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[Video] Hundreds of Ethiopian refugees flood into Eritrea

Ethiopian refugees entering Eritrea

Since the former chairman Molla Asgedom absconded last year, Tigrayan refugees have been flooding into Eritrea in greater numbers to join the exiled opposition group, Tigray Peoples Democratic Movement (TPDM) which recently merged with other Ethiopian rebel groups to become the United Movement for the Salvation of Ethiopia through Democracy (UMSED).

According to the UN, TPDM has at least 20,000 fighters[1] based in Eritrea; making it and the largest rebel group in East Africa.

While Eritrean migrants use Ethiopia as a stepping stone to get to the wealthiest parts of Western Europe (i.e. economic migrants), Ethiopian refugees come to Eritrea as their final destination to avoid persecution from the brutal regime in Addis Ababa.

Although never mentioned in mainstream media, Eritrea quietly hosts tens of thousands of Ethiopian refugees and asylum seekers. Estimates range between 60-90,000 Ethiopian refugees are currently residing in Eritrea.

In addition to Ethiopian refugees, Eritrea also hosts thousands of Sudanese, Somali and more recently, Yemeni refugees.

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