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Creating a Vibrant Eritrean Intellectual Property Association

Creating a Vibrant Eritrean Intellectual Property Association

By Lwam Kahsay | Eritrea Profile

The Eritrean National Creative Promotion Association (ENCPA) has been established as a new organization concerned with intellectual property.

The idea for the establishment of ENCPA came up first in the late 1996. At the beginning the idea was to bring together young people who have talents in artistic works and to create a network that would which enable them to share ideas. Because of the war with Ethiopia, however, the idea couldn’t take root. Then in 2008, with a new project that allows the intellectuals’ to possess legal license, a place to work in and to obtain necessary education, they formed an association under the auspices of the Ministry of education. They also received an official recognition and special attention from his Excellency, President Isaias Afworki. However, for ten years the association didn’t do much triggering the need to re-establish it with the name ENCPA.

Mr. Samuel Gebreadonay
Intellectual property is any product of someone’s intellect that has commercial value: copy rights, patents, trademarks and trade secrets. A lot of intellectuals and artists use their talent and knowledge to create new things that are useful to society. Students and intellectuals have been organizing many shows at events such as the Eritrean and Eri-Youth festivals. However, they have never had a chance to form their own intellectual association and organize their own shows.

The main purpose of ENCPA is to create an open platform for the development of invention and innovation throughout the nation. By creating a network, the intellectuals can share their ideas and communicate with one another. At the same time the network can provide them moral support and allow them to meet with interested groups and devotees’ .The association can earn them recognition that can be a source of financial support. The most important advantage is that the associations will open a door to competition and creative works

Members of the association are divided into two- the intellectuals and the volunteer supports. The intellectuals are from all ages, education and both gender. A volunteer can be any person who is appreciates the mission of the association and give moral support.

The association has its own technical committee that serves as a panel of judges. They monitor the activity of each and every person or group within the association. The support provided by the association depends on the creativity and product of the intellectual and the evaluation of the technical based on the extent to which the innovation has importance in the society. The technical committee includes educated personnel, teachers, artists and government officials.

Mr. Samuel Gebreadonay, to give a hint about the association and the purpose of the exhibition which took place on 1st August at the Ertro-German building. Mr. Samuel is an Eritrean artist who has played vital role in the establishment of ENCPA. As he told us the association is the result of efforts of the government and interested people.

The main purpose of the exhibition was to announce the official establishment of ENCPA. Creating a forum for Interaction between the diaspora and the intellectuals was another main purpose of the exhibition. The Eritrean diaspora have better access to activities related with invention and innovation, and also to education and financial resources. The association believes that the diaspora can play a vital role in shaping and supporting the youth both financially and educational. The diaspora have better access to social Media so that local products can be accessed in world markets and international bazaars. Another important purpose is to create a bond between the diaspora intellectuals and local intellectuals in order to build a developed nation.

The exhibition was a remarkable step for the association. About 120 people attended the meeting and 25 intellectuals presented their works. Colonel Niguse Gebre gave a speech about the necessity and general ongoing activities of the association. In the discussion that followed participants expressed their concerns about patent and copy right, and the association promised to solve problems with this in collaboration with the government

At last, the chair person called on all those with intellectual property to join the association for membership so that they can present their works. Anyone who is a volunteer can help financially and materially. Families should try to identify the hobbies and interests of their kids and provide an environment for them to practice and refine their skills. The Government should assist the youth with intellectual property by issuing patents. We wish success and a bright future for the association.

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