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Red Sea Countries Escalates Economic and Military Willpowers, Integrated Strategy Recommended

Red Sea Countries Escalates Economic and Military Willpowers, Integrated Strategy Recommended

Yosief Abraham Z

Despite political rows between them, Qatar and United Arab Emirates (UAE) resort their focus to North Sudan. Accordingly, UAE’s Mubadala Company has authenticated its indisputable desire to invest in North Sudan’s Red Sea share, efforts to escalate oil exploration and other activities. In addition to this, Qatar has also agreed to develop Port Sudan, additional significance in the region. Sudanese Minister of Transport, Makkawi Awad, authenticates that his country agreed with Qatar to establish the largest port in the Red Sea coast on November 17 of 2017.

The main architect of diplomatic cut-off and economic blockade on Qatar, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has also announced its initiatives to build a $500 billon megacity on the tip of Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea shore. This city—NEOM—will have exotic trends of lifestyle than the rest of Saudi Arabia. With intends to have an absolute contemporary lifestyle, the Royal kingdom affirms clean energy as full source for the city, a first experience in the sheikdoms. By building NEOM on 26,500 sq km zone that stretches into Jordan and Egypt, Saudi hopes to escalate economic power by installing industrial revolution, biotechnology excellences and entertainment centers.

With possibilities for Saudi Arabia to share a slice cake of Egypt’s tourism power, Jordan has also been freezing out Israel and the Palestinian Authority with regard to the Red Sea-Dead Sea Water Conveyance Project, an action retaliated by Israel with possibilities for complete withdrawal. Experts recommend integrated efforts to bring concrete solution to the Red Sea-Dead Sea project thereby to curb any sources of ideological debacles.

Eccentric to the northern part of the Red Sea in which countries are running for economic willpower, southern part has been dominantly overwhelmed by military engagements. Including to the Saudi-led coalition intervention in Yemen, UAE presence in some Horn Africa countries have also been fortifying Gulf-countries whims for military authority. With allegations for Iran in exacerbating the bloodshed by emboldening the Houthis in Yemen, Djibouti has also armored its role in internationalizing the Red Sea region glance by allowing the presence of China, an action that triggered skeptics from United States.

Strategically positioned between the maximum width of the Red Sea in Massawa and the minimum width at the close proximity to the Bab el Mandeb strait of Yemen, Eritrea has also critical role in reshaping the region if the integrated efforts exerted commendably by phasing-out critical functional policies, a guarantee to the country’s longest Red Sea shores.

Reports indicate that Eritrea has 21 major islands declared as tourist destination.

Yosief Abraham Z is a freelance journalist and Executive Director of HorMid Media and Art Center. You can contact him at

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