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Turkey's first resident Ambassador to Eritrea arrives

Turkey says it will start direct flights into Asmara soon, and will restore the ancient Turkish (Ottoman) buildings in Massawa - Photo credit: H.E., Ambassador Firat Sunel

Turkey's first resident Ambassador to Eritrea arrives in Asmara

In a sign of growing diplomatic relation with Eritrea, Turkey appointed Fırat Sunel to be the country's first resident ambassador to Asmara, a move that's part of a larger push by Ankara to establish closer ties with African states.

Turkey, which says it attaches great importance to the Horn of Africa region, seeks to establish stronger diplomatic and economic ties with Eritrea. However, trade between the two states has yet to take off.

In 2010, Eritrea imported US$10 million worth of goods from Turkey, while it exported just a little over US$10,000. But there are signs these figures will increase substantially in the coming years.

Ambassador Sunel says he's been visiting business circles in Istanbul to discuss ways to enhance bilateral ties with Eritrea. Moreover, Turkey plans to commence direct flights to Asmara in early 2014, and has plans to restore the ancient Turkish buildings in the port city of Massawa.

Turkey’s engagement with the Horn region is not limited to Eritrea. Ankara has been proactive in facilitating peace talks between Sudan and South Sudan, and spearheading efforts to stabilize Somalia through aid and development.

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  1. Welcome to Eritrea Ambassador Firat Sunel! We appreciate your efforts to bring economic and political cooperation with Eritrea.

  2. I wish this relation be win - win relation, not 10 million - 10000 relation.

  3. People and government that have no hiddenn agenda cannot fail to see the criminal injustice imposed on Eritrea, however, the world will come round eventually.

  4. Not in Eritrea. The terms are


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