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Eritrea is much better than its reputation: German visitor

Asmara Independence Day celebrations (Credit: Martin Zimmermann)

This article was translated from German 

By Martin Zimmermann

I just got back from Asmara, Eritrea. I haven't been able to participate in the independence celebrations. Impressive. I'm Impressed at what the country has achieved in 25 years of independence. Eritrea is much better than its reputation: as one of the few countries in Africa, Eritrea has achieved the Millennium Development Goals 4, 5 and 6  (Google: UN, Eritrea Showcase Country's health successes). In 1991 the country had 14 % of people with access to clean water, today it is 80 %.

Education is free of charge in Eritrea:

The literacy rate of 15-24 year olds: 

Eritrea-Ethiopia, 87 % (47 %),

Eritrea: 92 % (Ethiopia 63 %)

Source: UNICEF.

The 7 colleges in the country are accommodating almost 14,000 students; in comparison the University of Asmara (now semi-closed) could only take a maximum of 5,000 students.

Food situation
In spite of the terrible drought last year no one starves in Eritrea. After the early warnings by the FAO, the government has bought food - in other countries in the horn of Africa, such as in Ethiopia, there is a terrible famine. The people there are waiting for aid from the outside...

Political situation in Eritrea:
Yes, many young people flee from this country. They are prevented from having a normal life because its neighbour, Ethiopia, has a declaration of war against Eritrea and has not withdrawn its forces from occupied Eritrean territory and as a result, they often have to do many years of military service. Why? Peace could have been achieved a long time ago - but Ethiopia refuses to accept the award of the Hague to demarcate the border between the two countries. The Guarantors of this peace agreement, the OAU, international community are silent of this unspeakable and illegal behavior of Ethiopia. In addition, the country is suffering from UN sanctions, which have no basis, such as the UN Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG) year after year. The United States is preventing the lifting of the sanctions. Also, the U.S. with its veto power prevented a visit of the UN Security Council to Eritrea....


"Eritrea is not the way it's portrayed in the media" (Dr. Andreas room, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Eritrea)

Finally, the balance sheet of a German delegation of members of the Bundestag [Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany], during their visit in Eritrea said: "we are impressed by this country and the open dialogue we were able to lead. Any reservations against this country needs to be revised..."

Only so much was betrayed. More follows.
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