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Samiel Asghedom's Moving Eulogy of Brother Nipsey Hussle at Memorial [Video]

Samiel Asghedom In Memory Of Brother Nipsey Hussle: "You Made The World Proud"

By Camille Augustin | Vibe

From childhood memories to being by Nipsey Hussle's side throughout his career, the latter's older sibling Samiel Asghedom fought back tears to uplift his brother's memory during Thursday's service (April 11).

"You made the world proud...the whole family appreciates everything and my grandma loved him to death and he loved her to death and I know she was already proud," Asghedom said. "She can't even believe the news and the people calling and the love people feel about bro...understanding what he meant to everybody else is very big."

Asghedom also recalled the time Hussle would assemble computer parts to build his first operating system. While littering their shared bedroom with the computer's necessary pieces, a 12-year-old Hussle eventually wowed his family after its final assembly. "At that point I was amazed, really was mind-boggled," Asghedom said. "I was proud of him, mom, everybody couldn't believe it...he was able to do something like this." Years later, Hussle began to record music on that same computer.

On his passing, Asghedom said his world dropped. "It changed everything I thought I understood," he said. "Gotta be something past this for bro to go out like that." Also known as Blacc Sam, Hussle's brother shared the deep significance of the lot the latter owned where his Marathon Clothing store is stationed. It's the same area the "Hussle & Motivate" rapper used to sell his music.

"He bought the lot, man, I don't know how he did it, and that was a big thing for bro because he used to sell CDs out the trunk," Asghedom said. "He used to be in that parking lot, they used to kick them out of it a lot." That same area later turned into an investment that will last forever. "I honestly don't know how we did it, but we were able to close and get the lot," Asghedom said. "Nip was proud of that, happy of that accomplishment."

Toward the end of his speech, Asghedom continued to breathe life into Hussle's motto, "the marathon continues" and encouraged those touched by his brother's life to do the same.

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