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. falsely claims Eritrean general has died falsely claims Major General Gerezgheri Andemariam died at an air force hospital in Eritrea - Photo: Air Force Hospital in Eritrea falsely claims Eritrean general has died

A week after falsely claiming President Isaias Afwerki is on life support,, an "opposition" site that works with Ethiopia's regime to reverse Eritrea's independence, is now claiming Major General Gerezgheri Andemariam has passed away.

In its weekly 'Situation on the Ground Report', the site claims several of its 'sources' have informed them that General Gerezgheri was admitted to the country's air force hospital where he passed away from an unspecified illness on November 23rd, 2013.

Unfortunately for them, in the age of social media, lying isn't as easy as plagiarizing a BBC article. After being informed of the surprising news, the general's niece went on Facebook to set the record straight.

"Of course this would come from but what's crazy is that I spoke to him yesterday," said Feven Ferai, the niece of General Gerezegheri. "He is my uncle. This is bigger than politics....losers!", which has seen the number of visitors to its website dwindle over the years, is desperately trying to gain traffic by creating false news, some observers have noted.

It is to be recalled, last August, Wikileaks published confidential emails of US intelligence contractors who claimed is possibly being backed by the CIA.

Feven Ferai setting the record straight via Facebook

snapshot taken from's article

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  1. The dimwit manlady meron estifanos was bussy twitting today to ask if it was true. what a sorry state of affair!

  2. the dumb as alife what sad sad news

  3. What do you expect from Madote should refer next as agamino not asmarino. Thank you.

  4. What do you expect from

  5. ውጩ ኣንበሳ -ናደው እዝ- ናይ ጀጋኑ ጅግና- ብሂወቱ ኣሎ
    ሕርር ደኣ በሉ !! እንተሞተ ኸኣ ጣሪኽ ሰሪሑ እዩ ! በዓል ዕደ ኸ ሞት ኣብ ስደት- ክልተ ሞት!!
    ሳላ ውጩን ጀጋኑን ሃገርና ደው ኢላ ኣላ! ተባዕ ኤርትራዊ ኣብ መትከሉ ደው ዪብል፣ ዓወት ንሓፋሽ !

  6. what it amaze me the fellowers.........eti zigermeni netom hasot enda negerkum tisbuwom eyu many times you killed President Issyas so on , but why still those people belive on you ............such liers if you have a head that work you shouldn't follow them.........if we had real Eritrean oppostions everyone would follow them , but you ......mushmushat kkkkkkkkkkkk

  7. IHM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can we see him in state media like TV? if he alive because We want to have fair judgement on false media.If he alive asmarino com should ask apologize to public.

  8. Wedi Awate (Adwa) agame. I guess your mom & dad mengisti saitan yewarisom. Nisika kea bihaki binay Hadega tekezef. Resaka kea amora ybliewo. Yehwatka kea bihiweten kisakeya yinbera

  9. Sembelawi, hakika bihaki. Bizuhant kem Wichu alewina. Wichu enta mote kea Harbena Eu.. buzuhat kea afriu eu.

  10. Awet ni hizbi ertra & PFDJ.

  11. I can only say that what you guys post and the comments you give shows that you have got nothing to do nothing at all, it is a shame to be called one of you.

  12. but he is died ,you are the lair of the regime , we know you better, regarding Ethiopians , specially Tigrians are our brothers, you were saying it during the struggle time, now they are you enemies.
    the General is died and you are still continuing that the General is existing .
    After all who are you are only internet , you site and write your stupied idea.


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