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Pictures of Eritrean Independence Day Festivities in Toronto

By Eritrea Media

Eritrea's 24 years of independence, freedom and development is being celebrated all around the world by its glorious citizens. The flag Raising was followed by guyla music to which the participants danced and sang along. A great nation celebrated by great people on this momentous occasion!!

The nationals gathered in Toronto and in Ottawa to see their beloved flag been hoisted in the respected cities City halls with pride, further Toronto is Fourth consecutive years has a flag raising  as always our beloved national in the cities and environs is excelling a huge turnout, where the city of Toronto allowed the proud people of Eritrea to have a festivities after the flag raise concluded to have a full hours to represent our cultural and celebrate our 24th independence as we wish along where people from different part of the world where in the city hall area us today was open cities hall across Canada which help our purpose to promote our nation, how the people of Eritrea inside and outside the nation adore their independence also gave us a chance showing our history how far we got to earn our independence to the foreign which they were very amazed with rich history.. The same goes with the other cities where our flag was hoisted above the city halls.


By Eritrean Media

በዓል ናጽነት ኣብ ከተማ ቶሮንቶ ካናዳ ሳላ Eዙዝ ሱታፌ ዜጋታት ብኽብ ዝበለ ውEውE ሃገራዊ ወኒ
ተጸንቢሉ። Eዚ ንልEሊ ሓደ ሰሙን ክካየድ ዝቐነየ ብስፖርታዊ ውድድራት ዝጀመረ በዓልና፡ ቀጺሉ
ብግንቦት 23, 2015 ነታ ብሉጻት ጀጋኑ ብምኽፋል ዝጨበጥናያ ክብርቲ ባንደራና፡ ኩሉ ሃገራውን
ባህላውን ክዳውንቲ ብምልባስ ካብ ኩሉ ከባቢታት ብምትEኽኻብ ክብሪ ናጽነት ሓበን ሃገርን ብዝገልጽ
ኣገባብ ብኽብ ዝበለ ድምቀት ኣብ ምምሕዳር ከተማ ቶሮንቶ ናይ ባንደራ ንምስቃል ስነ ስርዓት ኣካይዱ

