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Eritrea Embassy Media - Interview with 'John Carlo' [Video]

By Embassy Media

Embassy Media conducted an Interview with Mr. Mebrahtu Yosief, aka. 'John Carlo' - one of EPLF barefoot doctors. He remembers the complex war injuries that he had to deal with - these kind of stories and painful memories were also weighing heavy on his heart. John Carlo saved so many young people’s, he is an artist known for his famous poem "Harbenya AiNebrin Iyu - Tariku Iyu Zeweres". He say;- personally, words aren’t enough to describe and serenade what these courageous men and women have done for their nation. Simplicity was but one part of the complex sum of Eritrean freedom fighters defiance but in this basic rhyme they set down the definite statement of their unique gift for the struggle they embodied. Their acts of bravery leave their people speechless and heartbroken. Although no sculptured marble could ever rise up to their memory, nor can any engraved stone bear record of their deeds properly, their remembrance will be as lasting as the land they honoured.

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