical pressure to subdue the government of Eritrea. When the economic sanction totally failed, illigal emigration has been encouraged and politicized. Eritrea is the only country in Africa whose citizens are immediately accepted and documented as political refugee after entering western countries illegally. Just to remind you, recently President Obama in his speech said, "We are partnering with allied countries to help those Eritreans who fled from GOE."

  31. Dude, who said destroying "Russian" ships? you're not making sense. If you want a detailed strategy, then all it takes is a jet fighter to intercept the convoy of trucks departing from the port of Djibouti as they cross into Ethiopian border. Then just unleash one Mig-29 from Assab to do the job, before the weapons reach enemy's hand.

  32. Dude, who said destroying "Russian" ships? you're not making sense. If you want a detailed strategy, then all it takes is a jet fighter to intercept the convoy of trucks departing from the port of Djibouti as they cross into Ethiopian border. Then just unleash one Mig-29 from Assab to do the job, before the weapons reach enemy's hand...

  33. I support Merriam, those guys who never lived in er speaks non stop. Why do not they go and live in er, if it is a good country. Egotic ppl.

  34. Where is your Adi? Let us be the judge if there is electric line posted to your Adi or not. Otherwise, in case you don't know, Eritrea is sanctioned. No country in Africa would have survived if they were in a position Eritrea is today. I was in Asmara this past summer and I didn't see people lining up for bread, however, I have seen people lining up for gasoline. Again, the country is sanctioned, so these kinds of things should be expected. Otherwise, I have been to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando,LA, The White Mountains but I was not as happy as I was during the time I have spent in Asmara. Believe it or not!

  35. by what you wrote .. let me tell you who you are ... you are someone from diasopare .. where all family are abroad ... you don't know how we live in here ...and you don't care ... if you care would found out the tone reasons why people are risking their lives... let me ask you what do you think will happen if our dictator died or overthrown ...... let me answer it for you civil war ... so if you are to know something please look the situation or at least ask some one relative in Eritrea .. what is happening and why

  36. ban to you selfish idiot ....i sure you live abroad and smuggled out all your family as well.. you don't care what we live here and what we suffer .... oh ..i know you care about the bond buy from the dictator...... if you care ... you would see why people are suffering here and why they are risking their lives to get out the country...america cia agame conspiracy thing is lie that our dictator uses to stay in power and steal the mining money we are getting ..don't you think it is wierd that while the country getting huge revenue from Gold seal ( as the price of Gold skyrocket ) during 2010 to 2012 , the country was suffering serious food shortage, fuel shortage and electric blackout ...what is wrong with do you feel the paining the pain we are suffering here.... so please before you speak , come to Eritrea see the situation ask those who live here , then you can leacture from there

  37. There were lots of pentecostes with me on national get your facts straight .or you've never been on national service


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