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Alpha Eritrean Engineers Magazine 2018 February Issue

Eritrean scientist 

Carbon Capture And Storage Technology For Mitigating Global Warming 

First of all, it gives me immense pleasure to express my sincere appreciation to the Alpha Eritrean Engineers Community (AEEC). Thank you for dedicating your precious time in order to open a horizon for all Eritrean Engineers who reside in California (Bay Area) & around the globe to connect and share their experience with each other. As Eritrean Engineer, I feel so thrilled to publish an article with your esteemed magazine and I hope my story to inspire the young Eritreans to believe that their dreams and visions can come true, as long as they work hard and stay focused, regardless of the obstacles they might face in life.

Since my childhood, I was so obsessed to know everything how it works. I’ve had a passion for science ever since I can remember. In high school (Keih Bahri Secondary School) I discovered my passion for Chemistry subject. I do remember when I was learning the periodic table and try understanding the different properties of all the elements in it. It was awesome feeling! In high school, I excelled academically and as a result won academic recognition each year as the top student. In 2002, I joined The University of Asmara (UoA) and graduated in 2007 from the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

After excelling in completing my BSc. Study, I get the opportunity to work in Eritrea Institute of Science and Technology (EIT) as a Graduate Assistant in the department of Chemical Engineering. I have been tutoring different courses like Thermodynamics for Chemical engineering, Heat and mass transfer to the degree and diploma programs also; I handled practical laboratory classes on heat pump, solar plate panels and HVAC system demonstration lab equipment’s. Working for four years as a graduate assistant in the chemical engineering department equipped me with the practical and tangible knowledge that I require for my postgraduate studies. In 2011, I joined Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) to pursue my master’s degree in Chemical engineering. Besides taking the graduate core courses of chemical engineering, I worked on project titled “Maximizing the Energy Efficiency and Clean Utilization of Low Rank Coals through Innovative Technologies in APEC Economies”.

This project was designed to address the financial, technical and policy issues concerning staged conversion and poly-generation technologies of low rank coals. Luckily, in 2012 I received two years full scholarship from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to pursue my master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. My thesis work was part of the Masdar Institute collaboration project between Dr. Abu Zahra and Dr. Alan Hatton of Chemical engineering department of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The objective of this project is to develop new sorbents systems for CO2 Post-Combustion Capture. As we know, nowadays Climate Change is an undeniable reality; therefore, it is imperative to control the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in order to mitigate global warming impacts. Carbon capture & storage (CCS) technology have a unique and vital role to play in the global transition to a sustainable low-carbon economy, in both power generation and industry. However, CCS technology is not yet economically feasible for industrial deployment due to high capital and operational cost. The high energy demand for the regeneration of aqueous amine solutions is one of the main challenges for conventional CO2 capture technology to be deployed on large scale.

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