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[Video] Rethinking US Policies Towards Eritrea

Today we’re talking about our upcoming event “Rethinking Eritrea” and the correlated publications with Bronwyn Bruton (Deputy Director) and Julian Wyss (Assistant Director) from our Africa Center.

Bronwyn Bruton  Recommendations

These multiple grievances cannot be rectified overnight. However, a couple of key actions could quickly put US
relations with Eritrea on a positive trajectory.

1) Lift the UN sanctions on Eritrea
2) Reject Ethiopian irredentist claims on Eritrea
3) De-personalize US policy toward Eritrea
4) Let Europe lead
5) Insist on improvements in the human rights situation in Eritrea—but do not single out Eritrea for criticism


Washington has a strategic interest in repairing relations with Asmara, and the upcoming change in administration offers a convenient opportunity for a reset in relations. Nevertheless, Eritrea has already pivoted successfully toward new alliances in the Gulf and a new economic partnership with China, and its leaders are reluctant to invest scarce diplomatic resources in a hopeless cause. In order to improve relations, a strong signal needs to be sent from Washington to Asmara.

President Isaias and his advisers will not swivel back toward Washington unless they have good reason to do so. However, numerous conversations and meetings in Asmara lead to the conviction that President Isaias would very much like to put his relations with Washington on a more constructive footing. Given the high stakes in the Horn of Africa, and very low level of effort that would be required to set the stage for a much better relationship in the future, it is surely in Washington’s interest to try.

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