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Video: Europe Wide Protest against “Commission of Inquiry” 22 June 2015

By Eritrea Embassy Media

Eritreans in Europe, outraged by the recent assault on their people and country by the so-called “Commission of Inquiry” of the UN Human Rights Council, and standing for genuine human rights, are holding a protest rally in Geneva, Switzerland on Monday 22 June, 2015.

In this protest rally, Eritreans will clearly and openly demonstrate to the world that the allegations of the UN Commission of Inquiry for Human Rights in Eritrea are a blatant big lie, and the entire Eritrean people are united in the defense of their country, their Government and their President.
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  1. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 16, 2015 at 1:22 PM

    Eza hager- B'buzhat hiewet jeganu deqa zmetset hager eya!! and We will defend her at all cost. Hdri swatna k'ghs zmetse tselae foreign or domestic we will eradicate them all. This is Eritrea!! and Eritrea is not for sell period.

    Eritrea fre tsama swatna eya and we will protect it till the end!!! Eritrea comes 1st!!!..

    "The enemy has only images and illusions behind which he hides his true motives. Destroy the image and you will break the enemy.” Shaolin Abbot to Bruce Lee, Enter the Dragon (1973)

  2. This protest is a protest for Eritrean independence, territorial integrity and unity. Eritrea is calling and each and everyone of us Eritrean who happen to be in Europe should attend it. This protest is a protest for justice and fairness; therefore, all fair and justice loving and defender Of all citizens are all welcomed. Those of you sellout " Eritreans" and woman's stooges who are bent forward backwards to reverse Eritrean independence are highly warn to stay clear of this....

  3. Way to go Deki Eritrea the Eritrean people are very determinat our half century armed struggle is the testimony for our endurance. Our country is our identity and dignity we will do all we can to protect the land hidri those who are mislead by western propaganda machine think twice temporary fame financial gain at the expense selling your soul is the worst you can do. Don't be immature and don't let emotional govern you decisions should be based on the logical thinking. The only crime Eritrean committed is that we refuse to eat crumbs from plates of westerners because we can feed our self

  4. I love Eritrea so much I love this information. ... God bless you
    working together is the key of victory All media Eritrea let's work together
    True Story is a true story no one can challenge its beginning to glow and light up the beautiful mountains thru Adalvoice radio wave after wave wave after wave uk good work meadna

  5. Btsot ane Ne Tariq the day 22 morning i'm in Ginevra..Ajoqum, kenefsheln ina kem qedem.
    Awet Ne Hafash..


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