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YPFDJ Europe concluded its 6th Annual Training of Trainers (ToT) Program

YPFDJ members conclude 6th Annual ToT program in Bolgna, Italy

YPFDJ Europe concluded its 6th Annual Training of Trainers (ToT) Program in Bologna, Italy
26 October 2015

YPFDJ leaders who came from across Europe held their annual Training of Trainers (ToT) event, where more than 50 chapter leaders and core YPFDJ members held three days event of meetings, workshops and lectures on topics ranging from organisational development, institutional building and the role of the Youth in strengthening Eritrea's National interests.

The three days event was attended by YPFDJ leaders from Switzerland, Italy, UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland have gathered to evaluate the status of the Eritrean Youth organisation and address crucial issues on strengthening the youth movement and empowering the leaders with knowledge and skills to serve the Eritrean youth and community and achieve the ultimate goal of serving the nation.

In the opening stage of the event Ambassador Fesehastsion Petros, Ambassador of the Eritrean Embassy in Italy was present to greet the participants and open the proceedings by giving opening speech and welcoming the youth to Italy. In his remarks he underlined the importance of every Eritrean generation playing their role in building our nation-state that every citizen can live with pride, dignity and prosperity.

The 53 strong members of YPFDJ Europe were delegates who were selected by their respective local YPFDJ chapters to represent them in the event and are expected to return to their chapters to inform and train their local members on the subjects discussed and agreed during the event.

The Training of Trainers (ToT) event is an annual YPFDJ Europe event which has been held since 2009 where the leaders and active members gather to develop key skills and knowledge to achieve the short and long term goals of the movement. The event was hosted by the local branch of YPFDJ Italy with close support and assistance of the Eritrean community in Bologna. The PFDJ chapter National Union of Eritrean Women, Eritrean Community association in Bologna supported morally, financially and logistically to make the event successful and were present to give a solidarity remarks.

Some of the key points discussed in this event was

  1. Updates status of all national chapters of their activities during the last 6 months based on the work plan agreed in the 11th annual YPFDJ conference in Germany.

  2. To clarify the bylaws of the chapters to help with clear methods of working across the movements including the role of the national chapter based leadership.

  3. To revise the agreed YPFDJ strategy and revisit our vision, mission, value and strategic goals are timely, relevant and applicable for our organisation in a fast moving environment.

  4. Discussed and debated on Eritrea's immediate and long-term goals and explored the important role YPFDJ can play in achieving the goals by raising the consciousness of the youth of our national interest; defending and developing our nation by coordinating our work with all relevant Eritrean and non-Eritrean organisations.

  5. Discussed and approved the annual YPFDJ Europe work plan that will be implemented by all chapters

  6. Discussed and planned on all the large projects we implement together in Europe including the 12th YPFDJ conference that will be held in Italy during March 2016

During the 6th Training of Trainers (ToT) in Bologna the following concluding remarks were agreed:

  1. To finalise and implement our organisational and working methods in our movement, our YPFDJ bylaw was presented and discussed during the gathering and was decided to be introduced immediately for final approval during the 12th YPFDJ conference in Italy.

  2. The participants of the gathering discussed the current national priorities of our nation in the context of synergised global Mekete by ensuring YPFDJ plays an important role in the program. Participants agreed to increase their engagement and action by enhancing the consciousness of the youth and the appreciation of the internal and external challenges facing our nation.

  3. To increase the Economical and Professional contribution of Eritreans in Diaspora with close coordination and working method inside Eritrea, the gathering agreed to strengthen the organisational link with NUEYS and other national institutions.

  4. To priorities and increase the level of consciousness of members by planning different methods of knowledge raising sessions

  5. To revise and approve the current status of the YPFDJ strategic plans at the end of the current review period and the gathering agreed to revise the YPFDJ Strategy document and work on implementing the vision, mission and goals stated in the document.

  6. The gathering of shortlisted three cities that can host the next YPFDJ training of Trainers 2016.

Eternal Remembrance to our Martyrs!
Victory to the Masses
26 October 2015
Bologna, Italy
YPFDJ Europe

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