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Isaias Afwerki appears in Sudan; ends rumor of poor health

Since 2005, President Isaias Afwerki has been reported to have died over a dozen times by Eritrean opposition sites. Photo: PIA with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir in Asmara - May 24, 2012

President Isaias Afwerki ends wild rumors of failing health

In yet another blow to their credibility, President Isaias Afwerki appears in the Sudan, ending a week-long rumor by the Ethiopian-backed Eritrean opposition sites that claimed the president is on life support.

The rumor, which was started by, claimed the former guerrilla fighter was gravely ill and bedridden at an undisclosed hospital in the Middle East.

Long dismissed by the Eritrean diaspora as a mouthpiece of Ethiopia's administration, is an opposition site that openly works with the Ethiopian regime to reverse the country's hard won independence.

Last August, the whistleblower site Wikeleaks leaked emails of US intelligence contractor describing Eritrean opposition sites as being Ethiopia TPLF friendly and as being CIA backed.

It is to be recalled, in 2004, was caught plagiarizing a BBC South Africa rape story to deceive Western policy makers that rape of women is endemic in Eritrea and national service is a human rights abuse. Despite the story being completely fabricated, it's still cited by human rights organizations.

                                                            [click on image to enlarge]
On the left is's plagiarized article, on the right is the original BBC article. 
President isaias Afwerki with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir in Port Sudan - November 24, 2013

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Isaias Afwerki appears in Sudan; ends rumor of poor health Reviewed by Admin on 7:13 AM Rating: 5


  1. Wey gud is this a news now? what a shame? zehfer eko eyu

  2. @hani Ata donkoro ewe news eiu neana netome be hagrena ne gedse.
    @madote isaias lomie aykonen moytu isaias kedmie 22 amet eiu moytu. Nemene eiu kednagro delyu ezie ketafie abe hospital tedrbyu eiu keniu. Ezie leba agame sebaye ezie kulu ne hezbena ne hagrena zegbro gefie kefdeyo eiu. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. DEATH TO DICTATOR ISAIAS AFWERKIE.

  3. His poor health is apparent from the photo. If you don't see that you need an eyeglass.

  4. This is a stage photo...similar to North Korea tactics...All video of this event has been blacken out....on EriTv...just audio but very Black and dark video if their was no light----Their is NOT one outside source for a clear definite photo or even video..Hollywood Stuff in themaking.. 2 funny.

  5. First he was dead now he is in poor health. Makes perfect sense.

  6. I don't understand what Isaiyas is trying to prove. He is playing hide and sick like a child! He is the one that is creating the rumors. Eritrea and its people deserve a functioning government and leader. Eritreans both at home and in the diaspora are sick and tired of him and his cronies. We need change, period, now or tomorrow. Forget Ethiopia they have their problem and let them deal with it.

  7. Hitler said if a lie is repeated often enough and long enough, it would come to be perceived as truth. One such lie often repeated is the so called Eritrean opposition lies president Iseyas is this and that,why do not you go and lick your masters boot and clean their poo in Mekellino.

  8. Hey whats ur name is that you mihiret!!. I am wondering if you are at yiur stable health condition. Hell who asked you first to worry abt his health issue. Know that he is like you human being. He can be sick or he can be dead. But he is working hard restlessly. He is not playing the so called mama ketema like what you thought as a childish game.
    So do your job he is doing his job ok. Dont expose yourself that you are a vacuum. Kurie beli. Ezi wedihanki.

  9. let issayas die like his cuz meles! and then their can be peace. we don't need their bullshit. they started it all so let it die with them. peace

  10. I think you have mental health problem and you are whishig him dead.I think you are responding voices.


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