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Eritrean Documentary Film. Kab Feleg Tarik (2018)

Eritrean Documentary Film. Kab Feleg Tarik (2018) ካብ ፈለግ ታሪኽ (2018)

By Issayas Tesfamariam

This is a remarkable documentary directed by artist and sculptor, Ghidey Gebremichael.

Ghidey comes from a family of artists. His father was a renowned church artist and his brother, Tesfay Gebremichael, is a renowned Eritrean artist, and an art school owner.

Kab Feleg Tarik ( 2018)/ካብ ፈለግ ታሪኽ( 2018) means from the "From the River of History".

Kab Feleg Tarik (2018) is the fascinating untold story of Eritrean ascaris (Eritrean soldiers of the Italian Colonial Period: 1890-1941) who participated in the Italian-Libyan War, the Italian-Abyssinian War and the 1941 British-Italian War in Eritrea. The youngest interviewee in the video was a 100 years old and the oldest is 110.

As of late August 2018, only one interviewee, Mr. Abraha, has passed away. The rest are still alive with their respective long memory, intact.

The documentary gives viewers an Eritrean perspective of Italian-Libyan War, Italian-Abyssinian War of 1935, and the "Battle of Keren" (1941) from Eritrean soldiers who participated in the Battle.

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