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Eritrea's top general meets with citizens in Sweden

General Sebhat Ephrem (R), Eritrea's highest ranking general, visits Sweden to discuss with Eritrean-Swedes

Eritrea's top general meets with citizens in Sweden

Sebhat Ephrem, the Minister of Defense for Eritrea, and former Eritrean People's Liberation Front Commander, is in Sweden to brief Eritreans on national matters.

Since arriving, the General has been stalked by Expressen, a Swedish tabloid magazine that is accused of stirring racism, xenophobia and anti-Eritrean sentiments in the country.

Desperate to cause commotion, the tabloid magazine is reportedly busing hooligans to locations where the general holds meetings with Eritrean-Swedes.

Last year, Expressen made similar moves when it bused a handful of middle aged men to throw stones outside of an Eritrean youth concert that was attended by hundreds of people. One officer at the scene described the Expressen-backed rioters as:

“They took the opportunity to throw stones with no other motive than to cause trouble,” said police spokeswoman Marie-Louise Nilsson.

Meanwhile, Major General Gerezgheri Andemariam, who was reported to have died last week by the Ethiopian-backed opposition groups, is in Italy to brief the Eritrean communities there about development actives in the country.

Currently, the country is developing a number of major infrastructure projects, including two modern colleges; 1,680 modern homes and shops in Asmara; and last phase of construction of Gergera dam in Zoba Debub, the largest Earth dam in the country.

Sebhat Eferm breifing Eritrean-Swedes on national issues

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  1. Looks like a camera was there....can a video of speech be released?

  2. Is the OFFICINE PICCINI company still making the 1,680 modern homes and shops in Asmara ?

    Who is making the Gergera dam in Zoba Debub.

  3. General you did herosim things to Eritrea but you have desert to those fought and martyrised and brought short what you had to do is like General of Egypt did and removed to the uncenterilased ruler moris.

  4. Everyone please be conscious of our enemies. The Eritrean opposition group EYSNS is threatening to do harm to General Sephat Ephrem. Also keep an eye out for opportunist in our mist. This Bobby Bereket character spews vulgar insults against the Eritrean government day in and day out on twitter. He definitely is fishing for things that he believes will work against the GOE.

  5. Viva General Wedi Efrem Kulom Dekika Warsay Ab Gonka Ena

  6. haha what enemy? Sorry for wanting to hear what the minister had to tell the Swedish Eritreans and trying to hold members of Government of Eritrea accountable for things they say and do.

    Why are you hesitant to post his brief on national matters?


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