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[Pictures] Eritrea's Independence Day in Ottawa,Canada and Environs

By Eritrean Media 

Eritrea’s 25th Independence Day celebration officially began after the opening speech by the Consul General Mr. Teumezghi Tesfa. He start by congratulating Eritrean people on 25th anniversary, also thanks to all those that worked hard to make the silver jubilee independence day celebration in the capital city of Canada Ottawa and its environs for organizing a dynamic events, as the hard work is a proofing fact of the resilience of the Eritrean people, by way of this year theme “Quarter of Century of resilience and development”. In a speech he delivered, the Consul highlighted Eritrea’s achievement of the last 25 years despite the challenges we have been facing and continue to face. In spite of the numerous uncertain wedges that been imposed against Eritrea including the illegal sanctions the nation has endured, the resilience, patience hallmarks of the Eritrean people have paid off through resilience.

Furthermore, the Consul General also indicated on the development Eritrea achieved such as education, healthcare, transportation's, communications, water supplies, energy and environment on the basic needs of households are being met. Mr. Teumezghi concluded by sending a message to the GOE, EDF and in over-all the Eritrean people within Eritrea and abroad to have a happy 25th independence day. Further, among us at the independence reception in Ottawa was the previous non-resident Ambassador to Eritrea Mr. Dominique Rossetti, during his speech at the reception sent a congratulations to the GOE and the Eritrean people to have a happy 25th Independence celebration. Mr. Ambassador expressed his firm believe that the friendly relations between the two countries will further strengthened in all aspects of mutual interest. Mr. Dominique further expressed to how impressive the cultural shows performance by the Eritrean/Canadian children with their nine ethnic group cultural outfit is an astonishing presentation. Mr. Dominique concluded his speech at the celebration hosted by Eritrean community in Ottawa once again he sentout his great wishes and a congratulation messages to all Eritrean globally and will see you at Eritrea’s 50th (golden Jubilee) Independence Anniversary.

Eritrean and a friend of Eritreans participated in the Independence Day celebrations organized in animated manner. Further, in the celebrations organized featuring cultural shows and with live music concluded successfully. A flag raising was also hosted on Tuesday May 24, 2016 in Ottawa at the city hall by hoisting Eritrean Flag. Eritrean nationals residing in Ottawa and in its environs stated that this year’s May 24 is both special and historical as it is being celebrated after staging a huge success in all aspect in the nation achievement citizens echoed strong voice of truth is prevailing and now the 25th anniversary is the turnaround that Eritrea will be in the next era in terms of economic aspect along with all the development that we have achieved through strong development policy thanks to the dedication of GOE, EDF and in general the hard working people of Eritrea.

In The connection of Silver Jubilee the participants expressed assurance that the spirit of Eritrean globally commended and to further commit in the national building process.

Happy 25th Independence Anniversary of the State of Eritrea Quarter of Century of resilience and development


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