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(Video) Susan Rice Laughed at EPRDF's 100% Win

By C-Span

Good afternoon, everybody. I brought a special guest to discuss with you the President’s upcoming trip to Africa. Susan Rice is the President’s National Security Advisor. She has her own extensive personal experience in dealing with policy in Africa, and she obviously will be accompanying the President on that trip…

Question: Can you speak a little bit more broadly to the security concerns on this trip? Are they higher than normal for a presidential trip, given the countries that he’s visiting and the situation like this? And also, to just follow up on what Christi was saying, does the President consider the presidents of Kenya and Ethiopia democratically-elected Presidents?

Susan Rice: First of all, you mean — okay, let me come to the second one. The short answer is, on the security side, Isaac, I think I should refer you to Secret Service for any detailed questions. But obviously we wouldn’t be taking this trip if we thought that security conditions precluded us doing so. But it is important to note that Kenya in particular — Ethiopia less recently — has been the victim of terrorism, primarily perpetrated by al-Shabaab.

We are very concerned for the people of Kenya and for the region, that this threat remains a real one. And that’s why we’ve cooperated so actively not only with the African Union force in Somalia, which is countering al-Shabaab, but also in a bilateral way with the government of Kenya, the government of Ethiopia, and Uganda and others in the region that have experienced the threat from al-Shabaab.

So it’s something that obviously, given their history and given the strong counter terrorism cooperation we have with the countries in the region, that we take seriously.

The democrat role — first of all, yes, I think we would say that the President of Kenya was democratically elected. That was a competitive process. I think the Prime Minister of Ethiopia was just elected with 100 percent of the vote, which I think suggests, as we have stated in our public statements, some concern for the integrity of the electoral process — at least if not in the outcomes then in some of the mechanisms that supported the process, the freedom for the opposition to campaign.

Question: So is that — but does he think that that was a democratic election?

Susan Rice: Absolutely — 100 percent (WTF… Laughter … Laughter and a good Laughter)

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  3. Special advisor to Eritrea’s President on the migrant crisis and US destabilisation

    Afshin goes underground with the special adviser to the President of Eritrea and Head of Political Affairs, Yemane Ghebreab on why an estimated 4000 Eritreans are fleeing the country each month. Also discussed, UN sanctions, proxy wars with US backed Ethiopia and indefinite national military service.

  4. I wondered why she is laughing. To me she is no doubt laughing at herself and her boss, for the simple reason that the EPRDF are her own making. It is with the staggering amount of handout as well as with the political and diplomatic cover she personally
    provides to this despotic government that enable them to make fun of themselves by their own folly. If anyone or she needs to laugh here is her resume that will urge anyone to laugh nonstop.

  5. Yes its great that we are not the butt of the joke and people are engaging us SERIOUSLY. I would hate to be a woyane... everyone but them is in on the joke. I pity them more than i dislike them. Its pitifully funny that the midgets best friend is laughing at his peoples pain and suffering.

  6. Im a bit skeptic of the vote. You need to tell us who you are and why your intention of the vote to a guy who worked hard to be the MOST POPULAR RIDER of AFRICA.

  7. lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol x)) lol lol lol stop please stop the video x)) bahahahahahaha can't stop laughing ... lol lol lol 100% lol lol lol lol bahahahahahahahahaha

  8. She is correct. This is a 100% fake democratic election dominated by the hired tribal mercenary regime resulting in a 100% win for the TPLF minority regime.

    She is a morally bankrupt individual, complicit in the murders of thousands of innocent Africans and likely has been paid under the table to do the bidding for the Woyane regime and its beneficiaries.


  10. Are we Eritreans to be shocked by such stupid and out right idiocy of Susan Rice? Especially are the Ethiopians to be shocked by such stupid and out right idiocy of Susan Rice? Are the Eritreans and especially are the Ethiopians forgetful. Do not forget it was only yesterday Susan Rice called 90,000,000 Ethiopians the "idiots". It was Susan Rices, standing by the coffin of Meles, in her eulogy to Meles, she called the Ethiopian people the "idiots". Therefore, if she is laughing at the 90,000,000 Ethiopians again this time, that should not shock Eritreans and Ethiopians.

    In any case, It is up to the Ethiopians to reclaim their dignity back and by now they should know what is expected of them. With people like Susan Rice who are still laughing at the Ethiopians and who are still taking the Ethiopians the "idiots"; Ethiopians sure will need a divine hand to to reclaim their dignity.

    As the say, there is light at the end of the tunnel though. It is good to know Susan Rice shall be heading to collect "unemployment checks" in exactly 18 months.

  11. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 26, 2015 at 3:15 PM

    LoL...Everybody know woyane-tigray is a joke, boot-licker, beggar.. so on. but what the US is saying if u surrender ur sovereign rights and abandon ur independent political stance and surrender it to us like the woyane-tigray... with our blessing u can do what ever u want. The us doesn't care about democracy all they care is their interest...don't be surprised by pple like this Susan Rice: She is a NeoCon in Sheep's Clothing.

  12. It's an absolute shame for the Ethiopians that the country's rigged election is becoming a laughing stock in the world. They can't believe what they're hearing. Everybody knows it what's really happening and DON"T CARE for the majority of it's citizen.

    I hope that people speak out loud during Obama's speech in Ethiopia.

  13. Laughing stock to the world!


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