ኣስIቡ ንበዓል ናጽነት ብኽብ ዝበለ ኣገባብ ንምዝዛም ኩሉ ሃገራዊ ናብ ኣደራሽ ባህላዊ ምሸት’ዩ
ኣምሪሑ። መደብና ብዝኽሪ ሰማEታት ብምጅማር፡ ከም ወትሩ ንኹሉ በዓላትና ንምምEራግ ከይተሓለላ
ዝሰርሓ ኣባላት ሃማድኤ ምስ ኣባላት ሕድሪ ወኒ ኩሉ ሃገራዊ ብዝትንክፍ ኣገባብ ብድምቀት ፈሊመንO።
ኣስIቡ ሓላፊ ቆንስላዊ ጉዳያት ሃገረ ኤርትራ ኣብ ካናዳ፡ ኣቶ ኣሕመድ Iማን ንኹሉ ሃገራዊ EንቛE
ናብ መበል 24 ዓመት ናጽነት ኣብጻሓኩም ብምባል ናጽነት ክውን ንምግባርን፡ ንልEላውነት ንምውሓስን፡
ናብ ቃልሲ ቁጠባዊ ሓርነት ከም Eንጥምት ዝገበሩ ሰማEታት ክብርን መጎስን ይብጻሕዮም ድሕሪ ምባል፡
ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ንኹሉ ኣንጻሩ ዝቐንA ሽርሕታትን ውዲታትን መኪቱ፡ ልምዓታዊ መደባቱ ብምቕጻሉ፡
መርኣያ ዘይጸዓድ ጽንዓቱን ሓያል ሓድነቱን ምዃኑ ኣስሚሩሉ። ነዚ በዓል ኣብ ምድማቕን ምEዋትን
ዝሰርሑ ኩሎም ሃገራውያን፡ ብፍላይ ከኣ ኣባላት ሃገራዊ ሽማግለ በዓላት ኣመስጊኑ።
ብኻልE ሸነኽ ኣብ ከተማ ቶሮንቶ ዝቕመጡ ስነጥበባውያን ዝተፈላለዩ ወኒ ዘለዓEሉ ደርፍታት
ብምቕራብ፡ ንብዓል ናጽነትና ተወሳኺ ድምቐት ሂቦሞ ኣምስዮም። ኣብ መደምደምታ ድሕሪ ምቁር
ሕብስቲ ምቑራስን ሻምፓኝ ምትኳስን፡ ነቶም ኣብ ዝተፋላለዩ ውድድራት ኩEሶ Eግሪ ንዝተዓወቱ
ሽልማት ተዓዲሉ። ብፍላይ ከኣ ነቲ ንካናዳ ወኪሉ ኣብ ጉEዞ ብሽግለታ ንሰላምን ንፍትሕን ሓቅን
ኤርትራ ዝተሳተፈ መንEሰይ Eስራኤል ኣብራሃም ፍሉይ ሽልማት ቀሪቡ።
ብወገን ተሳተፍቲ ብኣጋጣሚ በዓል ናጽነት፡ ብህዝብን መንግስትን ኤርትራ ዝሰላሰል ዘሎ ከቢድ ጻEርን
ተጻዋርነትን ዝሓትት ልምዓታዊ መደባትን፡ መኽተ ኣንጻር ተጻብOታትን ዘለውምም ኣድናቖት
ብምግላጽ፡ ኣንጻር ኤርትራ ዝቐንU ኣጀንዳታት ንምብዳህ ውዳቤOምን ጥምረቶምን ብምሕያል ከም
ዝነጥፉ ኣረጋጊጾም።
ዘለኣለማዊ ዝኽሪ ንሰማEታትና!!!
ዓወት ንሓፋሽ!!!
ኣወሃሃዲት ሃገራዊ ሸማግለ በዓላት ኤርትራ - ከተማ ቶሮንቶ
ክፍሊ ጎስጓስን ሓበረታን

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Pictures of Eritrean Independence Day Festivities in Toronto Reviewed by Admin on 12:41 AM Rating: 5


  1. Way to go, Eritreans!

  2. Waoh..Eritrea is shining everywhere in the world..àshshshshshsh

  3. HGDEF is completely loosng grounds, for ever year the dictator is staying in power, less and less people are coming out to participate in the dictators sponsered parties. Compared to old photos 15 years back thousends of people used to join demostrations, but now less than 200 in many cities. People choose to celebrate independece day at home in their own way, at the end of the days those real heroes like Wedi Solomon who gave us independence are dying in the prison cells, and the office rats like Issays/Kisha/Monkey are leading the country.


  5. There are two issues y mentioned here. I want to discuss sticking to the topic i.e Celebration of Independence Day. The number of people is not what matters. It is the the determination and the dedication which matters. In whatever way people celebrate it is remembering the event is the bottom line.

  6. Ours and yours are incomparable because the other part of Ethiopia don't remember the day as an independent day. Y need to bring all the people together to have the same concept. Y people have a lot of homework.

  7. Define shining.... Without using canned communist jargon that is borrowed from Soviet Union and North Korea (ie. development thru ......, celebration with zeal, sacrifice for a generation that doesn't exist, or any other lines that call for mindless following)

  8. When was told Eritrea a failed state (pure propaganda) Eritrea still and will alive, by now shining..cheers

  9. "Yelachin lig kimal belaw"alu. You talk about double digits growth for the las 10 years and of few hydro power which can light up the whole Ethiopia.
    But..but few has access to the benefits of the "growth" and few have access to electricity and the shortage even hit Addis on a daily basis and thousands leaving to Yemen even when the war is on! ...jart tell me? what happen?.

  10. toronto is not ur city


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