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Cultural Appropriation and Religion: Methods Currently being used to attack the Eritrean People.

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Cultural Appropriation and Religion: Methods Currently being used to attack the Eritrean People.

Lets cut to the chase and discuss these important and timely topics. As the number one enemy of peace in the horn of Africa crumbles, it is imperative to understand that the minority TPLF regime through its extended arms will try to inflict damage in the region. Everyone also must understand that this crazy last attempt at creating chaos will target the very gullible and ignorant Eritreans who can fall prey to the illicit tactics of a criminal regime holding on to dear life. Meanwhile, all their stolen resources even as they shrink will be allocated to inflict heavy damage on Eritrea and its leadership. So far a lot of investment has been made on targeting a propaganda war on the social media front to confuse people. Let us explore those and be conscious so that we as Eritreans can win the battle hands down as we come close to seeing the fruits of our labor come to reality.

The Religion Front: Not new but slightly different today:

Most of us know that in Eritrea Muslims & Christians have existed peacefully for centuries. Even during the occupation years by others, the people of Eritrea together Christians & Muslims stood together to fight all forms of colonization. The fact remains that Eritrea is the closest thing in the world to a proper interpretation of how the term “religion” should be observed . In Eritrea people come together as a result of their religious beliefs. In Eritrea religion does not create a rift between people, contrary to that it celebrates the uniqueness of all religions. The enemies of Eritrea and those that would gain from the destruction of our “INCREDIBLE CO-EXISTENCE” want to attack a very safe territory for their own agenda. By attempting to undermine the very government that has fought for religious inclusion, even during the many years of struggle for independence.

It is to be recalled in the early 2000’s a similar attempt was carried out within the Eritrean Orthodox religion using several agents of destruction. But it was strongly refuted and today we see a very conscious people within the Orthodox religion working to educate the masses by way of interpreting how religion is a highly sacred institution. To ignore all the religious texts that say love one another, don't kill, be compassionate, show mercy and practice humility can only bring the crumbling of our beloved Eritrea. Even our catholic Eritrean brothers and sisters saw an attempt at creating division. By not allowing a Catholic Eritrean diocese until recently in the diaspora, may nationalist Eritreans were forced to pray at other churches. Our protestant Eritreans were also a subject of some minor problems, but their organization and long held belief in their love for Eritrea helped them withstand many forms of attack.

Meanwhile, Muslims in Eritrea must fully recognize all radical elements and expose any type of gathering under the religious pretext to change ideologies that are dangerous to our society. While very patience, the Eritrean government had been very cautious not to ruffle any feathers, even when certain elements were practicing illegal behaviors in Eritrea. Then the truth was exposed. No body got hurt, contrary to what western media outlets wrote and broad casted. Social media was a buzz with lies and if we look very close at those spewing their hatred and lies, it is very easy to recognize that their motive goes parallel with that of our enemies, including the crumbling minority regime in Ethiopia. In Eritrea you wake up every morning to the great sounds of religious harmony, love and a tradition that has become the envy of our enemies.

Cultural Terrorism against Eritrea:

Most of us know that during the struggle for Eritrea’s independence freedom fighters were energized through their cultural identity. Nine different Ethnic groups working together to share a common goal. It is probably one of the best social experiments that has been tried and worked to a tee. Through a united effort the cultural aspects of the Eritrean people became a daily way of life. The fact remains that music, acting and other means of entertainment were used as a tool for nation-building, but also to boost morale and develop stamina in the protracted battle for sovereignty and survival. Many people paid a heavy price for the independence of this nation.

What to watch out for these days:

You can see that some youtube channels utilizing Eritrean sounding names are posting videos that are against our values. Many of you recently may have seen a short drama that did not make any sense but portrayed a very horrible act of display that brings no value to anyone. Even as robots continue to dislike positive videos, the bottom line is we should always be aware of what actions are being taken to correct them by the owners of the channels. It is very easy to control your youtube account and if the owners are not controlling it that means they are not worth watching.

Social media lies and misinformation must be watched closely. They target people by acting as if they stand with the Eritrean people, sometimes even using names that mislead and everyone must always be alert & conscious. Out of these experiences we must come up with a conviction that by being organized, we need to build and direct a movement that transforms our society in the right direction of building a smarter generation of young people that respect the values that our martyrs fought for.

Ex-Eritrean artists that have pledged their allegiance to the criminal regime for small financial gain should be punished hard. Don’t look at their videos and even listen to them as they know not what they are doing. When you see an artist go from cultural icons to alcohol addicted, disrespected humans doing odd jobs in the streets of the west, it is clear that they were used as tools by the enemies of Eritrea. Those that came out of Eritrea for purely economic reasons have preferred to remain quite and are leading a decent life and in some cases integrating within their communities after realizing it is not worth it to LIE, CHEAT, DEFAME and character assassinate the country that thousands died for through heroism unmatched anywhere in the world. Today, we see Eritrean songs being stolen copied, and remixed to attack the very nation those songs come from. It is a known fact that we are dealing with the adoption of the elements of the ERITREAN culture by members of our enemy’s culture. The cultural misappropriation that we see as technology changes is harmful. We as Eritreans must always remain on our toes and identify it as a violation of the collective intellectual property rights of the originating Eritrean culture.


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