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[Video] Eritrea - "COI" EXPOSED! - Fake "Witness"

The following is a transcript of the video:

As expected the COI (three individuals) have made the pre drawn conclusion and accused Eritrea of committing "crimes against humanity".

So Let's have a look at the incontrovertible "evidence" the "Commission of Inquiry" (three individuals) has gathered for it to make such a serious accusation of "crimes against humanity".

[Show blank in the video]

That's right, they've got Nothing!

Every time the COI (three invididuals) says "The commission collected evidence which confirms..."
They're talking about the words of nameless and faceless people located outside of Eritrea. That's their "evidence"!

[Here's one of the testimonies made by Kiros Asfaha to the COI:]

"You cannot list all the brutal acts. But, one example of the methods of torture, and which I know very well, was inserting even metal rods inside the vagina of the female prisoners up to their uterus when interrogating them."

Putting the lies of what's being said by this "witness" to one side, why is his name not displayed and face obscured?!

Is it..."For protection purposes, the names of victims, witnesses and sources are not mentioned in the report, nor any other details that might reveal identities."...?!

The answer is a resounding NO!

[Here's the same Kiros Asfaha openly calling for regime change from Tigray, Ethiopia!]

"They've (Eritrean Government) got weapons, we should get weapons as well. If you go from here (Ethiopia) to Eritrea, armed with weapons, no one will shoot at you (from Eritrean side). There is no army in Eritrea. If I go there (to Eritrea) carrying a weapon they will not shoot at me. If we co-operate and come to an understanding we can remove them (Eritrean Government). We can do a lot of things, we can mobilize/disseminate via Media: Newspapers and other means."

The COI has long lost its credibility by collaborating/working with individuals, groups and countries who wish/fantasize the demise of Eritrea as a state.

"Regime change" individuals and criminals have been given the cover and anonymity by the Commission of inquiry to come up with whatever horrendous lie that comes to their mind.

By labeling them "Victims" and "witnesses" and telling them that whatever they say will be "strictly confidential" and will not be shared without their explicit consent the COI (three individuals) has given them the license to go on a lying spree and that's exactly what they've done.

The fear of "reprisals" has been used as an excuse for not revealing the names of "witnesses and victims", yet here we have one "witness" to the Commission of Inquiry openly talking about rebellion and "regime change"! Does he look worried about "reprisals"?!

The lie that "if you say or do anything against the Eritrean government abroad, something bad will happen to your family back home" has long been proven to be a lie/myth.

For example, one of the three athletes [Tsegai Tewelde] that will be representing Britain in the Olympics marathon this year is an Eritrean who sought political asylum in 2008 after representing Eritrea in the world cross-country championships held in Edinburgh. Despite abandoning his home country in a major sporting event he was able to go back to Eritrea and visit his family and return back to Britain safe and sound.

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