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Tour of Algeria Cycling - Eritrean Team

First Stage - Tour of Algeria

Eritrean Cyclist 
June 27, 2011  – Natnael Berhane of Eritrea dashed ahead of his Moroccan and Algerian rivals to win first place with a time of 3 hours, 30 minutes and 1 second.

Tour of Algeria's (Tour d'Algérie) first stage took place this Monday, from the Algerian city of Alger to Ain Defla, and consisted of 149km (92 miles). The second stage will be held this Tuesday from the cities of Aïn Defla - Chlef, 100.00 km (62 miles).

Prior to winning this stage, the explosive 20-year-old Natnael had won first place at the 2011 Tour of Gabon's stage six contest.

Second Stage - Tour of Algeria

June 28, 2011  – The second stage of  Tour of Algeria is won by cyclist Azzeddine Laagab of Algeria, with a time of 2 hours, 29 minutes and 59 seconds. Trailing just behind Laagab, is Frederic Lubach of France, who took second place with a time of  2 hours, 30 minutes, and 15 seconds, while third place went to the Algerian Youcef Reguigui, who trailed Lubach's time with just 4 seconds.

The third stage of the tour will be held this Wednesday between the Algerian towns of Chlef and Tiaret (167 km).

Third Stage - Tour of Algeria

June 29, 2011  –  Third stage of the tour is won by Youcef Reguigui of Algeria, who covered a distance of 167 kilometers in 4 hours, 14 minutes and 44 seconds, just barely edging out the Moroccans Tarik Chaoufi, and Jelloul Adil, who came in second and third respectfully.

Stage 4 will be held this Thursday, from the cities of Tiaret to Khemis Miliana, a distance of 161 km (100 miles).

General Individual Classification
1) Lagab Azzedine (GS Tankers, Alg) 10h 14'45 "2
2) Jelloul Adil (Mor), 10h 14'26 "
3) Natnael Berhane (Eri), 10 h 14'45

Overall Team Standings:
1) Algeria 30h 45'12 "2.
2) Morocco: 30h 45 '31 "3.
3) Eritrea: 30h 45 '31 "

Fourth Stage - Tour of Algeria

June 30, 2011  – Third stage of the tour is won by Frédéric Lubach of France, with a time of 3 hours, 37 minutes and  34 seconds. Second and third place positions were won by Martijn Knol of Netherlands, and Algeria's Youcef Reguigui. Meanwhile, Eritrea's Natnael Berhane, Dawit Haile Araya, and Daniel Teklehaimanot, all came in 6th, 7th and 8th places respectfully.

Stage 5 will be held this Friday, from the Algerian cities of Ain Defla to Chrea, and will consist of 111km.

Fifth Stage - Tour of Algeria

This page will be updated for all  stages of Tour of Algeria.

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  1. The US trying to impose sanction on the cycling team coz the team used the newly paved roads for practice. (the road was build by EDF)

  2. My Eritrean brothers & sisters we lost our faith in the west and specially the US "SUPPER POWER" AS they call them selves long time a go a head of other nations in africa or even in south america.
    But the rest of the world is realising this facts after the humilliating stories of abughraib "iraq" and guantanamo bay.
    so letts be ready to the big fight not by guns and weapons but by self reliance by co-existance with our nighbours most importantly
    living in harmoney as eritreans. If we can do this then we don't have to worry about the sunctions not only to our beloved sports men and women but even if they put each of us on sunctions,so lets not give them a chance.There are a lot of lessons to be learnt from libya..yemen and lately syria.. so the government of eritrea and all Eritreans with out neglecting any individual lets face our commen enemies.If we do this all our martyers from the early days to recent ones will lie in peace...

  3. Thank you madote forpublishing my comments and other comments from my brothers & sisters giving us the opportunity to build up tollorance among ourselves.

  4. This young man has a good chance of making it in the European level and win there. Way back when the Eritreans dominated all the other Ethiopian provinces in cycling. The new Eritrean generation is taking after those left Eritrea with good name in cycling. I think, Eritrea has established a new African sport in cycling, and dominate in the game. Eritrean sports ministry should also focus in the development of a strong swimming and boxing culture, those are the few sports African countries are not as much involved in the world stage.

    I think as it stands the Eritrean Sports Ministry has done very well over all. They manage to create a star long distance runners, good cyclists, and if they add Swimming and Boxing ready to compete in the next Olympic, then they will have completed the mission of developing an all round nation. This is how one instills a winning culture in the nation.

  5. Le us contribute what we can and we will be on the top of our region
    and beyond; books, ideas,sport materials will do it.Go ERI youth.

  6. Eritrea cycling team need their own websites as good as they are its sad they dont have offical webiste

  7. The 5th stage won by Eritrean rider daniel teklehaymanot and In the overall team classification, the final victory has returned to the National Team of ERITREA with a time (51 h 17mn 45 s) to the National Team of Morocco (51 h 21 min 54 s), and Group Sports oil (51 h 27 min 27 s).GOOOOOO ERITREAAA

  8. GOOOO ERITREA!!!! LETS SING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM ERITREAAAA ERITREAAAAAAAA err i don't know how to write the rest in english.

  9. i am proud to be an eritrean..........

  10. I think its a marvelous idea for a web page dedicated for the Eritrean cycling department. Fill it with individual cyclists biography and past record and future competitions. The same also be applied to Eritrea's runners, for they have shown great potential.

  11. First let me thank those champions of Africa. I think the website thing is a good idea. We also need to identify the opportunities available in UCI training center for there so many things that we are not utilizing them yet. The competition rules in the UCI, marking system etc.

  12. ERITREA has a lot to contribute to world sports this is only the begining lets explore all eritrea from east to west and from north to south there are eritreans who were marginalised by our occupiers just for who they are and what religion they follow but in this Eritrean era all are Eritreans and will enjoy same rights...


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