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Eritrea Shines at 28: Colourful May Celebration Independence Day in UK

Colourful May Celebration Independence Day in UK
'May in Honor the Great Day' -
Eritrea Shines AT 28

May 24 is a day that has forever changed the lives of the Eritrean people. And to this end Eritreans throughout celebrate Independence Day with excitement and zeal.

Since May 24, 1991 all Eritreans at home and in the diaspora celebrate the Independence Day colourfully for the commitments and sacrifices to realise this magnificent day was tremendous; the oppression and pains sustained upon the Eritrean people was great. More importantly, however, unlike in most African countries, Eritrea independence was not granted to them in a golden plate rather, a high price was paid for it.

Eritrea’s Independence Day is not merely meant for rejoicing. We rejoice precisely because it is an event which brought the protracted colonial rule to an end. More importantly, however, on this day we remember our tens of thousands of fallen heroes who sacrificed their life for the cause of the day thereby renew our pledge to maintain, sustain and develop it.

In conclusion, the cruel treatments that the Eritrean people experienced at the hands of the successive Ethiopian rulers are still fresh in their mind, thus freedom has a special meaning for Eritreans and hence necessitates colourful celebration for our independence day.

I feel honoured to say that 28th Eritrean Independence Anniversary celebration will be held in different parts of UK in London 18/May/2019, Manchester 25/May/2019, Leeds 18/May/2019, Birmingham 25/May/2019, Sheffield 26/May/2019, Nottingham 25/May/2019, Coventry 25/May/2019, Liverpool, and Newcastle 25/May/2019.

"THE PEOPLE" or should I say "SHAEBIA" have made us realise that the nation is stronger than ever.

Happy Independence!

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